REF.- MOONCODE Para responder a todas estas preguntas, tenemos el placer de presentarle la Caja de Seguridad MOONCODE. El accesorio ideal e imprescindible para la práctica de cualquier actividad al aire libre. Una caja de seguridad de acero reforzado, con un candado incorporado que se abre mediante una combinación de cuatro cifras. ¿Dónde guardo las llaves del coche cuando me voy a hacer surf?, ¿qué hago con la documentación y tarjetas de crédito si me voy de camping?, ¿Dónde puedo guardar el anillo, pulseras y pendientes mientras paso el día en la playa? Ideal para la práctica del surf, buceo, windsurf, caminatas, montañismo, camping y cualquier otra actividad al aire libre. La Caja de seguridad MOONCODE le permite guardar sus objetos valiosos mientras disfruta de su actividad favorita.

Especificaciones técnicas del producto: Material de la caja: Aleación de Zinc Material del candado: Acero endurecido Tamaño del MOONCODE: 18cm x 8.0 cm x 3.1cm


Tamaño interno de la caja: 10cm x 7.0cm x 2.8 cm Grosor del candado: 1.0cm de ancho Peso del MOONCODE: 600 gramos


Es ideal tanto para adultos como para niños. Ideal para las salidas de surf, buceo, pesca, escalada, winsurf y cualquier actividad al aire libre. El Moonbag mantiene su coche limpio y seco a la vez que aisla la ropa sucia y humeda del resto de sus objetos. El Moonbag es una bolsa multifuncional ideal para usarse como cambiador sobre la arena, para guardar el neopreno humedo o la ropa mojada, etc. Abre el Moonbag, colocate encima para cambiarte, tira del cordon y cierralo. Colores disponibles: - Negro - Azul - Verde - Naranja - Rosa - Rojo - Amarillo

- Pops up in seconds - Includes top and side ventilation - Detachable cover for the top of the tent - UPF 50 sun protection - Suitable for two adults - Great for children and adults of all ages - Ideal for events, festivals or the beach - Lightweight and includes a carry bag - Measures 140 cm wide, 215 cm long and 120 cm high

The Moontent is a wonderful innovation in camping and beach shelter. The large popup tent springs up in just a few seconds, simply peg it down and get cosy. The Moontent is great for the beach, camping trips, events, festivals and even as a childrens play den.

- Up to 2.5 miles of range (in open area) - Auto Squelch - Auto Battery Saving - Internal VOX "ON" (Hands free function) - Channel Scan feature - 12 Hours Digital Clock - 3 days standby after the battery is fully recharged - Backlight LCD display Included: - 2 x Walkie Talkie Watches - 2 x UK Chargers - 2 Ear-Microphones - 2 Li-ion batteries - 1 x Instruction Manual 1 x Gift Box

The Moontalk Walkie Talkie Watches combine the convenience of an innovative high tech watch with professional 2-way communication allowing you to stay in touch with friends and family or work colleagues. The Moontalk Watches make communication cheap, easy, fast and productive. The large 2 mile range, multiple channels, handsfree function and ease of use make this unique product popular with chidren and adults both for fun and for business. Popular uses include indoor and outdoor entertainment, hiking, climbing, boat actitivies, bike trips, beach, street and park events, as well as for business and commercial uses such as building sites, security, tradesmen and industry. Specification: - Wrist watch style with adjustable watch band - Choose between 12 channels with 38 CTSS codes for individual & private calling - Face size: 2.5 x 2cm - UK Legal Frquency of 446 Mhz

SPECIFICATIONS: - Large Garden Tidy - Strong Handles - Easy to store and fold away - Waterproof - Handy front pocket - Size: 90cm x 37cm x 40 cm.

The garden tidy is the ultimate bag for keeping organised and tidy in the garden. As well as ideal to taking away garden mess, the bag is ideal for storing garden tools. The extendable straps make the garden tidy easy to carry and the bag measures 90cm x 37cm x 40 cm.

back of your car whilst keeping the car tidy. The dog cradle protects seats from mud and hair and stops your dof from falling into the footwell during breaking. The dog cradle is ideal for storing dirty dog towels and toys. The extendable straps make the dog cradle suitable for all dogs and measures 90cm x 37cm x 40 cm. Specifications: - Large Dog Cradle - Strong Handles - Easy to store and fold away - Waterproof - Handy front pocket - Size: 90cm x 37cm x 40 cm

The dog cradle is the ultimate dog car travel companion. Keep your dog contained in the

- Rugged steel construction. - 20-gauge steel for strength. - Padded foot. - Non-marking yoke. - Adjustable bar length - Pivoting ball joint to ensure tight contact with the floor. - Size 78cm x 6.2cm x 6.2cm - Extends from 78cm to 115cm

The Frostfire Dual Function Security Bar secures your home from outside intruders by reinforcing the door. The unique dual function design means the bar can be used on both standard hinged doors or on sliding patio doors. The super strong steel bar withstands 150 kg of pressure and ensures your home remains safe. Dual function door and patio door security bar. Use with yoke for standard doors. Remove yoke for sliding patio doors. Adjusts to fit most doors. Improves security on hinged and sliding doors.

Features: - Revolutionary solar panel technology allows your iPhone to charge from the power of the sun. - Strong, light and attractive case design with built-in 2400mAh battery. - USB connection allows you to charge or sync with iTunes without ever having to take your iPhone out of the case. - Clean, green energy source allowing you protect and charge your iPhone anywhere. - Comfortable, ergonomic design with a soft touch, non-slip finish - Charge your iPhone while on the beach, camping, running, walking, hiking, or biking or travelling. - Full access to your iPhone screen. - Compatible with iPhone 4. Connection works with iPod for charging, although case is not snug with iPods - LED indicator lights let you know the amount of power left. - Impact resistant case Notes: - This is a Li-ion rechargeable battery and therefore it takes 3-4 full charges before optimum capacity is reached - Recommended to initially fully charge via USB

The Mooncharge hybrid solar battery case is an innovative rechargeable battery concealed inside a protective hard case. The Mooncharge uses both conventional USB charging methods as well as an alternative energy source from the sun. The Mooncharge hybrid case can be charged via USB or sunlight and stored for when your iPhone is running out of battery power. When you require extra power, simply turn the battery power on and the stored battery energy will almost double the life of your iPhone. This unique and innovative case will power your iPhone for an extra 315 hours on standby and provide up to 27 hours more music, 10 hours more video and 5 hours more talk time. Not only does the Mooncharge give you exceptional power reserves but it also protects your iPhone from scratches and knocks with its hard shell case. Plug in the USB provided into the Mooncharge to first charge your iPhone battery and then charge the battery in the Mooncharge case, almost doubling the length of your iPhone’s battery. The innovative design means you never need to take the case off your iPhone to sync your iPhone with iTunes or charge it via USB. Improved performance for iPhone 4 - Stand-by: up to 315 extra hours - Talk time: up to 5 extra hours - Internet: up to 8 extra hours - Audio play: up to 27 extra hours - Video play: up to 10 extra hours

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