___________________________ _______________________________ _______________________________ _______________________________ _______________________________ Dear Sirs, SUB – ADDITIONAL BANK GUARANTEE (BG) Feb 2011

1. Reference circular No. 5/GP-VI/LIF/1403 dated 28.06.2010 followed further by circular No. 5/LIF/GP-VI/ -B/ dated 12.01.2011 informing firms for additional BG (Copy enclosed). 2. Adequate orders cannot be placed due to insufficient BG held with the Department. In order to calculate the amount of additional BG to be furnished by the firm you are requested to visit CSD Website, where PRGOs of your products indicating all details are uploaded. 3. In case you are unable to access the CSD PRGO, you may contact CSD (EDP Branch) for ‘Pass Word’ and ‘User I/D’, for accessing PRGO of your product. Accordingly, you may submit BG based on the offtake for each index. Since, as per CSD policy, stocks, dues in and orders to be placed are to be covered by BG, further orders are only placed based on sale and stock held of your product. 4. Similarly, the PRGO on the Website would reveal products of your company/firm which are Slow/Non moving, which need to be analysed at your end and action to improve the sale through Consumer Promotion Schemes be addressed, to avoid raising of Debit Note against such stocks. Thanking you,

Yours sincerely,


GOVERNMENT OF INDIA MINISTRY OF DEFENCE CANTEEN STORES DEPARTMENT Ref No. considering offtake of your products. You are once again requested to submit Additional Bank Guarantee to cover all assets. 3.5/LIF/GP-VI/ M/s. SUB – ADDITIONAL BANK GUARANTEE 2011 1. Thanking you. BG is required to cover all assets (stock + Dues in + Orders). Bank Guarantee is required from Nationalized Banks with validity of 3 years. Yours faithfully (MARIA D’SOUZA) MANAGER GP-VI (LIF) FOR GENERAL MANAGER . could not be placed due to insufficient Bank Guarantee related to sale of your products. 2. ___________________________ _______________________________ _______________________________ _______________________________ _______________________________ Dear Sirs. It is reiterated that submission of Additional Bank Guarantee does not imply that additional orders will be placed. It is seen that adequate orders.

SUB: CHANGE IN ORDERING TERMS 1. 1st July 2010. Hence. Therefore. to ensure that the supplies are continuous. Kindly forward the additional BG at the earliest.GOVERNMENT OF INDIA MINISTRY OF DEFENCE CANTEEN STORES DEPARTMENT Ref.f.______________________ _________________________ _________________________ _________________________ _________________________ Dear Sir. CSD Depots. in order to safeguard Govt. 5/GP VI/LIF/1403 M/s. you are requested to provide additional Bank Guarantee to cover the stocks and orders awaiting execution. all firms are required to provide Bank Guarantee for their items. the BG amount should cover five times the average all India monthly sales of the products so as (N CHANDRASEKAR ) DY GEN MANAGER (LIF) FOR GENERAL MANAGER . as stated in the letter of introduction 28 Jun’10 of your products in CSD inventory range. purchase orders for all items covered under BG will be placed by Head Office henceforth. As per the policy of the Department. Adequate BG is essential to ensure that orders are placed commensurate to the sale potential of your products. No. to plan for your further orders by CSD HO. Funds held up in stocks. Hence. 3. 2. therefore will not place local supply orders for items under BG w.e.

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