Circular No. ~ ~1(,:b

(A Govt. of India Undertaking)

Head Office

(Staff Pension Cell)

Date: 21·Lo,2015

Reg: Obtention of Life Certificates from Staff Pensioners/Staff family
pensioners in November every year.
Ref: 1) HO Cir No.225/3/38 dated 24.10.2009.
2) HO Cir No.348/03/62 dated 23.11.2013.


The pension disbursing authorities (Branch Managers) are advised to
obtain life certificate/non-marriage/remarriage certificate from all Staff
Pensioners/Family Pensioners as per the applicability in the month of
-Novernber every year. Branches are advised to keep a record of the life
certificates and ensure that they are made available for verification to the
Inspectors of Branches. Proforma of the certificate to be obtained is
available in Bank's portal (Applications & Forms-HR Others-Life Certificate)
and a proforma of life certificate is placed under Retirees' Corner of our
As you are aware that the entry of life certificates has been made online
so as to have a better control on pension disbursement . Access to the
entry of Life Certificates will be provided from 01/11/2015 in the
Integrated Portal. Branch Managers are requested to log on to power-apps
menu which is available in the Integrated Portal-Department-HRMS. The
detailed Job-Card is also available in the same menu.
The steps for entry of Life Certificate in power-apps

is furnished

1) Enter the staff code number of the pensioner/family pensioner and
match the details provided by the pensioner in the life certificate with
those displayed on the screen. and the following mandatory
fields be filled.
a. Submitted life certificate

- click/Tick

b. Date of life certificate

- select the date

c. Request for TDS

- select from the drop box

For family pensioner in addition to the above:
d. Married/re-married

- click/Tick

e. Date of marriage/remarriage

- select


Not married/re-married



case 'd' & 'e' doesn't apply)

Please note that the data once entered cannot be modified. Date of death . ails . 5) Lastly.2) In case the pensioner/family pensioner is expired (To stop pension) a. hence due care must be taken at the entry point. branch managers have to ensure obtention and entry of the staff life certificates in power• apps for continuous pension payment. I~ (V B BH¥GAVATHI) GENERAL MANAGER (HR) . Remarks .of the officer is to be entered in the prescribed field. Pensioner expired .source of information 3) The details of the branch manager making the entry is displayed by the date a click to confirm the above details and submit the data. 6) Branch Manager can generate the status report of all the pensioners drawing pension through their branch. It is reiterated that as pension disbursing authorities. ···· ·· · ·· ·· ·· ··········· ····· ···· ·· 4) In case the Life Certificates are received by other officers and only the entry part is made by the Branch Manager then the field for another officer is to be selected and the d.

ANDHRA BANK (EMPLOYEES1) PENSION FUND TRUST LIFE CERTIFICATE Certified that I have seen the Staff Pensioner Sri/Smt Staff Code No holder of Pension A/c No of Andhra Bank on this date . Please do not forward the LC's to us but maintain a record at the Branch. . Branch and that he/she is alive ..Branch Manager is requested to obtain life certificate from the staff pensioner/family pensioner during November every year and enter the same in the Power-Apps without fall.. Signature of the Pensioner Signature of Andhra Bank Officer only Name: . for continuation of payment of pension.

=~~~~================================~==~=========== REQUEST FOR NON-DEDUCTION OF TDS I wish to inform you that I will make my own arrangements regarding payment of Income Tax. I request you NOT to deduct tax at source. Saifabad. I declare that I am not married/re-married and 1 undertake to report such an event promptly to the pension disbursing authority/Bank. Staff Pension Signature of Andhra Bank Officer only Name: Code Phone: 040-23252152. Signature of Pensioner Andhra Bank. Date ====~=================================~==~~========= NON RE-MARRIAGE/NON-MARRIAGE CERTIFICATE (TO BE OBTAINED FROM STAFF FAMILY PENSIONER ONLY} I hereby declare that I am married/re-married on . . Designation Specimen Signature No. I undertake to pay/file the Income Tax return in person on my own. 040-23231189 . Head Office.Contact No . Hyderabad-500 004 e-mail: Jlension@m1dhrabank... HR Dept. Signature of Pensioner Address . Cell. Designation: Specimen Signature No.