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    1906451 - Technical Preparation for Custom Code Management  
Version   4     Validity: 30.10.2014 - active   Language   English (Master)

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Released On 05.11.2014 16:16:07
Release Status Released for Customer
Component SV-SMG-CCM Custom Code Management
Priority Correction with medium priority
Category FAQ

You want to prepare your SAP system for the planned usage of any tool in the context of Custom Code Management (e.g. SAP Solution Manager
based Custom Code Management Work Center, Custom Code Library or any Custom Code app). You want to check upfront what kind of
important SAP notes are recommended for implementation on both, your SAP Solution Manager system or/and any related managed system.

Use Case specifically for the SAP Solution Manager system itself: You want to prepare your SAP Solution Manager system, but you can not follow
the general recommendation to have the SP related master note implemented in your system, but you want to get a quick overview about all
Custom Code Management related SAP Notes and check if they are implemented in your system or not.

Other Terms
SAP Notes for Custom Code Management, RTCCTOOL for Custom Code Management, UPL, CCLM, Clonefinder

Reason and Prerequisites

In any SAP system you will find the report RTCCTOOL which can check a system for its technical readiness for certain scenarios, such as Custom
Code Management.
The report can be executed on your managed system in order to check for SAP Notes required for the execution of certain tools, data collectors or
extractors in your backend system. The report can also be executed on your SAP Solution Manager system itself (SP10 onwards) to see if all 
recommended SAP notes relevant for SAP Solution Manager system itself are implemented.

Note: Please know that SAP Solution Manager master note release planning and updates in the RTCCTOOL infrastructure are not necessarily in
sync as they are based on different architectures and release cycles. It might be that you get SAP notes recommended via RTCCTOOL which are
not (yet) included in the related master note of the SAP Solution Manager SP level.

To check which highly recommended SAP Notes are missing in your system please proceed with the following steps:

1. call transaction SE38 / SA38
2. enter report name 'RTCCTOOL'
3. press execute
4. in the main screen, click on button 'settings'
5. in the popup remove all flags
6. simply set the flag for 'Prepare for CCM (Custom Code Management) ?'
7. click on the 'save' button

After saving the list of SAP notes in the main screen of RTCCTOOL will getting refreshed. You will see a list of recommendations which will partly
contain recommendations for certain SP levels for addons such as ST-A/PI and ST-PI.
As a rule of thumb all items listed with a red rating are highly recommended and should be implemented in your system.
All items with a yellow rating can be implemented but are not mandatory.
If a SAP note has been implemented the rating turns to green.

Note: It might be that you will see SAP notes listed as red (missing) but you can see that the SAP note is implemented in SNOTE. In this case you
need to check if the latest version of the SAP note is implemented. RTCCTOOL will also check if the recommended minimum version of a SAP
note is available in the system, if not a SAP note will also show a red light.

This document is not restricted to a software component or software component version


This document is referenced by: SAP Notes (1) 1887073   CDMC(ST-PI SP08): CDMC-UPL Integration Information note .