Torino 2006 Mascots



"The mascot must reflect the unique features of the Italian spirit - innovation and passion, creativity and dynamism, style and enthusiasm - in a direct, new and up-to-date way. The graphic representation, the personality and characteristics of the Mascot must be a clear and accurate reflection of the ethical values of participation, loyalty, respect and brotherhood promoted throughout the world by the Olympic Movement."
adapted from the Briefing of the Torino 2006 Olympic Mascot Competition

the idea

Neve and Gliz mascots are an innovative design concept specially created to be a fundamental component of the Torino 2006 Olympic Winter Games Image. This friendly couple was born to be a memorable symbol of the Olympic values: participation, respect, friendship and loyalty. Their visual nature and personality reflects, at the same time, the spirit and the uniqueness of the Italian Olympic event: passion, enthusiasm, culture, good taste, environment and sports.


Innovating from the basic elements of the winter games, the visual nature of Neve and Gliz represents the two environments of the winter games: the snow and the ice. This is a completely original idea regarding the Olympic mascots of the past, which means a unique opportunity to highlight the Italian sense of innovation recognized worldwide. Therefore, the rounded shapes of Neve are inspired on the snow and the squared shapes of Gliz are inspired on the ice. This visual concept of "snow for her and ice for him" is also applicable to the other characters in the adventures of Neve and Gliz, in order to establish the difference between male and female genres.

passion energy

We can see passion in everything they think, feel and do. The "passionate way" of Neve and Gliz is strongly identified with the Italian culture, made out of dedication, genius, enthusiasm and good taste. Passion is the "key word" for Torino 2006.


In the way they look like, in the way they live…

Being teenagers, Neve and Gliz are also symbols of a new generation that loves sports as well the great challenges of life. Energy is essential to achieve perfection and the best of performances. This spirit of motivation and vitality is a part of the whole image of Torino 2006.

Style stands out naturally on Neve and Gliz as a sign of their healthy bodies as well of their refined taste. The fluid and rounded forms of Neve, inspired on "snow", are an expression of elegance and gracefulness, reflecting the imaginative and sensual input of the Italian fashion design and in the performing arts. The angular and plain forms of Gliz, inspired on "ice", are the expression of strength and plays a surprising and dramatic contrast with Neve’s forms, conveying a concept of complementarity.

friends from the heart

the magic world

For Neve and Gliz, the competitive spirit and friendship are values that should live together in perfect harmony unifying people from different sides of the world with different cultures and understanding the Olympic event as a celebration of sport, emotion and fair-play.

The charming and welcoming city of Torino became a magic world of fantasy with Neve and Gliz. This fantastic and amazing couple love to have fun with friends and to practice the winter sports by the places where the Olympic Winter Games in 2006 will take place. The coming stories and adventures with these lovely characters from Torino and their friends are very promising. Be ready for the amusement!

make it happen


here we are...

key steps of a project research

Finding out the most useful information to reach a unique and powerful idea that suits the objectives of the briefing regarding the Olympic Values, the Italian Spirit and the specific technical demands of the Olympic event.

design concept

Neve and Gliz were born from an intensive thinking and sketching process, focused on the briefing’s objectives and oriented by the research that was carried out, in order to put on paper an outstanding idea. This required a visionary spirit and the capability to generate ideas that have a meaning.

Torino Olympic Palasport Italian Vespa

The design Implementation stages implied a whole range of specific activities, moving from the drawing board to the final digital illustrations and 3D models.

...They hanged me to pretend i was in the air...

The visual concept (snow for her and ice for him) is applicable in the adventures of Neve and Gliz in order to establish the difference between the other female and male characters.

The research on visual information plays a crucial role in the illustration process, such as the use of pictures of various sports and many other related technical information, as a reference to support the right interpretation of the mascots sport poses.

The mascot’s graphic representation for printing and for digital media is always attained using vector illustration with colorful shapes, surrounded by a strong black stroke.

international judging committee

The members of the international judging committee have been chosen by TOROC on the basis of their expertise in the fields of visual communications, animation, creation, development and use of Mascots.

pedro albuquerque

Born in Lisbon in 1966. Degree in Design by IADE - Instituto de Artes Visuais,Design e Marketing, Lisbon, in 1987. Founding partner and creative director of Albuquerque Designers.

• Brad Copeland (President of Iconologic and IOC image consultant) • Remo Lucchi (MD Eurisko) • Theodora Mantzaris Kindel (Athens 2004 Olympic Games Image Director) • Javier Mariscal (Designer of the Barcelona Mascot) • Maurizio Nichetti (Film Director) • Carlo Rambaldi (Special Effects Director, 3 Oscar prizes) • Denis Santachiara (Designer) • Andrea Varnier (Torino 2006 Director of the Communications and Image division)

albuquerque designers
most relevant awards
is a multidisciplinary design consultancy operating in Lisbon since 1993. The list of their clients includes some of the most distinctive Portuguese and international Corporations. Its creativity is recognized beyond their country, with projects in Spain, Belgium and now, Italy... • Visual Identity of "Porto 2001-Capital Europeia da Cultura". • "Prémio Sena da Silva 2002" for the best project of communication design attributed in 2002 by "Centro Português de Design".