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Office Address
200 Changi Road
Great Eastern @ Changi
Singapore 419734

Contact Details
93872495 (Mobile)

PERSONAL DETAILS Date of Birth : 1st June 1986

Nationality : Singaporean
Gender : Male


Values Integrity and Teamwork

EDUCATION August 2007 – August 2010

School of Computer Engineering
Nanyang Technological University, Singapore
President, NTU Hall 11, 15th JCRC, AY2008/09

January 2003 – December 2004

GCE A’Levels
Catholic Junior College, Singapore
President, 29th CJC Student Council

January 1999 – December 2002

GCE O’Levels
Pioneer Secondary School, Singapore
Head Prefect, 7th Prefectorial Board.
President, Audio Visual Aids Club

NATIONAL SERVICE Jan 2005 – Nov 2006

Last Rank attained : 2SG

Last Position held : NSF Company Sergeant Major
Unit : 1st Battalion Singapore Guards

Courses Attended : Basic Section Leader Course

Advanced Section Leader Course
Platoon Sergeant Course
Company Sergeant Major Course

Achievements : Best Trainee (BSLC)

Best Specialist Trainee
(Guards Conversion Course)
Best Commander (1 Guards)
Highly Commended (PS/CSM CSE)

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LEADERSHIP ACHIEVEMENTS August 2008 – August 2009
15th JCRC, NTU Hall of Residence 11

During the academic year 2008/2009, I was elected as the HALL

PRESIDENT of NTU Hall 11. During my tenure, I capitalised and
drew upon my vast experience in student leadership to plan,
organise and execute resident-centric activities for the 600
local and foreigner residents staying in my Hall. My goal statement
during my term as PRESIDENT was to “Create Memories to Last a

During my tenure as President, amidst other responsibilities,

together with my committee, I initiated reforms to the
administration of hall affairs to ensure transparency, efficiency and
efficacy. In AY 2009/2010, I was conferred the “Best Resident”
Award for my service and dedication to the Hall.

This award is only given to 1 resident per academic year.

August 2007 – August 2008

14th JCRC, NTU Hall of Residence 11

In my freshmen year, I held the portfolio of Recreation Secretary.

As the Recreation Secretary, I organised and
executed Intra and Inter-Hall competitions, namely, IHRG (Int
Chess) and Inter-Block Recreation Games. In addition, I
represented Hall 11 in the Joint Hall Recreation Committee “JHRC”.

As a member of the JCRC, I took up Leadership of the Recreation

teams of Hall 11 and it is with great pride that we managed to
secure a Gold award for Snooker.

June 2003 – June 2004

29th Student Council, Catholic Junior College

As the Student Council President, I presided over Student related

matters, representing the voice of the students to the school
administrative body. It is in CJC that imbued in me the values and
ethics of Servant Leadership. With the assistance of my Council
members and Teacher advisors, my committee organised and
executed various student-centric activities such as Orientation and
Fund raising projects.

We pioneered various charity funds such as the M.I.L.K (Mainly I

Love Kids) Fund and Strait’s Times Children Pocket Money Fund. In
2004, I was awarded a plaque in recognition of outstanding service
rendered to my school.

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March 2001 – March 2002
7th Prefectorial Board, Pioneer Secondary School

As the Head Prefect, I presided over all student-related discipline in

lieu of the School’s Discipline Master. I rostered duties and held
meetings for my fellow prefects under me. As the Head Prefect, I
was exposed to the workings of the school’s administrative system
and had close working relationships with the school’s upper
management. In recognition of my Service and Contribution to the
school as a Prefect of 4 years, as well as Head Prefect for a year, I
was awarded a plaque as well as numerous MOE EAGLES
(Leadership) Awards. I also had the privilege to represent my
school in the Student Leader’s Convention held in The Chinese High
School in 2001.

March 2001 – March 2002

Audio Visual Aids Club, Pioneer Secondary School

Holding a dual leadership position in school was a challenge. On

top of my usual Prefectorial Duties, I also had to juggle my duties
as President of the AVA club.

On-the-job achievements included successfully training and

organising of orientation camps for new, junior members.
Rostering members for AV duties and assembly duties and
multi-taking for successful school events, i.e: Prefect and AV duties
concurrently during school celebrations or performances.

In recognition of my services rendered to my school, I was awarded

a Plaque as well as numerous MOE EAGLES (Leadership) awards.

ACADEMIC ACHIEVEMENTS 1999 - MOE Scholarship Award

2000 - MOE Scholarship Award
2001 - MOE Scholarship Award
- MOE EAGLES (Leadership)
- CDC OARS (Outstanding All Rounder Student Award)
2002 - MOE Scholarship Award
2003 - MOE Bursary
- MOE EAGLES (Leadership)
2004 - MOE EAGLES (Leadership)

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Life Planner, Advisors Alliance
Rep. Great Eastern Life Assurance Co Ltd

Maintain a portfolio of clients and provide advice on issues relating

to personal wealth management and risk planning. Provide value-
added services to clients to ensure that their financial goals are
planned properly in accordance to ethical laws set by MAS.

I was also the Group leader for Internship Program Batch 5. Led a
group of new interns and orientated them to the internship
program. Group was highly commended

December 2007 – May 2008

Best Intern, Entrepreneurship Internship Program Batch 4
Advisors Alliance
Rep. Great Eastern Life Assurance Co Ltd

Attended a rigorous program to introduce and understand the

financial industry in Singapore. Attained first hand experience in
handling, prospecting and closing clients in a systematic manner in
accordance to MAS regulations. Achieved the M5, M9 and HI
certificates as part of the requirement of the internship.

I was awarded the Best Intern for the Internship.

February 2007 – August 2007

Recruitment Consultant, Recruit Express Pte Ltd

As a Recruitment Consultant, I provided employment opportunities

to candidates who sought employment in a variety of professions.
During my term there, I secured job positions for fresh school-
leavers, University Undergraduates, fresh Graduates, job-seekers
and retirees.

The job required me to conduct private interviews, draft resumes

in a standardized format for the client company as well as conduct
corporate correspondence with client holders. In addition, it also
required me to frequently keep track of my temporary employees
working for the jobs I have secured for them.

As part of the on-job requirements, I had to consistently maintain a

high level of professionalism and confidence to negotiate with the
candidate as well as the client holders in the areas of remuneration,
working locations and at times, working hours. I was also required
to collate their time-sheets (for temporary staff) and remind them
in a timely manner to submit their time-sheets for remuneration

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2000 – 2002
Stall Assistant, BBQ Express (Lau Pa Sat) – Family Business

This was a business franchise operated by my father. Being

someone who is passionate about food, my father approached this
franchise with the mindset of an entrepreneur who sought to
realise his dreams of operating an F&B outlet.

Through this experience, I have gained valuable lessons on risk

taking, proper financial planning and the importance of being
prudent as well as being entrepreneurial. Independence was
impressed upon me as I often had to handled large crowds single-
handedly during peak periods.

PROFESSIONAL CERTIFICATES M5, Rules and Regulations For Financial Advisory

(Singapore College of Insurance, SCI)
M9, Life Insurance and Investment-Linked policies (SCI)
Health Insurance (SCI)

COMPUTER SKILLS Languages and software

JAVA, Basic HTML, MS Word, MS Excel, MS Powerpoint, MS

Operating Systems
MS Windows (95-Vista), LINUX


Basic French
Basic Japanese

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