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Friday June 30, 2017 XVII, Edition 272

High-speed rail met with concerns in San Carlos

Passing tracks, 50-foot viaduct, station modifications raise questions
By Anna Schuessler Questions from councilmembers The states controversial $64 track adjustments needed to make a the city to construct an additional
DAILY JOURNAL STAFF and residents swirled about the billion project is slated to share 6-mile long set of passing tracks set of tracks or move the citys
demand for high-speed rail, how the tracks winding through the spanning San Mateo to Redwood historic train station farther away
Officials representing the High- adjustments could affect existing densely populated Bay Area as part City possible would affect the from the station to accommodate
Speed Rail Authority got an earful infrastructure particularly as a of the blended system, which neighborhoods surrounding the them.
from San Carlos residents and city viaduct 50 feet above the current was codified by legislation citys stretch of the Caltrain corri- Rail officials also discussed the
officials on strategies they are tracks is one proposal and how prompted by public backlash dur- dor. One alternative considered by possibility of constructing a
considering to facilitate high- plans are being communicated to ing initial plans to create a sepa- rail authorities, passing tracks are viaduct, or aerial bridge allowing
speed and commuter service along residents in communities sur- rate set of tracks. expected to offer train operators trains to pass up to 50 feet above
the Peninsulas stretch of Caltrain rounding the tracks, among oth- Residents and councilmembers more flexibility in coordinating
corridor. ers. alike were especially wary of how train schedules, but could require See RAIL, Page 12

GOP bill takes

aim at illegal
Republican-led House wants to strip
federal dollars from sanctuary cities
By Matthew Daly dential cam-
support for
WASHINGTON The tougher immi-
Republican-led House on Thursday gration policies
pressed ahead with legislation to is crucial to his
crack down on illegal immigra- voting base.
tion, a key priority for President Trump met at
Donald Trump. the White
One bill would strip federal dol- Donald Trump House on
lars from self-proclaimed sanctu- Wednesday with
Mina Makram and Kimberly Sullivan, founders of Duck & Dragons Bakery in San Carlos, have been experimenting ary cities that shield residents more than a dozen people whose
with gluten-free recipes for breads and other baked goods. Below: Ducks & Dragons Bakerys baguettes are from federal immigration authori- family members were killed by
made with almond and coconut flour, and are delivered fresh every morning to Bay Area grocery stores. ties, while a separate bill would people in the country illegally,
stiffen punishments for people and Attorney General Jeff Sessions
Testing the boundaries of baked goods who re-enter the U.S. illegally.
Trump often railed against ille-
gal immigration during his presi-
is set to meet with the families

See BILL, Page 23

San Carlos bakery offers fresh look at gluten-free treats
By Anna Schuessler
Hillsdale Inn redevelopment
Experimentation comes natural-
ly for Mina Makram and Kimberly
Sullivan, founders of San Carlos
gets chilly response from city
Ducks & Dragons Bakery. San Mateo planners weigh traffic against proposal
With engineering degrees and a By Samantha Weigel Real estate developer Swenson
passion for finding healthy ways DAILY JOURNAL returned to the San Mateo
to eat foods they enjoy, the two Planning Commission for a study
have been testing iterations of It may be an uphill battle for session on its pre-application to
gluten-free bread and dessert those seeking to redevelop the create 152 housing units on a tri-
recipes at their kitchen at 940 aged Hillsdale Inn after San Mateo angular shaped parcel near
Commercial Street for the last year planners expressed skepticism Highway 101.
and a half. about a proposed apartment build- Faced with opposition from res-
Though the pair have perfected ing and its impacts to an already idents in the San Mateo Glendale
an area already plagued by traffic
See BREAD, Page 23 woes. See INN, Page 12
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Thought for the Day

I believe the future is only the past
again, entered through another gate.
Sir Arthur Wing Pinero, English dramatist

This Day in History

The Union Jack was lowered for the

1997 last time over Government House in

Hong Kong as Britain prepared to
hand the colony back to China at mid-
night after ruling it for 156 years.
In 1 8 5 9 , French acrobat Charles Blondin walked back and
forth on a tightrope above the gorge of Niagara Falls as
thousands of spectators watched.
In 1 8 6 5 , eight people, including Mary Surratt and Dr.
Samuel Mudd, were convicted by a military commission of
conspiring with John Wilkes Booth, the assassin of
President Abraham Lincoln. (Four defendants, including
Surratt, were executed; Mudd was sentenced to life in prison,
but was pardoned by President Andrew Johnson in 1869.)
In 1 8 9 2 , small frogs rained down on Moseley, England,
south of Birmingham. (According to an account quoted in
the U.S. Agriculture Departments Monthly Weather Review
for May 1917, the frogs, described as almost white in
color, were found scattered about several gardens and had
evidently been absorbed in a small waterspout during a
In 1 9 0 8 , the Tunguska Event took place in Russia as an REUTERS
asteroid exploded above Siberia, leaving 800 square miles A contestant stands after the annual race on high heels during World Pride celebrations in Madrid, Spain.
of scorched or blown-down trees.
In 1 9 1 7 , singer, actress and activist Lena Horne was born
in Brooklyn, New York. In other news ...
In 1 9 3 6 , the Civil War novel Gone with the Wind by Francisco suburb she has 30 days to El-Hayek didnt receive any of the
Margaret Mitchell was first published by The Macmillan
Driver ticketed for strapping reduce her flock of birds from 500 to inflated payments and sued Trico, say-
Co. in New York. furniture, bicycles to roof 50. ing the company violated the deal by
In 1 9 4 9 , The Missouri Waltz became the official state CONCORD, N.H. One New The birds were being bred and raised not paying the larger amount. He says
song of Missouri. Hampshire driver shouldve heeded the in the backyard, and then being offered $81,000 a week for 34 weeks seemed
In 1 9 5 2 , The Guiding Light, a popular radio program, old advice that you cant take it with for sale online. Neighbors in Castro fair, based on his 28 years of service.
began a 57-year television run on CBS. you. Valley have been complaining about But the appeals court says a contract
In 1 9 6 3 , Pope Paul VI was crowned the 262nd head of the WMUR-TV reports a minivan pulled the noise, smell and flies attracted to can be fixed when someone in El-
Roman Catholic Church. over on Wednesday had furniture, bicy- the poop. Hayeks shoes knows about the mis-
cles and boxes strapped to the roof and Police say despite the large number, take but remains silent.
Birthdays a wheeled basket dangling over the
back window. There was also a furniture
the woman has been providing the
birds with sufficient care and food. California police arrest
dolly hanging against a drivers side Officials inspected the flock under the couple after child found dead
window. owners permission.
The items on the roof doubled the The owner has sold or given away RANCHO CORDOVA Police have
height of the van, which was pulled 250 birds and is working to get rid of arrested the mother of a toddler found
over going north on Interstate 93 near another 200. dead under some blankets in the back of
Londonderry. Authorities considered confiscating an SUV parked on a Northern
State police posted a picture of the the birds, but have neither the experi- California street, officials said
van on Facebook. ence nor space to store them. Thursday.
Police are warning people to avoid Officers arrested 27-year-old Angela
Actor-comedian Actor Vincent Boxer Mike Tyson driving with too many items strapped Oops: Court says man wont Phakhin, 27, and her boyfriend,
Untwan Smith, 46, both of Arkansas,
David Alan Grier is DOnofrio is 58. is 51. to the tops of their vehicles. They say get mistaken $2.7M severance on suspicion of child endangerment in
61. the number of items on the van consti-
tuted a hazard. PONTIAC, Mich. Well, it was a the death of the 3-year-old girl in
Actress Lea Massari is 84. Actress Nancy Dussault is 81. nice try. Rancho Cordova on Wednesday. The
Songwriter Tony Hatch is 78. Singer Glenn Shorrock is 73. Police issued the driver a ticket for
negligent driving and having an unin- The Michigan appeals court says in a girls name was not released.
Actor Leonard Whiting is 67. Jazz musician Stanley Clarke is ruling released Wednesday that a man The child was found unresponsive
66. Actor David Garrison is 65. Rock musician Hal Lindes spected vehicle.
who was mistakenly told that he would Wednesday in the back seat of the SUV
(Dire Straits) is 64. Actress Deirdre Lovejoy is 55. Actor
Rupert Graves is 54. Actor Peter Outerbridge is 51. Rock musi- Woman told to get rid of receive a $2.7 million severance cant by Rancho Cordova police officers and
collect the windfall. pronounced dead at the scene, said
cian Tom Drummond (Better Than Ezra) is 48. Actor Brian 450 exotic birds at home Francois El-Hayek was laid off from Sacramento County Sheriffs
Bloom is 47. Actor Brian Vincent is 47. Actress Monica CASTRO VALLEY A group of Trico Products in suburban Detroit in spokesman Sgt. Tony Turnbull.
Potter is 46. Actress Molly Parker is 45. Actor Rick Gonzalez California homeowners has heard 2014. He was told that he would receive He said the couple were found near
is 38. Actor Tom Burke is 36. Actress Lizzy Caplan is 35. enough from the gaggle of exotic birds about $81,000 a week for 34 weeks. the car and were detained for question-
Rock musician James Adam Shelley (American Authors) is 34. in their neighbors backyard. But it was a mistake. Trico says the ing. A records check showed they
Country singer Cole Swindell is 34. Rhythm-and-blues singer
After repeated complaints, authori- document should have said El-Hayek owned the car and that Smith has an
Fantasia is 33. Olympic gold medal swimmer Michael Phelps outstanding warrant out of Arkansas.
ties recently told a woman in a San would get a total of roughly $81,000.
is 32.


by David L. Hoyt and Jeff Knurek Lotto Local Weather Forecast
Unscramble these four Jumbles, June 28 Powerball Fantasy Five Fri day : Cloudy in the morning then
one letter to each square, becoming sunny. Breezy. Patchy fog and
to form four ordinary words. 29 37 46 53 68 8 2 3 4 23 24
drizzle. Highs in the 50s to upper 60s.
WYLOL Daily Four Fri day n i g h t : Mostly clear in the
Check out the new, free JUST JUMBLE app

June 27 Mega Millions evening then becoming cloudy. Breezy.

4 21 45 52 57 14 3 4 7 5 Patchy fog and drizzle after midnight.
2017 Tribune Content Agency, LLC
All Rights Reserved. Mega number
Daily three midday Lows in the mid 50s. West winds 20 to 30
PODTA June 28 Super Lotto Plus 4 7 4 Saturday : Cloudy in the morning then becoming sunny.
12 21 22 38 44 22 Patchy fog and drizzle in the morning. Highs in the upper
Daily three evening
Mega number
50s to lower 70s. West winds 15 to 20 mph...becoming
0 9 6 around 10 mph in the afternoon.
RHOFUT The Daily Derby race winners are Winning Spirit, No. 9,
Saturday ni g ht: Mostly clear in the evening then becom-
ing cloudy. Patchy fog. Lows in the mid 50s.
in first place; Big Ben, No. 4, in second place; and Gold
Sunday thro ug h Wednes day : Mostly cloudy. Patchy
Rush, No. 1, in third place.The race time was clocked at
fog. Highs in the 50s to upper 60s. Lows in the 50s.
Now arrange the circled letters The San Mateo Daily Journal Phone:. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . (650) 344-5200 Fax: (650) 344-5290
to form the surprise answer, as
suggested by the above cartoon. 1900 Alameda de las Pulgas, Suite 112, San Mateo, CA 94403 To Advertise: . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
Publisher: Jerry Lee Editor in Chief: Jon Mays Events: . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . News: . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
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(Answers tomorrow) Career: . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
Jumbles: GROVE CLOUT DOODLE SCRIPT As a public service, the Daily Journal prints obituaries of approximately 200 words or less with a photo one time on the date of the familys choosing. To submit obituaries, email
Answer: He told his wife there wouldnt be a long line, information along with a jpeg photo to Free obituaries are edited for style, clarity, length and grammar. If you would like to have an obituary printed
but he STOOD CORRECTED more than once, longer than 200 words or without editing, please submit an inquiry to our advertising department at
THE DAILY JOURNAL LOCAL Friday June 30, 2017 3
STATE Scho o l i n Ameri ca.
Lee was born in To i s an Co unty in
GOVERNMENT China in 1937. He lived through the
The Cal i fo rni a Japanese militarys occupation of China in
Senate adjourned its the years before and during Wo rl d War II
session Thursday, and immigrated to the United States as the
June 29, in memory Communist movement swept China. Lee
of Chinese commu- joined the U.S. Army in 1961 and retired
nity leader Arno l d with the rank of master sergeant. He also
C. Lee, who died peacefully June 23 sur- enjoyed a long career with the Federal
rounded by his wife, Mimi, their sons Av i ati o n Admi ni s trati o n.
Wayne and Winston, their daughter Leta,
their grandchildren and his sister Anne. LOCAL GOVERNMENT
The adjournment in his honor was at the
The Burl i ng ame Ci ty Co unci l will
request of senators Jerry Hi l l , D-San
consider Monday, July 3, approving a
Mateo , and Sco tt Wi ener, D-San
contract offered by To pg o l f to construct a
Franci s co .
golf entertainment facility on city proper-
Lee, 80, of Millbrae and a former San
ty along the Bayshore.
Francisco resident, was a longtime volun-
teer for organizations that included some Under the proposal, the city would
of the most prominent and historic service receive $5,000 monthly during construc-
groups based in San Franciscos tion and an annual $1.5 million rent pay-
Chinatown. He was a past president of the ment for five years after the facility
Chi nes e Co ns o l i dated Benev o l ent opens. The chain sports company will
As s o ci ati o n, a past president of the Lee also pay $500,000 in community bene-
Fami l y As s o ci ati o n, a past Grand fits, plus commercial linkage fees to be
Pres i dent o f the Uni ted States Lee set aside for affordable housing.
Fami l y As s o ci ati o n and a board mem- During the same meeting, officials will
ber of the Central Chi nes e Hi g h also consider buying body cameras for

Police reports a. m. Tuesday, June 20.

Brandi s hi ng weapo n. A vendor had a
knife pulled on him by another vendor on
South Delaware Street, it was reported at
A note would suffice 11:49 p.m. Sunday, June 18.
A man slashed a vehicles tires at the
Hillsdale Shopping Center in San
Mateo because he did not like how it
was parked, it was reported at 6:22 p.m. Sus pi ci o us v ehi cl e. A man and woman in
Saturday, June 17. a van stole a package from a home on the
300 block of Rivera Drive, it was reported at
1:42 p.m. Friday, June 23.
SAN MATEO Sus pi ci o us ci rcums tances . Loud explo-
sions were reported near Burlingame Avenue
Hi t-and-run. A person in a silver truck hit and Stanley Road, it was reported at 11:27
a car on South El Camino Real, it was report- p.m. Sunday, June 18.
ed at 4:50 p.m. Tuesday, June 20. Burg l ary . A person broke a vehicles win-
Di s t urb an c e . A 50-year-old woman dow and stole the front license plate on
yelled at people in front of a store on Primrose Road, it was reported at 12:06 p.m.
42nd Avenue, it was reported at 11:49 Sunday, June 18.


Sunday, July 2, 10 a.m. - 2 p.m.
Music by High and Lonesome!
Rain or Shine

For more information, visit:

4 Friday June 30, 2017 LOCAL THE DAILY JOURNAL

Victim of Sequoia Hospital security guard files lawsuit

By Samantha Weigel posted an ad looking for telling her the hospital was particularly busy had already lured another victim to the park-
DAILY JOURNAL STAFF female models on and there were no available rooms inside, he ing garage and attempted to perform another
Craigslist while assum- led her to a private room while adding the examination, according to the lawsuit.
A woman who was sexually assaulted by a ing the identity of an examination would be conducted under the The second victim, an 18-year-old Santa
Sequoia Hospital security guard who imper- agent named Mike Lee. table, according to the lawsuit. Cruz woman, arrived two hours after the first
sonated a doctor is suing the Dignity Health Ariel responded to the ad Chow took her to a janitorial storage clos- 23-year-old victim left, prosecutors said dur-
facility and its contractor AlliedBarton and was told it was for a et hed attempted to make appear legitimate ing the criminal proceedings. The Santa Cruz
Security Services. lingerie convention in by setting up a podium with medical items woman immediately became suspicious
San Francisco with an such as latex gloves, cotton swaps and other when Chow took her to a utility room and
Garry Stephen Chow, the former 32-year-
old head of security at the Redwood City hos- Garry Chow opportunity to cinch an devices. He then looked at Ariels ID, jotted contacted police. About two weeks later,
$80,000 annual model- down a few notes on a notepad and asked her police spoke with the first victim and felony
pital, is serving a year in jail following his ing contract, according to the lawsuit. sexual battery charges were filed.
April criminal conviction for luring two to remove all of her clothing. After groping
But as part of the deal, Lee told her she her for several minutes, he digitally pene- Shortly before jury trial was slated to
women looking for modeling jobs on needed to schedule a medical examination begin last October, Chow pleaded no contest
Craigslist. trated her with his fingers while claiming
that day with a Dr. Chen at Sequoia that he was ensuring that her woman parts to sexual penetration under professional pre-
One of the victims who Chow abused in a Hospital and that the modeling company tenses and attempted sexual battery. He was
janitorial closet at the hospital parking were there, according to the lawsuit.
would pay for it. Unbeknownst to Ariel, later sentenced to a year in county jail and
garage filed a civil lawsuit Wednesday in San Chow was posing as both Lee and Chen, Chow then said hed waive his $200 exam- five years probation, according to prosecu-
Mateo County Superior Court. according to the lawsuit. ination fee if she had sex with him. She tors. At the time, Chows defense attorney
The woman listed as Ariel R. is suing Chow met her on the fourth floor of the refused as he started to remove his belt. After said he was remorseful and his own family
Chow, Dignity Health Sequoia Hospital and hospital parking garage wearing khakis and leaving the room, she contacted Lee who traumatized.
AlliedBarton for sexual battery, intentional a button-down dress shirt as well as a Dignity said she should have had sex with the fake The civil lawsuit filed this week alleges
infliction of emotional distress and negli- Health Sequoia Hospital badge he made with doctor, according to the lawsuit. both Sequoia Hospital and AlliedBarton were
gence. his picture and the title Dr. Chen. After She then left the premises and contacted
The case stems from late 2015 when Chow Sequoia Hospital. But by that time, Chow See CHOW, Page 8

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Around the nation
President gets it from all sides South Korean leader to dine
with Trump, meets top lawmakers
for trash-talking MSNBC hosts WASHINGTON South Koreas president
met with congressional leaders Thursday in
advance of a White House
By Laurie Kellman
dinner with President
and Jonathan Lemire Donald Trump in an effort
to reassure Washington
he will coordinate close-
WASHINGTON President Donald Trump ly on dealing with the
launched a crude Twitter attack on the threat from North Korea.
brains, looks and temperament of a female President Moon Jae-in
TV personality Thursday, drawing biparti- has long advocated
san howls of outrage and leaving fellow
Republicans beseeching him: Stop, please Moon Jae-in engagement with North
Korea to address its
just stop.
nuclear weapons development. His position
Trumps tweets aimed at MSNBCs Mika
could cause strains with Trump, who wants
Brzezinski revived concerns about his
to step up economic pressure and further
views of women in a city where civility
isolate the North diplomatically.
already is in short supply and he is strug-
The U.S. and South Korea want to show
gling for any support he can get for his pro-
they are on the same page as concern deep-
posals on health care, immigration and
other controversial issues. ens over North Koreas technological
I heard poorly rated (at)MorningJoe progress toward a nuclear-tipped missile
speaks badly of me (dont watch anymore), that could strike the continental U.S., and
Trump tweeted to his nearly 33 million fol- its lack of interest in negotiations aimed at
lowers Thursday morning. Then how come dismantling its atomic arsenal.
low I.Q. Crazy Mika, along with Psycho We have a lot to work together for,
Joe, came to Mar-a-Lago 3 nights in a row Republican Speaker Paul Ryan said as top
around New Years Eve, and insisted on join- REUTERS House lawmakers sat down with Moon on
ing me. She was bleeding badly from a face- Donald Trump delivers remarks during an Unleashing American Energy event at the Capitol Hill. We have shared concerns such
lift. I said no! Department of Energy. as threats posed to both our nations from
The tweets served to unite Democrats and not provide a positive role model for our is the outrage on that? North Korea.
Republicans for once in a chorus of protest national dialogue, Lankford said, noting The American people elected a fighter;
that amounted to perhaps the loudest outcry that he had just chaired a hearing on the they didnt elect somebody to sit back and Trump commission on voting
since Trump took office. shootings. do nothing, she added. fraud asks states for voter data
Obviously I dont see that as an appro- On Trumps level of insult-trading, First lady Melania Trump, who has vowed
SACRAMENTO President Donald
priate comment, said Republican House Brzezinski responded on Twitter by posting to fight cyberbullying while her husband is
president, gave his tweets a pass. Trumps commission investigating
Speaker Paul Ryan. House Democratic leader a photograph of a Cheerios box that includ-
ed the phrase made for little hands. People As the first lady has stated publicly in alleged voter fraud in the 2016 elections
Nancy Pelosi called Trumps tweets, bla- has asked states for a list of the names,
tantly sexist. The president, she added, looking to get under the presidents skin the past, when her husband gets attacked, he
have long suggested that his hands appear will punch back 10 times harder, her com- party affiliations, addresses and voting
happens to disrespect women ... its sad. histories of all voters, if state law allows
Republican Sen. James Lankford of small for his frame. munications director, Stephanie Grisham,
Trumps allies cast his outburst as posi- said in a statement. it to be public.
Oklahoma even linked the presidents harsh A Wednesday letter from the Presidential
words to the June 14 shootings of House tive, an example of his refusal to be bullied. As Trump welcomed South Korean
White House spokeswoman Sarah President Moon Jae-in for a White House Advisory Commission on Election
Majority Whip Steve Scalise and three oth-
Huckabee Sanders said the president was dinner Thursday evening, he did not respond Integrity gives secretaries of state about
pushing back against people who have to shouted questions from reporters about two weeks to provide about a dozen points
The presidents tweets today dont help
attacked him day after day after day. Where whether he regretted the tweet. of voter data. That also would include dates
our political or national discourse and do
of birth, the last four digits of voters Social
Security numbers and any information
Report: San Jose police improperly handled federal funds about felony convictions and military sta-
Some Democratic officials refused to com-
By Paul Elias at a minimum, has the appearance of a con- internal control weaknesses in keeping
ply, saying the request invades privacy and
THE ASSOCIATED PRESS flict of interest. track of the money, including depositing it
is based on false claims of fraud.
In the report, the DOJ noted that city offi- in a city bank account that invests in
Trump lost the popular vote to Democrat
SAN FRANCISCO U.S. Department of cials defended the purchase, arguing the stocks, bonds and other securities contrary
Hillary Clinton but has alleged, without
Justice officials said Thursday that San Jose department used a previous order with the to DOJ guidelines requiring its money be
evidence, that 3 to 5 million people voted
police improperly accounted for some contractor to add the blinds. The DOJ still deposited only in interest-bearing
illegally. In addition to the voter informa-
$500,000 in federal funds the department concluded the purchase was improper. accounts.
tion, the letter asks state officials for sug-
received over a three-year period. City spokesman David Vossbrink said The report said city officials agreed to
gestions on improving election integrity
The DOJs inspector general released a that there will be more discussions to tighten accounting controls in the future.
and to share any evidence of fraud and elec-
report for three fiscal years ending in June resolve this issue. Otherwise, Vossbrink DOJ said it would close the case once the
tion-related crimes in their states.
2015. said, the city agrees with the DOJs conclu- city showed evidence of improvement.
The report also criticized the beleaguered sions and has improved the agencys areas
department for failing to spend more than of concern or intends to.
$1 million it received for aiding federal The DOJ shares money generated from
investigations. asset forfeitures with police departments
Finally, the report took the department to across the country when they assist in
task for spending $34,000 in 2015 on a no- investigations. The San Jose Police
bid purchase of window blinds for a new Department received $569, 461 between
police station. July 2012 and June 2015, the DOJ said. The
The contract was awarded to a company department spent $281,039 of that money,
owned by the spouse of the citys park and the report concluded.
recreation department, which the DOJ said Auditors said they found significant


Jane Augusta Malison

March 20, 1924 May 15, 2017
Jane Augusta Malison passed away at the age of 93 on
May 15, 2017. She was born to Elfreda and Gus Keehn on
March 20, 1924 in Boyd, Wisconsin.
In 1946 Jane married Duane Malison, and they made
their rst home in River Falls, WI, and then in 1953 the
family moved to Appleton, WI. In 1961 the family moved
to Millbrae, CA. Jane was a homemaker and active in
her church. She also worked as an activity director for
convalescent homes, assisted in a tax preparation ofce,
and helped at the Peninsula Hospital guild and blood bank.
In 2002 Jane moved to Cupertino. In 2014 she moved into independent living at
Sunny View Retirement Community.
Jane is preceded in death by husband, Duane Malison, her son, Keith Malison,
her daughters, Glenda Berry and Susan Bertoldi; and her siblings; Richard Keehn,
Clayton Keehn, Kenneth Keehn, and Dorothy Seichter. She is survived by son Brian
(Leanne) Malison of Visalia, CA, daughter Trish (Robert) Cunningham of Sunnyvale,
CA; 9 grandchildren, 4 great-grandchildren.
A memorial service will be held on Saturday, July 8, at 2:30, at Sunny View
Retirement Community, 22445 Cupertino Road, Cupertino.
6 Friday June 30, 2017 LOCAL THE DAILY JOURNAL

County property assessment nessman, was 71 when his house cleaner

Local briefs found him dead Dec. 16, 2011, in his home
reaches record high of $206B wine from a Safeway store in South San on the 600 block of Waterbury Lane.
The countys Property Assessment Roll Francisco on Monday night pleaded not He had apparently been in the midst of
increased year-over-year by $15 billion, or guilty in San Mateo County Superior Court cooking himself a steak dinner when
7.9 percent, to a record high $206 billion on Wednesday, according to prosecutors. Venable used a knife to stab and beat him to
in assessed value, setting a new milestone Kenneth Mask and his accomplice entered death, District Attorney Steve Wagstaffe
for the county and breaking the $200 bil- the grocery store on the 2000 block of said previously. A critical piece of evidence
lion barrier for the first time, according to Gellert Boulevard around 10:30 p.m. and tying the men to the murder was DNA found
Mark Church, San Mateo County assessor. looked around. on a key left in the door lock to Gachters
This is a major milestone, continuing to Mask went back outside while his accom- home, he said.
establish San Mateo County as a premier plice, whose name was not immediately Venable, a San Bernardino resident, did
location in the state, said Church. The available, took $692.29 worth of wine and not know the victim but knew Mitchell
roll is now more than 46 percent larger than left the store without paying for it, prosecu- from living in Southern California,
it was in 2010. This is the sixth year in a tors said. Wagstaffe said previously.
row that a new historical high has been set, They were followed out to the parking lot, The pair will next appear in court July 14
and the seventh consecutive year the roll where Mask allegedly handed a gun to his for Superior Court arraignment, according
has moved in a positive direction. accomplice, who brandished it at the to prosecutors.
Church attributes the increase to business employee.
expansion and the accompanying new con- Mask returns to court on July 12 for a pre-
Three years prison
struction, soaring job growth and rising liminary hearing. He remains in custody on for former Hells Angel
real estate prices. $90,000 bail.
The roll reflects consistent growth A man convicted of threatening his ex-
girlfriend while he was serving a prison
throughout the county. Total assessed val- Two accused of Foster term for his involvement in illegal drug People interested in adopting Gabby can find
ues increased in all 20 cities and unincorpo- her at the Tom and Annette Center for
rated areas, with increases as high as 19.75 City murder remain in custody sales was sentenced to three years in state
prison Thursday, according to the San Compassion in Burlinigame.
percent in the top city for growth, East Palo Two men accused of killing a Foster City
Alto. The countys unincorporated areas, man in 2011 for financial gain were held to Mateo County District Attorneys Office. though, and ready for adoption.
which include San Francisco International answer to charges of spe- Former Hells Angel Jason Peterson, 43, Shes also been spayed, microchipped and
Airport, experienced a growth rate of 9.46 cial circumstance of mur- received 841 days credit for time served and vaccinated.
percent. This increase was due in part to new der for financial gain and has less than a year remaining in his sen- People interested in adopting Gabby can
state-mandated assessment practices which use of a deadly weapon tence, according to prosecutors. find her at the Tom and Annette Center for
increased the assessed value of aircraft at Thursday, according to In 2008, Peterson started dating a woman Compassion, 1450 Rollins Road in
SFO. the San Mateo County who he would date for 10 months during court Burlingame. The adoption fee is $120.
The other cities in the top five for growth District Attorneys proceedings related to his involvement in
are Menlo Park at 10.52 percent; San Carlos Office. illegal drug sales for the motorcycle group. Civil rights lawyers at SFO
He reportedly physically, emotionally and
at 9.13 percent; Redwood City at 8.52 per- David Mitchell, 34,
verbally abused the woman, and began to help with travel ban questions
cent; and Foster City at 8.43 percent. Rapid and Willie Venable, 66,
value growth in East Palo Alto is largely due Willie Venable both of Southern threatening her after he was taken into cus- Lawyers from four civil rights groups are
to new projects coming to market, the California, previously tody. Though the woman broke off the rela- on hand at San Francisco International
transfer of the Woodland Park project, pleaded not guilty to tionship in 2011, Peterson refused to believe Airport Thursday to help people with ques-
which includes 101 buildings on 49 acres, their charges in the relationship was over and continued to tions or problems concerning the partial
and residential value increases in one of the December. The two could threaten her, saying he would kill anyone implementation of President Donald Trumps
last affordable places on the Peninsula. face the death penalty if who came between them, according to prose- travel ban.
The shared property tax funding base is found guilty and they cutors. Its a very confusing situation, said
approximately 1 percent of the countys remain in custody with- Peterson was subsequently kicked out of Zahra Billoo, a lawyer who is executive
Property Assessment Roll, and will thus out bail, according to the Hells Angels and the woman reported his director of the San Francisco Bay Area
increase to $2.06 billion. Approximately prosecutors. threats to the Burlingame Police Department branch of the Council on American-Islamic
45 percent of revenue is allocated to The two were arrested in 2015, according to prosecutors. Relations, or CAIR, based in Santa Clara.
David Mitchell We are here to monitor the implementa-
schools within the county, 25 percent to Nov. 1, 2016, for the
the county, 18 percent to cities, 10 percent murder of Klaus Gachter. Mitchell, of
Pit bull pup that had mouth tion of what we call Muslim Ban 2.0 and to
to special districts, and 2 percent to former Fontana, previously lived in Foster City tied shut ready for adoption offer legal advice to anyone who may be
redevelopment agencies. and knew the victim as Gachter and his affected or have questions, Billoo said.
A stray puppy that had its muzzle tied shut The four groups are CAIR and the San
mother were friends. Venable allegedly mur- in East Palo Alto last month is ready for
Man, 71, pleads not guilty dered Gachter for financial gain at the adoption, according to the Peninsula
Francisco-based Asian Americans Advancing
Justice-Asian Law Caucus, OneJustice and
of stealing nearly $700 in wine behest of Mitchell. Financial incentives Humane Society and Society for the
appear to be the motive for both suspects, Arab Resource and Organizing Center.
A 71-year-old man accused of helping Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. Billoo said about a half dozen lawyers and
according to prosecutors. Gabby, the black and white female pit
another suspect steal nearly $700 worth of Gachter, a successful international busi- an equal number of law clerks and students are
bull terrier, is almost a year old. She was staffing a station at the airports internation-
found on May 19 with a bloody and badly al terminal. The ban went into effect at 5
swollen muzzle, as well as infected scar tis- p.m. Pacific time, according to U.S. State
sue on her neck and legs. Department guidance issued Wednesday
Buffy Martin Tarbox, communications evening, but Billoo said the lawyers arrived
manager for the PHS/SPCA, said the pups at 7 a.m. because they expected possible
injuries were consistent with having her confusion among customs officers about
muzzle tied shut. Gabby is fully healed now, the implementation.

Helping to get
your pets back
on their paws.


SAGE Services:
Surgery, Oncology, Internal Medicine,
Broadway Dermatology, Neurology, Emergency &

Critical Care, Integrative Medicine,

r St


Bay Road



Cardiology, Physical Rehabilitation.








934 Charter Street, Redwood City

$BNQCFMMt$POcorEt%VCMJOt Redwood City
Lawsuits challenge state water tunnels Around the nation
Climate change up close:
By Scott Smith Southern, poor counties to suffer
WASHINGTON Poor and southern U.S. counties will
get hit hardest by global warming, according to a first-of-
FRESNO Gov. Jerry Browns its-kind detailed projection of potential climate change
ambitious plans to build two massive effects at the local level.
tunnels, reengineering the hub of The study, published Thursday in the journal Science , cal-
Californias water system, would culates probable economic harms and benefits for the more
destroy native fish species already on than 3,100 counties in the United States under different
the brink of extinction, lawsuits filed possible scenarios for worldwide emissions of heat-trap-
Thursday said. ping gases. It looks at agriculture, energy costs, labor
The $16 billion proposed tunnels costs, coastal damage from rising seas, crime and deaths,
along the states largest river won a then estimates the effect on average local income by the end
critical first round of approval from of the century.
two federal agencies early this week, Researchers computed the possible effects of 15 types of
but days later a group of fish and con- impacts for each county across 29,000 simulations.
servation groups filed federal lawsuits The south gets hammered and the north can actually ben-
attempting to stop the project. efit, said study lead author Solomon Hsiang, a University
Politics has trumped science once of California economist. The south gets hammered prima-
again, Doug Obegi, a senior attorney rily because its super-hot already. It just so happens that
for the Natural Resources Defense REUTERS FILE PHOTO the south is also poorer.
Council. The agencies tasked with Gov. Jerry Browns project won a first critical round of approval Monday from
protecting our natural resources are National Marine Fisheries Service and U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.They ruled that Large study links key pesticide
making things worse.
The proposed twin tunnels, both
the project would not lead to the extinction of endangered and threatened native to weakened honeybee hives
species, including some salmon species and the Delta smelt.
four stories high and 35 miles (55 WASHINGTON A massive new study in three European
kilometer) long, would be delta and sent south through hundreds ened native species, including some countries finds a common pesticide dramatically weakens
Californias most ambitious water of miles of canals to farms in the vast salmon species and the Delta smelt. already vulnerable honeybee hives.
project in decades. San Joaquin Valley and communities State officials say they have added For their experiment, researchers planted fields of rape-
State officials say the tunnels are as far south as San Diego. thousands of acres of habitat restora- seed, which is made into cooking oil. Some of the fields
needed to reengineer the Sacramento- Supporters say the tunnels will mod- tion, boosting chances that the were planted with seeds treated with the class of insecticides
San Joaquin River Delta, the largest ernize and secure water deliveries from imperiled fish species will survive. called neonicotinoids, others with untreated seeds. The
estuary on the West Coast, which pro- the delta, now done by aging pumps The plan doesnt convince the fish researchers followed bees from the spring of 2015 when the
vides water to much of the nations that pull the rivers and the fish in and conservation groups filing law- seeds flowered to the following spring when new bees were
most populous state. them off-course. suits. born.
The Sacramento and San Joaquin The project won a first critical round This version of the tunnels will In Hungary and Britain, the hives that had bees foraging
two of Californias largest rivers of approval Monday from National wipe out Californias salmon fishery around insecticide-treated plants had a more difficult time
send mountain snowmelt into the Marine Fisheries Service and U. S. and the families and communities that surviving the winter. In Germany, where the bees are gener-
delta and then out to sea through the Fish and Wildlife Service. They ruled rely on salmon, said John McManus, ally healthier, there was no noticeable harm to the bees
San Francisco Bay. that the project would not lead to the executive director of the Golden Gate from the insecticide.
Water is currently pumped from the extinction of endangered and threat- Salmon Association. The study is in Thursdays journal Science.

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Trumps travel ban a far cry from original

By Jill Colvin and Alicia A. Caldwell Supreme Court, are a far cry from Trumps
THE ASSOCIATED PRESS initial executive order, which sparked
protests, chaos at airports and legal chal-
WASHINGTON With President Donald lenges in his administrations earliest days.
Trumps travel ban on the verge of taking That order was withdrawn after being
effect Thursday, the White House was declar- replaced with a version that Trump himself
ing a victory on the first major policy push described as watered down and political-
of his presidency. But it could not have ly correct.
been the win Trump imagined. What the Supreme Court did was watered
What was once described as a blanket ban it down even further, Kari Hong, an immi-
on Muslims, then became a temporary ban gration law expert at Boston College Law
on visitors from seven majority-Muslim School, said of the version set to take
countries, is now a list of confusing new effect.
visa restrictions. Trumps eye-popping The justices ruling exempts people if
campaign promise to deliver security by they can prove a bona fide relationship
limiting entry into the U.S. has become the with a U.S. person or entity. Under State
incredible shrinking travel ban, a plan Department guidelines, visa applicants
rewritten, tweaked, watered down and liti- from six Muslim-majority countries will
gated nearly beyond recognition. need to show close family or business ties
All but lost in the five-month editing to the United States for the next 90 days.
process and court fight is the presidents Citizens of Syria, Sudan, Somalia, Libya,
stated aim: keeping dangerous people out of Iran and Yemen with a parent, spouse, child,
the U.S. Trump initially billed the tempo- REUTERS adult son or daughter, son-in-law, daughter-
rary ban on visitors from certain countries Volunteer lawyers set up a table to help arriving passengers with the reinstatement by the U.S. in-law or sibling already in the United
and refugees as an urgent and necessary tool Supreme Court of portions of Donald Trumps executive order targeting travelers from six States could be allowed to enter.
to keep out would-be terrorists while the predominantly Muslim countries, at Los Angeles International Airport. Journalists, students, workers or lecturers
government crafted new extreme vetting who have valid, formal invitations or
procedures. But five months and no ban effort to build a stronger case and offered The restrictions that will take effect employment contracts in the U. S. are
later, the administration has made little scant new evidence to back up its claims. Thursday, reinstated temporarily by exempt from the ban.

GOP may keep some Obama tax increases to save health bill
By Alan Fram pushed by conservatives to let insurers hes to rescue one of his and President But as senators charged out the Capitols
THE ASSOCIATED PRESS offer plans with low premiums and scant Donald Trumps foremost campaign promis- doors Thursday to begin their break, there
benefits. To do so, a company would also es. were no overt indications that GOP leaders
WASHINGTON Senate Republican have to sell a policy that abides by the con- McConnell postponed a vote on an ini- had resolved their problems.
leaders considered keeping one of former sumer-friendly coverage requirements in tial version Tuesday, forced by conservative Were kind of at a stalemate right now,
President Barack Obamas big tax increases Obamas 2010 statute, which the GOP is and moderate GOP senators prepared to Id say, said Sen. Shelley Moore Capito,
on wealthier Americans and using the struggling to repeal. block it. R-W.Va., who with Ohio GOP Sen. Robert
money to fatten proposed subsidies for the Both proposals were encountering inter- By Friday, McConnell wants to add Portman and others want to forestall reduc-
poor in a bid Thursday to placate moderate nal Republican opposition, and it was changes to the bill that would assure its pas- tions the measure would make in Medicaid.
GOP lawmakers and salvage their strug- uncertain either would survive. But the sage after Congress week-long July 4 Discussions about easing those cuts were
gling health care bill. effort underscored how Senate Majority recess. For him to prevail, no more than continuing, but progress so far was not
With a core priority tottering, top Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., needed to two of the 52 GOP senators can oppose the enough for me, said Sen. Dean Heller, R-
Republicans also assessed an amendment mollify both wings of his divided party if measure. Nev.

Herman noted his client suffered serious

Continued from page 4
psychological trauma as a result of Garry
Chows actions and the negligence of the
other defendants.
The suit is seeking unspecified damages
and Herman noted Chows employers enabled
negligent in allowing Chow unfettered his crimes by failing to adequately prevent
access to hospital facilities and equipment him from abusing his position.
including a computer from which he created a This situation could have and should have
fake hospital badge. A representative said been avoided; if not for the defendants negli-
Sequoia Hospital did not have a comment on gence Garry Chow would not have had the
the pending litigation and AlliedBarton did opportunity to commit such a devious and
not return a request for comment. premeditated crime on hospital property uti-
In an email, Ariels attorney Michael lizing hospital supplies, Herman said.

8AM - 2PM
THE DAILY JOURNAL OPINION Friday June 30, 2017 9
Keep states national marine sanctuaries intact Meaning of America
None of these activities are compat-
Other voices
s we approach the annual celebration of the
Santa Rosa Press Democrat ible with offshore oil drilling, and a
Deepwater Horizon-type blowout birth of the United States of America this
Fourth of July, it occurred to me that there is a

n invitation to Commerce ments on the presidents order. Heres would be disastrous.
Secretary Wilbur Ross: Come California has rsthand experience great attention to our nation as a whole and how exactly
ours: This is a monumentally bad we are to proceed into the future.
visit Californias national idea. with oil spills. A blowout near Santa
marine sanctuaries. Barbara in 1969 was, at the time, the The most recent national election has focused our col-
Some of the worlds most produc- lective attention and spurred a new awareness of the
Watch blue whales feeding and ele- tive ocean ecosystems are found off worst oil spill in U.S. history. Its
phant seals breeding in the Cordell still No. 3 on the list. More than tenets of our nation and how the various branches of
the California coast kelp forests,
Bank and Greater Farallones national 80,000 barrels of crude oil from an government intersect. There is also the matter of
coral reefs, natural habitat for endan-
marine sanctuaries off the Marin and gered species and large populations of offshore platform fouled beaches from Hamilton, the play, about the man, a Founding Father. I
Sonoma County coasts. whales, sharks, seabirds and other Santa Barbara to Ventura, killed thou- have yet to see the play, but I hear its good and I feel I
Explore tide pools along the rocky marine life. sands of shore birds and saddled sh- should see it not only
shores in the Monterey Bay National Scientic research in the states ermen, hotels and beachfront home- because Im a fan of the man,
Marine Sanctuary, a swath of marine sanctuaries is providing a owners with losses in the millions. but also to see what people
Californias central coast nicknamed wealth of data about ocean conditions The state Lands Commission hasnt now know because of it.
the Serengeti of the Sea for its rich that can affect weather patterns as approved an oil lease in state waters I recall being in New York
marine life. well as insight into climate change. since then, and Congress approved a City and coming across his
More than 150 shipwrecks are California also is home to one of series of moratoriums that banned grave amidst tall buildings
located within the Channel Islands the nations largest commercial sh- new drilling in federal waters for more and thinking, yes, here lies
National Marine Sanctuary. Perhaps ing industries, Mr. Secretary, support-
thats why the islands are such a pop- than 25 years. the man who essentially cre-
ing according to a recent report Even some oil industry representa- ated the central banking sys-
ular destination for scuba divers. The from your department 113,900
Channel Islands also have been home tives get it. I am not aware of any of tem and, with some help from
jobs, $4.5 billion in income and our members chomping at the bit to others including James
to the Chumash people for more than $21.6 billion in sales.
13,000 years. pursue the opportunity (to drill off- Madison, was one of the pro-
Some of that shing takes place in shore) in California, the president of
These environmental and cultural ponents of federalism.
marine sanctuaries. So does research the Western States Petroleum
treasures are under your stewardship, aimed at maintaining healthy, sus- Unfortunately, in a time of
Mr. Secretary. Association told the San Jose strife that was often set aside
tainable sheries. Mercury News this week.
Theyre also among the 11 protect- Surely youre aware that tourism and for the greater good, he was mired in a yearslong dispute
ed ocean areas established or expand- From our perspective, the case is with Aaron Burr, which led to his ultimate demise in the
recreation are enormous contributors
ed since 2007 that President Donald clear. Californias national marine now famous duel. His death, along with the passing of
to Californias economy, the sixth
Trump has directed you to consider for sanctuaries have enormous commer- John Adams, led to the end of federalists as a political
largest in the world, and pristine
oil, gas and mineral exploration and beaches and the Pacic Ocean are cial and conservation value, and they party. It had its good points and its bad, but the idea of a
development. symbols of the Golden State recog- should remain intact. Mr. Secretary, if central government that could handle financial affairs
Over the next 29 days, your depart- nized worldwide. you come and see for yourself, we and contend with debt was one of the ways our nation
ment will be collecting public com- think you will agree. was able to get up on its legs at its founding, at least in
my opinion. But enough of that.
Letters to the editor There are thousands of stories originating in the
founding of our country from what exactly happened
Daily Journals new design What I found interesting while in the June 13 edition of the Daily from 1763 to 1776, the difference between the Articles
looking at a graphic showing the Journal is spot on and illuminating. of Confederation and the Constitution, the various com-
Editor, path of the eclipse is that it will cross Mixed in with these are two sub- promises leading up to the Civil War and the fight to
Congratulations to the San Mateo the United States almost entirely categories I think deserve special end slavery from the very beginning of the colonization
Daily Journal for the remarkable and through red states. I am wondering attention. First of all, those who had to the ramifications felt to the present day.
readable new web pages. The entire how President Trump, a.k.a. The such trouble with math and science in The American experiment of democracy in the form of
layout, backgrounds and type selected Tweeter In Chief, will try and spin it. school that they nd great relief in an a republic was not expected to last, however, it is by far
are beautiful. The King (or Queen) of My guess is he will try and blame the administration that de-emphasizes
education and calls science a hoax. the most perfect system there is. Yet the collection of
Bay Area news publications is a crooked and evil Democrats for caus-
pleasure to read every day. Just ignore what you never under- people initially drawn here, and sadly brought here
ing darkness and a few minutes later against their will, and who came here over the years has
claim that he alone was able to bring stood and vote for the equally mind-
Tom Elliott less! The other sub-category would be created a unique nation derived in the idea of liberty that
daylight back to his base supporters.
evangelicals who were swayed by we are all still trying to figure out.
San Mateo It saddens me at times when people suggest that this
Trumps waving the Bible and with
David Amaral poorly hidden modesty declaring it nation is inherently evil, or immersed in self-serving
San Mateo even better than his own book! Never power. There is some of that, but its no worse than
Total eclipse of mind Trumps immoral behavior and some other countries and besides, we have the freedom
the sun and politics conduct being exactly opposite of to have those thoughts and even express them to who-
Editor, Shallow Trump voters their claimed religious ideals the ever we choose.
I was intrigued by the path of the old Bible trick still works. Neither
Editor, We may also seek to define our own America, as so
category will ever understand what
total eclipse of the sun on Aug. 21, Michael Obergs classication of many others have before us. What is the real America is
they have done.
2017. It will be the rst time since Trump voters as either forever in the minds of each American.
1918 that a total eclipse will be visi- Trump, dont blame me and any- The search for the real America is the American ideal.
ble from coast to coast in the United body but a Democrat voters in his Jorg Aadahl
The quest to define this country is the most American
States. letter Three types of Trump voters San Mateo
thing there is.
People talk about the American dream, which is a very
OUR MISSION: American form of idea, of art, of culture. It is ours, born
It is the mission of the Daily Journal to be the most of discovery, the seeking of new wilds, to tame it or be
accurate, fair and relevant local news source for at one with it. It largely depends on our own personal
those who live, work or play on the MidPeninsula.
By combining local news and sports coverage, ideal, or particular background or circumstance.
Jerry Lee, Publisher BUSINESS STAFF: analysis and insight with the latest business, Discovering this country for yourself is the most
Michael Davis Charles Gould lifestyle, state, national and world news, we seek to American thing there is. And the fact of the matter is
Jon Mays, Editor in Chief Paul Moisio Joe Rudino provide our readers with the highest quality this country is constantly being discovered because it is
Nathan Mollat, Sports Editor Joy Uganiza Todd Waibel information resource in San Mateo County.
Our pages belong to you, our readers, and we always changing. And it is being discovered by those
Erik Oeverndiek, Copy Editor/Page Designer INTERNS, CORRESPONDENTS, CONTRACTORS: choose to reflect the diverse character of this once here, here now, coming and soon to be.
Nicola Zeuzem, Production Manager Renee Abu-Zaghibra Robert Armstrong dynamic and ever-changing community.
Jim Clifford Elizabeth Cortes It is the beauty of America, the transmogrification of
Kerry McArdle, Marketing & Events Robert Hutchinson Tom Jung our very founding idea and the ability to find it for our-
Samantha Weigel, Senior Reporter
Brian Miller Mona Murhamer SMDAILYJOURNAL.COM selves based on the strict but nimble structure of liberty
Karan Nevatia Jeanita Lyman
REPORTERS: Brigitte Parman Adriana Ramirez Follow us on Twitter and Facebook: and freedom created on that day in 1776.
Terry Bernal, Anna Schuessler, Austin Walsh Nick Rose Andrew Scheiner We are all Americans, that we have in common.
Joel Snyder Megan Tao
Susan E. Cohn, Senior Correspondent: Events Gary Whitman Cindy Zhang Individuals, collected, under one flag that doesnt define
Dave Newlands, Production Assistant Online edition at us but rather allows us to define it in whichever way we
aspire. That to me is the meaning of the Fourth of July.
Letters to the Editor Emailed documents are preferred: Correction Policy The birth of our nation and how it relates to each of us
Should be no longer than 250 words. The Daily Journal corrects its errors. as we make this journey together.
Perspective Columns Letter writers are limited to two submissions a If you question the accuracy of any article in the Daily
Should be no longer than 600 words. month. Journal, please contact the editor at
Illegibly handwritten letters and anonymous letters Opinions expressed in letters, columns and
will not be accepted. perspectives are those of the individual writer and do or by phone at: 344-5200, ext. 107 Jon May s is the editor in chief of the Daily Journal. He
Please include a city of residence and phone not necessarily represent the views of the Daily Journal Editorials represent the viewpoint of the Daily Journal can be reached at jon@smdaily Follow Jon
number where we can reach you. staff. editorial board and not any one individual.
on Twitter @jonmay s.
10 Friday June 30, 2017 BUINESS THE DAILY JOURNAL

Steep slide in tech companies pulls stocks lower Financial sector stocks have
By Alex Veiga
DOW JONES INDUSTRIALS been mostly rising this week as
High: 21,487.38 investors bet on interest rates
Low: 21,197.08 climbing further. Banks can make
A steep slide in technology
companies pulled U. S. stocks Close: 21,287.03 more money on lending when
lower Thursday, erasing gains Change: -167.58 rates move higher.
from the previous day. Bank stocks also got a boost
OTHER INDEXES from the Federal Reserve. The cen-
Investors also sold big-dividend S&P 500: 2419.70 -20.99
stocks as bond yields rose. Banks tral bank said late Wednesday that
and energy stocks bucked the NYSE Index: 11,740.00 -72.80 34 of the biggest U.S. banks can
broader market decline. Crude oil Nasdaq: 6144.35 -90.06 buy back more stock and raise
prices closed higher for the sixth NYSE MKT: 2551.12 -35.43 their dividends because their bal-
straight day. Russell 2000: 1416.20 -9.07 ance sheets are strong enough to
The shift out of the technology Wilshire 5000: 25,193.90 -204.49 bear a major downturn in the econ-
sector came as investors bet cen- omy.
tral bankers may be ready to lift 10-Yr Bond: 2.267 +0.046 The Feds announcement marked
rates. That spurred many traders to Oil (per barrel): 44.87 +0.19 the first time that all of the banks
move out of growth sectors, like Gold : 1,245.60 -1.40 passed their so-called stress tests,
technology, and into value which were created after the global
stocks, such as banks, said Erik 9.07 points, or 0.6 percent, to higher interest rates following or 4.8 percent, to $12.60. Lam financial crisis of 2008.
Davidson, chief investment offi- 1,416.20. recent remarks from the president Research gave up $5.48, or 3.7 Citigroup gained $1.80, or 2.8
cer at Wells Fargo Private Bank. Bond prices fell. The 10-year of the European Central Bank and percent, to $142.35. Alphabet, percent, to $66. 98, while
Its been a good day for energy Treasury yield rose to 2.27 percent the governor of the Bank of Googles parent company, also Regions Financial climbed 57
and financials and a terrible day in from 2.23 percent late Wednesday. England. fell, shedding $23.19, or 2.4 per- cents, or 4 percent, to $14.66.
particular for technology, The stock market was coming Weve had a lot of commentary cent, to $937. 82. Facebook Bank of America added 44 cents,
Davidson said. To the extent that off its biggest gain in two from central bankers around the declined $2.20, or 1.4 percent, to or 1.8 percent, to $24.32.
youre going to be looking to put months. The market slide came world suggesting perhaps that it $151.04. Apple slid $2.15, or 1.5 Traders also had their eye on the
money into financials, into energy, about despite some encouraging is within the field of vision that percent, to $143.68. latest company earnings and deal
you have to pull it from somewhere, news on the U.S. economy. we could see some of the accom- All told, the technology sector news.
and the sector that has done best so The Commerce Department said modation being removed from the fell 1.8 percent. Despite the drop, Acuity Brands jumped 10.5 per-
far this year is technology. that the nations gross domestic system, said Eric Wiegand, sen- the sector leads all other sectors cent after the lighting companys
The Standard & Poors 500 product, the broadest measure of ior portfolio manager for Private this year with a gain of 16.5 per- latest quarterly earnings and sales
index fell 20.99 points, or 0.9 economic health, increased at an Wealth Management at U. S. cent. exceeded Wall Streets expecta-
percent, to 2,419.70. The Dow annual rate of 1.4 percent in the Bank. While we dont think People are a little bit nervous tions. The stock was the biggest
Jones industrial average slid first quarter. Thats better than the thats imminent, it certainly does about the high-flying tech sec- gainer in the S&P 500 index,
167.58 points, or 0.8 percent, to previous estimate of 1.2 percent give investors something to con- tor, Davidson said. Valuations adding $18.79 to $198.52.
21,287.03. The average was down and double the initial estimate of sider. are getting pretty stretched, so Staples rose 1.5 percent after
briefly more than 257 points. 0.7 percent. The upgrade reflects Semiconductor manufacturers this is providing some opportuni- private equity firm Sycamore
The Nasdaq composite lost new-found strength in consumer led the technology sector slide. ty to redeploy some of those Partners agreed to buy the office
90.06 points, or 1.4 percent, to spending and exports. Advanced Micro Devices fell the assets into something that may be supplies chain for $6.9 billion.
6,144.35. The Russell 2000 index Still, investors appeared more most among companies in the about to turn, the financials in Staples gained 15 cents to
of small-company stocks gave up focused on the possibility of S&P 500 index, losing 63 cents, particular. $10.08.

U.S. economic growth in Q1 upgraded to 1.4 percent

By Josh Boak estimate of 1.2 percent and double fueled by solid hiring and an Faucher said. Silver, an economist at JPMorgan
THE ASSOCIATED PRESS the initial estimate of 0.7 per- uptick in consumer spending. During the first quarter of the Chase.
cent. The upgrade reflects new- Estimates from the Atlanta year, consumer spending grew at The May report on consumer
found strength in consumer Federal Reserve expect that the faster pace than earlier GDP esti- spending will be released Friday
WASHINGTON The U. S. spending and exports. economy expanded at an annual mates suggested. Spending on morning, providing a fuller sense
economy got off to a lackluster The result is weaker than 2.1 pace of 2.9 percent during the housing, health care and financial of how consumers are faring in
start during the first three months percent growth in the fourth quar- April-June quarter. services, including insurance, the current quarter.
of 2017, though it enjoyed more ter and matches the growth rate Gus Faucher, chief economist at rose much higher in the third esti-
momentum than earlier estimates recorded the second quarter of PNC Financial Services, said the mate than the prior estimate. The exports of U.S. goods also
indicated. 2016. It is still well below slow growth at the start of 2017 Consumer spending accounts for improved more than previously
The Commerce Department said President Donald Trumps ambi- will prove temporary. Faucher roughly 70 percent of all econom- reported, contributing to the
Thursday that gross domestic tious growth targets of the econo- expects the economy to expand at ic activity. slightly faster growth.
product, the broadest measure of my growing at more than 3 per- a 2.2 percent pace for the entire Consumer spending still looks Not all of the report was posi-
economic health, grew at an annu- cent. year. very soft early on this year, but tive. Private investment in build-
al rate of 1.4 percent in the first Analysts expect growth to The economy is expanding at a the figures are not as weak as the ings and equipment slipped in the
quarter better than a previous accelerate in the second quarter, solid, if unspectacular, pace, earlier readings, said Daniel latest first-quarter estimate.

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THE DAILY JOURNAL WORLD Friday June 30, 2017 11
Around the world
Global cyberattack may
Iraqi leader declares end to
have aimed for havoc, not extortion
PARIS The cyberattack that has locked up computers
around the world while demanding a ransom may not be an
IS caliphate but fight goes on
extortion attempt after all, but an effort to create havoc in By Susannah George
Ukraine, security experts say. THE ASSOCIATED PRESS
There may be a more nefarious motive behind the
attack, Gavin OGorman, an investigator with U. S. MOSUL, Iraq With anti-Islamic
antivirus firm Symantec, said in a blog post . Perhaps this State group forces on the offensive in
attack was never intended to make money, rather to simply both the Iraqi city of Mosul and the
disrupt a large number of Ukrainian organizations. Syrian city of Raqqa, Iraqs prime min-
The rogue program landed its heaviest blows on the ister on Thursday declared an end to the
Eastern European nation, where the government, dozens of extremist groups self-proclaimed
banks and other institutions were sent reeling. It disabled caliphate.
computers at government agencies, energy companies, But even as Prime Minister Haider al-
cash machines, supermarkets, railways and communica- Abadi made the bold assertion, deadly
tions providers. Many of these organizations had recovered fighting continued in Mosul filling
by Thursday. field hospitals and forcing hundreds to
The program, known by a variety of names, including flee.
NotPetya, initially appeared to be ransomware, a type of We are seeing the end of the fake
malicious software that encrypts its victims data and holds Daesh state. The liberation of Mosul
it hostage until a payment is made, usually in bitcoins, the proves that, al-Abadi said on Twitter,
hard-to-trace digital currency often used by criminals. using the Arabic acronym for IS. We
But OGorman and several other researchers said the cul- will not relent. Our brave forces will REUTERS
prits would have been hard-pressed to make money off the bring victory. Members of Iraqi Counter Terrorism Service sift through the ruins of the Grand
scheme. They appear to have relied on a single email Across the border in in Raqqa, coali- al-Nuri Mosque at the Old City in Mosul, Iraq.
address that was blocked almost immediately and a single tion officials predicted a long, bloody tions were only reachable by climbing and coalition officials said. The
bitcoin account that has collected the relatively puny sum battle ahead for the Kurdish-led Syrian in and out of homes, across roof tops Islamic State group blamed a U.S.
of $10,000. Democratic Forces, whose fighters and through holes blasted into con- airstrike for the blasts, a claim rejected
Others, such as Russian anti-virus firm Kaspersky Lab, succeeded in completely encircling the crete walls. by a spokesman for the U.S.-led coali-
said clues in the code suggest the programs authors would militants de-facto capital Thursday. By early afternoon they had reached tion who said coalition planes did not
have been incapable of decrypting the data, further indicat- U.S.-led coalition officials estimated al-Nuri Mosque, at once a hugely sym- conduct strikes in that area at that
ing the ransom demands may have been a smoke screen. that as many as 2,500 IS fighters bolic win and a ruined prize. The site is time.
remained in the city. where IS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi The fight for the Old City has seen
Five found guilty in Russian Beginning at dawn, Iraqi forces made his only public appearance in some of the most difficult urban com-
July 2014, declaring the self-styled bat yet for Iraqi forces in the campaign
opposition leaders murder trial began a push deeper into Mosuls Old
Islamic caliphate encompassing ter- against IS. Eight months into the
City, where IS fighters were making
MOSCOW A jury on Thursday found five men guilty in their last stand. The Iraqi troops ritories then-held by the extremists in Mosul offensive, IS now holds less
the assassination of Russian opposition leader Boris moved slowly along foot paths strewn Syria and Iraq. than two square kilometers (0.8 square
Nemtsov, bringing to a close a trial that Nemtsovs allies with rubble, twisted metal and downed But IS destroyed the mosque and its miles) of the city, but the advances
believe failed to bring the slayings alleged masterminds to power lines. Many front-line posi- iconic leaning minaret last week, Iraqi have come at considerable cost.
Nemtsov, a top political opponent of President Vladimir
Putin, was shot late at night in 2015 as he was walking
across a bridge just outside the Kremlin. His brazen murder
that sent shockwaves through the Russian opposition.
A jury at a Moscow court found the suspected triggerman,
a former officer in the security forces of Chechnyas leader, NOW OPEN ON SUNDAYS !
guilty of murdering Nemtsov, Russian news agencies

25 %
reported. Four other men were found guilty of involvement
in the killing.
It will now be up to the judge to sentence the five men.
On Sundays 10AM - 5:30PM*
Nemtsovs allies have criticized the investigators for
stopping short of investigating the possible role of
Chechen leader Ramzan Kadyrov and top Chechen officers FURNITURE - APPLIANCES - DECOR AND MORE
in the killing.
When the now-convicted gunman, former officer Zaur
Dadayev, was arrested shortly after the slaying, Kadyrov 1411 Industrial Road, San Carlos, CA
vehemently defended him as a true patriot.
Nemtsovs family has petitioned investigators to look
into Kadyrovs possible involvement and to question
Ruslan Geremeyev, commander of the police unit in which *Use the coupon at the San Carlos ReStore on Sundays only
Dadayev served.

Implant, Abutment, and Crown
(does not include extraction)

51 Renato Court, Suite C

12 Friday June 30, 2017 LOCAL THE DAILY JOURNAL

oughfare to the oft-congested Highway back, Murphy said, during a speech with once known for its honeymoon suite

Continued from page 1
101. The project served as another
reminder of the citys development trials
as it strives to maintain a balance between
references to the Declaration of
Independence. People in San Mateo are
driving angry, we dont want to be angry.
resembling the Seattle Space Needle that
was ultimately torn down after falling into
disrepair, Dreschler noted the surrounding
approving new housing to address a We just want to pursue our happiness and community and resulting traffic has grown.
regional need while managing the impacts not be stuck on the corner of Hillsdale and I feel like this property is kind of a vic-
Village neighborhood, the commission of existing and future growth. Saratoga. tim of circumstance because way back
unanimously agreed the project was a hard I want to see housing in our community, Bill Ryan, senior vice president of devel- when, it kind of served its purpose. But
sell unless improvements were made to the we need more housing. This is a part of opment with Swenson, noted the site is everything has changed around it and this
current the jam-packed intersection at that, so I would like to see this project currently underutilized. Having incorporat- intersection, on one side we have some
Saratoga Drive and Hillsdale Boulevard. work. But that being said, there are very ed prior comments in the new proposal, he really beautiful improvements (at Bay
Were at a critical point and I think this real safety concerns, said Commissioner was hopeful further community outreach Meadows), and some serious pressure com-
project is just going to get beat up, said Pamela OLeary, who noted shed even could help move a project forward. ing from 101 and 92, Dreschler said.
Commissioner Charlie Dreschler, accord- been in a minor car accident near the busy We have listened to the comments from Moving forward, the commission urged
ing to a video of the meeting. Its just site. So Id like to see the traffic study to the commission and the neighborhood and Swenson and city officials to consider ways
really bad timing. be able to make a decision. we tried to make changes reflective of to manage the crowded Hillsdale Boulevard
Commissioners agreed theyd be paying Nearly a decade after buying the motel those comments, Swenson said. There is and problematic intersection, as well as
keen attention to a traffic study, which with visions of redevelopment, Swenson a heightened awareness of development in whether housing is appropriate for the site.
would be the next step should Swenson returned this year looking to construct a the city and I think we want to include our In other business, the commission unan-
submits a formal application to the city, as 152-unit, three-story multi-family hous- outreach to other neighborhoods as well imously agreed to allow a rehabilitation
well as possible improvements to the ing complex with 291 primarily under- so we can have further interaction with and addition to a downtown commercial
intersection. The less than 3-acre property ground parking spaces. Its scaled back them so they can feel as though their input building. The commission upheld the city
along Hillsdale Boulevard currently houses from its 2013 iteration when it sought to is incorporated in our ultimate design. zoning administrators decision to
the aged Hillsdale Inn, a self-serve car construct 180 condominiums. But winning over some of the commis- approve a 7,034-square-foot addition and
wash and a rental car company. To break Residents from the San Mateo Glendale sioners may require significant improve- facade improvements to three-story prop-
ground, Swenson is looking for the city to Village Neighborhood Association packed ments to existing traffic a regional erty at 333-345 S. B St. The existing office
approve new residences in a commercial- a recent community meeting and spoke at problem for which no city has found a sil- and retail space is at the site of the former
zoned area adjacent to the massive mixed- Tuesdays hearing to urge the commission ver bullet. Baywood Theater between Third and Fourth
use Bay Meadows redevelopment. The for- to heed their concerns. Noting the proper- I really feel this is one of those inter- avenues in downtown. The issue was
mer 180-acre race track property is about ty is situated at the corner of Saratoga sections that our city needs to address the brought to the commissions attention fol-
60 percent complete with new residences Drive and Hillsdale Boulevard, it would current situation before we can do things to lowing neighbors citing traffic, parking
and office space still slated to come directly affect the main entry into their make it worse, said Commissioner Eric and design concerns. The commission
online. neighborhood, said association president Rodriguez, who noted Bay Meadows hasnt agreed with city staffs approval of the
Swensons motel property is just south Dennis Murphy. been fully built out and those effects real- project but added the condition the proper-
of State Route 92 along Hillsdale Our neighborhood has been taken over ized yet. ty owner include some type of plaque as a
Boulevard, which serves as a main thor- by traffic. We want our neighborhood In the decades since the property was tribute to the history of the site.

the authority, said there is less room for demand for high-speed rail service is still negotiated with each city through which the

Continued from page 1
error for train operators if trains running in
two directions share one track to pass
Is it smart to go forward with building
passing tracks to manage demand that we
track runs, Tripousis said plans for those
projects would unfold on a separate timeline
from the overall project.
Dimitri Vandellos, president of the dont yet know is going to be there? he Councilman Mark Olbert asked high-
Greater East San Carlos Neighborhood said. How do you give the community con- speed rail authorities if the timing of their
the tracks currently running through the Association, also expressed alarm at the fidence that this is really necessary? environmental review could be pushed out
city, in the hopes of running up to six consideration of a viaduct to facilitate train Resident Tim Hilborn also argued against to a later time when a few, more feasible
Caltrain commuter trains and four high- movement in San Carlos. creating passing tracks, and asked for strategies for blending service between
speed rail trains per hour in both directions
The viaduct is frankly not an option for greater clarity from rail officials on the Caltrain and high-speed routes could be
between San Francisco and San Jose during
San Carlos, he said, adding that a berm the options they are considering for environ- identified. Rail officials said they were tar-
peak commute times.
city built some 20 years ago to facilitate mental assessment so residents could offer geting the end of 2018 to craft an environ-
Councilman Ron Collins objected to the
trains through San Carlos had created feedback before plans are made final. mental review of the overall project, and
idea of the viaduct and wondered why a third,
enough consternation among residents, I feel all this is a moving target, he hoped to come to an agreement with
bidirectional track to allow another passage
who voted to restrict its height. We built said. We dont even know how much ticket Caltrain on whether passing tracks would be
through the city couldnt be considered
that berm, we lived through that construc- prices are going to be, every month they needed before then so residents could weigh
alongside other strategies.
tion project, were not going to accept seem to be going up. in on the planning process.
You have to know that that is an incredi-
bly disruptive option to this community, another construction project. Collins also asked the rail authorities Olbert said an environmental review of
and to Belmont and to Redwood City and to Vandellos also reminded officials that how funding for the viaduct would compare several alternatives now could create confu-
any other cities are affected by this, he concerns raised about possible changes to to the safety improvements identified for sion and garner opposition to the overall
said, according to a video of the meeting. Old County Road, which runs parallel to and the 41 at-grade roads currently crossing the project from residents at odds with alterna-
Ben Tripousis, the California High-Speed on the eastern side of the tracks, during the Caltrain corridor between San Francisco and tives that turn out to be less feasible.
Rail Authoritys northern California planning process for the San Carlos Transit San Jose. Though rail officials said three You can always do an [environmental
regional director, responded saying the Village could be stirred up again in high- grade separations, or modifications in impact report], you just have a bigger enve-
authority has been working with Caltrain speed rail conversations should additional which the rail is either lowered or raised lope and look at more alternatives, he said.
officials to avoid building passing tracks tracks be required. away from surface streets, recently But it becomes not only less meaningful
and meet dual goals of minimally affecting Expected to add 202 rental units and approved for crossings in San Mateo would but it also really freaks out the communi-
residents along the Caltrain corridor and 25,800 square feet of commercial space to improve safety and reduce noise, similar ties.
preserving the current level of Caltrain the citys stock once complete, plans to projects in other cities have yet to formal- Tripousis said the authority plans to do
service. build the village also include parking and ize. ongoing outreach to residents through com-
Youre exactly right that a viaduct in any accessibility updates to the citys Caltrain Its hard for me to imagine gates coming munity group meetings and public forums,
location is a significant piece of infrastruc- station. down and a train going by at 110 miles per and hoped to distribute a schedule of
ture with significant impacts, he said. Councilman Cameron Johnson expressed hour in 41 locations, said Collins. engagement opportunities in the coming
Will Gimpel, another representative of concern about building passing tracks when With grade separation projects to be weeks.

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a lot of money if he sticks with Giants
Friday June 30, 2017

Busingers athleticism flourishes

By Terry Bernal

Adaptability. Its the ingredient of those

great athletes who earn labels like team play-
er and team leader, but is also fundamental
to those athletes refining their greatness
along the way.
After four years at Mills, two-sport athlete
Aubrie Businger proved to be one of those
players. Earning all-Peninsula Athletic League
honors in both girls basketball and softball,
she was the only Mills player to be named
first-team in either in 2016-17.
She was the best teammate anyone could
ask for, Mills girls basketball head coach
Dave Matsu said. She embraced the role; she
was our captain and our on-court leader. She
just did a great job of being a leader this year.
In both sports, Businger was an entirely dif-
ferent kind of athlete as a senior than when she
started her varsity career, in both basketball
and softball, as a freshman. And her dominant
presence in both arenas makes her the choice
as Daily Journal Girls Athlete of the Year.
On the basketball court, she went from a
rebound-intensive freshman who, according
to Businger, only took one jump shot all sea-
son, to a senior dialing it in for over 100 long-
ranger attempts, averaging a double-double
with 16.9 points and 10.1 rebounds per game.
On the softball diamond, she went from
being a freshman who hit .279 and no home
runs as a complement to a star-studded lineup
that roared to a Peninsula Athletic League
Ocean Division title, to a senior who anchored
the middle of the order with a .724 batting
average and a league-leading 1.586 slugging
percentage in 2017.
Statistics dont always tell the tale when it
comes to high school sports, but numbers like

See BUSINGER, Page 16

Durant wont opt in, as expected Study questions

By Janie McCauley
Iguodala for what everyone hopes is
another special postseason run next year.
Then Durant could receive his max deal a
doping in cycling
By Carla K. Johnson
OAKLAND Kevin Durant declined to year from now.
opt in for the second year of his contract Durant now will need to begin working
with Golden State and will become an unre- out a new deal once the free agency period
begins Saturday, but might wait to see how The blood booster at the heart of the
stricted free agent, an expected move for the Lance Armstrong doping scandal does not
NBA Finals MVP who said he plans to do his things play out with his free-agent team-
mates before signing. He is expected to gain improve real-world cycling performance,
part to keep the core of the champion according to the most rigorous study yet of
Warriors intact to chase more titles. a 20 percent raise over the $26.5 million he
made last season and would earn about $31.8 how the protein EPO affects athletes.
A person with direct knowledge of the The results, published Thursday in the
decision confirmed Durants intentions million. Durant had a deadline of Thursday
to make his decision. journal Lancet Haematology , may con-
Thursday, speaking to the Associated Press vince some to pay more attention to the
on condition of anonymity because no for- It means a lot. It just shows the commit-
ment when a guys willing to take less, the harms of supposed performance-enhancing
mal announcement had been made. drugs by punching holes
When the season ended, Durant made it commitment to the team, Defensive Player
of the Year Draymond Green said Wednesday. in the myths surround-
clear he plans to stay with the Warriors. The ing them, researchers
28-year-old Durant was due to earn more You look at the situation, sometimes you
have to do that in order to make things said.
than $27.7 million for 2017-18 yet said he KELLEY L. COX/USA TODAY SPORTS
Dutch scientists
would go this route to provide the franchise work. I took less so we could go and get Kevin Durant, shown holding the Larry
staged a bike race up a
with financial flexibility so Golden State Kevin. And it worked out. If you want to OBrien championship trophy, declined to opt
mountain to study
general manager Bob Myers might be able keep great teams, keep everything aligned, into the second year of his contract, making
whether erythropoietin
to retain other key members of the group him a free agent. He has already told the
(EPO) lives up to its rep-
like key reserve and 2015 Finals MVP Andre See DURANT, Page 18 Warriors he will return to Golden State.
utation, transporting a
Lance large group of avid
Correa leads Astros over Oakland cyclists to southern
France in a tour bus and putting on a gruel-
ing day of cycling for them.
It was hectic and stressful, but also a lot
By Kristie Rieken the order he was really tough, manager A.J.
Astros 6, As 1 Hinch said of Gossett. Our guys looked like of fun and exhilarating, said Jules
the second time around we really went out with Heuberger of the Centre for Human Drug
Correas two-run shot in Research in Leiden, Netherlands, who led
HOUSTON Carlos Correa succinctly the fourth put the Astros a plan to hunt some pitches and we didnt miss
summed up his big day which led the Houston them. Obviously when our guys get pitches to the effort and describes himself as an
up 2-1. He extended the active, fanatic cyclist.
Astros to yet another win on Thursday. lead to 5-1 with a two-run hit that theyre looking for they can do some
Its always good to hit a home run, he damage. Previous studies of EPO in sports have
homer to straightaway been flawed, Heuberger said. Participants
said. Its even better to hit two. center field with no outs in It was the fourth career multi-home run game
Correas two homers and four RBIs gave the for Correa, who has reached safely in a career- werent trained athletes, knew they were
the sixth inning to chase getting EPO, or testing was limited to short
Astros a 6-1 victory over the Oakland rookie Daniel Gossett (1- high 17 straight games, and his first this sea-
Athletics to improve their MLB-best record to son. bursts of strength and endurance.
54-26. The first time through
Carlos Correa See OAKLAND, Page 17 See STUDY, Page 18
14 Friday June 30, 2017 SPORTS THE DAILY JOURNAL

Flag football league brings out former NFL stars

By Josh Dubow or never made NFL rosters rather than out-of- Making it look like football and not some
Its something shape old-timers. gimmick was paramount for Lewis. Except for
different. My You could trot 45 and 50-year-old football a few wrinkles such as the center being an eli-
SAN JOSE Terrell Owens and Chad playing days are players out and it would be nice to see people gible receiver which led to former Pittsburgh
Johnson ran pass patterns with big smiles on you remember but its not going to be great, quarterback Dennis Dixon catching a 60-yard
their faces visible throughout the stadium.
over but I can play Lewis said. We want it to really be com- TD from Vick on a wheel route after snapping
Michael Vick was flinging touchdown pass- now and not get pellingly high quality. The players who the ball, it looked like seven-on-seven foot-
es the way he did in his peak as an NFL star. hit, not get played who have played previously are going ball.
Instead of an old-timers day, this was more to be playing because theyre world-class ath- The rules of the game are fairly simple.
of a throwback night with those three former Michael Vick
tackled. I think letes. Teams get a first down by crossing either 25-
stars headlining lineups with several former thats pretty cool. Lewis got the idea to start this league a few yard line or midfield. No blocking or kicking
NFL players for the debut event of the years ago while watching his son play flag is allowed, with a throw off to start each
hit, not get tackled. I think thats pretty football and wondered what it would be like half and following scores with losers walk-
American Flag Football League in hopes of cool.
showing that this sport played mostly by with elite athletes instead of 8 or 9-year olds. ing to the other side after touchdowns.
The game featured other notable former NFL He views flag football, which is played by Teams are allowed one lateral per play, there
kids could have a future as a professional players such as Justin Forsett, Kerry Rhodes,
league. more than 2 million kids each year as taking are no north-south handoffs and fumbles are
Steve Smith and Nick Collins; lesser-known the game of football with the speed and relata- dead at the spot. Touchdowns are worth six
Ive played flag football since I was a kid, players looking for a break such as game
Johnson said. The only difference about bility to the players that exist in sports such points, with a one-point bonus for plays
MVP Evan Rodriguez who is hoping NFL as soccer and basketball, where players arent longer than 50 yards, and teams are allowed to
playing here and playing other places, here teams might give him another look after his
was much faster because the level of talent. hidden by helmets. go for one, two or three points after TDs
nine catches for 210 yards and four TDs; and The league plans to play up the interaction depending on where they line up.
Obviously everyone has played before. It was former Cornell lacrosse player Max Seibald,
extremely fast. with fans by having players use social media Teams cant rush the quarterback for two
who was the top collegiate player in the coun- during games and not penalizing over-the-top seconds after the snap and the QB must get rid
The American Flag Football League played try in 2009.
the game Tuesday in San Jose in advance of celebrations, which appealed to players such of the ball within four seconds. The quarter-
I think it definitely would help the league as Johnson. back cant run unless he is rushed and teams
plans by founder Jeff Lewis to launch a spring to have some guys with household names,
league in 2018. In front of a crowd of several The atmosphere was really dope, get three blitzes per quarter.
Owens said. But this game is purely made Johnson said. Being able to interact with the Lewis believes the simplicity and safety of
hundred people, Team Vick prevailed over from speed. Just like any other game, theres
Team Owens 64-41 behind Vicks eight TD fans, being able to have your phone on the the game compared to tackle football could
a lot of skill involved. sidelines, being able to tweet while the game make it more marketable in foreign countries
passes and 547 yards passing. Lewis knows marquee names will draw fans
Its something different, said Vick, who is going on, which I got fined for before, its where American football hasnt taken hold
in initially. But Lewis wants most of the dope. I really think this is going to hit the and he believes the sport also has a bright
was attracted to the sport by watching his teams to be filled from a pool of scores of
daughter play flag football. My playing ground, hit the ground running and be future as a potential Division I college sport
younger players who have been recently cut extremely big at some point. for women.
days are over but I can play now and not get

Germany routs Mexico to make Confed Cup finals

By Rob Harris minute - and learning from the lax start. have to acknowledge that we dared to play
THE ASSOCIATED PRESS Against Chile in particular we were as equals.
caught off guard; wed discussed that before- Sometimes adrenaline plays a trick on us.
SOCHI, Russia Just how much Leon hand and implemented it well today, the 22- Sometimes we make mistakes that they take
Goretzka wanted to seize his opportunity in year-old Goretzka said. After getting advantage of. We have to learn to be effec-
an experimental Germany squad became through the group stage, our objective was tive and take advantage of their mistakes.
clear after only eight minutes against to reach the final. Weve done that convinc- It was a misplaced header by captain
Mexico. ingly. Now we want to win the title and Hector Moreno that freed Goretzka to launch
With two goals in the space of 109 sec- reward ourselves for our performances so the attack that he completed to put Germany
onds on Thursday, Goretzka put the defen- far. in front. Goretzka seized possession around
sively-ragged Mexicans on the back foot All three German scorers in the southern CARL RECINE/REUTERS
the halfway line, passed to Benjamin
and set Germany on its way to the Russian resort of Sochi were players making Germanys Leon Goretzka scores past Mexico Henrichs on the right flank and accelerated
Confederations Cup final with a clinical 4-1 their tournament debuts. After Goretzka net- goalkeeper Guillermo Ochoa during the to receive the ball back before sweeping in a
victory. ted in the 6th and 8th minutes, Timo Werner Germans 4-1 win in the Confederation Cup low shot from 20 yards (meters).
Germany coach Joachim Loew is using the and Amin Younes scored in the second half. semifinals in Russia. Mexico was jolted and had not regrouped
World Cup warm-up tournament to assess his They have developed really well, Loew when its defense was shredded again. Werner
pool of talent, resting all but three of his said through a translator in the Fisht was beaten by Marco Fabians long-range threaded the ball through for Goretzka to
world champions from 2014. Silverware was Stadium. Over these weeks, we have swerving shot. slot under the legs of goalkeeper Guillermo
never the priority. But the World Cup will become a genuine team and that is impor- Mexico will now head to Moscow to play Ochoa at the near post and claim his third
have another trophy for company if Loews tant. They are very ambitious and yearning Portugal in the third-place match on Sunday goal of the competition.
fledglings can beat Chile on Sunday in St. to be part of the national team. after paying the price for affording His special forte is that he can run longer
Petersburg. Despite the emphatic score line, Germany Germany too much space to cut through its distances, Loew said after the Schalke mid-
Germany drew 1-1 with the South goalkeeper Marc-Andre Ter Stegen was kept defense. fielders eighth international appearance.
American champions in the group stage, busy. There were 25 shots on goal but he We didnt have a good start of the game, Running those long distances sets him
recovering after conceding in the sixth only conceded in the 89th minute, when he and they took advantage, Fabian said. We apart from the rest.

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THE DAILY JOURNAL SPORTS Friday June 30, 2017 15

Olympic medalists turn nationals into speed show

By Michael Marot competes in her specialty, the 100 back the 50 backstroke. He beat two Olympic
THE ASSOCIATED PRESS Friday. gold medalists, Ryan Murphy and Matt
She was only part of the speedy equation Grevers, with a time of 24.41 and sur-
INDIANAPOLIS Americas swimmers in Indianapolis, though. passed Chinas Xu Jiayu for the No. 1 spot.
were on top of the world Thursday night. The U.S. men produced world-best times Murphy finished second in 24.64 while
Lilly King set an American record in the in three of the nights four events and set a Grevers was third in 24.67.
womens 50-meter breaststroke, three other championship record in the other one. The American women didnt disappoint,
swimmers had the fastest times in the world Chase Kalisz started the impressive run in either.
this season and two more broke U. S. the mens 400 individual medley, finishing Leah Smith, who finished second to Katie
national championship records. in 4:06.99 the first sub 4:07 in the world Ledecky in races each of the first two
Each has even bigger plans for next in 2017. Second-place finisher Jay nights, finally won the womens 400 IM in
months world championships in Hungary. Litherland, Kaliszs teammate at Georgia, 4:33.86. It was third on the international
Im always happy to get an American wound up second in 4:09.31, No. 4 in the list. Elizabeth Beisel wound up taking sec-
AARON DOSTER/USA TODAY SPORTS ond in 4:38.55 after Ella Eastin was disqual-
record, but I was hoping to go a little world.
faster, King said after posting a time of Event winners automatically qualify for Lilly King set a new American record in the ified for a bad turn coming out of the back-
29.66 seconds. Ive think Ive still got a the U.S. team. The runner-ups must wait for 50-meter breaststroke as Olympic medalists stroke.
little left in the tank for Budapest. the selection process to end before finding continue to swim fast at U.S. nationals. Im excited to be going to Budapest, but
Shell have almost three weeks to prepare out if they make the team. Dressel has qualified in three individual its not the circumstances I would ever want
after breaking the record Jessica Hardy held I was happy with it. I think I probably events for the worlds the 100 free and the to be going under, said the 24-year-old
for nearly eight years by 0.14. King also could have swum a little faster, Kalisz said. 50 and 100 fly, where hes like to square off Olympian who has only been training for
could be heading to Hungary with the No. 1 I didnt really any feel pressure (from with rival Joseph Schooling of Singapore. two months. Am I medal contender?
time in the event this year after passing her Litherland). It was just like it is in prac- Right now, Ive still got the 50 free left Probably not. But Im going to give it my
Russian rival Yulia Efimova, who started the tice. and thats my focus, Dressel said. But all.
day in the No. 1 spot with a time of 29.88. Caeleb Dressel followed suit in the mens Joseph is one of my boys, I love that kid. Kelsi Worrell won the womens 100 fly in
Katie Meili, an Olympic gold medalist 100 butterfly, winning in 50.87 to become Kevin Cordes set a championship record 57.38, beating Sarah Gibson. And Hannah
like King, finished in 30.11. the first swimmer to crack the 51-second by beating Andrew Wilson with a time of Stevens defeated Olympic gold medalist
King has qualified in two individual mark this year. Twenty-six-year old Tim 26.88 in the mens 50 breast, No. 3 in the Kathleen Baker in the womens 50 back.
events and the Indiana University star will Phillips was second in 51.30, the third- world, and 19-year-old Justin Ress closed it Stevens set a championship record, 27.63
chase her third win in three nights when she fastest time in the world. out with another world-best performance in seconds while Baker was second in 27.69.

Triplett shoots 62 in US Sports briefs Ryu, the LPGAs new No. 1 player, and Lexi
Thompson. Ryu beat Thompson at the ANA
said in a statement that Williams expressed
her deepest condolences to the family who
Senior Open to tie major record Inspiration, the seasons opening major. lost a loved one. He said the light was
PEABODY, Mass. Kirk Triplett shot an Defending champ Henderson, Wie green when she entered the intersection.
8-under 62 on Thursday in the first round of contend at Womens PGA Police: Venus Williams The crash was first reported by TMZ.
the U.S. Senior Open to match the lowest OLYMPIA FIELDS, Ill. Defending at fault in fatal car crash
round in a PGA Tour Champions major. champion Brooke Henderson and 2014 U.S. PALM BEACH GARDENS, Fla. Florida
Della Donne, Moore lead
Triplett started on No. 10 and played his Open winner Michelle Wie recovered from WNBA All-Star voting
first nine holes in 4 police say tennis star Venus Williams was at
sluggish starts to climb fault in a car crash earlier
under. After making the into contention early on NEW YORK Maya Moore and Elena
turn, he birdied two of this month that led to the Delle Donne are the leaders in early fan
the opening day of the death of a passenger in
the first three holes, KPMG Womens PGA returns for WNBA All-Star voting.
eagled the 341-yard, par- another vehicle.
Championship. Minnesotas star forward leads with
4 fourth hole and closed Palm Beach Gardens
Henderson shot even- 19,949 votes, just ahead of Delle Donne
with five pars. That left police released a report
par 36 and Wie was 1 who has 19,280. Moore was the top vote-
him one stroke ahead of Thursday saying
over Thursday after play- getter in 2014 while Delle Donne led the
Olin Browne, who left Williams was at fault in a
ing the tougher front way in 2013 and 2015. There was no All-
himself short on a 30- June 9 crash that injured
nine holes in windy con- Star Game last year because of the
Kirk Triplett foot birdie putt on the Michelle Wie ditions at Olympia Venus Williams 79-year-old Jerome
final hole. Barson, who died two
Fields Country Club, the weeks later. Joining Moore in the West frontcourt is
Loren Roberts is the only other player to site of the LPGAs second major tournament teammate Sylvia Fowles and Los Angeles
shoot a 62 in the U.S. Senior Open, setting The report says Williams was driving her
and several previous mens majors. 2010 Toyota Sequoia SUV when witnesses Candace Parker. Seattles Sue Bird is leading
the record in 2006 at Prairie Dunes in Henderson and Wie picked up the pace the guards with Diana Taurasi of Phoenix
Kanas. Ten players have shot 62 in major say she ran a red light into the path of a
starting on the back and reached 2 under sedan driven by Barsons wife, Linda. second in the balloting.
tournaments on the Champions Tour, through the 15th. Third-year player Tina Charles of New York and
including Browne. The 2011 U.S. Senior Maj. Paul Rogers says the crash remains
Brittany Altomare was the clubhouse leader under investigation. Williams has not been Connecticuts Jonquel Jones join Delle
Open champion shot a 62 in the 2012 with a 4-under 67. Donne in the East frontcourt. Atlantas
Senior Players Championship for a share of cited or charged.
Among the afternoon starters are So Yeon Williams attorney Malcolm Cunningham Tiffany Hayes and Indianas Tiffany
that tournaments record. Mitchell are the leading guards in the East.
16 Friday June 30, 2017 SPORTS THE DAILY JOURNAL

Harris set to make polo history in top-tier event

THE ASSOCIATED PRESS then Im perfectly happy to be break- family from southwest Philadelphia a
ing down doors, Harris said. I just few miles away to Upper Darby for
HARTFORD, Conn. Shariah keep quiet, put on my boots and go the same reason. Instead of a soccer
Harris says the stares, the inappropri- out and play. mom, I became a barn mom.
ate comments and the whispering Harris said she would not be play- Lezlie Hiner, who runs the pro-
that comes with being a black woman ing polo or even riding horses if her gram, said Shariah Harris, who had
playing polo can be discouraging at mother, Sharmell, had not made a never seen a horse in person before,
times, but it wont stop her from rid- wrong turn while driving in eventually became a star pupil. She
ing. Philadelphia 12 years ago. She ended was a tough as nails kid who would
The 19-year-old from southwest up on a dead-end road at a barn and rid- literally fall off a horse and get right
Philadelphia, who plays collegiately ing ring in Fairmount Park, where back on.
at Cornell, will mount up Friday for other minority children were on hors- And she actually does fall off a
the Postage Stamp Farm polo team in es. lot, Hiner said. She takes some
the Silver Cup tournament at the tony It turned out to be the home of the headers, but she just goes for it and
Greenwich Polo Club. Work to Ride program, a nonprofit keeps on going.
Brenda Lynn, a spokeswoman for organization that teaches urban kids Harris, who was named the U.S.
the Museum of Polo and Hall of from low-income homes to ride and Polo Associations 2016 national
Fame, said Harris will become the gets them involved in equestrian interscholastic player of the year,
first African-American woman to ever events. To be part of the program, the credits the program with giving her
play in the top tier of U.S. polo, kids work in the stables, muck out the direction. To stay in Work to Ride,
known as high-goal polo. High-goal stalls and groom the horses. kids have to keep their grades up.
doesnt refer to scoring, but rather the As a mother of three children on a Harris ended up earning academic
handicap (like in golf) of the players. single income, I saw it as an opportu- scholarships to attend Cornell. She WORK TO RIDE
If me playing will mean opportu- nity to make their lives better, said helped the schools arena polo team Shariah Harris will become the first black female polo player to play in the
nities to play for other kids like me, Sharmell Harris, who had moved her to the national semifinals this year. United States highest tier.

It was really difficult too because shes one of a basketball great running the floor. because I was getting more playing time than
that doesnt want to miss a game, doesnt want Aubrie was like Magic Johnson, Matsu a lot of the boys did.
to miss anything, Businger said. So know- said. She did everything for us this year. Businger said her softball swing is still a
ing that, I knew I just wanted to go out there The Vikings went 17-9 overall, including a work in progress. Obviously. She failed to bat
Continued from page 13
and play that much harder. 9-3 mark in PAL South Division play, good 1.000 as a senior, falling .276 points short.
Busingers mother received a heart trans- for a second-place finish and Busingers She will have plenty of time to perfect her
Busingers dont lie. Perhaps the most impor- approach though as she plans to join former
plant June 22, 2016 and is doing fine now. fourth trip to the Central Coast Section play-
tant number of her athletics career was pro- Mills teammate Gabby Zucchiatti on the soft-
And while she recovered in time to witness offs in as many years.
duced on Dec. 28, 2016 on the basketball ball diamond next season at College of San
most of Busingers games as a senior, Jill was Then, when she arrived for softball season,
court when she scored the 1,000th point of Mateo.
admitted to the hospital for a follow-up stay she was greeted by a pleasant surprise.
her varsity career.
late last December, causing her to miss the With the departure of former Vikings soft- It was something of a shocking choice
When she was presented the game ball from
career milestone. ball coach Dana Ynostroza, Mills brought when Businger navigated toward collegiate
that performance on Mills senior night earli-
There were plenty more moments to witness back Armando Guiulfo for his third stint as a softball. A highly recruited hoops player at
er this month, she shared the acceptance with
though as Businger was a one-person high- coach at the school. It just so happens Guiulfo the start of the spring season, she said she was
her mother Jill. While the milestone was
light reel throughout her senior season. was there, some years ago, to witness the planning to attend CSM to play basketball
reached at the beginning of Busingers senior
beginning of Busingers athletics career, as exclusively she said recently she realized
year, the presentation was a heartfelt tribute to In basketball, she proved versatile enough
she played alongside Guiulfos daughter Allie softball was her first love.
a difficult junior season during which Jill that she probably would have been able to
spent the majority on the donor list in need of hang with the Golden State Warriors no-posi- the two also played together on the dia- If she never plays organized basketball
heart transplant, preventing her from attend- tion approach. Matsu, however, likened her mond this season for Mills on her first again, she will still leave a legacy as one of
ing any of Mills games in 2015-16, Businger chameleon ways on the court to a dynasty of a Millbrae Rec League team, a team also the great adaptability players Mills has ever
said. different era, albeit one with just as keystone coached by Guiulfos older daughter Ashley. seen. Going from a freshman post who had
Thats when you really saw [Businger] absolutely no game with her left hand, she
starting to sparkle at that age, just starting worked and worked and worked some more
to carry the team and starting to star, Guiulfo often tying up her right hand and dueling with
said. her brother Daniel on their driveway court
On the diamond, though, Businger had to until she flourished with it.
evolve into a softball player. And she is still Her shooting range developed the same
evolving. Through grade school, instead of way. Therein lies the foundation of Busingers
softball, she was a standout baseball player, a greatness as an athlete.
sport in which she reveled until her father I think its just more repetition and keep
Greg encouraged her to transition to softball practicing it, Businger said. [Matsu] taught
in middle school. us its not going to be perfect the first time, so
The boys started picking on me because I just go out there and keep doing it. So I think
was the only girl, Businger said. And par- I do that with basketball and softball, just
ents started saying things to my parents keep at it until it becomes second nature.

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THE DAILY JOURNAL SPORTS Friday June 30, 2017 17
Giants Hwang in line to
Continued from page 13 make more than $700K
East Division
W L Pct GB
East Division
W L Pct GB
New York 42 34 .553 Washington 47 32 .595

The victory improves Houston to 10-2 against the Athletics if he stays in the majors Boston
Tampa Bay 41


4 1/2
New York
9 1/2
10 1/2
this season and 17-2 against them since July 20, 2016. THE ASSOCIATED PRESS Toronto 37 40 .481 5 1/2 Philadelphia 26 51 .338 20
Houston starter Brad Peacock (5-1) allowed two hits, one run Central Division Central Division
Cleveland 41 36 .532 Milwaukee 42 39 .519
and struck out seven but lasted only five innings after tying a SAN FRANCISCO Jae-Gyun Hwang would Minnesota 40 36 .526 1/2 Chicago 40 39 .506 1
career high by walking six. earn $786, 885 if he remains on the San Kansas City 38 38 .500 2 1/2 St. Louis 37 41 .474 3 1/2
Detroit 34 43 .442 7
Gossett, who was making his fourth major league start, Francisco Giants major league roster for the Chicago 33 44 .429 8
Pittsburgh 37 42 .468 4
Cincinnati 33 45 .423 7 1/2
allowed seven hits and five runs in five innings for his second remainder of the season and could gain more in West Division West Division
loss to the Astros in 10 days. performance bonuses. Houston 53 26 .671
Los Angeles 52 28 .650
Angels 42 40 .512 12 1/2
I wasnt getting ahead very well ... 1-0, 2-0 to every batter, The South Korean third baseman homered in Texas 39 39 .500 13 1/2 Arizona 50 30 .625 2
Seattle 39 41 .488 14 1/2 Colorado 47 34 .580 5 1/2
Gossett said. Ive got to throw more pitches in the zone so his major league debut San Diego 33 46 .418 18 1/2
As 35 43 .449 17 1/2
stuff will happen. Its just quality of pitches late in the game. Wednesday for San Giants 30 51 .370 22 1/2
Josh Reddick had two hits, scored twice and drove in a run Francisco, a tiebreaking Thursdays Games
Cleveland 5, Texas 1 Thursdays Games
with a sacrifice fly in the seventh. drive in the sixth inning of Detroit 7, Kansas City 3 St. Louis 10, Arizona 4
The Athletics went 0 for 7 with runners in scoring position the Giants 5-3 win against Houston 6, Oakland 1 Chicago Cubs 5, Washington 4
and left 11 on base as they lost for the second straight day. the Rockies. Pittsburgh 4, Tampa Bay 0 Pittsburgh 4, Tampa Bay 0
Baltimore 2, Toronto 0 Milwaukee 11, Cincinnati 3
Adam Rosales grounded into a force out to drive Oaklands When Hwang joined the Boston 6, Minnesota 3 N.Y. Mets 6, Miami 3
only run in the fourth inning. Giants in January, he N.Y. Yankees at Chicago White Sox, late San Diego 6, Atlanta 0
L.A. Dodgers at L.A. Angels, late L.A. Dodgers at L.A. Angels, late
Gossett didnt allow a baserunner until Reddick doubled with received a minor league deal Fridays Games
Tampa (Faria 3-0) at Baltimore (Tillman 1-5),4:05 p.m. Fridays Games
one out in the fourth inning. He retired Jose Altuve before and agreed that if added to Giants (Cueto 5-7) at Pittsburgh (Cole 6-6), 4:05 p.m.
Jae-Gyun Boston (Fister 0-1) at Toronto (Estrada 4-6), 4:07 p.m.
Correas 15th homer this season landed in the bullpen in right the 40-man roster he would Cleveland (Tomlin 4-9) at Detroit (Sanchez 0-0),4:10 p.m. Cubs (Montgomery 1-4) at Cincy (Feldman 6-5),4:10 p.m.
field to give Houston a 2-1 lead. Hwang have a $1.5 million salary Yanks (Pineda 7-4) at Houston (McCullers 7-1),5:10 p.m. Philly (Lively 1-2) at Mets (deGrom 7-3), 4:10 p.m.
Texas(Bibens-Dirkx3-0)atWhiteSox(Pelfrey3-6),5:10p.m. Miami (Volquez 4-8) at Milwaukee (Garza 3-4),5:10 p.m.
Reddick singled to start Houstons sixth before scoring on a while in the major leagues Minnesota (Santana 10-4) at K.C.(Vargas 11-3),5:15 p.m. Washington (Roark 6-5) at St.Louis (Leake 5-6),5:15 p.m.
double by Altuve to push the lead to 3-1 before Correas second and a $125,000 salary while in the minors. Atlanta (Foltynewicz 5-5) at As (Gray 3-3), 7:05 p.m. Colorado (Gray 0-0) at Arizona (Ray 8-3), 6:40 p.m.
home run. His contract calls for big league performance Seattle (Gaviglio 3-2) at Angels (Bridwell 2-0),7:07 p.m. Atlanta (Foltynewicz 5-5) at As (Gray 3-3), 7:05 p.m.
Saturdays Games Dodgers (Wood 8-0) at S.D. (Richard 5-7), 7:10 p.m.
bonuses of $125,000 each for 250, 300 and Boston at Toronto, 10:07 a.m. Saturdays Games
Trainers room 350 plate appearances; $150,000 for 400; Cleveland at Detroit, 10:10 a.m., 1st game
Texas at Chicago White Sox, 11:10 a.m.
Atlanta at Oakland, 1:05 p.m.
$300, 000 apiece for 450 and 500; and Minnesota at Kansas City, 11:15 a.m., 1st game Giants at Pittsburgh, 1:05 p.m.
Athletics: Manager Bob Melvin expects RHP Jharel Cotton Chicago Cubs at Cincinnati, 1:10 p.m.
$375,000 for 550. Atlanta at As, 1:05 p.m.
to start on Saturday after his scheduled start on Thursday was Tampa Bay at Baltimore, 1:05 p.m. Miami at Milwaukee, 1:10 p.m.
pushed back because of a blister on his right thumb. ... Melvin He would earn a $100,000 roster bonus if he Cleveland at Detroit, 4:15 p.m., 2nd game Philadelphia at N.Y. Mets, 1:10 p.m.
is on the major league active roster for 90 days, N.Y. Yankees at Houston, 4:15 p.m. Washington at St. Louis, 4:15 p.m.
said he hoped that 1B Yonder Alonso would be back in the line- Minnesota at Kansas City, 5:35 p.m., 2nd game Colorado at Arizona, 7:10 p.m.
up on Friday after sitting out on Thursday after fouling a ball not including disabled list time. Seattle at L.A. Angels, 7:07 p.m. L.A. Dodgers at San Diego, 7:10 p.m.
off his right knee the night before.

Jumping Joyce
Right fielder Matt Joyce robbed Reddick of a home run for
the second out of the first inning when he reached into the
stands to make the catch. As Reddick extended his arm into the
stands, a man stood staring with a glove just behind him and a
woman covered her face as the ball approached. Joyce fell to
the ground for a second after making the catch before popping
up and seeing Reddick tip his cap in appreciation of the nifty
Kind of Reddick-esque and apropos that he robbed him,
Melvin said. I saw that he tipped his hat to him. Thats a good
Reddick agreed.
Anytime somebody makes a play on you like that its just a
great play, he said. So youve got to recognize it and tip your
cap to him.

Homer happy
The Astros have a major league-leading 128 homers. Its the
second-most in franchise history before the All-Star break,
trailing only the 2001 team which piled up 134.

Up next
Athletics: Sonny Gray (3-3, 4.45 ERA) will start for Oakland
on Friday when they open a three-game series against Atlanta.
Gray allowed four hits and two runs one earned in seven
innings of a 5-3 win over the White Sox in his previous start.

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If I choose
NOW OPEN! what are my
The mission of the San Mateo County Pride Center is to create a Rick Riffel
options for
welcoming, safe, inclusive, and arming community climate that Managing Funeral Director
fosters personal growth, health, and opportunities to thrive for
individuals of all ages, sexual orientations and gender identities Cremation offers many options for nal
through education, counseling, advocacy, and support. disposition such as burial in a cemetery plot,
preservation in a columbarium niche, or
For more information or to volunteer, contact:
scattering at sea or in a place of meaning.
San Mateo County Pride Center We are happy to explain all the choices
1021 S. El Camino Real (at 11th Ave.) San Mateo
that accompany cremation. We hope you
will allow us to assist.
Hours of Operation:
Visit our website to learn about upcoming events and
sign-up to receive updates:

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18 Friday June 30, 2017 SPORTS THE DAILY JOURNAL

Sports brief
endurance. Doctors use a manufactured ver- On race day, the cyclists rode for 110 kilo-
sion to treat anemia related to cancer or kid- meters (68 miles) together, then raced for
ney disease. It thickens blood, too, which 21. 5 kilometers (13 miles) up Mont
Justice Department gives up Continued from page 13 can raise the risk for heart disease and Ventoux, a peak thats often part of the Tour
Washington Redskins name fight stroke. de France.
WASHINGTON The Justice Department For the test, the Dutch scientists used Those whod had EPO injections were 17
EPO is among more than 300 substances
is giving up the legal fight over the name of gold-standard methods as if they were study- seconds slower on average compared to
banned by the World Anti-Doping Agency.
the Washington Redskins. ing a new drug for a medical condition. cyclists who got dummy injections. Most
Cyclings anti-doping unit is again gearing
In a letter to a federal appeals court, the up for comprehensive testing at this years The medicine is EPO and the disease is of them guessed wrongly that they got the
department said last weeks Supreme Court Tour de France, planning an average of slow cycling, Heuberger said. Can you fake shots. They couldnt feel the effect
decision in Matal v. Tam in favor of an Asian- eight tests per day, always including the really improve cycling performance with and we couldnt measure it either,
American band calling itself the Slants means race leader and winner of each stage, plus EPO? Heuberger said.
the NFL team will prevail in a legal battle to six others. The race starts Saturday in Professional athletes were impossible to
Besides debunking claims for EPO, the
cancel the teams trademarks because the name Duesseldorf, Germany. study because theyre barred from taking
study shows its possible to do research that
is disparaging to Native Americans. One support rider already has been EPO. Instead, the scientists recruited 48
mimics competitive racing conditions.
The Redskins case had been on hold in the dropped from his team after an out-of-com- amateur, but well-trained male cyclists will-
federal appeals court while the Slants decision petition test was positive for EPO. In 2012, ing to take shots for eight weeks then race They did a great job, said Dr. Don
was rendered. The Supreme Court found that Armstrong was stripped of his seven Tour de up a mountain in southern France. Catlin, a retired University of California,
Simon Tam could trademark the Slants as the France titles for doping and he later admit- None knew whether he was getting the Los Angeles professor and pioneer of anti-
name of his Asian-American rock band ted to using EPO and other banned sub- real stuff or dummy injections. Researchers doping tests in sports. Their paper will
because it would be unconstitutional for the stances. gave the EPO group enough to increase their stand as a model for future research studies.
U.S. Patent and Trademark Office to discrimi- The anti-doping agencys science direc- levels of hemoglobin, the part of blood that Robin Parisotto, an Australian sports sci-
nate against it, citing the First Amendments tor, Olivier Rabin, said he would read the carries oxygen. entist who helped develop a test to detect
free speech protection. The justices were unan- study with interest, but doubted it would To nobodys surprise, the EPO group did EPO, said he commended the researchers
imous in saying the 71-year-old trademark law change the groups ban on EPO. better on a short, high-intensity test in the motives. But scientists cant ethically
barring disparaging terms infringes free We would need much more than this, lab where they pedaled on an incline until investigate high, dangerous doses with
speech rights. Rabin said. The scientific community will they were exhausted. But the two groups human subjects so it may be impossible to
Redskins owner Dan Snyder said last week receive this with a lot of skepticism. performed equally on a 45-minute endurance mimic real sports doping, Parisotto said in
he was thrilled by the Supreme Courts rul- EPO, produced naturally in the body, test inside. an email. EPO does provide a very powerful
ing, and lawyer Lisa Blatt said it resolves the enhances the ability to carry oxygen to the Researchers and cyclists traveled from the benefit in shorter events such as 400-meter
teams dispute and vindicated its position. muscles and is thought to increase Netherlands to France for the main event. or 800-meter races, he said.

demeanor that both guys have, coach Steve
Kerr said last week. The fact that both
those guys are so willing to think about and
Continued from page 13 not only with points and shots and every-
thing else but they want to do whats best
for the team all the time, every single day.
sometimes you have to do that. You have to So its a powerful force when you have that
be willing to sacrifice. kind of talent and humility, and it sets a
Two-time MVP Stephen Curry also has great tone for us.
indicated while he is thrilled to be up for a
major raise with a new super-max deal, Iguodala has full Bird rights, meaning the
which could put him at the $205 million Warriors can exceed the salary cap to retain
mark, he also is committed to winning for him as one of their own free agents. He is
the long haul and shares Durants team-first expected to generate high interest and salary
philosophy. outside the organization as free agency
In the postseason, Durant averaged 28.5 starts.
points, 7.9 rebounds and 4.3 assists and Curry, who won the MVP the past two
shot 55.6 percent, scoring more than 30 years and earned $12 million this season,
points in nine of his 15 games. scored 28.1 points in the playoffs while
Its amazing to have that kind of talent also contributing 6. 7 assists and 6. 2
and humility and the team-oriented rebounds.
Spider-Man: Homecoming is fun
By Lindsey Bahr diately forgettable. And now, like dently put his stamp on the friendly picks up with Peter Parker
THE ASSOCIATED PRESS all obedient franchises, theyre try- neighborhood web-slinger by mak- (Holland) right before, during and
ing to start all over again, this time ing one bold move: actually casting after the events of Captain
with the much more age-appropri- teenagers to play teenagers. America: Civil War, which intro-
One thing is certain: Culture has ate Tom Holland in Spider-Man: duced Hollands Spider-Man in that
not been lacking in takes on Spider- Homecoming. Yes, after two films with late 20- epic airport Avengers battle.
Man for the past 15 years. First somethings donning the Spidey suit Instead of a last week in Marvel
there was Tobey Maguire, who And you know what? Superhero and getting bitten by that pesky spi- segment to catch up, were given a
under the direction of Sam Raimi cynicism aside, Spider-Man: der, Spider-Man finally gets to be a refresher via Peters perspective.
for three films ushered in the mod- Homecoming is really fun. kid (and we get to skip over the Hes just an excited kid who filmed
ern superhero era, and then there Director Jon Watts, whose only whole origin/Uncle Ben story).
was Andrew Garfield whose two previous feature film credit is the Instead, Watts film, which is upset-
films with Marc Webb were imme- indie thriller Cop Car, has confi- tingly credited to six screenwriters, See SPIDER, Page 22

By Susan Cohn


Office of the Family Law Facilitator pro-
vides free services to help people who do
not have private attorneys. The facilita-
tors are attorneys who provide general
information about the law and give refer-
rals. Facilitators review paperwork and
give information regarding: initial orders
or modifications for child custody, visita- CIATION OFFERS A LAWYER
tion, child or spousal support; domestic REFERRAL SERVICE. Need a lawyer?
violence restraining orders; initiating or The San Mateo County Bar Association
responding to an action to establish pater- can help. The Lawyer Referral Service was
nity; dissolution (divorce), legal separa- established in 1958 as a non-profit serv-
tion or nullity of marriage; fee waivers; ice of the San Mateo County Bar
and income and expense declarations. Association and is a State Bar of
Facilitators also calculate child and California certified program. Attorneys
spousal support under the California State are pre-screened and must meet pre-set
guidelines; assist both parties to prepare qualifications in terms of cases handled
stipulations (agreements) regarding child and years of experience. They are also
custody, visitation, child and spousal sup- required to have malpractice insurance. For
port; and prepare orders for parties who a non-refundable fee of $30 (payable in
have come from a court hearing. advance in cash, money order or by credit
People are seen on a first come, first card), The Lawyer Referral Service pro-
served basis. In Redwood City, the sign up vides the name of an attorney who prac-
sheet is posted at 8 a.m. Monday to Friday tices in the area of law related to an indi-
just outside the Facilitators office. on the viduals problem and who will provide a
second floor of the Hall of Justice at 400 consultation of up to 30 minutes. The con-
County Center in Redwood City. The sultation is an opportunity to explain the TOM JUNG/DAILY JOURNAL
office is open 8:30 a.m. to 2 p.m. Monday general nature of the legal problem, for The San Mateo County Bar Associations Annual Judges Night gives local attorneys the
Tuesday and Thursday and 8:30 a.m. to the attorney to explain his or her fee struc- opportunity to meet the judiciary in an informal setting. Judges attending this years event,
noon Friday. Closed Wednesday. Divorce ture and to determine if the case is one he held June 8 at the Pullman San Francisco Bay Hotel in Redwood City, were (first row, left to right)
Workshops are held 1:15 p.m. Tuesday. or she wishes to pursue. In some cases, an Hugo Borja; Marie S.Weiner; Joseph C. Scott; Robert D. Foiles; (second row, left to right) Gerald
The Family Law Facilitator also has office attorney may be able to respond to specif- J. Buchwald; Joe Gruber (Retired); Don R. Franchi; Donald J. Ayoob; (third row, left to right) John
hours at the Northern Branch Hall of ic questions, but because the 30-minute Runde (Retired); John Jack L. Grandsaert; and Richard H. Du Bois.
Justice, 1050 Old Mission Road, South timeframe is so limited, attorneys cannot consultation. If the individual chooses to
San Francisco. That office is open 8:30 spend time prior to or during the appoint- hire the attorney for any services, the
a.m. to noon Wednesday. ment reviewing documents. Neither the Susan E. Cohn is a member of the State Bar of
attorney will then set the fee. To get a
*** individual nor the attorney are under any California. She may be contacted at
referral call 369-4149. Monday to Friday
SAN MATEO COUNTY BAR ASSO- obligation to proceed beyond the initial
9 a.m. to noon and 1 p.m. to 4 p.m.

Leanns Cafe
Open 24 Hours

Get $5 OFF
your next meal
text Leanns To 22828
Exclusive discounts on popular dishes
$5 off your next meal of $20 or more


140 S. El Camino Real 864 Laurel Street
Millbrae, CA 94030 San Carlos, CA 94070
(650) 552-9625 (650) 592-1600
Hydrogen water shots,
pine tree oil chocolate
By Leanne Italie

NEW YORK Water that packs a hydrogen punch, snack

bars as sticks and confections more savory than sweet are
among innovations to emerge from hundreds of purveyors
at the Summer Fancy Food Show.
The annual showcase hosted by the Specialty Food
Association wrapped Tuesday in New York after three days
and more than a little sampling of the artisan and high-tech
bites and beverages from more than 1,200 companies.
Phil Kafarakis, president of the trade group, said in a
recent interview that his industry is booming to the tune of
$127 billion a year, including the retail and food service
markets. The consumer has really changed the dynamic, he
Everybody keeps talking about the Millennial, but its
not just the Millennial. GenX and NextGen and even
Boomers, when you think about health and wellness, are
looking for authenticity in products, Kafarakis said.
Denise Purcell, head of content, offered these observa-
tions gleaned from the food artisans, importers and entre-
preneurs who peddled their wares:

Over the last couple of years, Purcell said, something has
happened to water. Companies are playing with its natural
properties to claim added benefits.
Water is up 75 percent in dollar sales from 2014 to 2016.
Separately, theres a lot of interest in functional beverages,
A clafoutis is a baked dessert of French origin, classically made with cherries even more classically made with cherries with so what were seeing right now are enhanced waters, she
the pits left in them all ensconced in a lightly sweetened, pancake-like batter that is poured over the fruit. said.
Theres a company called HFactor Hydrogen infusing its

Summer berry clafoutis

pouched water with molecular hydrogen, reportedly to
boost anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. It also
claims of an additional energy boost, all with no added
chemicals or magnesium.
And theres Formula Four Beverages OXiGEN water,
infused with molecular oxygen, so not the O2 kind.
By Katie Workman sion cools into a custardy cake, and if the flour and whisk until the batter
Specifically, the company said it uses 1,000 parts per mil-
THE ASSOCIATED PRESS you can serve and eat it slightly warm, becomes very smooth. Slowly pour in
lion of bio-available oxygen per 20 ounces in a bottle,
you will be in for heightened deli- the half-and-half and whisk until compared to between five and 40 parts per million in tap or
One of the great, great, great (three ciousness. incorporated. Pour the batter over the other bottled water.
times, thats how great it is) pleasures A few cracks may appear as it cools berries. Why? Well, according a study cited by Formula Four, all
of summer is figuring out what to do thats just the way it goes. Bake for 45 to 50 minutes until a of that helps clear lactic acid, making for a faster recovery
with all that fruit that floods the mar- knife inserted into the center comes after exercise. It also claims a boost in endurance, stamina,
kets. Stone fruit like plums, peaches, SUMMER BERRY CLAFOUTIS out clean, and the whole thing is pret- mental clarity and, wait for it, decreased hangover effects.
nectarines, cherries; melons of all WITH WHIPPED CREAM tily puffed and nicely browned. Cool Theres also a shot format with five times more oxygen
stripes; and berries. Oh, the berries. the pan on a wire rack until the than the bottled product, Purcell said.
Start to finish: 1 hour 15 minutes clafoutis is slightly warm, or at room
We eat them by the fistful when were Another company is doing enhanced waters with pome-
Serves 8 temperature, knowing that it may
lucky. Did you ever read Robert granate seed oil, reportedly good for inflammation and to
Berry Cl afo uti s : crack in a spot or two, which is fine.
McCloskeys Blueberries for Sal? It help with digestive health, Purcell said.
1 pint blueberries While the clafoutis is baking, make
was one of my favorite childrens Another company took an entirely different twist on
1 pound strawberries, halved, or the whipped cream. In a large mixing
books, especially the part where Sal water and its not necessarily to sip or improve health.
quartered if large bowl, using a whisk or a hand mixer,
and a baby bear meet while Its from Rogers Collection and its called Oak Smoked
1 tablespoon Chambord, framboise whip the cream with the 2 tablespoons
overindulging in a thicket of blueber- Water, made from Welsh oak chips smoked by the folks at
or other berry liqueur of confectioners sugar just until
ries. When I read that book as a kid, Halen Mon. The water has actually been on the market since
4 large eggs slightly firm peaks are formed.
and then later to my own kids, I knew 2/3 cup granulated sugar 2013 and is pretty much what it claims to be, with smoking
where Sal and that bear were coming Dust the clafoutis with additional done over four days without additives for use in soups,
1/2 teaspoon kosher salt
from. confectioners sugar before serving, risottos and casseroles as a way to add depth.
2 teaspoons pure vanilla extract
But besides funneling them straight 3/4 cup all-purpose flour and serve with whipped cream. It can also be frozen into ice cubes for cocktails.
into our mouths, there are other excel- 1 1/2 cups half-and-half Berry Cl afo uti s :
lent ways to use berries. One of my Confectioners sugar for dusting Nutrition information per serving: SNACK BARS THAT ARENT BARS
favorites is a clafoutis. Sweetened Whi pped Cream: 233 calories; 25 calories from fat; 3 g Purcell has been watching this market segment for a
A clafoutis (or clafouti) is a baked 1 1/2 cups heavy or whipping cream fat (1 g saturated; 0 g trans fats); 108 while.
dessert of French origin, classically 2 tablespoons confectioners sugar mg cholesterol; 154 mg sodium; 46 g They, too, have grown a lot over the last couple of years.
made with cherries even more clas- Preheat the oven to 350 F. Butter a carbohydrate; 3 g fiber; 24 g sugar; 6 g
sically made with cherries with the shallow 2 1/2-to-3-quart casserole. protein. See FOOD, Page 22
pits left in them all ensconced in a Place the berries in the casserole. Sweetened Whi pped Cream:
lightly sweetened, pancake-like batter Sprinkle the Chambord over it, toss Nutrition information per serving:
that is poured over the fruit. It puffs up the berries with the liqueur, and spread 163 calories; 150 calories from fat; 17
enticingly all around the fruit when it them out in a single layer. g fat (10 g saturated; 0 g trans fats); 62
bakes. And its great with all kinds of In a large bowl, whisk the eggs well, mg cholesterol; 17 mg sodium; 3 g car-
fruit, especially berries. and then add the sugar, salt and vanilla, bohydrate; 0 g fiber; 3 g sugar; 1 g
AND its easy. This particular ver- and whisk well to combine. Dump in protein.

Canceled Netflix series Sense8 Entertainment briefs For dessert?

to return for two-hour finale
LOS ANGELES The fans have spoken,
Anna Chlumsky, Shemar FOOD
Continued from page 21
We are seeing a lot more vegan-friendly
desserts, whether its frozen ice creams or
sorbets. Alternative milks, nut milks, are
and the canceled Netflix series Sense8 is Moore to announce Emmy nods becoming very popular, Purcell said.
coming back next year for a two-hour final LOS ANGELES Actors Anna Chlumsky
episode. and Shemar Moore are set to announce nom-
Snack bars are up about 50 percent since COFFEE AND TEA
2014 and theyre forecast to grow even more. This is another area where were seeing a
Netflix and show co-creator Lana inations for the 69th annual Emmy Awards. They hit on a lot of macro-trends like snack- lot of innovation, especially refrigerated and
Wachowski said Thursday that fan clamor The nominations will be released July 13 ing and portability and good for you. ready to drink varieties. Those have explod-
inspired the shows return. Netflix had at the TV academys headquarters in Los Among recent innovations: A company ed. Theyve been up 114 percent between
announced earlier this month that Sense8 Angeles. The event will stream live on called Aunt Dotties mixes together salad
was not renewed for a third season. 2014 and 2016, Purcell said.
ingredients greens, vegetables, nuts, A company called Sunup uses unroasted
The series features global settings and an In announcing the presenters Thursday, seeds and fruits and condenses them into a
international cast exploring their mysteri- TV academy CEO Hayma Washington said green coffee beans in a bottle drink, offering
bar. tea-style flavor with a full caffeine kick.
ous mental link. the television industry has never been more Whats interesting to Purcell is a variation
inventive. Another company, Afineur, claims to have
Wachowski said in a Facebook post that on the bar, the snack stick.
Last year, the top Emmy winners included customized the natural fermentation process
the passionate letters, the petitions, the Theres one company, Vivify, doing energy
Game of Thrones and Veep, which stars to eliminate the undesirable characteristics
collective voice that rose up in support of snack sticks in interesting combinations of
Chlumsky and Julia Louis-Dreyfus. Moore of coffee and enhance the goodness. The
the show ultimately helped resurrect it. nuts, quinoa and seeds like flax and sun-
previously starred on Criminal Minds and resulting coffee is less bitter and easier to
A Netflix representative confirmed the flower. Theres a chia-pistachio combination digest, Purcell said.
has a new series, S.W.A.T., which is and a quinoa and toasted coconut combo.
Facebook post and released a statement Camille Delebecque, the CEO and co-
scheduled to debut later this year.
Thursday saying, We decided to give founder of Afineur, has a Ph.D. in synthetic
Sense8 fans the ending they totally
This years ceremony will air Sept. 17 on PLANT-BASED FOODS biology.
CBS with Stephen Colbert as host.
deserve. For the first time, the Specialty Food
Association asked members if they plan to SAVORY AND SPICY CONFECTIONS
expand out in this market category. Chocolate went peppery a while ago. Now
A third of them said theyre planning the artisans are having fun with other fla-
innovation around that, and its cutting vors.
across all different categories, so theres Spices, theyre going to a new level in
cheese and meat and dairy alternatives but confections, Purcell said.
also condiments, frozen desserts and water One company, Rumi Spice, was founded by
again. a group of U.S. military veterans who source
The show included a plant-based water saffron from sustainable farms in
made from hemp. Cashew sauce was offered as Afghanistan for its Saffron Gems, a gummy
a cheese sauce alternative in a handy add-hot- bite-size treat with threads of saffron visible
water format. in the rich-tasting golden candy.

Batalon). Hannibal Buress and Martin Starr

Continued from page 19
are there, too, to add reliable laughs.
Adrians bad-guy crew includes Logan
Marshall-Green and Michael Cernus. Even
Spider-Mans suit has an Oscar winner
behind its voice (Jennifer Connelly).
the whole adventure and ever since has been Then of course there is Holland, a terrific
thirsting for more Avengers action. He tries, actor since The Impossible, who is the
endearingly, to prove his mettle on his own perfect amount of empathetic, excitable and
as he waits idly in Queens for a call from clueless to make Peter Parker work now and
Tony Stark giving directions to the elder- for years to come. For the most part,
ly, retrieving stolen bikes and doing flips Homecoming is a joy. Its light-hearted,
on command. smart, a little meta and the first Marvel film
What he doesnt know is that for eight to really consider what it might be like for
years, there has been a supervillain emerg- kids living in a world where superheroes are
ing in his town in the form of a wronged real.
construction worker, Adrian (Michael My only quibble with Spider-Man:
Keaton), who decided to break bad after los- Homecoming is that for all of its charming
ing a job to a government crew that clears and infectious realism about race, high
post-superhero fight disaster areas. Peter, school life and class issues, it has a bit of a
with his true-blue heart and naivete and woman problem. Simply: Every significant
eagerness to prove himself, of course takes and semi-significant female character looks
on more than he can handle, while also try- like a model. It wouldnt be an issue were the
ing to navigate high school, homework, film not so spot-on with casting such a real-
crushes and the awkwardness of just being a istic variety of men and teenage boys, or if
teenager. Time passes easily and just when it were less concerned with hammering
you might worry that you dont actually care down on the Aunt May is hot bit that goes
about any of the characters, the story throws a little too far, but when taken together you
a great curveball that carries interest to the start to wonder if maybe things would have
end. been different if just one of the six screen-
The film is overflowing with stellar tal- writers was a woman.
ent, even in the smallest of roles and not But just as Peter has some growing up to
counting the Marvel loaners in Robert do, so does this young franchise.
Downey Jr. (who oozes charisma and charm Spider-Man: Homecoming, a Sony
even when phoning it in for a handful of Pictures release, is rated PG-13 by the
scenes) and Jon Favreau. In the high school Motion Picture Association of America for
alone, theres the too-cool Michelle sci-fi action violence, some language and
(Zendaya), the crush Liz (Laura Harrier) and brief suggestive comments. Running time:
the adorable breakout best friend Ned (Jacob 133 minutes. Three stars out of four.
Dissatisfaction with the gluten-free Though Sullivan, a Redwood City
Calendar items available in grocery stores drove
Makram and Sullivan, who are dating,
to create tastier versions of their
resident, now works as a full-time
nurse and case manager, she puts
countless hours into the two-person
FRIDAY, JUNE 30 Foster City Fourth of July Continued from page 1
Career Resources Fair. 10 a.m. to 2 Celebration. 9 a.m. to 9:45 p.m. Leo favorite recipes. Makram was in search operation during her spare time.
p.m. Sobrato Center for Nonprofits, Ryan Park, 650 Shell Blvd., Foster City. of healthier ways to eat bread, one of They also contend with the Bay
350 Twin Dolphin Drive, Redwood Events include the Family and Dog recipes for gluten-free baguettes, his favorite foods, in an effort to lose Areas unpredictable temperatures,
Shores. For more information email Parade and a firework show begin- caramelized banana bread and even ning at 9:30 p.m. For more informa- weight. which affect the length of time a
tion see Sicilian orange cake, they now have gluten-free item needs to ferment
Craft the Summer of Love: Painted But when he did research on gluten-
their eyes set on tackling a recipe for before it is baked. Without gluten to
Rock Mandalas. 2 p.m. South San Redwood City Fourth of July free breads, which he perceived to be
Francisco Main Library 840 W. Orange Parade. 10 a.m. Downtown Redwood gluten-free panettone, a fluffy sweet hold the air in bread dough as it is ris-
healthier, he found that the loaves
Ave., South San Francisco. For more City. The 79th annual parade will bread originating in Italy. ing, the loaves they bake require vari-
information email include floats and numerous family available at nearby grocery stores were
activities. For more information see We do a lot of experimentation, ous fermentation times to make sure
either stale or frozen.
Teen Advisory Board. 4 p.m. South thats the fun part, said Sullivan. they rise when they are baked.
San Francisco Main Library 840 W. A former electrical engineer before We tried to break a piece off of it
Orange Ave., South San Francisco. For Woodside Junior Rodeo. 10 a.m. to and it would literally shatter in splin- For our lovely Bay Area, you get
more information email valle@plsin- 6:30 p.m. 521 Kings Mountain Road, he decided to focus on baking some Woodside. Featuring classic horse ters, he said. We did a lot more order- the different seasons in one day, said
two years ago, Makram has enjoyed
events, junior rodeo, pig scramble, ing stuff online to see what it tasted Makram.
Three Against Alzheimers Gala foods, jewelry and more. For more learning how to bake a wide array of
Reception. 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. Coastal information call 851-8300. baked goods, including crusty like. And everything pretty much tast- But their labor of love pays off when
Arts League Gallery, 300 Main St., Half
baguettes, bagels and cheese and ed like cardboard. they hear from customers who are able
Moon Bay. Come to celebrate arts An Old-Fashioned Fourth of July.
and support the fight against 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. San Mateo County chocolate rolls, by trial and error. The pair prides themselves on creat- to eat baguettes or dishes like French
Alzheimers. For more information History Museum, 2200 Broadway,
I think the best thing is I did not ing one of the only gluten-free bak- toast for the first time. Many of their
call 726-6335. Redwood City. Come for ice cream fans find them on social media or
making, Independence Day crafts have baking experience before so I eries that delivers fresh bread to Bay
Music on the Square. 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. and viewings of vintage films. wasnt tied to different conventional Area grocery stores daily, making encounter them at farmers markets
2200 Broadway, Redwood City. Come Admission is $3. For more informa- like the one held every Saturday at
to see Neon Velvet perform. For more tion call 299-0104. ways of how to approach things, he freshly baked options available to cus-
information call 780-7311. said. It was like a new experiment tomers who are allergic to gluten or College of San Mateo.
Lathrop House Open House. Noon prefer not to eat it for health reasons. We have kids, you can hear them
Community Day. 7 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. to 3 p.m. 627 Hamilton St., Redwood every day.
603 Monte Diablo Ave., San Mateo. City. Free lemonade social after the Using various combinations of They also keep busy on weekends, fer- crying down the aisle at the farmers
Open to entire community. Free parade.
almond flour, coconut flour and yeast, rying bread, cookies and cakes to local market like Ducks & Dragons! said
clothes, books, toys and more. For Makram.
more information email dsmelan- Redwood City Fireworks and Live among other ingredients, Makram has farmers markets. music. 7 p.m. to 10 p.m. Port of been able to avoid using apple cider To make it to stores that stock their They said they enjoy discussing
Redwood City. The fireworks extrava-
The North Pool by Rajiv Joseph. 8 ganza will start at approximately 9:30 vinegar, a key ingredient in many bakerys items, the pair starts their their creations with customers, who
p.m. Dragon Theatre, 2120 Broadway, p.m. Early arrival is recommended. For gluten-free recipes, when he bakes days in the late afternoon, baking are eager to provide suggestions and
Redwood City. Watch a psychological more information see wish lists for what theyd like to see
thriller that looks at racial, cultural bread and desserts. Makram said vine- through the night until 4 a.m., when
and gender profiling in America. For gar is responsible for the unpleasant Makram, a San Carlos resident, makes next.
more information and to buy tickets WEDNESDAY, JULY 5
visit http://www.dragonproduc- San Mateo Credit Union Financial aftertaste associated with gluten-free deliveries in stores in San Francisco They feel like theyre involved in Learning Web Tutorials. 10:30 a.m. baked goods. and Oakland, as well as local stores. what were making, said Sullivan.
to noon. Belmont Library, 1110
SATURDAY, JULY 1 Alameda de las Pulgas, Belmont.
Learn more about San Mateo Credit

Fellowship Day. 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. 603 tuary cities and illegal immigrant theyd lost the people that you love
Monte Diablo Ave., San Mateo. Open Unions new interactive learning cen-
to entire community. Featuring two ter, which includes modules on mort- offenders. because our government refused to
guest speakers. Lunch provided. For gages, retirement, financial aid and At a news conference at the Capitol enforce our nations immigration
more information email dsmelan- more. Hosted by the San Mateo
with House Speaker Paul Ryan, Kelly laws. Credit Union. For more information Continued from page 1
call 591-8286. said his agency will enforce the laws Sessions said in a statement that
Following My Muse: Exploring the
Landscape in Watercolor by Steve Sons in Retirement Branch Lunch that are passed by Congress, adding: Steinles death was preventable,
Curl. 10:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Portola and Annual Auction. 11:30 a.m. I am offended when members of this adding that she would still be alive
Art Gallery, 75 Arbor Road, Menlo South San Francisco Elks Lodge, 920 One of the bills, known as Kates institution put pressure and often
Stonegate Drive, South San Francisco. today if only the city of San Francisco
Park. The artwork of Palo Alto artist Law, would impose harsher prison threaten me and my officers to ignore
Steve Curl will be presented by the Annual Clean Clutter auction. For had put the publics safety first. How
Portola Valley Art Gallery. For more more information call 878-5746. sentences on deportees who re-enter the laws they make. many more Americans must die before
information contact frances.frey- the United States. The bill is named Bingo. 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. 2645 Alameda Kelly did not elaborate on what we put an end to this madness?
de las Pulgas, San Mateo. Enjoy an after 32-year old Kathryn Steinle, who
Saturday Morning Yarn. 10:30 a.m. afternoon of excitement. Every was shot and killed in California in threats or pressure he was referring to. Rep. Luis Gutierrez, D-Ill. , said
840 W. Orange Ave., South San Wednesday and second and fourth The Justice Departments inspector Kates Law would not have had an
Friday of the month. For more infor- 2015 by a man who was in the country
Francisco. Learn to knit perfect impact on the Steinle case, noting that
squares and rectangles. For more mation call 522-7490. illegally. Juan Francisco Lopez- general has identified California and
information contact Sanchez, who pleaded not guilty to the major cities such as Chicago, New Steinle was killed in July 2015 by an Science Club: Slime. 4 p.m. 840 W.
Orange Ave., South San Francisco. crime, had been released by sheriffs York and Philadelphia as locales with immigrant who had been mistakenly
Art and Technology: Screen Print. Make slime with the scientific officials months earlier despite a barriers to information-sharing released by the federal Bureau of
1:30 p.m. to 2:30 p.m. 840 W. Orange method. For more information con- among local police and immigration Prisons.
Ave., South San Francisco. Paint with tact request by immigration officials to
prepared silk screens or design origi- keep him behind bars. officials. The Trump administration The proposed bill would not have
nal prints. All ages. For more informa- Music in the Park. 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. warned nine jurisdictions in late April
tion contact Stafford Park, 50 King St., Redwood A second bill would bar states and kept Kate Steinles killer off the
City. Come to watch Blue Summit per- localities that refuse to cooperate with that they could lose coveted law streets, Gutierrez said. Instead, we
Painted Rock Mandalas. 2 p.m. 306 form. For more information call 780- immigration authorities from receiv- enforcement grant money unless they
7311. are voting on a bill to put other people
Walnut Ave., South San Francisco. document cooperation.
Come paint rocks to celebrate the ing certain Justice Department and - in different circumstances in jail
Summer of Love. For more informa- THURSDAY, JULY 6 Homeland Security grants, including Trump said Wednesday that the two for longer periods of time. It is a bait-
tion email English Conversation. 10:30 a.m.
306 Walnut Ave., South San Francisco. some related to law enforcement and House bills would close dangerous and-switch strategy: use a horrible
Movies at the Library: The LEGO Practice your English. Every Thursday. terrorism. loopholes exploited by criminals, tragedy to sell a policy that would not
Batman Movie. 2 p.m. 306 Walnut For more information email
Ave., South San Francisco. Movie is Homeland Security Secretary John gang members, drug dealers, killers, have prevented that death, so that you
rated PG. For more information email Kelly said he appreciates Congress terrorists. He told family members put more immigrants in jail for longer Family Story Time. 10:30 a.m. 306
Walnut Ave., South San Francisco. effort to address the dangers of sanc- gathered at the White House that periods of time.
Jazz-pop duo 23rd Hour. 8:30 p.m. Every Thursday at 10:30 a.m. For more
Angelicas, 863 Main St., Redwood information email
City. For more information email sher- Foster City 55+ Club Fourth of July
Celebration Lunch. 11 a.m. to 12:30
SUNDAY, JULY 2 p.m. Foster City Recreation Center,
The Brigham Brothers. 1 p.m. to 3 650 Shell Blvd., Foster City. $5 for Non-
p.m. Washington Park, 850 Members. For more information call
Burlingame Ave., Burlingame. Free 286-2585.
concert. For more information call
558-7300. Fertility, Pre and Postnatal Yoga
with your Baby. 11:30 a.m. to 12:30
The North Pool by Rajiv Joseph. 2 p.m. New Leaf Community
p.m. Dragon Theatre, 2120 Broadway, Classroom, 150 San Mateo Road, Half
Redwood City. Watch a psychological Moon Bay. This comprehensive class
thriller that looks at racial, cultural will prepare your body for concep-
and gender profiling in America. For tion and address daily changes while
more information and to buy tickets your baby grows and your body
visit heals from birth. For more informa-
tion or to pre-register visit
Folksinger, Storyteller and
Autoharp Virtuoso at Belmont
Library. 3 p.m. Belmont Library, Sen. Al Franken. Noon. Schultz
1110 Alameda de las Pulgas, Cultural Hall, Oshman Family JCC
Belmont. Performer Adam Miller 3921 Fabian Way, Palo Alto. U.S. Sen.
presents a free program of American Franken discusses his path from
folksongs and stories. For more comedian to public office. For more
information email adam@folksing- information email ggehue@com-

MONDAY, JULY 3 MidPen Media Center Orientation.

Different Pathways. 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. 6 p.m to 7:30 p.m. 900 San Antonio
400 County Center, Redwood City. Road, San Carlos. Learn the basics
Visit mixed media artist Neil about your public access channels
Murphys newest exhibit. Runs and how you can best make use of
through Aug. 30. For more informa- them. For more information call 494-
tion email 8686.

Family Story Time in Spanish. The Music of Strangers: Yo-Yo Ma

10:30 a.m. 306 Walnut Ave., South and the Silk Road Ensemble. 7 p.m.
San Francisco. Ages 3 to 5. For more Menlo-Atherton Center for
information email Performing Arts, 555 Middlefield
Road, Atherton. Watch and discuss a
Drawing Circle. 4 p.m. 840 W. film about the formation of a multi-
Orange Ave., South San Francisco. cultural music group at the Windrider
Open to all ages and skill levels. For Film Forum. General admission is $15.
more information contact For more information go to windrid-
For more events visit
TUESDAY, JULY 4, click Calendar.




1 Juvenile
42 Market indicator
44 Early pens
24 the Hun
25 Submissively
6 Piano fixer 47 For some time 28 Pixel
11 Mark a page (hyph.) 51 Fish in streams 30 Mouse-spotters cry
13 Against 52 Caught 31 Quick summaries
14 Orb 53 Fishtails 34 Bamboo eaters
15 Ball game opener 54 RBI and GNP 36 Garlic juicer
16 Hosp. workers 39 Inclines
17 Thermal lead-in DOWN 41 Furnace duct
18 Alphabetic trio 1 Fabric meas. 43 Come again?
21 Bygone anesthetic 2 Caveman from Moo 44 Oil amts.
23 Americas uncle 3 Yecch! 45 Home page addr.
26 Caramel-colored 4 Faint heart won ... 46 Cash sub.
GET FUZZY 27 Scan 5 Amassed 48 S&L offering
28 Type of palm 6 Powdery ink 49 Tolerated
29 Surpasses 7 Till 50 Publishing execs
31 Trip itinerary 8 Highest degree
32 Like carpeting 9 Afore
33 Soviet satellite 10 Rear-end
35 Glance 12 Relaxed
36 Architects diagram 13 Behind bars
37 Winners take 18 Treeless plain
38 Lispers problem 19 Cabs
39 Gallup finding 20 Cousins dads
40 Utter 22 Headache
41 For shame! 23 Steamy spots
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LIBRA (Sept. 23-Oct. 23) -- Keep a steady pace and too deep too soon. Time is on your side. and explore your relationship options. Whether
a poker face as you deal with others. Too much of AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb. 19) -- Look for alternative someone is a business or personal connection, taking
FRIDAY, JUNE 30, 2017
anything will cost you one way or another. Keep the options if you face a roadblock. Relying on experience the time to get to know him or her better will pay off.
CANCER (June 21-July 22) -- Problems at home or peace and maintain equilibrium. and calling in favors will help you bypass someone or GEMINI (May 21-June 20) -- Fixing up your space to
work will escalate if you overreact or must deal with SCORPIO (Oct. 24-Nov. 22) -- Youll be tempted by something that has the potential to ruin your plans. better suit your needs will make you feel better about
someone who is acting irrationally. Look inward and outside influences. Refuse to get involved in something PISCES (Feb. 20-March 20) -- Dont hold back when moving forward at your own speed. Adjust to what you
rely on the people you deem honest and responsible. that you dont like just to fit in. An honest approach to dealing with demanding people or someone trying to can afford and lower your overhead.
LEO (July 23-Aug. 22) -- Stay on top of whats going life will bring the best results. dump responsibilities in your lap. Speak up and offer
on around you. Avoid getting involved in other peoples SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 23-Dec. 21) -- If you want alternative solutions if you want to avoid being taken COPYRIGHT 2017 United Feature Syndicate, Inc.
affairs. Stick to what you know, and take care of your change, be the one to make it happen. Being an for granted.
responsibilities first and foremost. instigator instead of a complainer will result in greater ARIES (March 21-April 19) -- Too much of anything
VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept. 22) -- Concentrate on how satisfaction and a higher profile. will lead to trouble, loss and arguments. Consider the
you can make positive changes that will help you get CAPRICORN (Dec. 22-Jan. 19) -- Look at something consequences before you engage in a conversation
ahead. Dont worry about the actions of others if they objectively before signing up. You are best off taking with someone you know you arent going to agree with.
dont affect you. baby steps if you want to avoid getting into something TAURUS (April 20-May 20) -- Express your feelings
THEDAILYJOURNAL Friday June 30, 2017 25

104 Training 110 Employment 110 Employment 110 Employment

The San Mateo Daily Journal Classi- GENERAL ENGINEERING
fieds will not be responsible for more Contractor NEWSPAPER INTERNS
than one incorrect insertion, and its lia- JOURNALISM
bility shall be limited to the price of one Now hiring. Heavy equimpent The Daily Journal is looking for in-
insertion. No allowance will be made for operators, excavation, terns to do entry level reporting, re-
errors not materially affecting the value search, updates of our ongoing fea-
of the ad. All error claims must be sub- demolition and drilling.
tures and interviews. Photo interns al-
mitted within 30 days. For full advertis- so welcome.
ing conditions, please ask for a Rate (650)280-2953
Card. We expect a commitment of four to
eight hours a week for at least four
months. The internship is unpaid, but
110 Employment GREAT CLIPS SEQUOIA STATION intelligent, aggressive and talented in-
now hiring talented hair stylists. terns have progressed in time into
IMMEDIATE OPENING Growing salon, great team,
fun environment, benefits, competitive paid correspondents and full-time re-
CAREGIvERS pay & the tips are GREAT!

NEWSPAPER 2 years experience

Contact Flo @ 408 921-9994
(Cell & voice Mail) or
Flo/Randy @
College students or recent graduates
are encouraged to apply. Newspaper
experience is preferred but not neces-
DELIvERY required.
408 247-8364 (Office & voice Mail)
Email: sarily required.

Please send a cover letter describing

your interest in newspapers, a resume
Immediate placement HOUSE CLEANERS and three recent clips. Before you ap-
ply, you should familiarize yourself
SAN BRUNO on all assignments. Up to $15 per hour. Company Car.
Call Molly Maid at (650)837-9788.
with our publication. Our Web site:

MILLBRAE Call 90 Glenn Way #2, SAN CARLOS Send your information via e-mail to or by reg-

Seeking Delivery driver to manage newspaper route

(650)777-9000 INDUSTRIAL ENGINEER (Supply Chain
Planner) in San Mateo, CA to dsgn, dvlp,
ular mail to 1900 Alameda de las Pul-
gas #112, San Mateo CA 94403
test & evaluate intgrtng systms for
mngng prdctn & pckgng mtrls. Trvl less
Requires early morning work six days per week Mon-Sat. CAREGIvERS WANTED than 20% of the time to manuftrs &
Papers are picked up early morning between 3am and 4:30am Care Home for the Elderly prdctn facility for bus & prdct flow rvw.
Resume to HR, Job #TL12, Tile, Inc, SALES/MARKETING
Full Time Shifts Available
Experience a Plus:Willing to train 2121 S El Camino Real, #900, San Ma- INTERNSHIPS
Call Roberto 650-344-5200 Call (650)593-4777 teo, CA 94403 The San Mateo Daily Journal is looking
for ambitious interns who are eager to
jump into the business arena with both
HOME CARE AIDES SALES - Telemarketing and Inside Sales feet and hands. Learn the ins and outs
Multiple shifts to meet your needs. Great Representative needed to sell newspa- of the newspaper and media industries.
pay & benefits, Sign-on bonus, 1yr exp per print and web advertising and event This position will provide valuable
required. Starting at $15 per hour. marketing solutions. To apply, please call experience for your bright future.
Matched Caregivers (650)839-2273, 650-344-5200 and send resume to Email resume
(408)280-7039 or (888)340-2273


TYPIST - PT with experience. Local to
Burlingame. Call 650-347-4779.


The best career seekers COORDINATOR PT Caregiver-

San Mateo County is looking for a Volun- Saturday and Sunday
read the Daily Journal. teer Coordinator to help develop a thera-
peutic garden in San Mateo. The ideal
Two Years Experience a Plus

We will help you recruit qualified, talented NOW HIRING: candidate will have experience in recruit-
ing, training, and managing individual,
corporate, and community-based volun-
Must have Valid Drivers License

Call (650)384-6914
individuals to join your company or organization. Full Time: teers AND have documented organiza-
tional and planning skills. If interested,
Front Desk Supervisor t Class B Driver t Room Attendants please submit resume and qualifications
The Daily Journals readership covers a wide t Laundry Attendants t Housekeeping Supervisor to: Eliana Alvarez by Friday July
203 Public Notices
range of qualifications for all types of positions. t PM Pizza Cook 7th.
For the best value and the best results,
Part Time: STATEMENT #273906
The following person is doing business
recruit from the Daily Journal... Class C Driver tFront Desk Agent NOW HIRING as: A Perfect Day, 979 Broadway Ste.
On Call: For the following positions: 202, MILLBRAE, CA 94030. Registered
Owner: Double Owl Inc., CA. The busi-
Contact us for a free consultation Banquet Set Up t Banquet Server Lobby Attendant/Doorman ness is conducted by a Corporation. The
Janitorial Custodian registrants commenced to transact busi-
AM & PM Shifts Available ness under the FBN on N/A.
FT/PT Experience Required
Call (650) 344-5200 or Employee Benefits Package Positions are well paid
and include excellent benefits
/s/Jun Ma/
This statement was filed with the Asses-
Email: Call Michelle D. (650) 295-6141 At a beautiful Complex in San Mateo sor-County Clerk on 6/14/2017. (Publish-
1221 Chess Drive Foster City 94010 Call 650-579-3967 ed in the San Mateo Daily Journal,
6/16/17, 6/23/17, 6/30/17, 7/7/17).


The Future
of local news content
CASE# 17CIV01999
Kyaw Kyaw Khine and Shally Min
is actually right here in the present, as it has been for centuries The local community TO ALL INTERESTED PERSONS:
newspaper. We ignore the naysayers and shun the "experts" when it comes to the "demise" of Petitioner: Kyaw Kyaw Khine and Shally
Min filed a petition with this court for a
the newspaper industry. decree changing name as follows:
Present names:
1. Fnu William
The leading local daily news resource for the You will be offering a wide variety of 2. Lily Yam
Proposed Names:
SF Peninsula seeks an entreprenuerial marketing solutions including print advertising, 1. William Tian Mah
2. Lily Tian Mah
Advertising Account Exec to sell advertising inserts, graphic design, niche publications,
THE COURT ORDERS that all persons
and marketing solutions to local businesses. online advertising, event marketing, social media interested in this matter shall appear be-
We are looking for a special person to join our and whatever else we come up with if as the fore this court at the hearing indicated
below to show cause, if any, why the pe-
team for an immediate opening. industry continues its evolution and our paper tition for change of name should not be
granted. Any person objecting to the
You must be community-minded, action- continues its upward trajectory. name changes described above must file
a written objection that includes the rea-
oriented, customer-focused, and without fail, a Experience with print advertising and online sons for the objection at least two court
days before the matter is scheduled to
self starter. You will be responsible for sales marketing a plus. But we will consider a be heard and must appear at the hearing
and account management activities associated candidate with little or no sales experience as to show cause why the petition should
not be granted. If no written objection is
with either a territory or vertical category. long as you have these traits: timely filed, the court may grant the peti-
tion without a hearing. A hearing on the
petition shall be held on 7/20/17 at 9
Redwood City, CA 94063. A copy of this
at least once each week for four succes-
ing on the petition in the following news-
paper of general circulation:
Join us, if you check off on these qualities and also believe in the future of newspapers. San Mateo Daily Journal
Please email your resume to Filed: 6/7/2017
/s/Susan Irene Etezadi/
A cover letter with your views on the newspaper industry would also be helpful. Judge of the Superior Court
Dated: 6/7/2017
(Published 6/16/17, 6/23/17, 6/30/17,

Leading local news coverage on the Peninsula

26 Friday June 30, 2017 THEDAILYJOURNAL

203 Public Notices 203 Public Notices 203 Public Notices Tundra Tundra Tundra
The following person is doing business HEARING AND
as:, 1338 El
The County of San Mateos Camino Real, SAN CARLOS, CA 94070. OPPORTUNITY TO
Office of Sustainability has Registered Owner: Kevin Chow, 252 COMMENT, The State
issued a Request for Pro- Commons Ln., Foster City, CA 94404. Water Resources Control
The business is conducted by an Individ-
posals (RFP) for the imple- ual. The registrants commenced to Board will receive written
mentation of bicycle and pe- transact business under the FBN on comments and hold a public
destrian education and en- 6/1/17. hearing to receive oral com-
/s/Kevin Chow/
couragement programs in This statement was filed with the Asses- ments on the Draft Staff Re-
North Fair Oaks. The scope sor-County Clerk on 6/1/2017. (Publish- port, including Substitute
includes two main tasks. ed in the San Mateo Daily Journal, Environmental Documenta-
6/9/17, 6/16/17, 6/23/17, 6/30/17).
Task A involves community- tion, for Part 3 of the Water
wide sustainable transporta- Quality Control Plan for In-
tion education and events. FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME land Surface Waters, En-
This task includes a wom- STATEMENT #273803 closed Bays, and Estuaries
en's and senior bicycle edu- The following person is doing business
of CaliforniaBacteria Pro- Over the Hedge Over the Hedge Over the Hedge
as: the preferred image, 463 Brewster
cation program, among oth- Ave, #3, REDWOOD CITY, CA 94063. visions and a Water Quality
ers. Task B is the design Registered Owners: Juan Solorio Alvarez Standards Variance Policy,
and Marilyn Solorio, 27715 Seminole
and production of marketing Way, Hayward, CA 94544. The business and a Proposed Amend-
and outreach materials to is conducted by a Married Couple. The ment to the Water Quality
promote bicycle and pedes- registrants commenced to transact busi- Control Plan for Ocean Wa-
ness under the FBN on 6-1-17.
trian safety and awareness. /s/Juan Solorio Alvarez/ ters of CaliforniaBacteria
Proposals are due by 4:00 This statement was filed with the Asses- Provision and a Water
p.m., July 14th. An RFP sor-County Clerk on 6/1/2017. (Publish- Quality Standards Variance
ed in the San Mateo Daily Journal,
package may be obtained 6/9/17, 6/16/17, 6/23/17, 6/30/17). Policy (hereafter Bacteria
online at https://www.public- Provisions). The Bacteria FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME
Provisions include a benefi-
teo,ca/buyer/public/home. STATEMENT #273772 cial use definition for limited
The following person is doing business recreational waters, water
as: Passion Salon, 275 Baldwin Avenue, quality objectives for bacte-
SAN MATEO, CA 94401. Registered
Owner: Dung Thi Nguyen, 6197 Broad- ria, a program of implemen-
way Ave., Newark, CA 94560. The busi- tation, and a mechanism for
ness is conducted by an Individual. The adopting a water quality 203 Public Notices 203 Public Notices 203 Public Notices
registrants commenced to transact busi-
/s/Dung Nguyen/ public hearing will be held STATEMENT #273859 STATEMENT #273815 STATEMENT #273862
This statement was filed with the Asses- on August 1, 2017, at 1001 The following person is doing business The following person is doing business The following person is doing business
sor-County Clerk on 5/30/2017. (Publish- as: A Advantage Notary Service, 107
ed in the San Mateo Daily Journal, I St., Sacramento, CA and as: Trilogy Consultants, 1611 Borel as: Newtec Travel and Tours, 836
Place Suite #5, SAN MATEO, CA 94402. Schwerin Street, DALY CITY, CA 94014. Manor Dr., SOUTH SAN FRANCISCO,
6/9/17, 6/16/17, 6/23/17, 6/30/17). will begin at 9:30 a.m. Writ- Registered Owner: Trilogy Research & Registered Owner: Hanh Vong, same CA 94080. Registered Owner: Kimberly
ten comments are due Au- Azucena, same address. The business
Analysis Co., Inc., CA. The business is address. The business is conducted by is conducted by an Individual. The regis-
gust 16, 2017 by 12:00 p.m. conducted by a Corporation. The regis- an Individual. The registrants com- trants commenced to transact business
Please see the link for infor- trants commenced to transact business menced to transact business under the under the FBN on n/a.
BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY under the FBN on 07/30/2007. FBN on 06/05/2017. /s/Kimberly Azucena/
Handbook Technology mation, documents, and the /s/J.S. Brandenburger/ /s/Hanh Vong/ This statement was filed with the Asses-
SAN MATEO COUNTY process for submitting com- This statement was filed with the Asses- This statement was filed with the Asses- sor-County Clerk on 6/8/2017. (Publish-
ments: http://www.water- sor-County Clerk on 6/7/2017. (Publish- sor-County Clerk on 6/5/2017. (Publish- ed in the San Mateo Daily Journal, ed in the San Mateo Daily Journal, ed in the San Mateo Daily Journal, 6/23/17, 6/30/17, 7/7/17, 7/14/17).
Request for Proposal #: HSA-SD-00001 6/9/17, 6/16/17, 6/23/17, 6/30/17). 6/16/17, 6/23/17, 6/30/17, 7/7/17).
jectives/or contact Stepha-
The San Mateo County Human Services Agency (HSA) seeks nie Rose at 916-341-5574 FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME
a provider of handbook technology solutions to improve the us- (stephanie.rose@water- FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT #273974
ability and ongoing maintenance of our agencys program poli- Check the STATEMENT #273948 STATEMENT #274006
The following person is doing business
as: All Bright Cleaners, 111 Acacia St.,
cy handbooks. The target start date and term for proposed website for updates and The following person is doing business The following person is doing business DALY CITY, CA 94014. Registered
services is October 2017 through September 2020, subject to more information, as these as: 1)Boxleaf Design 2)Boxleaf Design, as: Vanguard Sales Group, 533 Airport Owner: Paul Liu, 208 Acacia St., Daly
dates are subject to Inc., 2732 Broadway, REDWOOD CITY, Blvd, Suite 400, BURLINGAME, CA City, CA 94014. The business is con-
negotiation of a final agreement. CA 94062. Registered Owner: Boxleaf 94010. Registered Owner: Lingane ducted by an Individual. The registrants
change. Design, Inc., CA. The business is con- Forte and Aronis Inc., CA. The business commenced to transact business under
HSA is seeking a system that allows for quick and accurate 6/30/17 ducted by a Corporation. The registrants is conducted by a Corporation. The reg- the FBN on 6/20/12.
search results of our program policy handbooks in order to find CNS-3023737# commenced to transact business under istrants commenced to transact business /s/Paul Liu/
the FBN on . under the FBN on N/A. This statement was filed with the Asses-
specific policy/procedure information that is critical to our fast- SAN MATEO DAILY sor-County Clerk on 6/19/2017. (Publish-
JOURNAL /s/Steve Warto/ /s/Patrick Forte/
paced customer service environment. HSA is looking for pro- This statement was filed with the Asses- This statement was filed with the Asses- ed in the San Mateo Daily Journal,
6/23/17, 6/30/17, 7/7/17, 7/14/17).
posals from providers that have an out of the box technology sor-County Clerk on 6/14/2017. (Publish- sor-County Clerk on 6/20/2017. (Publish-
system or can develop a system that meets the needs as out- ed in the San Mateo Daily Journal, ed in the San Mateo Daily Journal,
lined in the Proposal Package available online at www.public- 6/16/17, 6/23/17, 6/30/17, 7/7/17). 6/23/17, 6/30/17, 7/7/17, 7/14/17). FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME
STATEMENT #273848 The following person is doing business
Interested vendors must register online with the County STATEMENT #273736 er: Ajet Food Group Inc., CA. The busi-
The following person is doing business The following person is doing business
and submit proposals electronically at The following person is doing business as: Yoga Belmont, 926 Ralston Avenue, as: Patina Marche, 905 S. Claremont St., ness is conducted by a Corporation. The as: Baum Co., 1500 Marina Vista #411, BELMONT, CA 94002. Registered SAN MATEO, CA 94402. Registered registrants commenced to transact busi-
SAN MATEO, CA 94404. Registered ness under the FBN on N/A.
Owners: John F. Baumgarten, same ad- Owner: Katherine Lindeburg, 1818 Bel- Owner: Stacy Rhodes, 812 10th Ave.,
/s/Harpik Avetian/
Online proposals are due no later than 5 PM on July 21, 2017. dress. The business is conducted by an burn Drive, Belmont, CA 94002. The San Mateo, CA 94402. The business is This statement was filed with the Asses-
Proposals after this date and time will not be accepted. Individual. The registrants commenced business is conducted by an Individual. conducted by an Individual. The regis- sor-County Clerk on 6/7/2017. (Publish-
to transact business under the FBN on The registrants commenced to transact trants commenced to transact business ed in the San Mateo Daily Journal,
N/A. business under the FBN on 06/14/2017. under the FBN on NOT APPLICABLE. 6/16/17, 6/23/17, 6/30/17, 7/7/17).
California Government Code Sections 6250 et seq. (the Cali- /s/John F. Baumgarten/ /s/Katherine Lindeburg/ /s/Stacy Rhodes/
fornia Public Records Act or the Act) defines a public record This statement was filed with the Asses- This statement was filed with the Asses- This statement was filed with the Asses-
sor-County Clerk on 5/26/2017. (Publish- sor-County Clerk on 6/14/2017. (Publish- sor-County Clerk on 6/14/2017. (Publish-
as any writing containing information relating to the conduct of ed in the San Mateo Daily Journal, STATEMENT #273860
ed in the San Mateo Daily Journal, ed in the San Mateo Daily Journal,
the public business. The Act provides that public records shall 6/9/17, 6/16/17, 6/23/17, 6/30/17). 6/16/17, 6/23/17, 6/30/17, 7/7/17). 6/23/17, 6/30/17, 7/7/17, 7/14/17).
The following person is doing business
be disclosed upon written request and that any citizen has a as: ENSO Design, 3716 Florence St.,
REDWOOD CITY, CA 94063. Regis-
right to inspect any public record unless the document is ex- tered Owner: Eva Sweets Inc., CA. The
empted from disclosure. The Department, which is part of the business is conducted by a Corporation.
County of San Mateo, is subject to the California Public Re- The registrants commenced to transact
business under the FBN on 4/6/2017.
cords Act. /s/Ehud Waizer/
This statement was filed with the Asses-
sor-County Clerk on 6/8/2017. (Publish-
ed in the San Mateo Daily Journal,
6/23/17, 6/30/17, 7/7/17, 7/14/17).

AM Busperson (HOT046DE)
Breakfast Cook (HOT043ZL)
Controller (HOT046AB)
Guest Service Agent (HOT03SB2)
Houseperson (HOT046DD)
Part-time Dishwasher (HOT03PJ9)
Suitekeeper/Room Attendant (HOT0424U)


Thursdays from 1 pm 3 pm
Embassy Suites SF Airport - Waterfront
150 Anza Boulevard
Burlingame, CA 94010
Recognized in 2017 Fortune Magazine
Great Place To Work #26
THEDAILYJOURNAL Friday June 30, 2017 27
203 Public Notices 203 Public Notices 203 Public Notices 298 Collectibles 304 Furniture 308 Tools
9:00 a.m., Department 28, Second Floor, tice form is available from the court clerk. FRAMED LEBRON James painting, DRESSER 4-DRAWER in Belmont for vINTAGE SHOPSMITH and BAND
NOTICE OF PUBLIC Superior Court of California, County of Attorney for Petitioner: 25"x21"; $99-will text photo; 650-591- $75. Good condition; good for children. SAW, good shape. $500/obo. Call
HEARING AND OPPOR- San Mateo, 400 County Center, Red- Bert Y. Kawahara 9769, San Carlos Call (650)678-8585 (650)342-6993
wood City, CA 94063. Law office of Bert Y. Kawahara
TUNITY TO COMMENT, If you object to the granting of the peti- 1055 Wilshire Blvd., Suite 1890 DRESSER- ART Deco. 54wide 34 tall
The State Water Resour- tion, you should appear at the hearing LOS ANGELES, CA 90017 LENNOx RED Rose, Unused, hand 22deep. $150. (650)888-2662.
ces Control Board will re- and state your objections or file written (213) 250-1989 painted, porcelain, authenticity papers,
objections with the court before the hear- FILED: 06/06/2017
ceive written comments and ing. Your appearance may be in person (Published in the San Mateo Daily Jour-
$12.00. (650) 578 9208.
309 Office Equipment
hold a public hearing to re- or by your attorney. nal on 6/16/17, 6/23/17, 6/30/17 ) LIONEL(IN BOx) So.Pac.Full Vista 48wide 22 deep. W/ mirror 34x42 LAPTOP CASE or bag. Black. Like new.
ceive oral comments on the If you are a creditor or a contingent cred- Dome Passenger Car #6-19107 O-gauge $450. (650)888-2662.
itor of the decedent, you must file your Hardly used. $25. (650)697-1564.
$40.00 (650)344-4756
Draft Staff Report, including claim with the court and mail a copy to DRESSER-ART DECO. Heavy Glass.
Substitute Environmental the personal representative appointed by NEAT RECEIPTS Mobile Scanner new
PEz DISPENSERS - 8 piece sealed box Top 51 tall 36 deep 14 wide $150. in box $79, call (650)324-8416
Documentation, for Part 3 the court within the later of either (1) four Wizard of Oz 70th anniversary $25. (650)888-2662.
months from the date of first issuance of 650-556-9708
of the Water Quality Control letters to a general personal representa- DRExEL HEADBOARD $50. (650)589- 310 Misc. For Sale
Plan for Inland Surface Wa- tive, as defined in section 58(b) of the 210 Lost & Found 299 Computers 0764
ters, Enclosed Bays, and California Probate Code, or (2) 60 days 500-600 BIG Band-era 78's--most mint,
from the date of mailing or personal de- FOUND: KEYS at Westwood Park in ENTERTAINMENT CENTER for $50. no sleeves--$50 for all-(650)574-5459
Estuaries of Califor- livery to you of a notice under section Redwood City, off of Fernside. Call to RECORDABLE CD-R 74, Sealed, Unop- Good shape, blonde, about 5' high.
niaBacteria Provisions 9052 of the California Probate Code.Oth- claim (650)714-8893 ened, original packaging, Samsung, 12X, (650)726-4102 CHRISTMAS TREE, 7.5 Oregon pine,
er California statutes and legal authority (650) 578 9208
and a Water Quality Stand- may affect your rights as a creditor. You GLIDER rocker and ottoman, oak, excel-
1225 tips, hooked construction with
LOST - Womans diamond ring. Lost stand. Used once. $49. (415)650-6407
ards Variance Policy, and a may want to consult with an attorney 12/18. Broadway, Redwood City. 300 Toys lent condition. $100 650-345-5644
Proposed Amendment to knowledgable in California law. REWARD! (650)339-2410 IKEA DRESSER, black, 3 shelf. 23" x
FLAT DISPLAY case, wood w/ hinged
the Water Quality Control You may examine the file kept by the ALLOYED LINOTYPE (BNH ~18) for glass top, 20-1/2 X 27-1/2 X 2-1/2. $20.
court. If you are a person interested in 15"deep x 50" high. $65. (650)598-9804. 650-588-0852
Plan for Ocean Waters of LOST CAT. Black and White. Black casting miniature/board-game figurines.
the estate, you may file with the court a patch on right eye. REWARD. 10#, $7 (650) 591-4553 IKEA TABLE, black 58" x 21" x 14" high.
CaliforniaBacteria Provi- Request for Special Notice (form DE- Call (323) 439-7713. $ 30. (650)598-9804. INCUBATOR, $99, (650)678-5133
sion and a Water Quality 154) of the filing of an inventory and ap-
praisal of estate assets or of any petition DOLL HOUSE w/ furniture $50.00 new LIONEL CHRISTMAS Boxcars 2005,
LEATHER SOFA, black, excellent condi-
Standards Variance Policy or account as provided in Probate Code Books joe 650 573 5269
tion. $100 obo. (650)878-5533 2006, 2007 New OB $90 lot (650)368-
(hereafter Bacteria Provi- section 1250. A Request for Special No- LARGE STUFFED ANIMALS - $3 each 7537
sions). The Bacteria Provi- tice form is available from the court clerk. JAMES PATTERSON hardback books. Great for Kids (650) 952-3500 LIvING ROOM table 36"x19" exc condi-
Attorney for Petitioner: 2 @ $3.00 each. (650)341-1861 tion $30.(415) 231-4825. LIONEL CHRISTMAS Holiday expan-
sions include a beneficial John C. Clark STAR WARS one 4 orange card ac- sion Set. New OB $99 (650)368-7537
use definition for limited Rusconi Foster & Thomas APC NICHOLAS SPARKS hardback books. tion figure, Momaw Nadon (Hammer- LOvE SEAT, Upholstered pale yellow
LIONEL WESTERN Union Pass car and
recreational waters, water 30 Keystone Avenue 2 @ $3.00 each. Call (650)341-1861 head). $8 Steve (650)518-6614 floral $99. (650)574-4021
MORGAN HILL, CA 95037 dining car. New OB $99 (650)368-7537
quality objectives for bacte- (408)779-2106 QUALITY BOOKS used and rare. World NEW DELUxE Twin Folding Bed, Lin-
ria, a program of implemen- FILED: 06/07/2017 & US History and classic American nov- 302 Antiques ens, cover, Cost $618. Sale $250. Must RMT CHRISTMAS Diesel train and Ca-
(Published in the San Mateo Daily Jour- els. $5 each obo (650)345-5502 Sell! (650) 875-8159. boose. Rare. New OB $99 (650)368-
tation, and a mechanism for nal on 6/16/17, 6/23/17, 6/30/17 ) ANTIQUE TEAK CHINA cabinet and 7537
adopting a water quality 294 Baby Stuff matching table, with doors and legs. NEW TWIN Mattress set plus frame
$500/obo. (650)952-5049. $30.00 (650) 347-2356 SAMSONITE 26" tan hard-sided suit
standards variance. The case, lt. wt., wheels, used once/like new.
public hearing will be held FISHER-PRICE HEALTHY Care booster
HEIRLOOM 1920 hand quilted bed- OAK CLAW foot coffee table, needs $60. (650)328-6709
on August 1, 2017, at 1001 seat - $5 (650)592-5864. some refinishing $35 (650)646-8530
spread. 96" sq. Grandma's Garden pat- SILK SAREE 6 yards new nice color.for
I St., Sacramento, CA and STROLLER BABY Trend Model Range tern, 2 scalloped edges. $99. 650-556- OAK ENTERTAINMENT Center, $49 $35 only. Call(650)515-2605 for more in-
will begin at 9:30 a.m. Writ- LX Jogger (hardly used--like new condi- 9708 0BO 650-595-3933 formation.
ten comments are due Au- ADMINISTER ESTATE OF tion). $40. (650)592-3540 MAHOGANY ANTIQUE Secretary desk, OFFICE TABLE, 24"x48" HD. folding TExACO LOGO Lube Gun - not in great
gust 16, 2017 by 12:00 p.m. Kenneth San Wo Ching 72 x 40 , 3 drawers, Display case, bev- legs each end. 500# capacity. Cost shape gd. for beginning collector $10.
Please see the link for infor- Case Number: 17PRO00586 296 Appliances elled glass, $350. (650)766-3024 $130. Sell $60, (650)591-4141 (650)344-4756
To all heirs, beneficiaries, creditors, con-
mation, documents, and the tingent creditors, and persons who may 1960'S AvOCADO Osterizer blender
process for submitting com- otherwise be interested in the will or es- excellent condition $20.00 (650)596-
303 Electronics ORNATE MAHOGANY headboard with
UNIDEN HARLEY Davidson Gas Tank
phone. $100 or best offer. (650)863-8485
ments: http://www.water- tate, or both, of Kenneth San Wo Ching. 0513 gold trim $60. (650)589-0764
A Petition for Probate has been filed by ANTARES DOLLARS Bill Changer ma-
WATER STORAGE TANK, brand new, David Chun in the Superior Court of Cal- AIR CONDITIONER 10000 BTU w/re-
chines never used for small bus. $95 RECLINER CHAIR blue tweed clean 275 gallons. 48" x 46" x 39" $250.
jectives/ or contact Stepha- ifornia, County of San Mateo. The Peti- (650)992-4544. good $75 Call (650)583-3515
mote. Slider model fits all windows. LG (650)771-6324
nie Rose at 916-341-5574 tion for Probate requests that David brand $199 runs like new. (650)235-
Chun be appointed as personal repre- BLAUPUNKT AM/FM/CD Radio and Re- RND. TABLE 30"x28" collapsible wood
(stephanie.rose@water- 0898 ceiver with Detachable Face asking patio hole for sm. umbrella - food tbl. 311 Musical Instruments
sentative to administer the estate of the Check the decedent. $100. (650)593-4490 $15. (650)344-4756
AIR CONDITIONER, Portable, 14,000
The petition requests the decedents will CHROMATIC HARMONICA: Horner
website for updates and and codicils, if any, be admitted to pro-
BTU, Commercial Cool model INSIGNIA 26" HDTV Perfect $39 650- ROCKING CHAIRS solid wood, great The 64 Chomonica, German Made $180,
more information, as these CPN14XC9, almost like new! All acces- 595-3933 shape asking 30 dollars each. Call
bate. The will and any codicils are avail- sories plus remote included. (650)278-5776.
dates are subject to able for examination in the file kept by (650)574-4582 Lily
20 x 16-5/8 x 33-1/2 $345. IPHONE 5 Morphie Juice Pack with
change. the court. (650)345-1835
The petition requests authority to admin- charger, Originally $100, now $85. SEWING STORAGE cabinet, Custom ExCELLENT vIOLIN, previously owned,
6/30/17 ister the estate under the Independent (650)766-2679 made wood perfect condition $75. first violinist SF Symphony, Mellow
B & D cordless hand vacuum $9, 650- (650)483-1222
CNS-3025322# Administration of Estates Act. (This au-
595-3933 KINDLE FIRE 8 in. Case and Charger
sound. Dated 1894. $5,500/best offer.
SAN MATEO DAILY thority will allow the personal representa- (415)751-2416
tive to take many actions without obtain- incl. 64 gig $75 Jeff 650-208-5758 SHELF RUBBER maid new $20.00
JOURNAL BISSELL BAGLESS Upright Vacuum, contact joe (650)573-5269
ing court approval. Before taking certain Model 82H1, Dual Edge Cleaning, MOTOROLA BRAvO MB 520 (android FENDER MUSTANG I guitar amplifier
very important actions, however, the per- Cleanview Hepa Filter $25 650-952- 4.1 upgrade) smart phone 35$ 8GB SD SHELF RUBBER maid new $20.00 70 watts 8-guitar settings.with cover.
sonal representative will be required to 3500 card Belmont (650)595-8855 contact joe (650)573-5269 $80. 650-421-5469
give notice to interested persons unless
they have waived notice or consented to CIRRUS STEAM mop model SM212B 4 NEW HP Desk Jet 1112 Printer plus ex- SOFA BED Recliner (double), beige, 76" FENDER MUSTANG ll guitar amplifier
the proposed action.) The independent new extra cleaning pads,user manual. tra cartridges- $30. Call (650)345-1234 Good condition. $50 Call 650.952.3466 110 watts 8-guitar settings, with cover.
administration authority will be granted $45. (650)588-5487 $130.00 650-421-5469
unless an interested person files an ob- ONKYO Av Receiver HT-R570 .Digital SOFA GREEN, cream, sage plaid. 96"
jection to the petition and shows good COLEMAN LxE Roadtrip Grill - Surround, HDMI, Dolby, Sirius Ready, Excellent condition. $90 Call HUGE LUDWIG Drum Set Silver Sparkle
NOTICE OF PETITION TO cause why the court should not grant the Red Brand New! (still in box) $100 Cinema Filter.$95/ Offer (650)591-2393 650.952.3466 & Chrome, Zelgian, Pasite & Sabian
ADMINISTER ESTATE OF authority. (650)918-9847 Cymbals, 24 in. Timpany $5100
Joan B. Fenech A hearing on the petition will be held in SAMSUNG FLAT TV 20" THOMASvILLE BEvELED mirror 22" x (650)369-8013
Case Number: 17PRO00456 this court as follows: JUL 10, 2017 at ELECTRIC STOvE From Sears VCR ,set up $70. (650)992-4544 12" $50. Call (650)834-4833
To all heirs, beneficiaries, creditors, con- 9:00 a.m., Department 28, Second Floor, Excellent Condition $225 PIANO, UPRIGHT, in excellent condi-
tingent creditors, and persons who may Superior Court of California, County of Please Call (650)244-9267 SONY DETACHABLE set :3cd /fm/am TWIN BED, mattress, box spring, frame tion. Asking $345. (650)366-4769
otherwise be interested in the will or es- San Mateo, 400 County Center, Red- double tape. exc cond. $70 (415)231- $ 50. (650)598-9804.
wood City, CA 94063. GOOD MICROWAvE 1100 watt $40 Da- 4825 UPRIGHT PIANO. In tune. Fair condi-
tate, or both, of Joan B. Fenech. A Peti- TWIN MATTRESS, good condition,box tion. FREE. (650) 533-4886.
tion for Probate has been filed by Joseph If you object to the granting of the peti- ly City (415) 231-4825.
tion, you should appear at the hearing Tv SONY Triniton 21" working condition. springs, frame $15. 650-793-9900
M. Fenech in the Superior Court of Cali- YAMAHA ACOUSTIC Guitar, model
fornia, County of San Mateo. The Peti- and state your objections or file written JACK LALANE'S power juicer. $40. $10 OBO (650)784-3243. WALNUT CHEST, small (4 drawer with
objections with the court before the hear- Call (650)364-1243. Leave message. FG830 electric. $400.00 650-421-5469
tion for Probate requests that Joseph M. upper bookcase $50. (650)726-6429
Fenech be appointed as personal repre- ing. Your appearance may be in person 304 Furniture YAMAHA PIANO, Upright, Model M-305,
sentative to administer the estate of the or by your attorney. WOOD - wall Unit - 30" long x 6' tall x $750. Call (650)572-2337
decedent. If you are a creditor or a contingent cred- REFRIGERATOR COMPACT made by ANTIQUE DINING table for six people 17.5" deep. $90. (650)631-9311
The petition requests the decedents will itor of the decedent, you must file your emerson $25.00 good shape joe 650
claim with the court and mail a copy to 573 5269
with chairs $99. (650)580-6324 312 Pets & Animals
and codicils, if any, be admitted to pro-
bate. The will and any codicils are avail- the personal representative appointed by 306 Housewares
the court within the later of either (1) four SEWING MACHINE-ROYAL XL 6000 ANTIQUE GLASS Hutch. Cherry Wood. AIRLINE CARRIER for cats, pur. from
able for examination in the file kept by Excellent Condition. $450. COMPLETE SET OF CHINA - Windsor
the court. months from the date of first issuance of Dressmaker Sewing Machine. $150. Southwest Airlines, $25, 2 available. Call
letters to a general personal representa- (650)342-8436. (650)888-2662 Garden, Noritake. Four place-settings, (505)228-1480 local.
The petition requests authority to admin- 20-pieces in original box, never used.
ister the estate under the Independent tive, as defined in section 58(b) of the ANTIQUE MAHOGANY Bookcase. Four
California Probate Code, or (2) 60 days WHIRLPOOL WASHER DRYER, GE $250 per box (3 boxes available). CALIFORNIA CAROLINA Pups.
Administration of Estates Act. (This au- feet tall. $75. (415) 282-0966. (650)342-5630
thority will allow the personal representa- from the date of mailing or personal de- Refrigerator all working and in good con- Gd. Fam./watchdpgs. Ex.Hiking Buddy.
tive to take many actions without obtain- livery to you of a notice under section dition all for $99.00 (650)315-3240. BEIGE SOFA $99. Excellent Condition $1600. (707) 980.0915.
ing court approval. Before taking certain 9052 of the California Probate Code.Oth- (650) 315-2319 FIREPLACE CANDELABRA with 5 bat-
er California statutes and legal authority tery-operated candles $30.00, 415-990- CANARY BIRD cage 24 x 16 for sale.
very important actions, however, the per-
may affect your rights as a creditor. You 297 Bicycles BRAND NEW Bookcase 72"x30" still in 6134 $40.00 firm. Used, good condition. Call
sonal representative will be required to
give notice to interested persons unless may want to consult with an attorney box $45. (415)231-4825. (650)766-3024
knowledgable in California law. ADULT BIKES 1 regular and 2 with bal- PORCELAIN JAPANESE Tea set, Un-
they have waived notice or consented to loon tires $30 Each (650) 347-2356
the proposed action.) The independent You may examine the file kept by the COAT/HAT STAND, solid wood, for your opened, in wood box, great gift $30. ONE KENNEL Cab ll one Pet Taxi ani-
administration authority will be granted court. If you are a person interested in mountain cabin/house. $25. (650)520- (650)578-9208. mal carriers 26x16. Excellent cond. $60..
the estate, you may file with the court a CHILDS SCHWINN BICYCLE, BLUE in 7045 (650)593-2066
unless an interested person files an ob- good condition. $20. (650) 355-5189.
Request for Special Notice (form DE-
jection to the petition and shows good
154) of the filing of an inventory and ap- COMPUTER SWIvEL CHAIR. Padded 307 Jewelry & Clothing PARROT CAGE, Steel, Large - approx
cause why the court should not grant the NEW 12" girls bike w/ training wheels
authority. praisal of estate assets or of any petition Leather. $80. (650) 455-3409 4 ft by 4 ft, Excellent condition $300 best
$75.00 (650) 347-1458 no ans/leave JILL ST. John earrings, clip on. Gold /
A hearing on the petition will be held in or account as provided in Probate Code mes offer. (650)245-4084
section 1250. A Request for Special No- COMPUTER TABLE, adjustable height, blue enamel with Jill St. John logo. $10.
this court as follows: JUL 26, 2017 at chrome legs, 29x48 like new $30 (650) (650)588-0842 PET CARRIER for small dog or cat in ex-
298 Collectibles 697-8481 cellent condition $30. Claudia (650) 349-
NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARING DESK, OAK and hutch style shelves to
308 Tools 6059
BILLY DEE Williams autographed Star
Wars action figure: Lando Calrissian, place on top-. $25 650-793-9900 CRAFTSMAN 9" Radial Arm Saw with 6"
2017-2018 APPROPRIATIONS LIMIT space smuggler. $35 Steve (650)518- dado set. No stand. $55 (650)341-6402
316 Clothes
DINETTE TABLE, 3 adjustable leaf.$30.
6614 (650) 756-9516.Daly City.
DELTA CABINET SAW with overrun ta- 2 PR action slacks 36w 29L $10.00
NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the City Council/Board of Di- ble. $650/obo. (650)342-6993 each (650)367-1508
MILLER LITE Neon sign , work good DINING TABLE (36"x54") and 4 match-
rectors of the City of Foster City/Estero Municipal Improvement $59 call (650)218-6528 ing chairs, sturdy oak, cost $600, sell for
ROUTER TABLE ryobi $ 99. like new BOY SCOUT canvas belt with Boy Scout
District will hold a PUBLIC HEARING on Monday, July 17, $250 .(650)-654-1930. Buckle. Vintage. Fair condition. $5.
2017 at 6:30 p.m., as required by Article XIIIB of the California (650)588-0842
SHOPSMITH MARK V 50th Anniversary
Constitution, to hear and consider comments regarding the most attachments. $1,500/OBO. FAUx FUR Coat Woman's brown multi
2017-2018 Appropriations Limit of the City/District. Resolu- (650)504-0585 color in excellent condition 3/4
tions for the City Council/Board of Directors will be acted upon length $50 (650)692-8012
SKIL SAW 7 1/4" circular saw, 2 1/3 HP,
in the Council/Board Chambers, 620 Foster City Boulevard, Model # 5150. Hardly used. $30 LADIES BOOTS size 8 , 3 pairs different
Foster City, California. The Appropriations Limit recommended (650)556-9708 styles , $20/ pair. call (650)592-2648
is: LADIES SEQUIN dress, blue, size XL,
1947. $60. (650)245-7517 pure silk lining, $40.00, (650) 578-9208
FY 2017-2018
City of Foster City $64,505,714
Estero Municipal Improvement District 60,418,477
TOTAL $124,924,191

Public input and discussion is invited. Information regarding

computation of the above is available in the Financial Services
Department, City Hall, 610 Foster City Boulevard, Foster City.
For more information, please contact Finance Director Edmund Fictitious Business Name Statements,
Suen, Trustee Sale Notice, Name Change, Probate,
Notice of Adoption, Divorce Summons,
Doris L. Palmer Notice of Public Sales and More.
City Clerk/District Secretary

Date & Posted: June 29, 2017 Published in the Daily Journal for San Mateo County.
Published: June 30, 2017
Fax your request to: 650-344-5290
Email them to:
28 Friday June 30, 2017 THEDAILYJOURNAL

316 Clothes 318 Sports Equipment Garage Sales 379 Open Houses 620 Automobiles 625 Classic Cars
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Inside zipper $95. (650)591-6596 $55.(650)341-8342 GARAGE SALES OPEN HOUSE $3,400. (650)302-5523 obo. (650)952-4036.

MAN'S BLACK leather jacket, size 40, PURSUIT SCOOTER. $99. (650)348- ESTATE SALES LISTINGS BMW 07 X-5, One Owner, Excel. Condi- 86 CHEvY CORvETTE. Automatic.
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Los Angeles Times Daily Crossword Puzzle

Mateo. $10. (650)588-0842

Just $45 LINCOLN 02 Navigator, excellent condi-

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MAzDA 12 CX-7 SUV Excellent con-
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4650 New $100. (650)483-1222
1 Actress 1 Elbow ones way singer 50 Adam Bede
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680 Autos Wanted
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40 Asian citrus fruit 53 Non-shaving Wanted 62-75 Chevrolets
5 Friends abroad setting Call (650)344-5200 Novas, running or not
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Parts collection etc.
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15 Creep 5 I was home myself ... lander
16 Woodshop tools alone, perhaps 46 Graph paper 59 French
17 Know-nothing 6 Myopic Mr. design landmass
swine? 7 Roadside retreat 47 Like a mosquito 60 Fond du __,
8 Knock it off! bite Wisconsin


19 Conan channel
20 Baja vacation 9 One bit
spot 10 Hockey
21 Co-owner of the advantage
Pequod 11 The Razors
22 Puppets desire Edge novelist
to manipulate 12 Mad men?
Shari Lewis for a 14 Flood
change? 18 Raise a stink?
25 Yale founder 20 Aetna rival
Yale 23 Lou who stole
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briefly base
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32 The teensiest bit particles
34 One filling in 33 Up to, briefly
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digit ID nos.
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wizards game?
60 Tale spinner
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champions are
62 CoverGirl
63 Car rental giant
64 Suckling spot
65 Come off as
By Dave Cuzzolina and Patti Varol
66 Formally
2017 Tribune Content Agency, LLC
THEDAILYJOURNAL Friday June 30, 2017 29

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for all your electrical needs HAUL t4UVNQ3FNPWBM
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experience. Gardening
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Since 1985 Painting WASHING
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Carpentry* Plumbing* Electrical JON LA MOTTE Est. 1968
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Kitchen/Bathroom Remodeling, California law requires that contractors
Painting Contractor Tile Installation, JONS HAULING Plumbing taking jobs that total $500 or more (labor
or materials) be licensed by the Contrac-
Int/Ext Painting Carpentry Door & Window Installation Serving the peninsula since 1976 tors State License Board. State law also
Sheetrock, Dryrot & Stucco Repairs Priced for You! Free Estimates FREE ESTIMATES requires that contractors include their li-
(650)296-0568 Junk and debris removal, yard/house cense number in their advertising. You
Free Estimates Lic.#834170
clearing, furniture, appliance hauling MEYER can check the status of your licensed
contractor at or 800-
321-CSLB. Unlicensed contractors taking
(650)393-4233 jobs that total less than $500 must state

PLUMBING in their advertisements that they are not

licensed by the Contractors State Li-
cense Board.

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UHerb Roasted Prime Rib of Beef w/ Au Jus UGarden Salad and Caesar Salad w/Condiments
and Dressings
UAsian Entre Selections
tChefs Seasonal Composed Salads
UChefs Seasonal and Regional Hot Entrees tImported and Domestic Cheese Display
ULocal Farm Vegetables and Side Dishes BREAKFAST FAVORITES
SEAFOOD STATION tCooked to Order Omelet Station
UFresh Oysters on the Half Shell tSmoked Bacon, Breakfast Sausage
UChilled Prawns & Cracked Crab tBelgian Waffles with Syrup and Fresh Fruits
UCured Smoked Salmon


THE DAILY JOURNAL WORLD Friday June 30, 2017 31
Migrant pressures grow; Italy presses EU nations to do more
By Frances dEmilio Mediterranean this year, according to the
Its a country under pressure, and we ask
ROME Italys leader pressed his the help of our European allies, Gentiloni
European Union allies Thursday to take in said, when asked about reports that Italy is
more migrants, saying the relentless arrival considering blocking its ports to non-Italian
of tens of thousands on Italys shores is put- NGO ships that pluck to safety migrants from
ting his country under enormous strain. He distressed dinghies and other unseaworthy
spoke after 10,000 migrants were pulled to boats off the Libyan coast.
safety from the Mediterranean Sea in the last While acknowledging that European
few days alone and were heading to Italy. nations take part in patrols to deter smug-
With an election due in less than a year, gling in the central Mediterranean, Gentiloni
political pressure is building on Italian said the job of caring for the migrants
Premier Paolo Gentilonis center-left govern- remains in one country only Italy.
ment to push for relief from fellow EU On Sunday, Italys anti-migrant Northern
nations. League Party teamed up with the center-right
Flanked by EU national leaders and EU offi- opposition forces led by former Premier
cials at a news conference in Berlin, Silvio Berlusconi and triumphed in several
Gentiloni said the growing number of mayoral races. The Democrats, Italys main
arrivals puts our welcome capability to a government party, took an embarrassing
tough test. drubbing.
Italy has already taken in hundreds of thou- Many Italian towns say they just cant han-
sands of migrants in the last few years. Some dle hosting hundreds of migrants any more.
estimates say 220,000 migrants could land in Right-wing parties remind citizens that
REUTERS Italy by the end of 2017. Italians themselves are suffering from high
Italian Prime Minister Paolo Gentiloni attends the press conference after the meeting at the In addition to those who arrive, over 2,000 unemployment and a practically flat econo-
Chancellery in Berlin, Germany. migrants have died trying to cross the my.

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&Z Available discounts

for implants:
and Exam  Senior, age 65+
FREE 3-D Imaging '

32 Friday June 30, 2017 LOCAL THEDAILYJOURNAL



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