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Apimac Introduces the All-new iDatabase, Database Manager for Mac and iPhone

Italy based Apimac today introduces iDatabase 1.0 for Mac OS X, their Mac versio
n of iDatabase 3.2 for iOS. Designed to permit bi-directional syncing between co
mputer and mobile device, iDatabase is a complete personal database management s
Milan, Italy, September 09, 2010 -- Apimac today is pleased to introduce iDataba
se 1.0 for Mac OS X, their Mac compatible version of the company's highly succes
sful iDatabase 3.2 for iPhone/iPod touch application. Designed to permit wireles
s, bi-directional syncing between computer and mobile device, iDatabase is a com
plete personal database management solution. Ideal for tracking membership lists
, expenses, projects, Internet accounts, etc., the app includes 16 ready to use
templates such as Accounts, Contacts, Exercise Log, Recipes, and To Do. Drop and
drag creation of custom templates is also supported.
Virtually identical in features, layout, and operation, iDatabase 1.0 for iOS an
d iDatabase 3.2 for Mac OS X complement each other to offer a personal database
management solution both on the desktop and on the go. The clean, simplified GUI
allows the user to begin using the app immediately, without instruction of any
kind. Facilitating this ease of use is a built-in library of 16 templates: Accou
nts, Classes, Computers, Contacts, Customers, Events, Exercise Log, Expenses, In
ventory, Movie Catalog, Membership List, Mobile Phones, Notes, Projects, Recipes
, To Do, and Vehicle Maintenance.
For example, opening the Expenses template, a variety of text fields, number fie
lds, and choose fields are already perfectly organized and ready for use. Editin
g or adding to these elements is a straightforward, drag and drop procedure. The
topmost, title field is labeled Description and is accompanied by a single line
, large type text field. Below that is Amount with a single line number field. N
ext is a choose field, Type (of expense), consisting of a drop down menu populat
ed with the following choices: Car, Entertainment, Hotel, Meal, Tolls, Parking,
Transportation, and Other. Clicking in the Date field brings up the current date
in standard month/day/year numerical notation, and each may be edited or increm
ented. Next is Have Receipt accompanied by a simple Yes/No choice field, and the
n Reimbursed, Yes/No. Last, is a text box entitled Paid By, allowing the user to
enter all the details pertaining to payment.
iDatabase combines simplicity with sophistication in its support of custom templ
ates. The app allows the user to select from 10 different fields:
* Small Text Field stores letters, symbols, and numbers used as text in a single
line without scrolling bar
* Large Text Field stores letters, symbols, and numbers used as text in a multi
line of text with scrolling bar
* Number Field stores numbers
* Date Field stores dates
* Time Field stores time
* Date and Time Field stores a date and time together to reference a fixed point
in calendar time
* Image Field stores images
* Item Picker Field presents a list of mutually exclusive choices
* Separator Field divides a record into distinct visual parts
* Calculation Field presents the result of an arithmetic operation between two o
r more number fields
Adding fields, labeling, and ordering them create custom templates. This is conv
eniently accomplished using the drop and drag procedure. Fields are easily moved
, added, subtracted and modified, and fields which require the use of other fiel
ds (e.g., the Calculation Field), automatically notify the user of this when emp
loyed. iDatabase for Mac and iDatabase for iPhone can be synchronized via Wi-Fi.
iDatabase supports Backup and Restore, Exporting and Importing of databases in
.idatabase and .CSV formats (the iPhone version via the service online Dropbox).
The .idatabase files preserve the complete content and structure of the databas
e, including pictures.
"With the great success of iDatabase for iPhone, our affordable personal databas
e management solution, it became clear that we needed to develop a companion app
for Mac," stated company Senior Vice President Worldwide Product Marketing Gabr
iele Gobbo. "iDatabase 1.0 offers all the features and convenience of the origin
al iPhone version on any Mac computer."
Language Support:
* US English, Italian
System Requirements:
* Mac Version: Mac OS X 10.5.8 or later (Snow Leopard compatible)
* iPhone/iPod touch Version: iOS 3.0 or later (iOS 4 compatible)
* 8.3 MB OS X
* 1.2 MB iOS
iDatabase 3.2 for Mac is available for $29.00 (USD) from the Apimac Store. A ful
ly enabled, free 8-day trial version is also available for download. iDatabase 1
.0 for iOS is $2.99 (USD) and available worldwide through the App Store in the P
roductivity category. Review copies are available on request.
iDatabase 3.2 and 1.0
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Located in Italy Apimac is a company founded in 1996 dedicated to Mac OS X and i
Phone only software. People at Apimac aim to put into users' hands applications
which they can use in a way they do things every day. Right after opening their
applications, users can immediately focus on their task, not even noticing that
they're using entirely new software. Copyright (C) 2010 Apimac. All Rights Reser
ved. Apple, the Apple logo, Macintosh, iPhone, iPad and iPod are registered trad
emarks of Apple Computer in the U.S. and/or other countries.
Press Contact:
Gabriele Gobbo
Milan, Italy