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To gain employment with a company or institution that offers me a consistently positive atmosphere to learn new technologies and implement them for the betterment of all the business. ABRIDGMENT  As Wireless Engineer with IIT Bombay Mumbai.  Adept at handling Knowledge in Telecommunication & Networking era such as TCP/IP,Cisco,Network security ,Routing & Switching with enthusiasm in Wireless Domain.  Adept at handling Knowledge in Telecom Software Development domain such as IP Telephony with Enthusiasm in sexy Smart Phones Apps Development Expertise such as iPhone/iPad,Android,Blackberry,Palm Symbian & Windows Mobile.  Expertise on Data-com/Wireless IP Security products. Modular design concept. Exposure to Storage Virtualization, Snapshots, Mirroring, Replication and RAID technologies with Storage Area Networking.  Proficiency at grasping new technical concepts quickly & utilizing it in a productive manner.  Ability in studying the problem domain, designing the solution and managing the technical work.  Believes in continuous learning and an innovative approach. Detail oriented with an analytical bent of mind and positive attitude.  Good communication skill, systematic approach and ability to work effectively in fast-paced environments. ACADEMIA  M. Tech. Internship in (Electrical Department-with specialization in Wireless Networks )1 Year in Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay.  Mobile Apps Developer University Program From Harvard Extension School.  M. Tech. in Telecommunication with Networking from International Institute of Information Technology, Pune, Maharashtra in the Year 2011. Scored 7.0/10 CGPA.  Bachelor of Engineering (Computer Science & Vishwavidyalaya, M.P. in the year 2008. Scored 66.75%.  12th from S.V.M. in the year 2002. Scored 72.22%.  10th from S.V.M. in the year 2000. Scored 78.44%. TECHNICAL SKILLS Computer Skills: Operating System : Windows,Unix/Linux,Mac 10.6.2 Snow Leopard,Solaris : C/C++,Perl,Python,TCL/Tk, Unix Shell,Java,J2ME,ObjC, : Apache : XML ,PHP,HTML5,CSS,AJAX,JSON,jQuey,jTouch,java-script, : Edit Plus, Eclipse 3.x,SDK,ios X-Code4 Interface Builder,iPhone SDK4 : Struts,iOS Foundation,UIKit,Cocos 2D : Cocoa Touch Languages/Scripting Server Web Technologies Developing Tools/ID Framework API Functional Skills: Protocols-Family:ATMSignaling&Routing,Bridge/Router,CDMA2000,Cellular,DECnet,Frame Relay,GPRS ,IPSecurity,IPSwitching ,ISDN,LAN Emulation,SS7, Switching,TCP/IP ,UMTS,VoDSL,VoIP,X.25,XNS. Protocols:Cisco L2 to L7 Level . Technologies:IMS,Cellular(GSM,GPRS,UMTS,CDMA2000,WCDMA,HSDPA,Video,TD-SCDMA,Soft-switch), Engineering) from,Rajiv Gandhi Proudyogiki

Database Technology : MYSQL,SQLite

IPTV(VOD,Broadcast),VoIP(SIP,H.323,MGCP),Video(VideoTelephone,VideoStreaming,H.324M,IPTV),Telecoms(A nalog,ISDNSS7),Cable(MGCP,NCS,SIP). Software Testing Tools: WinRunner,SilkTest,SQA Robot,LoadRunner,JMeter,Ter,Source Code Testing Utilities in Unix/Linux Environment Wireless: 802.11a/b/g/n, blue tooth,Software Defined Radio,Cognitive Radio,Wi-Max RTOS:VxWorks, pSOS Traffic tools:IXIA, Smartbits, Adtech, QA-Robot, MGEN, Fore switch, iPerf, netPerf, Wire-shark, N-top Engineering tools:DDTS, Extra view, GNATS, FogBugz, Packet Tracer, GNS3, NS2, OPNET,Backtrack. SNMP tools:IWL, HP Open View, Unix binaries VoIP tools:Cisco Call Manager, Abacus, Ameriteck Cisco tools:CSCCON, Pagent, MibCheck CERTIFICATIONS COURSE:

 Mobile Apps Developer University Program From Harvard Extension School.
 CCNA  RHCE  CCSP PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE Current Employee 20th 4 Nov'10 to Present Wireless Engineer Previous Employee 9th Jul'08 to 20 Sept'10 Software Developer PROFESSIONAL PROJECTS Android Projects: Project1: n-Puzzles Problem Game Description: This is an interesting apps developed by me in this n-Puzzles game as per difficlty level user can play an game using numbers or images Project2: Resizing snap in Run-time Description:This Apps is pretty good for online multiple snap downloading as per device dimension its re-size the snap and user can see multiple snaps at a time in screen. Project3:Tap the Image Description: This Apps is pretty good using threading concept in this apps user beating the person and omit there frustration on particular person picture using slap i.e. angry with Boss slap him virtually. Project4:GPS Track Recorder Description:This is pretty good apps developed by me in this apps for any parent can get all information about her children indirectly i.e. form home to school and in between where your child visited if hehave this apps containing phone. Project5:Accelerometer using PhoneGap Description: Pretty Cools Apps to Check Position in Degree. iOS/iPhone Projects: Project1:Evil Hangman Game Description:This Apps developed by me its a quite interesting Apps user can put the combination of word to win the game but as per continuous user guessing ability automatically Hangman change the guessed word. Project:2 Universal Calculator Infobeans IIT Bombay

Description:An Calculator application that works on both the iPad and iPhone (and i Pod Touch) platforms. Project:3 Places Description:An application that presents a list of popular Flickr photo spots and let users pick favorites. Project:4 Multithreaded Places Description:Enhanced form of project2:Places with extra features like to perform well by offloading blocking activity (like network access) into separate threads. also add a new feature: thumbnail images on this project. Project:5 Learning Game Tools for Children Description:Its a pretty inserting apps for children they can learn and play the game in same time, the games consist of to identify different shapes,memory based games, to identify colors ,arranging the words from a given set of jumbled words. Project:6 Sculptor Apps Description:This is Pretty interesting Apps user can Rotate ,Zoom Object in 3D,Browse an online model of 3D Objects,Search Favorites & Recent items,Change Models,Add Notes and New Info. Project:7 Pong Game Description:Quite Interesting Game for users can play with A.I. Opponent. Project:8Hello Poly Description:User Can generate many type of polygons as animation pretty good for playing animation. Project:9 Bonjour Gamekit Description:Using This Apps more than two users can play game online using iOS Device. Project:10 Gesture Apps Description: In this Apps a user can pinch , swipe, such type of gesture activity can do with there picture. Project:11 Open GL ES Apps Description: In this Apps a user can play with 3D Apps with Different objects with Texture. Project:12 Push Notification Description: In this Apps user can feel networking using there iPhone/iPad with with another nearby iPone/iPad he can send mail notification to there neighbor device. Project:13 Accessibility Apps Description: This Apps pretty helpful apps for blind person because user can use there iPhone can learn direction, time many things due to voice over touching any screen. Project:14 Compass Apps Using PhoneGap Description: Using This Apps User Can Direction. Project:15 Cocos 2D Game Description:Using This Apps A user can play Farm-ville Games. ACADEMIC PROJECTS Project 1: Analysis & Design of Cognitive Radio Networks Tools: Matlab,USRP2,RF Daughterboard,Python,xml,C++ Description:This Projects main aim to solve such puzzles for example how the insertion of cognitive radio technology into a network will impact performance. Cognitive Radio had been proposed as a promising technology to solve today’s spectrum scarcity problem. It smartly senses the free spectrum and uses it without causing any interference to licensed user A multiple access reconfigurable architecture can be used for this CR system Multiple access techniques perform differently for given conditions. Project 2 Mobile Applications as a Service Tools: Ubuntu9.10,Java ME Description: This project is a step in the direction of making mobile applications downloadable directly to mobile devices using the concept of cloud computing. This is different from existing application providers work as mostly applications are downloaded via internet to computers and then transferred to mobile handsets. This is both timeconsuming and much less exciting for the user who would enjoy browsing through and downloading applications to his mobile phone on-the-fly. Project3:Provable Security Under Virtualization

Tools:Ubuntu9.04,C Description: This Projects Main Aitm to provide a vitualization to end users under critical circumstances. Project 4 Title: NOTIFICARME (Twitter and Email Notifications of Linux Server Events) Tools: C Language, Curl Tools Description: This project was developed as an attempt a module that allows a Linux server to send a Twitter update, and/or email, upon certain server events like Impending shutdown/reboot, activation or improper exit of certain types of processes, Criticality of certain system parameters. SEMINARS  Actively took part in the Seminar on ‘Industrial Ethernet'.  Attended a IEEE Workshop on ‘Wi-Max' Technologies.  A Case Study on CISCO IP Telephone. EXTRAMURAL ACTIVITIES & ACCOLADES  Actively participated in the Technical Case study Competition ‘Symposium’ at IIT Bombay.  Representative of the College’s Event Organizing Committee.  Participated in various Cultural & Social events. PERSONAL DOSSIER Name Date of Birth Gender Marital Status Languages Passport number Skype-ID : Amit Kumar Gupta : 30th June 1985 : Male :Single :English,Hindi,French,Spanish, :G114732 : amitg.iitb