GV-Eye V1.1.1 for iPhone and iPod Touch GV-Eye HD V1.1.

1 for iPad
With GV-Eye / GV-Eye HD V1.1.1, you can connect to GV-IP devices from your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad to remotely watch live view and take snapshots. GV-Eye V1.1.1 is designed for iPhone and iPod Touch, while GV-Eye HD V1.1.1 is designed for iPad. System Requirements: Handheld Device View GV-Eye V1.1.1 for iPhone and iPod Touch GV-Eye HD V1.1.1 for iPad OS Supported Port Protocol iPhone OS 4.2.3 or above VSS Port: 10000 TCP/IP

Specifications: Supported Codec and Resolutions MPEG4 MJPEG H.264 Supported Functions GV-IP Devices D1 (720 x 480) or lower 2M (1920 x 1080) or lower 2M (1920 x 1080) or lower Live View, Snapshots, I/O Trigger, PTZ Control & Presets, Multiple Camera View

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Revision Date: 12/1/2011

1.1 You can download GV-Eye V1.1 / GV-Eye HD V1. The GV-Eye / GV-EyeHD icon will appear on the desktop. 2 Revision Date: 12/1/2011 .Installing GV-Eye / GV-Eye HD V1.1. GV-Eye icon on iPhone / iPod Touch GV-Eye HD icon on iPad GeoVision Inc.1 from App Store and install the application.1.

Tap the Save button. username and password to log in to the GV-IP device. port number. You can tap the Edit button and then select an IP device to edit existing login information. iPod Touch and iPad to GV-IP devices. 2. Domain/IP address. Click the GV-Eye icon Tap the Add button on the desktop of your phone. . 4. to access the installation guide. tap the Edit button and then tap the Delete icon Information icon 5. Tap the host name to connect to the live view. The GV-IP Device is now added to the connection list and will be available the next time you access GV-Eye. Tap the To delete login information.Connecting to GV-IP Devices To connect your iPhone. GeoVision Inc. 3 Revision Date: 12/1/2011 . The welcome page appears. Enter the Host name. This page appears. . follow these steps: 1. 3.

4 Revision Date: 12/1/2011 . Saves the current image in the mobile device. Drag across the camera live view screen to adjust the camera position. This function is only supported by GV-SD010 : Moves the camera to a preset point by typing the preset number. The following buttons are available when the iPhone.Live View: GV-IP Devices You can tap the information button at the top-right corner to see the connection information. Note: The PTZ control and I/O device functions are only accessible on devices with PTZ control and I/O devices. GeoVision Inc. The I/O icon will be highlighted briefly when I/O is triggered. The following buttons are available: • • • • • Snapshot I/O Device : Zooms in and out. : Moves the camera back to Home position. : Adjusts the focus. Icon Name Screen division Function Displays up to four channels on the same page if the GV-IP device supports multiple channels. Tap a number to force the output device to be triggered. iPod Touch or iPad is positioned vertically. PTZ control Enables PTZ control. : Adjusts the iris.

06 2011-01-14 or later) Note: To upgrade your GV-IP Devices to the newest firmware.06 2011-09-15 or later) GV-MFD120 / GV-MFD220 / GV-MFD320 / GV-MFD520 (Firmware V1.01 2011-04-15 or later) GV-IP Camera (Firmware V1. GeoVision Inc.06 2011-09-15 or later) GV-BL120D / GV-BL220D / GV-BL320D (Firmware V1.tw/english/5_3.1: • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • GV-PT110D / GV-PTZ010D (Firmware V1.06 2011-09-15 or later) GV-BX120D / GV-BX220D / GV-BX320D / GV-BX520D (Firmware V1.geovision.05 2011-01-14 or later) GV-VS02 (Firmware V1.06 2011-09-15 or later) GV-BX110D / GV-BL110D / GV-MFD110 / GV-FE110 / GV-FE111 (Firmware V1.1.06 2011-09-15 or later) GV-VD120D / GV-VD220D / GV-VD320D (Firmware V1.07 2010-10-15 or later) GV-IP Speed Dome (Firmware V1.Supported GV-IP Devices The following GV-IP devices are compatible with GV-Eye / GV-Eye HD V1.07 2010-10-15 or later) GV-CB120 / GV-CB220 (Firmware V1.49 2010-03-08 or later) GV-Compact DVR V2 (Firmware V1.09 2010-05-26 or later) GV-VS12 (Firmware V1.asp.06 2011-09-15 or later) GV-FD120D / GV-FD220D / GV-FD320D (Firmware V1. please visit http://www.03 2011-01-17 or later) GV-VS02A (Firmware V1.04 2011-01-14 or later) GV-VS04A (Firmware V1. 5 Revision Date: 12/1/2011 .com.