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DailyForex App Adds Push Notifications for Price Alerts

The Company’s Android and iOS Apps Keep Traders Updated Around the Clock
Fort Lauderdale, FL, November 21, 2016 --( DailyForex, a company that provides currency
traders with updates and analysis about the currency markets, has announced today the update of its
Android and iOS DailyForex mobile application to include instant push notifications that will alert traders
every time certain price triggers are hit.
DailyForex's new alerts service sends immediate, easy-to-follow push notifications to all users when
significant price events happen to the major currency pairs. The company's trading team discovered that
most typical, generic offerings are mainly indicator or news-based, and therefore they tend to simply
generate noise rather than provide a real value to Forex traders. To solve this problem, the company's
talented technical team worked diligently with its daily traders to create a notification system that would
be based upon real-time market triggers.
“Traders tend to find better success when they focus on the price and not lagging indicators,” said Adam
Lemon, chief analyst at DailyForex, “I know that these notifications will help thousands of users, and I
hope we can expand this feature soon to make it even more useful.”
The result was a push notification system based solely upon significant, relative price events which have
been used for centuries as basic building blocks by professional traders to good effect. Each push
notification has a direct headline that tells traders of the market action, which opens into a more detailed
message explaining the significance of the price event.
About DailyForex
DailyForex was established out of a strong need for a Forex website that provides all the information
necessary to become a successful Forex trader. provides in-depth reviews of Forex
brokers, signal providers, online and offline Forex courses, as well as Forex products. Our goal is to
provide both new and experienced Forex traders with a set of clear and easy-to-use tools that will enable
them to make educated decisions when choosing any type of Forex-related service.
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