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With Moto X Pure Edition the Choice is Clear

Moto X Samsung Galaxy S6 iPhone 6S
Features Pure Edition Samsung Galaxy Note 5 LG G4 iPhone 6s Plus

$649 / $699 $600 $649 / $749
Price $399

5.7” Quad HD 5.1” Quad HD 5.5” Quad HD 5” HD
5.7” Quad HD 5.5” HD

Premium Sound Dual front facing No No No
stereo speakers

10 hours of use 4 hours of use No No
Fast Charging 1 in 15 minutes in 10 minutes

Rear Camera 21 MP 16 MP 16 MP 12 MP

Front Camera 5 MP w/ flash 5 MP 8 MP 5 MP

Water Protection Yes No No No

Micro SD Storage Yes No Yes No

Pure Android Yes No No No

Choice Over 1000 color 3 color options 4 color options 4 color options

All information and data is based on competitor specifications published on their websites as of 9/1/15 .
All prices listed are MSRP and do not reflect promotions and discounts. 1Fast charging times are based on charger included in device box.