Up to 15 % off on Diamond Jewellery and up to 20% off on making charges of colour stone jewellery*

1. Mia Studded bill level offer for non-best deal stock:

Headers Bill level Discount
MIA-ACT-JF17-STD-10% 0-1L 10%
Mia studded
MIA-ACT-JF17-STD-15% >1L 15%
Mia colour Stone MIA-ACT-JF17-CS-10% 10% on MC

Headers Best deals (item level)

Mia studded 15%
Mia colour Stone 20% on MC

2. Mia color stones - applicable to Mia Stores & Central.

a. Best Deal stock will have 20% discount on making charges
b. All other products to have a 10% discount on making charges

3. Channel wise offer details

25th Dec Mia stores in Central Mall
26th Dec Mia stores in Shoppers Stop
26th Dec Mia standalone stores
3rd Jan
5th Jan Tanishq
5th Jan

FAQS: Q1. customer can claim 15% discount  Mia colour stone—10% product level discount on making charges as prescribed (20% best deals) The bill level discount is only valid on purchase of Mia studded products of over 1 lakh. What discount does the customer get? Since the customer has bought products under 1 lakh. . scheme discount is applicable only on GRN for product defect. Mia studded and Mia colour stone totalling a value of 1lakh+. The same GRN-ed product if defect free cannot be taken back with discount. What discount do I get? Since the customer has bought products for over 1 lakh. For the band of 1-2lakhs. The total bill amount is under 1Lakh. if Mia studded products together are over 1lakh. If the purchase is made during the scheme and the GRN is done after the completion of the scheme period. I have bought one best deal product and one non-best deal product. Hence. What is the GRN policy for the period? In case a customer wants to return a particular product which was billed during activation. i. What’s the discount I can get? Please break this transaction down into Mia plain. The total bill amount is just over 1Lakh. she is eligible for product level discount only.e. If a product is purchased before activation and GRN-ed during activation. the customer gets 15% off at a bill level. Q4. The best deal product will get 15% off and non-best deal product 10%. the credit note provided will be extended to the extent of only the NET value paid by the customer. In matching pair – billed in multiple cash memo same customer ID in the same day then strictly GRN allowed both products only. Q2. customer will not be eligible for the discount against the new purchase being made against the GRN. Please use individual product level headers for this transaction. Please use bill level header for this. studded & colour stones as follows:  Mia Plain—no discount on product  Mia studded—10% product level discount as prescribed (15% if best deals). she will get 15% off on both products. I have bought multiple pieces across Mia plain. the value net of discount and not the pre-discounted value. Q3. I have bought one best deal product and one non-best deal product. she is eligible for bill level discount.

As per the recent Policy for customer orders. Can GVs be redeemed against this offer? Yes. then the activation discount will be applicable even after 45 days of end of Activation Any conditions which are explicitly not covered above would be discretion of the Company at the time of the transaction Q7. Q6. Q8. the valuation from the boutique’s POSS is final. What is the TEP policy for the period? TANISHQ EXCHANGE POLICY ON DISCOUNTED PRODUCTS: The Discount-amount shall be recovered from the base TEP valuation at the time of exchange.Q5. No two discounts or FOC can be ever clubbed with any scheme in Tanishq. Tanishq Gift Vouchers can be redeemed against the offer. only on size modifications and if the required size/product is not available in the concerned btq) placed during the Activation and delivered within 45 days from the activation end date. Advance to be collected as per policy for these orders. For all such transactions. Customer orders placed before the activation and delivered after the activation will not be eligible for any discounts. . What is the customer order policy for this period? Offer Validity after activation: The Above offer will be valid for customer orders (non-Design Modification i. Clubbing any other discounts with scheme? You cannot club any other discounts with the scheme. as per TEP policy.e. Titan Company / Tata Employee /Birthday / Anniversary offers cannot be clubbed. if the customer paid 100% advance based on estimate value of the product (after discount). Any order delivered post 45 days period will not be eligible for activation offer.