GV-Eye V1.1.1 for iPhone and iPod Touch GV-Eye HD V1.1.

1 for iPad
With GV-Eye / GV-Eye HD V1.1.1, you can connect to GV-IP devices from your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad to remotely watch live view and take snapshots. GV-Eye V1.1.1 is designed for iPhone and iPod Touch, while GV-Eye HD V1.1.1 is designed for iPad. System Requirements: Handheld Device View GV-Eye V1.1.1 for iPhone and iPod Touch GV-Eye HD V1.1.1 for iPad OS Supported Port Protocol iPhone OS 4.2.3 or above VSS Port: 10000 TCP/IP

Specifications: Supported Codec and Resolutions MPEG4 MJPEG H.264 Supported Functions GV-IP Devices D1 (720 x 480) or lower 2M (1920 x 1080) or lower 2M (1920 x 1080) or lower Live View, Snapshots, I/O Trigger, PTZ Control & Presets, Multiple Camera View

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Revision Date: 12/1/2011

1 You can download GV-Eye V1.Installing GV-Eye / GV-Eye HD V1.1 / GV-Eye HD V1.1 from App Store and install the application. 2 Revision Date: 12/1/2011 .1.1. The GV-Eye / GV-EyeHD icon will appear on the desktop. GV-Eye icon on iPhone / iPod Touch GV-Eye HD icon on iPad GeoVision Inc.1.

Click the GV-Eye icon Tap the Add button on the desktop of your phone. Tap the host name to connect to the live view. username and password to log in to the GV-IP device. Enter the Host name. 3 Revision Date: 12/1/2011 . Domain/IP address. Tap the To delete login information. . port number. This page appears. . Tap the Save button. 3. to access the installation guide. 4. follow these steps: 1. The welcome page appears. The GV-IP Device is now added to the connection list and will be available the next time you access GV-Eye.Connecting to GV-IP Devices To connect your iPhone. GeoVision Inc. tap the Edit button and then tap the Delete icon Information icon 5. 2. You can tap the Edit button and then select an IP device to edit existing login information. iPod Touch and iPad to GV-IP devices.

The following buttons are available: • • • • • Snapshot I/O Device : Zooms in and out. PTZ control Enables PTZ control. Tap a number to force the output device to be triggered. GeoVision Inc. iPod Touch or iPad is positioned vertically. The I/O icon will be highlighted briefly when I/O is triggered. : Moves the camera back to Home position. Icon Name Screen division Function Displays up to four channels on the same page if the GV-IP device supports multiple channels. Note: The PTZ control and I/O device functions are only accessible on devices with PTZ control and I/O devices. 4 Revision Date: 12/1/2011 . This function is only supported by GV-SD010 : Moves the camera to a preset point by typing the preset number. Saves the current image in the mobile device. The following buttons are available when the iPhone.Live View: GV-IP Devices You can tap the information button at the top-right corner to see the connection information. : Adjusts the focus. Drag across the camera live view screen to adjust the camera position. : Adjusts the iris.

06 2011-09-15 or later) GV-MFD120 / GV-MFD220 / GV-MFD320 / GV-MFD520 (Firmware V1.tw/english/5_3. GeoVision Inc.06 2011-09-15 or later) GV-BX110D / GV-BL110D / GV-MFD110 / GV-FE110 / GV-FE111 (Firmware V1.06 2011-09-15 or later) GV-BX120D / GV-BX220D / GV-BX320D / GV-BX520D (Firmware V1.Supported GV-IP Devices The following GV-IP devices are compatible with GV-Eye / GV-Eye HD V1.1. please visit http://www.04 2011-01-14 or later) GV-VS04A (Firmware V1.06 2011-01-14 or later) Note: To upgrade your GV-IP Devices to the newest firmware.49 2010-03-08 or later) GV-Compact DVR V2 (Firmware V1.01 2011-04-15 or later) GV-IP Camera (Firmware V1.09 2010-05-26 or later) GV-VS12 (Firmware V1.06 2011-09-15 or later) GV-VD120D / GV-VD220D / GV-VD320D (Firmware V1.05 2011-01-14 or later) GV-VS02 (Firmware V1.07 2010-10-15 or later) GV-CB120 / GV-CB220 (Firmware V1.com.03 2011-01-17 or later) GV-VS02A (Firmware V1.06 2011-09-15 or later) GV-BL120D / GV-BL220D / GV-BL320D (Firmware V1.1: • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • GV-PT110D / GV-PTZ010D (Firmware V1. 5 Revision Date: 12/1/2011 .06 2011-09-15 or later) GV-FD120D / GV-FD220D / GV-FD320D (Firmware V1.geovision.asp.07 2010-10-15 or later) GV-IP Speed Dome (Firmware V1.