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Curriculum Vitae

1. Personal Information
First Name Firhan Middle Name Vardha Last Name Novian

Gender Laki - laki Nationality Indonesia

Date of birth (05 - 11 – 97) Passport No. -
Permanent Jl.Raya bandung, No. 64, Kp. Sabandar Hilir samping kantor Andal, RT.05, RW.04, Ds. Bojong
address Kec.Karang Tengah, Kab. Cianjur Jawa Barat 43281
Home Phone - 1)
Mobile +6282130201683 2)

Website 3)

2. Education & Non Formal Education History
Period Length of Study
Location Major
(DD-MM- Name of Institution Earned Degree (Years of Study)
(City, Country) subject
- -
2004~2009 SD Islam Al-Azhar 18 Cianjur 6 Years
SMP Islamic Centre - -
2010~2012 Muhammadiyah Cipanas 3 Years
Computer -
2013~2016 SMK Negeri 1 Cianjur Cianjur Engineering 3 Years


2016 LKP KCC Cianjur Cianjur Computer - 3 Months

3. Work Experience (Praktik Kerja Lapangan)
Period September – November 2015 Period -

Name of Name of
PT.Dirgantara Indonesia (Persero)
Institution / Institution /
Indonesian Aerospace (IAe)
Company Company
Location Location
Jl. Pajajaran No. 154 Bandung 40174
(City, Country) (City, Country)
Position IT Staff Position

Main activities Main activities
and Maintenance and service and
responsibilities responsibilities

Work Phone 022-605-4273 Work Phone

audition. Ms.Office.Windows. Personal skills and Competences  Language Proficiency : English  Skils : Troubleshooting PC Maintenance Hardware Maintenance Software Networking Film Editing Design Videographer Photo Editing  Engineering Capabilities : Proficient in Ms.Windows 2000. 7. VMware. XP. 10. Vista. Premiere Pro. zimbra Computer assemble  Extra-Curricular And Organization Activities : Member of SATPALA ICM (Santri Pencinta Alam) Member of Tapak Suci Putera Muhammadiyah ICM Member of KIR ICM (Kelompok Ilmiah Remaja) Member of English Club ICM Head Division logistics of Design Grafis SMAKZIE DOP Tapakrama SMAKZIE  Achievements : Certificate of paticipation National scout jamboree Al-azhar 18 cianjur (2009) Certificate of best group santriwan at islamic boarding school Al-azhar cibinong bogor (2009) Certificate of education computer science and math. Linux/Debian.Office and Internet (2010) Certificate of accomplishment at Indonesian martial art Tapak suci puter muhammadiyah (2011) Certificate of participation Islamic Centre Muhammadiyah advocacy workshop (2012) Certificate of film workshop from cianjur arts council (2015) Certificate of merit FLS2N short movie (2015) Certificate of first winner documentary film in UNSUR INFOSIL (2015) Certifiacte of appreciation presented to “Kayuhan seiring doa” as top 100 films in Indonesian film festival 2015 SCTV (2015) Certificate from vocational English teachers association (VETA) west java province in collaboration with education office of west java province “Has participated in the west java English proviency test (WJEPT) (2016) Certifiacte of merit as member of the winning team first championship short movie and documentary film cianjur district level (2016) Certificate of accomplishment “Computer technician” at LKP KCC Cianjur (2016) Certificate of accomplishment “Computer operator” at LKP KCC Cianjur (2016) Certificate of accomplishment “Basics electronics” at LKP KCC Cianjur (2016) . 8. Mac Ms. Adobe Photoshop.4. Ms. Illustrator.