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Showgo Launches a Spoiler-Free Way to Live-Tweet Thursday’s Scandal

Showgo, a new app now available on Android as well as iOS, lets fans watch TV together without
spoiling it for each other.
Los Angeles, CA, January 24, 2017 --( Highlights:
Showgo - a new way to chat about the show you're watching (live or later) - launches its Android app just
in time for the return of Scandal and TV's hottest shows this Spring.
Android users can now talk about the show they are watching without spoiling their friends, or (gasp)
getting spoiled themselves.
Showgo brings together TV's biggest fans to make watching TV a social event for everyone, even if
you're not watching live.
Showgo - the only way to watch TV with a community of fans whenever you want - today announced the
launch of its Android app in the Google Play Store.
“I was tired of missing out on social TV, because I couldn't watch live on the East Coast. So I set out to
make watching anytime less lonely,” said Bubba Fish, founder of Showgo. “Showgo gives people a way
to chat about the shows they're watching with other fans, even if they aren't watching live.”
It works like this-- fans watch TV normally and use the app to post comments that are timed to the show
(so they don't spoil others). The app keeps fans perfectly in sync with their show just by listening to the
audio (kind of like Shazam). The result is a constant community of fans to watch TV with, whether you're
watching live or binging at 3AM.
“When we launched our iOS app last year, we were blown away by the response,” Fish says that the
average user who posts once on the app ends up posting an average of 50 times. “It's addicting, because
you feel like you're watching TV with a group of people who all love the same show,” he says. “Android
users have been waiting to join the Showgo community since day 1, and we are excited to welcome
Showgo launched in Spring 2016 on iOS and has a five-star average rating on the App Store. “I'm a huge
TV fan, but I almost never get to watch my shows live. And even if I did watch live, I have friends in
different parts of the country, so timezones make it impossible to watch together,” Fish noted. “But with
Showgo, I can chat about Scandal with my friends even if we're all watching at different times. It
basically takes FOMO out of the equation.”
About Showgo
Showgo is a platform for people to watch television together. It is transforming the way audiences talk
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about and interact with the shows they love. Launched in 2016, Showgo enables people everywhere to
watch their favorite shows with a community of other fans, even if they're watching at different times.
The app shows you reactions from fans as you watch your episode. Comments are timed to the show, so
you don't spoil anything for your friends, and they don't spoil anything for you. With over 50 of the top
shows on television, Showgo lets you enjoy your favorite shows with friends and other fans everywhere,
anytime. Never watch TV alone again. Learn more and download the app at

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