The need for reform at West Orange

“A detailed plan for the immediate next 4 years, its execution, and implementation”
As seen by a sophomore

It has been a little over 2 years for me at West Orange and I can’t bear to see any more of the
problems at this school. Literally, this (along with many public schools across the globe)
school has so many issues that can be resolved that I feel the need to write an extensive
essay exposing them. Most of the issues are not even governmental issues like the whole
curriculum system and Common Core, but rather problems that “Warriors” have created
themselves and can be fixed. It is sad that I NEED to expose problems with the school. I
believe West Orange has always been ahead of the curve and more advanced than many of
its counterparts, but unless the new principal does anything other than create a YouTube
channel to showcase our terrible WOW TV footage, the next immediate 4 years are going to
be rough. Why 4 years? That is how long a generation at West Orange generally lasts (and if it
lasts longer, it’s probably because West Orange doesn’t know what it is doing to its kids), and
this is how long it will take them to judge Mr. Sczinski. As a man who has been described as
innovative and here to change West Orange technologically, I believe he could do more in a
week with a selected team at West Orange and a thorough plan than he has done in his
roughly 8 months at West Orange acting as the Principal and even more time preparing for
the transition during the summer. However, I am not here to bash the man with so much
power. I am here to help him. I am here to suggest how to fix West Orange, and I absolutely
can’t do that without him. Mr. Sczinski, grab a highlighter, I’m about to take you through all of
our problems, in no specific order except the one that my mind devises on this early Sunday
morning. If you get bored reading this, try reading it in Lightning Linehan’s voice. That’s the
voice I am writing in. It will keep me awake through the essay. Enjoy, and please, fix this

Abridged list of issues
2. WOHS website
3. WOHS mobile app
4. WOHS social media outlets
5. Class resource distribution fragmentation/digitalization
6. Progressbook
7. Attendance fragmentation/inefficiency
8. Lunch distribution/retail
9. Teacher evaluations
10.Dress code and weapons checking
11.Bathroom policies/planners
12.Library rules, uses, reorganization
13.Curriculum fragmentation among identical courses
14.Need for strict, justified grading rubrics
15.Bus system
16.Car parking system
17.Fund deployment priorities
18.Vending machines
19.Disciplinary policies (and their fragmentations)
20.The new ID system

I’m sure I’ve missed a lot of other problems as well, but this is pretty much top priority right now.
Maybe I’ll write another reformation paper within my next 2 years here at WOHS, but the hope is
that after resolving these intermediate issues, the others will quickly unravel and fix themselves
independently. I have very little involvement internally at WOHS so I am not knowledgeable of
many of our other ventures (I did not even know we had a school wide publication until earlier this
year), but if I did I am confident I could find faults in each of those as well). Let’s begin with one of
my favorite rants, a heavy WOHS resource drain and useless venture for now, WOW TV.

Daily, Monday to Friday, during the beginning of 2 nd period, lasting an undefined amount of time, is
a superfluous show broadcasted in what seems to be 480p resolution (which looks good on a
smartphone from 2007, not an 80 inch projection) across the whole campus. If the show had
slightly better production value, maybe I wouldn’t even be as mad about it as I am right now. If I
had a 10 year old cousin, he would compile a better show in iMovie than the garbage that is
produced by the TV production crew that uses what seems to be professional tools and equipment.
It is not a crazy prediction to make that nearly $1K is spent on WOW TV yearly. I don’t watch WOW
TV anymore. It is useless. Nearly anything that comes out of the anchor’s mouth is either outdated,
repetitive, or way too complex to understand. News needs to be quick, concise, and simple. 90
seconds. That’s it. That’s all I ask for, you can fit ALL of the news in that much time if you just take
out the useless info or the cheesy dialogue. STOP FILMING IT LIVE. The anchors are terrible, the
scripts are all days old anyway, and no information presented during WOW TV is “breaking news”.
NOTHING said during that show is dynamic, and filming it live or the day before with rehearsed
recordings and outtakes makes ZERO difference. Honestly, if we didn’t film WOW TV live, maybe
our anchors wouldn’t be laughing when they try to persuade us not to use the word “retard”
anymore. How unprofessional. The truth is that WOW TV is a sad, dry show that has long outlived
its usefulness in its current form and seems to be run by idiots. There are countless audio and
video problems, the whole system seems to be running on decade old Macs or something. Videos
about anti-bullying are shown and they are of terrible quality (no surprise there), I don’t even know
how WOW TV is distributed throughout the school but it is beyond evident by now that the current
method is a disaster. There are pseudo green screen effects and terrible lighting errors everywhere,
the mics are awful and there is no closed captioning. “Here’s some random guy with sports, he will
read an extremely long monologue that is way too specific about whatever happened last night and
he will only spend about 2 seconds actually telling you the scores and stuff that matters”. “Here’s
another random dude with the weather which is actually often inaccurate and goes into too much
detail about the exact percentage of expected precipitation for tomorrow”. “Last but not least,
here’s some spiffy-looking guy who is going to debate for 5 minutes and try to convince us to
legalize weed”. “Ha-ha just kidding the show isn’t over apparently we are having technical
difficulties, so we will just show you a video about teen suicide now. Go ahead play the video from
YouTube now”. “Now that that’s over, let’s INTERVIEW a REPORTER for the Sochi Olympics and ask
him some of the most terrible questions only a 70 year old Journalism teacher could suggest”. A
pattern is emerging here, WOW TV is a waste of time, money, and other resources. Often times
than not, an episode is basically made up of a monotone anchor reading verbatim a boring
manuscript that is ALSO put up on the screen for US to read. Don’t worry, you can fix it. Look, the
key is chronology. Place the generic topics first then get into specifics. I want to hear what’s for
lunch today, is it going to rain soon, tell me if any classes are meeting in the media center or
something today, tell me anything else that affects the whole school, like possibly an assembly.
Follow up with extra info. At that point, the people that needed to hear important news have heard
it. Now it’s time for you to notify me of sports SCORES (I do not care that Susie Parker made a
diving goal at 7:55 PM EST, no one does, if they did then they would’ve seen the game), tell me
about any potential club meetings AND WHERE AND WHEN they are, do not try to break the ice
using a cheesy dialogue. I just want the info, quickly and seamlessly, then get back to work. I want

it in HD, 24 FPS, with a scrolling news ticker, clear audio, and closed captioning. I also don’t want to
see boring anchors with their hands crossed over a roundtable sitting in front of a large portrait of
the sky. I want this all in 90 seconds daily, prerecorded and distributed via the local server that
every teacher’s computer is connected to or even the WOHS secure intranet, daily. These are the
basic aspects of WOW TV that need to be changed in order to make it look and feel as of higher
quality, as well as for it to DELIVER high quality, useful and curated content that generalizes itself
to appeal to all 3000 or so of its viewers. WOW TV is a crucial component of the “technology
overhaul” that needs to happen at WOHS. Due to this, special attention should be paid at what the
TV Production team actually does and what they need to change. Expected time for this transition
to occur should be less than a few weeks.

1. Hawaii? In a weird gradient spectrum and ugly font? What purpose does this serve? How does
this have anything to do with news? Anything? The bokeh effect underneath that? A 5 th grader
could design better visual effects than this.
2. Having the time displayed is acceptable, but having it displayed in a super bright white placed
upon a super bright blue is unreadable, especially from the optimal 10 foot distance that most
audiences of WOW TV view it from in the class.
3. No one cares that it is live, and it shouldn’t be live. Above the “live” indicator, there are two
palm trees that also serve zero purpose towards WOW TV. Sure, the theme is spring break I
guess, then what’s up with all the tropical stuff? Wait, I remember the spring break themed CNN
newscasts. Just kidding, they don’t exist, and they don’t NEED to.
4. Dishonest body language. It’s too artificially formal and proves to be comical once the
monotonous anchor opens her mouth and tells us irrelevant information.
5. Clutter. A piece of paper. Directly contradicts the reality of the anchor’s dialogues being read
word for word off of a Keynote presentation that is simultaneously displayed to the viewer. It’s
unprofessional and even more dishonest than crossing your hands.
6. Cheap fake backdrop of a tree, HILARIOUSLY contradicts the magical palm trees floating in the
clouds. Why not just film the show outdoors in favorable weather conditions and controlled
audio? It would look GREAT.
7. Black bars on the side? Wake up, we don’t have square TVs or square phones to watch WOW TV
on. It can be argued that projector drop downs are square, but that argument is immediately
invalidated by the fact that a wide screen experience (21:9 ratio preferably) would allow more
information to fit in a single frame and look less cluttered than the current WOW TV format.
Efficient, quick, spontaneous, and clever.

1. Can’t read that. 1. Room 953 or the M. Just.I. Is this really the WOW TV logo? Please tell me this is a joke. but if I can’t tell what it is at first glance. you are just degrading the quality of WOW TV even further. 4. 3. there’s a problem.S.C (lots of people won’t even know this is the media center)? Which one do I go to donate “items”? Are they the same room? 2. This is an insult to West Orange. then you did your job wrong. I don’t even want to know what that is. The anchor says K. why? By including what seems to be Microsoft Office clip art.S. As a general rule. What does that mean? When is the deadline? Does “today” even signify a deadline? . 3. lasts until March 31 st yet the words say today. 2. if I can watch WOW TV with my audio off and gain no less information than I would with audio on.

The fact that there are continuity errors as such is terrible. its just the script the anchors are saying. . Again. this logo was replaced by a weird. you would need binoculars to see this. Already. different logo. 3. Classy. 4. On paper this looks readable. 5. this show has lasted at least 3 minutes. So in the last few pictures. Furthermore. so you don’t have “technical difficulties” like this. 1. On a 72 DPI projector (like in all classes). 2. This is why you don’t film live. Far too long for a daily morning segment. The fact that it appears and disappears in an unorderly fashion contributes to the low quality show overall. There is the WOW TV logo again.1. Another anchor is in the middle of talking and the camera transitions to the other anchor fixing her hair. totally unreadable.

3. Stop lying and trying to look “hip” and “professional”. what was the other logo often displayed in the bottom right corner? Also. 2. the colors.1. All the humor is over so fittingly it wasn’t an unreasonable expectation. Not everyone wants to see a pie contest but they NEED to hear about the news. Instead of having to wait another few minutes for more news to be said. why not save the “entertainment” for last and deliver the content that is crucial to warriors? 1. the typographical aspects of this logo. However. the iconography and symbolism it tries to portray is awful. This is what I mean when I suggest the show needs to pay attention to chronology. the show continues and with MORE NEWS. If this is the WOW TV logo. . WOW TV is not a trademark. Immediately following the pie contest. I expected the show to be over. What’s up with the Hawaii obsession at WOW TV? This is Florida.

I do not know how this helps me in anyway. I would love to see that. There’s multiple 2’s on the picture above for a reason. In fact. we have a large hispanic demographic at the school that needs a Spanish version of . It’s an awful impression to give. I sure can. and sheer uselessness. and they might not miss the first few minutes of 2 nd period. Often.It needs to be noted that the picture analysis is of only 2 episodes. I see a list of people that should read this analysis and drastically transform WOW TV. skeumorphism. Sometimes. I get it. It’s basically like advertising without a purpose. maybe kids would actually have something to do during their TV Production class. Credited songs aren’t even correct sometimes! Other anchors can be heard giggling while the speaking anchor tries to read their lines. I might have to turn off my computer and cry. sometimes there are even more continuity errors. If 3rd party widgets can get any uglier than this. but it sure does remind me of the bumper stickers on cars. What is this mysterious icon? A file explorer? A sitemap? A CDN directory for the WOHS website? What year is this? 2002? This button has no functional advantage to any normal human being that visits this website. Let’s start with a basic analysis of the horrible homepage. 3. horrible typography. The timeslot for WOW TV is awful as well. I’d even write the scripts for the daily show if I ever got the chance to do so. the intro video (also terrible) doesn’t appear on multiple episodes either. It could be something awesome. there is just so much to talk about that’s wrong with our website. 1. the website is at its worst now than ever before. Ok. why not just host WOW TV in that much time? 90 seconds (this is getting repetitive)? Honestly it wouldn’t hurt to have some humor in WOW TV either. A cluttered cluster of bad color choices. that WOW TV logo never even appears at the end of many episodes. 2. Off camera videos need to be loaded up and queued from a computer and it looks terrible and takes too much time to initiate. Every time I see the credits roll in an ugly sans-serif font. WOHS website I had lots of fun with this topic. I don’t see a list of people that should be credited for anything. yet nothing remains changed throughout all the other episodes. Can you tell this is an OCPS school website? Thanks to the bombardment of ugly branding. If the show weren’t live. The first impression of West Orange to a new visitor is this website. if you are going to have morning announcements over the PA system.

those social media outlet icons are ugly. A SVG banner would allow lossless zooming and therefore would enable users to read the banner comfortably. Typing in a query then pressing search results in a refresh of the page. one where all elements on the page dynamically adjust in size and shape according to the screen size and PPI of the user so white space like this isn’t left off. The NUMBER is provided. When I say does not work. By the way. Instead of directing us to a bazillion social media outlets for news. You do not need to write “Click here” for someone to know this is a link. it’s a gradient. People are internet adept by now. A home button! Why? Aren’t I already at the home page?? How much more HOME can I get? If your website needs a “help” button. that banner at the right of the translator widget is capable of giving a dyslexic person multiple seizures. perhaps the WOHS website designers are not. why not perfect your website first and put it on par with the outlets so that anything else is just a bonus? Besides. Wait. Epicly. I forgot this website was made in an era where E-Mail does not exist. This search widget is awful. The text is so miniscule even when zoomed in to normal size.4. Multiple 4’s!! More branding! I didn’t know I was on the WOHS website before I saw these logos! Thanks for reminding me. WOW. Plus. This is 2014. the website (if they even need to use the website for some absurd reason). Right next to the senior calendar link is ANOTHER calendar. The WOHS website needs to be made in accordance to a liquid layout. 4. Once I zoomed out on the page. you failed intuitiveness. but no other administrator. 7. Same for that Twitter logo. Speaking of PPI. . and gradients represent a web era from the past. yet no other form of communication. even if someone zoomed in on the website even further. 3. Does not work and should be fixed immediately. I immediately noticed just how static this website is. 6. no human with normal eyes can read that banner. I FLAT OUT MEAN it is nonfunctional. I take that back. not perhaps. they would not be able to read the banner because of the negligence of SVG here. 1. 5. it looks like all the content on this website was literally pulled off of real documents and scrunched together into a sorry excuse for a website. 8. The contact number for Ed Jones is provided. 2 calendars? No uniformity. and I’m pretty sure Apple discontinued that logo back when they decided to drop the “Computer” from their corporate name. most definitely inept in design. 2. Sadly. but does the translator widget have to be so ugly? Represents a beige box of doom from the 90’s rather than a translator widget.

I would bet my 3.99 GPA (humble brag) I would find even more problems. WOHS has done enough on its part. it directs me to follow navigation links to the left. These are just A FEW issues I found in a few minutes. I’ve been waiting 2 years for compilation of information to occur here. My old Windows 2000 computer had a more graceful BSoD than this CDN error.5. I will refrain from inspecting the website anymore. For the sake of time (the fact that I have exams to study for) and length of this essay (we are on page 13 and only on the second issue). Furthermore. with absolutely no indication or direction to give us any supportive information on the links. So much clutter. I have seen enough. If I scoured the website even further (like you should). Super intimidating and frustrating to click a link and then be redirected to an error message akin to this. Simply because WOHS doesn’t know what more to do yet. A barrage of links waiting to be clicked. a few hierarchical sections back in the site directory. There’s ONE link to the left and it’s the link that redirects me BACK to the home page. They .

An interactive display of curated content. It’s time for a design revolution. . No more confusing links and ugly gradients. color theory. The iconography. It’s time to use the web as a utility. live. Now here’s what I think a functional. each card uniquely catches attention and keeps it locked on. no more error messages. liquid layout fueled by deep data repositories from within West Orange. A look that I am only getting started with. A simple WOHS warrior logo in the top left is a symbol of simple branding. only cleanliness. whitespacing. Through flipping and sliding and rotating animations. Easily customizable. The attention to whitespace and color coordination aids the user in navigation. Parsed information from various documents formatted nicely and concisely for these context-aware cards. and versacard. Warriors need to embrace minimalism and do so bravely and whole-heartedly. A new style. typography. Being dynamic and effervescent is only part of the story.need a sense of direction. and this is why a help button is not needed. The flexible layout of the cards is partly the whole beauty in this new interface itself. not a recycling bin for paper documents. and clean aesthetics will lead it. and drop shadows all contribute to a uniform NEW look for WOHS. beautifully modern and fully realized school website in 2014 should look like. Warriors need the website that SERVES them. Introducing cards. Finally. and next to it is an omnibox that is capable of scouring all backlinks to the main repository.

we now have the power to create a truly unique and personalized experience for students that no one can offer. MUCH more). the repository was pinged with a list of queries in chronological order. The simple drop down shade is such a strong opponent to the messy cluster of links in the original WOHS website meant to serve as navigational tool. After simply signing into the website. THIS is what the WOHS website can become for every student. What is possible with this unified login system is really the truly magical part of the website. The repository KNOWS I access progressbook on a daily . Again back to the repository of info WOHS has been collecting (more on this when I discuss the need for a new ID system. At its potential height. A unified login system for ALL tech services West Orange offers (more on this soon.This right here is the key to WOHS’s newfound success in tech.

2 friendly countdowns remind me of important dates. you can see how this new design is more readable and interactive with smaller screen devices lacking a mouse and keyboard.e. notifying me to do my homework. Another thing the repository knows about me is my race. Now that I have logged in. touch display devices. tomorrow is a Tuesday. More functional than the previous method used in the current website. If I tapped the message. Sometimes. I would be presented with an elegant popover telling me more info e. It also scans my previous FCAT scores and compares them to my previous AP exam scores and prioritizes which one I need to be notified about first. . based on it finding my registration form in the WOHS central database. you can see I received a message from my AP World History teacher. The repository also knows I usually buy lunch. The repository not only is able to notify me of this but is capable of linking me to resources that might help me tonight when I study. one thing that became apparent is that most of the WOHS website visitor traffic comes from mobile devices.g. In that case. it pulls up a translation card for Hindi (the native language). I would get more detail on what the assignment is (this time the repository has found the assignment but not the contextual info). I most often buy lunch on Tuesdays more than any other day. With the large buttons and text. I can also easily reply to the message with a single tap. i. rather than cursor friendly. it categorizes the lunch menu into my daily feed of cards and prioritizes it at the second level of abstraction within my feed. right after grades. acknowledging the fact that I have AP exams to worry about. Consequently. By knowing this. Notice how in the previous screenshot where I had not logged in. Indian. One last thing the repository notices is my participation in the Interact club. the card reminded the generic WOHS audience when FCAT starts. It quickly pulls up a card for directions to the volunteering session and upon tapping it. However. teachers notify you of the stuff you missed in class when the repository is unable to find out that info. the repository knows who I am and scans my schedule. time of the event. through algorithms (which I will also write and explain when I talk about the new ID system). it pulls up a card with my grades and places it foremost front and center ahead of all the other content. The repository knows that from my previous transactions.basis. Based on that. This means the next evolution of the WOHS website has to be more touch friendly. often. Next. the repository knows I missed school this Monday and therefore missed the announcement made by my AP Chemistry teacher about our upcoming test tomorrow. Speaking of taps. Imagine a Hispanic student logging in and being presented with easy access to automatic Spanish translation.

It’s basically the Warrior head on top of an orange gradient. that is just sad. No new developmental features of iOS 7 (Like the SpriteKit. Upon closer inspection. WOHS support. Eyad Allhainey or whatever? Qualifications: None that prove him to have the caliber to work on a mobile application for a high school. this app counteracts our strategy with this inconsistent piece of trash. updated CoreAnimations. It’s a website posing as an app. NOT a cheap excuse of an app that is ported from the web. This icon is terrible. As far as I see.The repository is the future. If a web wrapper application requires the latest version of iOS to run. Little did I know that WOHS would hire the most incapable man for the job. WOHS needs and deserves a native application. WOHS mobile app Yet another piece of software at West Orange that needs to be completely redesigned: the pointless WOHS mobile app. Right when WOHS needs to rebrand itself. or even the new design language) are implemented into this app. I was expecting the app to be of MUCH higher quality than WOHS’s previous experiments with designing software since someone from the outside would be commissioned to work on this project. 3. 2. this app could run fine on a device with iOS 2 considering how basic and simple the native elements of the app are (consisting of just UIButton elements everywhere). There’s a reason the app performs so poorly and has slow response times is because of this. Click it. and it will fill the whole feed with an infinite amount of cards all pulled from WOHS’s databases. 1. Where does it take me? Surely to a page where I can quickly type out my issue or speak to someone appropriate about it right? How about this: . Nothing more than a barebones (and badly made) web wrapper around the already terrible WOHS website (as discussed earlier). there is no adequate alternative other than the one just suggested as a solution to the atrocity that the WOHS website is. Time for an analysis of the work he has done.

Since when did we recruit WEB DESIGNERS to do the job of APPLICATION DESIGNERS? Now let’s analyze the actual application. Distorted our warrior head. 1. Is a liar. 2. 3. Doesn’t know how to use spellcheck. We trust HIM with our app? This should’ve given off some red flags. 4.Eyad’s portfolio is apparently the WOHS support link. let’s humiliate him and analyze his website too. You know you screwed up when your app developer has a banner on his site showcasing the fact that he can “design iOS apps for websites”. and has bad grammar. purely from screenshots . Now for fun.

Especially if your content isn’t intuitive enough to not need persistent banner telling you what to do. What is the arrow for then if not an instructional guide by itself? 3. that’s a 3 year old design trend that has been obsoleted yet Eyad feels the need to use it in the WOHS app. typography is a major aspect of design and that is simply lacking here. WOHS seriously has issues with this branding stuff. Furthermore. 1. “DEPLOY NAVIGATION MENU”. As stressed before. Why does a mobile application for a school need a refresh button? A refresh button that does absolutely nothing when pressed. Is this 2001: A Space Odyssey? Or is it the instruction manual for a spaceship? User friendly? Not at all. Two warrior heads ON THE SAME SCREENSHOT. . 2. the fact that I even SEE this launch image on startup tells me the app is too slow. Not to mention one of them is overlaid on a linen texture that was specifically REMOVED by Apple in iOS 7 in favor of translucency in their new design language. the first impression I get is a distorted Warrior head and no attention to typography whatsoever. It should be instantaneous. Linen was introduced in iOS 4.Right off the bat.

I had no idea what I was doing when I downloaded this app. Let’s see how Eyad has taken advantage of a 9. Another similarity: they both shouldn’t exist. right? .7” canvas to expand the WOHS app i. A back button. Yet another addition in the iOS design language earlier last year that Eyad missed: swiping from the left corner of the screen to go back. That’s pretty much all there is to the iPhone application. 6. I didn’t download a WOHS app to see a carousel of images of the school I go to every single day. from the home page of the app? This is similar to that home button on the home page of the WOHS website. if needed. Surely he must’ve optimized it somehow.e. Not only is a back function not needed here but it is also implemented incorrectly. Thanks for reminding me yet again that this is the WOHS app. 5. the iPad version of the application.4.

at least I can see more of the second warrior head. Isn’t that just a web wrapper? NO. but all lead to a UIWebView included in the iOS SDK. Don’t worry. . To stay classy. they all led to a webpage. Any guesses? The WOHS website. The fact that we can use native technologies just makes the experience that much better for the user. That’s awful. No comment. native mobile application. therefore on paper it may sound like a web wrapper.No surprise here. I have a solution to this problem as well. Using native Apple technologies and the WOHS repository. More links. Hey. None of these actually led to a natively coded page within the app. right? Let’s actually tap the arrow and deploy the navigation menu to see what happens. Eyad is an awful programmer and even more awful designer. we can craft an amazing experience that shares the same DESIGN language as the NEW WOHS website. just like the previous issues I have given suggestions to for resolution. A card based. In reality. Every single thing is just blown up to full size here. Here’s how it could look if we just pull ourselves together and work. the very last link is actually the actual Official Website of WOHS. Then what is the first link which says homepage? Will it take me back to the homepage of the app? Wasn’t that what the back button does? Or will it take me to the WOHS website homepage? I should probably think about the choice I make carefully since it takes forever to load a link once you tap it. it is a wildly different experience. repository driven. In fact.

Right now. e. Using the GPS sensor in the phone. The first thing I am greeted with upon opening the app is a card with my ID. here we have a STACK of cards.Again following the whole cards moniker. ready to pay or do whatever interaction that requires my ID at the moment. in the latter parts of this essay. the app queues up a personalized stack based on the user that signed in. This is cool but let’s take it a step further. the card automatically goes away and will promptly reappear whenever needed. The whole repository is the DECK. The magical aspect of this specific screenshot is the location and time awareness that the stack has. Of course you noticed that it says “Tap to pay for lunch”. while checking out books at the library. From the deck. I will discuss what enables the app to use NFC to do mobile payments on Android devices and what enables the app to use location awareness + time stamping to do mobile payments on iOS devices. combined with the current time. How can we actively .g. The phone effectively recognized I was inside the WOHS Cafeteria’s geofence and matched the current time with my schedule and realized I was there for lunch. Once the payment is done. the stack delivers me a card that is of top priority: paying my lunch. as well as the payment methods that can be used and how that is set up both on the consumer and producer side. Accept the ingenuity of a predictive application that is an integral part of WOHS services and realize how much potential lies here. embrace the concept wholeheartedly.

Similar power conservation features can be emulated on the Android version of the app. Thanks to the new M7 chip in the iPhone 5s. Now that I have shown off how payments could work. the WOHS app can run in the background remaining idle until specific parameters are met for an action to be triggered. from the deck.respond to changes in location and time? How can we automate the process? Push notifications. let’s see some other cards with various functionalities. Here’s how lock screen notifications can work for the WOHS app. all prioritized by the app. all while preserving battery life. . in the stack. in front of your fingertips.

. and at what time they are expected to reach school. The beauty of a native app is access to hardware level integration to offer services such as these. how traffic conditions are. Powered by the Deck and also 3rd party mapping services. Very handy and also provides a level of interaction not offered by the WOHS website due to the device agnosticism.Students can wake up to see a card telling them when they should leave their home.

no physical interaction required at the library. Deck learns about your preferences and which videos you most likely watched. Through Deck. Slowly. get instant delivery of WOW TV episodes right to your stack. A few more cards… . matches with your name and if applicable. Powered exclusively by the Deck. I will discuss the AI (and algorithms behind it) of Deck in the last topic of this essay. this helps Deck suggest more clips from WOW TV you might enjoy and sends it to your Stack. displays a card in your stack notifying you of the due date and whatever fines you may owe. but we have long ways to go before that. In the future.Deck crawls through library’s database to find overdue books. which can also be paid directly within the application.

directly at their stack.Why only make Deck’s extensive knowledge graph limited only to students? Since it is technically potent enough to reach other staff members’ daily lives at WOHS. Deck lets the teacher reserve the machine as well. and is even given a map of the school with the machine pinpointed! As if the AI component of Deck couldn’t be smarter. . and has even been told where exactly the machine is. It even has the power to find out when the quarter ends and semantically link it to the fact that this teacher is getting ready to put something in the grade book. In this case. an AP Chemistry teacher who has been waiting for a Scantron machine to be available for use has been notified of his wishes. Powered by Deck and 3 rd party mapping services. it searches its teacher repository and learns exactly what test is to be graded and reminds the teacher. apply Deck to them as well. Last but definitely not the least. an action that notifies every other teacher waiting on the machine.

When I said extend to all staff members. Deck even includes a mass P2P system where one custodian can just press “ignore” and the alert will be sent out to the next closest custodian to the cafe. Here. Deck even suggests what tools he should use to approach the spill. The spill was reported through crowd sourced information at the cafeteria and sent back up to the repository at WOHS where it was scanned by Deck. Powered by Deck and 3rd party mapping services. I wasn’t kidding. . a custodian is notified of a spill in the main campus cafeteria.

The end goal is Deck being able to know all your habits and help you in school. The user can now dismiss the card from their stack by swiping it off their screen. Of course there’s even a feature called glance mode. The bus location mechanism will be described later in great detail. it then locates where that bus is on the bus loop and notifies the student when it arrived.Back to the student’s use case scenario. which essentially lets users see their daily activities and chores for WOHS at a. Something else they can do is actually act upon the card by tapping “Cool” or “Not riding the bus today”. glance. Once Deck goes through the student’s information and finds their bus info. A simple pinch-out gesture emulates a semantic zoom to expose the whole stack. . yet more powerful since the scope is much smaller and more controlled. when it leaves. is live bus status tracking. and even the exact position on the map. probably one of the coolest and most technologically demanding (so demanding that I have to write more in detail about this in later issues). VERY similar to the Google Now service (the whole cards philosophy was inspired by this and Microsoft Live Tiles). The latter will tell Deck more about your daily school schedule and help it correctly map out a timeline which in return builds a stronger recommendation engine.

these cards will look crisp and clear. this app will not just blow the iPhone app to a larger size. Fairly interesting card for people that have HOPE/Gym. The heart rate is only available when users have a Nike Fuelband or a Fitbit or any fitness tracking device connected to their phone (and as wearables begin to take off.Keep in mind that on a 326 PPI display. To conclude this issue’s resolution. unlike Eyad’s app. the glance is only for navigational purposes. The weightlifting record is more of a self-leaderboard and . the app will be optimized to take advantage of the larger screen. Also keep in mind that the actual glance screen will be populated with more cards and categorized more intelligently. I will demonstrate two more cards. Of course on the iPad. The actual experience begins when the user taps a card or is prompted with one. Plus. more and more students carry these devices on them). Deck recognizes the location and time and pairs it up with the student’s schedule and sends this card to the stack. otherwise it just disappears.

WOHS news travels faster than ever before. In the future then. Speaking of coaches… Coaches can get the same data that is UPLOADED from students and have it displayed on a leaderboard. basically. users can select “Not dressing out today” which lets Deck know in advance without pooling its resources that today is a non-dress out day. and to some extent they have succeeded.reward system that motivates users to keep lifting. Oh and. We have extremely talented people at WOHS and I’m confident that this can one day become a reality. WOHS has desperately tried to fix this problem. Building an infrastructure the size of Deck is surely going to take time. Steve is ahead of everyone else but Marissa might need some extra help. This helps the coaches know which students they should focus on and which require more challenging activities. with the arrival of the new principal. but they still have long ways to go. all without the HOPE coach having to say a single word. . WOHS social media outlets WOHS has always had a weak point. Recently. Deck queues GPS to track how many laps have been run. however. and that is conveying useful news in a timely fashion to the largest potential audience. the blueprints for success are all here. which they can acknowledge and in turn. I’d much appreciate that. Through the use of social media outlets. Deck will notify users in advance that today is a non-dress out day. but the quality of news and distribution methods are very fragmented (you’re going to hear me use this word a lot). As seen above. The future is not a static application that basically does what the WOHS website does. Alternatively. This is all possible with Deck’s ability to pull data from P2P as well as push it for a cohesive network throughout all of WOHS. Deck can notify HOPE coaches of days where weather conditions are not favorable for dressing out. The laps run and speed are all funded by the M7 chip as well as GPS in the iPhone 5s. while the M7 compares that data and timestamps for each lap to calculate average speed. This will even help Deck put the puzzle together and compare “non-dress out” data from multiple users and link it to the daily weather. but it’s a personalized extension of that. PLEASE make a Windows Phone app.

and each of those episodes are immediately outdated by the time they are uploaded. There are just so many news sources that warriors are having trouble keeping up. long newscasts? Now these newscasts have even started to include verbal editorials (From where I’m sitting). not news (which as of now. So I clicked it. I didn’t know what it was and didn’t really care. Here’s the problem: it only has WOW TV. but the reality is that a lot of the information on these outlets is way too specific and not curated. Then what is “The Blade” for? Which should I go to? Can I subscribe to one or something like that so I have new editions delivered right to me? Can WOHS news really be instantaneous? Here’s the YouTube page.This is bad. Then there’s this. . so I don’t even see a need for it anymore unless it is exclusively for editorials. I understand WOHS is trying to create a variety of news sources that students can enjoy. it isn’t). It was a series of web-only articles on news and editorials. Where do I go to find out when the Interact club meeting is? Should I hunt through the twitter timeline or watch multiple episodes of WOW TV and wait for them to tell me? The school newspaper is obviously outdated and slow. Apparently we also have a school newspaper. Right on the WOHS website is Warrior Cry. low quality. Each episode is far too long. What is the hope of these videos? Do we expect students to view these if they are absent? View outdated.

and ink. just give us the download link for the app! Also. Instead of giving us an Instagram or Facebook link to an app. a personalized news source. This is what I’ve been building towards. To save time. why two instances of the same news? Why use Instagram to advertise the OCPS app?? Twitter is pointless at this point now for WOHS. There’s the fragmentation. and a link to Warrior Cry! More news outlets! Then WOHS tells me to “SING up” and get more info at… Facebook. so showing you a mockup for the app will pragmatically tell you enough for how this concept could work through other mediums. Two instances of the same news again. Believe it or not. So how do we fix it? If you noticed. in the mockups of the new WOHS website and WOHS app. .What is the point of a twitter account when all that happens there are links posting directly back TO FACEBOOK? This would’ve been SLIGHTLY more acceptable if there was some additional info as to WHAT photo was posted to Facebook so I don’t have to guess and click the links to see which pertains to me. the fact that some of these sources just tweet the same news as the others creates confusion and a sense of disorganization. I’ve only created a mockup for the personalized news source for the WOHS app. paper. Here is how we fix news at WOHS. if any. there are more problems in the way WOHS delivers news than this. here is “Live Feed”. The WOHS app is just an extension of the app. There’s multiple sources for WOHS news within the social media outlets! The problem does not stop there either. I never really showed you what happens when you tap/click the “down arrow” button once you signed in.

It also tells me to check back for official WOW TV video coverage of the game. Deck knew what clubs I was registered to and if I play any sports. There is no better way to get a unified source of news than through the WOHS app. What’s the difference between this stack and the main stack though? This stack is exclusively for live.The pull-down is basically a stack of new. That statement sends a clear message to warriors. if you want to be updated. Deck delivers specific cards to the Live Feed stack based on what it knows about you from the WOHS repository and also what you tell it. real-time news updates from WOHS. Deck figured out I am a football fan (I actually am not but let’s pretend for the sake of demonstration). For that. and also figured out that last night I was NOT at the game to see the score. Once it figures out I like technology. . This news mechanism is insanely cool and efficient. computers don’t always understand what we want at times. there is the inclusion of filters. As you can see here. One of the coolest things you probably didn’t notice is how there was no setup process involved once I signed in. download the app. It gives the app more purpose to actually exist. Deck can also find me on social networking sites to learn what I like and what I don’t. It hands down bests any form of news distribution we had before because it’s automated and instantly helpful. Of course. using filters (explained shortly below). which is handy when I want to know in-depth details of the game I missed. so this morning it briefed me with the scores of the game. a dead simple way to curate news content manually. live cards. maybe it would stream the Robotics team competition right to my stack of cards in my Live Feed.

I have teachers using Moodle to give out classwork and then there are teachers on Edmodo giving out classwork. a state of fragmentation and no universalizing standards. school-wide. which notifies Deck to deliver that content to me. A clean. Let’s not forget the traditional resource sharing service still exists. You can see I manually selected “Sports” and “Academics”. it’s happening on a smaller scale and is not totally uniform yet. E-Mail. Class resource distribution fragmentation/digitalization Teachers don’t like printing lots of stuff out. The problem is that we are moving too slow and are in an initialization state. Undoubtedly. A state where Edmodo and Moodle coexist. and far outdoes any social media outlet that WOHS uses.Tapping the “down arrow” for the filters brings up an elegant popover with news sources. We don’t like carrying lots of papers around. The whole world is beginning to do so. this is the smartest news delivery system. How many more sources do I have to look at? This is just like the last issue I discussed. While WOHS is already approaching that level. and teachers not knowing which to utilize to distribute educative resources. simple . My suggestion? Use the WOHS website/WOHS app I redesigned a few issues back. OCPS as a whole is moving towards a digital curriculum. no cohesive standard for sharing information exists. Now it’s time to take the classroom to the next level: digital. Some of my teachers send newsletters via EMail and some send PowerPoints as well.

Of course. Any web site designed by OCPS is a terrible one. but here is the crazy part: it does not work on weekends!! “Down for maintenance. normal people don’t really check their grades after that time. doesn’t even use any online services. it just does NOT work. instant results. rather it’s just a mass message board system with file sharing capabilities. I will have no idea what my grade is the weekend before the day grades are due. less management involved. Especially as electronics invade our lives. but it needs to be fixed. progressbook is again. nearly every student will own a device capable of running the WOHS app or website at least. I also want it to be integrated within the WOHS app so I can receive push notifications about that latest test that got put in the grade book. far too difficult to maneuver around and hunt for the things you want. Even PROGRESSBOOK is used by some teachers to give homework. and easier and quicker access to resources that doesn’t require a middleman. but I do have to study. a specific class. Web Design. even teachers have problems with it. Ironically. that’s how I see it. and having them sign up for weird textbook websites and stuff of that nature. PICK ONE SIDE. I am sure you understand what is wrong with progressbook and how it can be . progressbook sucks. I fail a class! All because some idiots were maintaining a dead simple database driven website. too complex to work with. Deck will do all the heavy lifting. I just want an easy way to see my grades and know what has been changed in each of them. It is extremely perplex and also overwhelming. It’s a fairly feasible feat. I understand why we still use it (it’s because we seemingly have no other option). removing the final barrier of entry. Progressbook I’ll be short and simple. Plus. it’s understandable. They didn’t even go into the effort of optimizing the network for educative purposes. How is digital any better than physical? Automated grading. and for now. So I could be failing a class inadvertently yet I would not be able to notify my teacher because I wouldn’t be notified of it either! So for quarter 3. Moodle is TERRIBLY designed. and sadly.influx of information can be absorbed by users if it comes categorized into one source. there is nothing about Web Design as a class that makes it web friendly. What exactly are you maintaining? A terrible website. just slightly rebranded. I would open up Photoshop and make some quick mockups of exactly how a more in-depth card for grades would work in the WOHS app/website. Also. Classes are stuck in the middle with decisions to go digital. teachers should just use the website or app to send out assignments. That is reason enough to argue digital is better. Did I mention after 11:59 PM until 5 AM that Progressbook doesn’t work? Flat out. everything is locally stored on the servers at WOHS and inaccessible outside of their computers. Some teachers are using even more complex intranets to send over information to students. Ok. Edmodo is basically a ripped off version of Facebook. will be back up Monday 5AM”. Having to remember a dozen logins is also no fun. Moodle is no exception to that rule. The fact that it does not work on weekends causes many problems: teachers can’t input grades on those days. Students will be pinged and accordingly assigned the work. We NEED to go all digital at this point for maximum efficiency and learning to happen at WOHS. These filters would allow content to be organized in more fashionable means. Filters can and should also be applied to these resource distribution systems that could be built. No longer having to check multiple social networks posing as social education networks or having to check E-Mail is a remarkable thing. Either go all in or don’t explore the unexplored. within the WOHS app and website. Teachers either have us do assignments in class on paper and then tests online or homework digitally. If I didn’t have to study for my AP classes right now. Progressbook has so many issues and is so vague about specific grades. Firstly. A sort of fragmentation exists within the Meta of the classroom.

something teachers are paid to do. For Windows Phone and Android devices. something magical begins to happen. the cashiers and lunch-ladies work on assembling our orders together into a single tray. where it would instantaneously ring up a price for all items and ping it up to Deck. We don’t require their service anymore. To keep from any spoilers for the last part . They would walk up to the cashier’s area and simply PLACE their lunch tray on a large NFC scanner plate (not really that large). a day when attendance is something teachers don’t have to worry about marking. I have been researching RFID and NFC technologies as well as investigating the M7 chip on the iPhone 5s. I hope you infer the resolution for this one. Since students pick their food early in the morning. so we just go and basically take our lunch when pinged. Deck will send the bill to your phone and you just tap the screen to pay. It’s crazy to think about that for a second. this problem can be fixed in 2 easy ways. Automated seat checks. Since it is just a pick up and go system. We also will never run out of food this way. IDs are a solution to this. There is one demographic we left out: People without smartphones. time stamping + location awareness will let Deck know which meal you paid for and when. and no solid system to take attendance in class. ASSUMES. Here is how it would work: students would pick up their food items from the retail area and place it on their tray. If I am present in all my 6 classes but not in my 7 th. and that is because of the slow attendance office workers. They have to file an official absence excuse form. and it will fit in with our system a little bit nicer. Once we enter the cafeteria later that day for lunch. and this should be used to the advantage of the attendance office. When stuff like attendance and grading papers gets out of the way thanks to technology. What about students that walk in tardy after being marked absent? Too bad. When we have subs. I suggest that we place 2 NFC tags on every single food item sold (each tag costs only a few cents). each of our devices should be pinged by the lunch ladies. All transactions have already been done when we selected food from the menu. Teachers suck at marking people absent. and that is what needs to happen. At least after seeing a pattern in the resolution of the past issues. Literally Deck can make those people lose their jobs. Another inefficient way to keep track of attendance. My 2 week old absence excused form that I could’ve easily faked has yet to be acknowledged. What IS in the control is how this lunch is distributed and retailed. The way I see it. How inefficient is the current attendance system? We use PROGRESSBOOK. Lunch distribution/retail Lunch quality sucks at WOHS but that is out of the principal’s control. Attendance fragmentation/inefficiency Here is a specific irritation and annoyance I face with WOHS. my teacher automatically assumes I am skipping and calls my parents. If I am not in my seat in my CST class. they literally mark who is absent on a piece of paper and give it to a student to be delivered to the attendance office. one general purpose long range communicator. For the past year or so. Currently. not just any IDs. who just call out names and hear for a response (often times I have called out “here” for absent people just to see what happens. For iOS devices. Deck can identify when you walk into a class and when you leave. hassle-free.fixed. lunch lines will either be extremely short or nonexistent. students pick what they want for lunch on the WOHS app and send that data over to Deck. As discussed earlier. There is another way to fix the problem. There is too much guessing and inferring going on. Back in the cafeteria. they fell for it). tapping the device to the NFC plate will signify a transaction has taken place. the buzzer would ring and detect that the long range NFC general purpose tag has not been nullified by the transaction managing NFC scanner. How do they pay for lunch? The NEW physical ID system. and one short range specified read only communicator. this is the signal to “come and get your lunch”. not the best idea to use that service. Teaching happens. First way. ABSENT FROM THE CLASS. the digital IDs discussed earlier. especially when we have substitutes. the teacher marks me absent. the system involves standing in a long line slowly moving and picking up food while waiting on a slow cashier to register the food items selected and then collect your money. People that try to steal lunch would be stopped since after passing through a large long range NFC scanner (like in the library). lunch-ladies know exactly what we need and how much is needed.

but slightly costly. Every few weeks. Every classroom should have a simple low resolution camera with microphone to monitor teachers. actually 2 ways possible.of this essay. the teacher never knows when they are being evaluated. It is hilarious to see teachers that previously never used the “5 Part Scale”. How do we fix this? Get rid of the planners and get rid of the weird classroom-specific rules. One of my teachers only lets us use the bathroom 3 times a quarter. $5). To save space. time. Dress code and weapons checking Obviously as we can see from the events of a few months ago. Say if WOHS had 100 classrooms to be monitored. This is how we solve the lunch problem in a cost-conscious way. and that scanner can automatically note down to Deck the location of . It is SOOOOOOOOO simple. Hey. if we fire the cashiers in the cafeteria. WOHS needs to have some sort of permanent weapon checking system on campus. it totally contradicts the standards set by WOHS for bathroom policies. That’s basically it. do attention to this specific issue for the safety of our Warriors. Use planners? I would. A few checks the week after the shooting won’t cut it. Half of them require me to write passes on my planner and a fourth don’t care. and money. I don’t even know what it would take for an administrator to recognize bad habits of a teacher. even though I don’t particularly enjoy WOHS pizza. Evaluations don’t even have a purpose! Here is how we fix it. Use either digital IDs or the new physical IDs to check in and check out of classes using NFC readers. we are good to go. random groups of students should be pinged on their mobile device to act as sting operators to evaluate their teachers. Fire 2 cashiers and we can act as Big Brother on 200 classes. no teacher is going to act “bad” like they might in their classroom when you aren’t there. it should only work live. at least I will be able to purchase it fast and easy. It works magically. That seems EXTREMELY reasonable. I’ll say only a little: it is very similar to the chip and pin system that Europeans use. Why? The teachers all put on a masquerade and pretend they are the best. probably organized by the superintendent it seems. Surprise evaluations won’t be that much different but they still are better than what happens now. Cameras. That was a ridiculous stunt faked to make us feel safer. I’m pretty sure that is illegal first of all. $2000 doesn’t sound like much anymore considering how many fund raisers the school successfully completes. It’s all fake. but tell that to teachers. another fourth has some weird bathroom pass checking system I am forced to abide by. I don’t know. Yeah. simply because I did not think about it as deeply as the other issues in this essay. nicest people on the planet. to approach the evaluations problem. There IS one last way however. Wake up administrators. but please. Just thought I should bring this to your attention. and second. I have no definitive proposal to figure out a solution to this problem. This is the most effective way. How much? $200 for every 10 classrooms using a commercial camera and microphone setup. Admins will be able to link into any camera in the school and monitor the teacher remotely without their knowledge. If we just set up the whole system to handle these kind of queries and requests that Deck handles. and it would integrate nicely within this infrastructure just described. Bathroom policies/planners More fragmentation at WOHS? You bet. Teacher evaluations The best days in class (other than days with substitutes) are days when we have teacher evaluations. pull out that whiteboard from the depths of their closets just for evaluation purposes. I’ll start off with the cheaper way: set up students to act as sting operators. It almost does not get as covert and discreet as this method. The DUMBEST part of this all is when you ANNOUNCE you are coming in for evaluation. Just tap the scanner that should be mounted on the door of every class (each scanner costs like. There should also be incentives for these students to use class time as sting operation time (excused from any work of that class that day). we would’ve saved the $2000 we need for 100 classes. one being more costly than the other. Dress code is not checked properly at all either. 285 hours later with just ONE cashier at minimum wage fired. Also it would be nice to get the nutritional values for the food I eat here. Instructions should be sent to their device. though this is not nearly as much of a problem at the scale that weapon checks are.

Use Deck to help me navigate the library and find the next book I should read according to my preferences. Need for strict. but she even basically threatened to change her grading style midquarter. Deck is.these students. Also. It is inefficient and slow. I can’t access my OneDrive and maybe print out some of the essays I wrote at home. Bus system We need to track our buses. or a few points on this homework. Thanks to the school’s web filter. It is ingenious and devilishly easily to execute. WE NEED A JUSTIFIED RUBRIC FOR EACH AND EVERY THING WE DO. We have calendars for what we are doing daily every month! Look at that planning! It is insane and makes me wonder why no other courses have done what the precalc teachers have been able to accomplish. don’t make math an integral part of READING too now. I can’t use the computers for any games other than Coolmath. NOT a librarian. When I contested that was unfair. Do you want me to give you the contact info for the company and you can argue with them? I curved 4 questions on the test anyway so if you are going to be picky I won’t do it next time”. It is amazing. No need for some weird math system. She responded “…professionals write this test. I can’t DRINK WATER at the library. A human is not ideal for this job. on projectors for teachers to show to students who don’t have a mobile device. This is unacceptable and unfair. Not only did she completely ignore my request to look at that question as a teacher not a test proctor. Decks send the position of buses to Stacks on mobile phones and in 7 th period. then sending it to Deck. Library rules. I asked my teacher to grade my project and he gave me a 75 for a functional project. or what exactly has been curved and the math behind this quarter. That is basically it. WHAT. No more hunting . Fix that. I need someone who knows what I used to like to read and then be able to recommend what I should read next. I can’t read news at school. the librarian does not allow us to drink water. I used to read A LOT. and fragmented. reorganization I can’t use my phone at the library. illegal. I am dead serious. He gave a 75 to a nonfunctional project. Similar to how attendance should work at WOHS as described earlier! Time stamping the check-ins and check-outs could also help solve some bathroom vandalism mysteries. She should be fired and never allowed to work as a teacher ever again. that aspect of the library is useless. get rid of barcode scanning on books and move to NFC like in the café as I suggested. WOW. The USA’s students are pretty low in math scores anyway. all I can say is the rules there are pathetic. he said “Do you want me to make it worse?” He is a nice guy and pretty cool so I don’t really want him fired like the last teacher but HE NEEDS TO GIVE ME A SPECIFIC RUBRIC. The curriculum is strict and linear and does not differ teacher to teacher. Just eyeballing my project and grading me isn’t justification. justified grading rubrics I showed my teacher a question on my test that she probably had the wrong answer to. Use NFC tags on every bus and a single person performing bus check-ins. uses. Curriculum fragmentation among identical courses Why is my Bio teacher not doing the same homework and taking the same tests as the other Bio teachers? Why is my English teacher giving us different projects than the other English teachers? My Spanish teacher assigning monologues different from the others? The precalc teachers have absolutely NAILED this. it’s having lazy ignorance. The Dewey Decimal system is also stupid. I will keep this short. I want to know EXACTLY why I missed a point on this test. What use is the library when the computers are basically meaningless? The books right? As long as I need a physical human that knows nothing about me to recommend and find me a book. knowing specifically at what time someone went to the bathroom and at what time it was vandalized according to reports will pinpoint a list of suspects for each mystery. Every other academic department needs to learn from them. just put the books in alphabetical order in terms of genre. Gizmodo is blocked. I am running out of time to type this essay.

The NFC chip in the ID will allow interaction with various NFC readers around the school and the serial number acts as a security pin. Every single ID has a unique serial number (separate from the ID number). and others just don’t care. students. while waiting for a new unique ID to be made. “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic”. However. also eliminating concerns about ID theft. To start off. Not to mention some rules are just unnecessary. Car parking system We need to stop selling car parking spots permanently to students. Each class can’t have their own rules and regulations. what will unify us all. I want to be able to place food in my wish list and have Deck notify me when a vending machine has been restocked with my favorite item and where it is located at the school. what wraps ALL the concepts I have discussed together. Teachers. and for security reasons. the exact same as the physical one but digital! In the event a physical ID is misplaced. the serial number is deleted from the WOHS database and a new one is assigned as soon as a new ID is prepared for the student. every time an ID is lost or ruined. The library allows no drinks at all.through the crowd to find a bus. We can’t just have parking spots hogged for the whole school year. It should either be monthly subscription based or first-come first-serve. MD. let me explain that there are multiple variations of the new ID system. In that case. TP. This allows two step verification. you will know exactly where it is and even when it will depart. Every month a small payment should be made to keep that spot or just not reserve spots at all. Send info about the vending machine to Deck. MP. this is the purest form of magic. Now it is time to discuss the digital ID. and miscellaneous. using serial numbers that are changeable allow my info to be 10x more secure. Whoever gets there first. My bio teacher only allows Gatorade and water but no other drinks. a student can instantly receive a new ID on request in the WOHS app. gets to park there for the day. If someone has my ID number. Disciplinary policies (and their fragmentations) My Spanish teacher has a list of non-negotiable items pinned to his wall we have to follow. Fund deployment priorities Instead of buying whiteboards for all the classes or even planning to buy iPads for everyone. SD. one with facial recognition and one computerized NFC chip ownership verification. This is the future of the school. eliminating duplicate ID concerns as only one ID will work at a time. SP. maybe you should focus on fixing the bells if they fail to go off first. The new ID system This is it. The serial number is what will be used to sign into WOHS services. EVEN more secure than the credit card system in Europe. One student can only carry one valid ID. and these variations will be the ones used to identify one ID from the other within the IT system at WOHS (which I can offer to write algorithms and sample code for. Add a scanner at the dispenser. Chip + Pin + Picture. EACH physical ID needs to have an NFC chip inside and a picture of the user. It is that simple. not the ID number. just not in this essay due to the fact I am busy for SPRING BREAK): TD. Students can also report their physical ID to be . Chip and picture system for physical IDs. Maybe even let me reserve items. We get a detention for being tardy 3 times in a quarter in some classes. while the ID number is just a student identifier for OCPS. This is a unified school with universal rules. Vending machines Add NFC tags to the materials being vended. and then the picture is the last step of verification for any humaninvolved activities. This is much more secure and smarter than the piece of plastic with a barcode on it we currently use as an ID. Each having a digital version and a physical version. they basically have my details for my entire high school carrier.

I always thought we were one step back. . the same pride that inspired me to sit down and write this essay. I don’t know. but WOHS might. For reformation. I never appreciated the work that happened at WOHS. Perhaps I am delusional. is realism.”. I don’t think so. or just the old fashioned way of doing things. Here’s to reformation. I have a small glimmer of hope for change. and did not require involvement from any higher power. We are at a specific point in time right now that will define WOHS for the next decade or so. a defining moment is what created the WOHS we visit every day. the wave of new students coming in and the stream of those coming out. I tried to make sure everything in this essay was feasible for a principal. Here’s to change. No more excuses for “I left my ID at home”. the ugly website. Whether it be the terribly designed curriculum guides made by “Keys Inc. One thing I DID pay specific attention to. I have always hated the “system”. but that’s usually what happens when you are delusional. Be it for only 8 hours or so. The end new beginning Throughout my past 2 years at WOHS and my 3 years at BWMS. the horrible WOW TV.stolen or missing and receive a brand new digital ID instantly. but that was due to restriction of time. because I know the OCPS bureaucracy will not heed to anything. but I do know it instilled a type of pride in me. Here’s to leaving a legacy behind for the next generation. the confusing fragmentations across the school. “One Warrior Nation”. Every Warrior feels this way. WOHS is an integral part of our lives. I did this on purpose. and the next decade of success. With the new principal. That is what happened when the school was first founded. Yes I left out a lot of specific details. I don’t know what it means or why this quotation even exists. Always wanted change. I never really knew exactly how to fix what was wrong though and didn’t really know if my suggestions would ever be listened to.