Y&R Presentation

First company to put Creative & Management together (Resist the usual- Brand Mantra)

They generate value.
Brief ≠ Briefing
You need to communicate with all the senses and not just one.
Brief is like a blue print with all the things that client bring to you (sales objective, idea
for communication, etc.). Briefing is interpreting the things that you have in the brief.
A good brief must always have a clear purpose, an intention.
Brief = Power to transform.

This must be the focus of a Brief

Invert/ Revert

Perception → what I see and feel?
Attitude → How I fell and think?
Behavior → how I act?

We need to write inspiring but above all liberating briefs in order to allow the
company to be creative and do what they do best instead of just bringing Briefs saying
to execute.

A Brief is like a Puzzle
A Brief is like a good story.
A Brief has to have an Idea/ Intention.
A Brief express Confidence.

The result after doing the Briefing Example of a good liberating Brief. ( if you have a plan B it’s because you don’t believe in your plan A and you must trust in your choices). . (You can be a JEDI  ) OCTA Objective → success can only be found if the objectives is crystal clear and agreed upon the entire team Challenge →What is really getting in the way? (What is separating us from the success?) Truth → What do real people in real world need to “feel” from this brand? (What we want our clients to say about us?) Answer → A simple and implementable answer that helps us focus on what we need to “do”. Everybody has a different opinion so you must follow your plan A. You must dominate the techniques to be a master.

REMEMBER: Your Ads/ Agency is only as good as the client  .All women can have a Danone Body. Spice up their life e give them pleasure since the purchase act. Change Behaviors Pass from a Yoghurt Brand → Women Brand Brand Mantra .There are no ugly women. be beautiful is a question of attitude. They create a kind of “manifesto” with phrases that will be present on the mind of consumers and the use that phrases on their communication. They take a regulated life e are habituated to do sacrifices.Leave the comfort zone of the “light” communication. A. UVP. They are resigned to an alimentation without big emotions. Today “Corpos Danone” sells without needing promotions. The idea of the “I Love” is the symbol of the love and the love for women means confidence.Corpos Danone Example: O-Save the brand from the death row (brands that will be discontinued) C – Guarantee differentiation e superiority to the competition in order to pass away the war of prices and promotions (the 0% are all equal and the unique think that matters is the price: People opinion) T – The typical consumer of 0% is naturally unsatisfied with its body.