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1.4.1 Release
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1. Regression Test Plan
The below plan outlines the regression testing coverage for the 5.4.0 release, including the below mentioned tickets: Ticket
27428 27884 28958 28996

Type Defect Defect Defect Defect Defect Defect Defect Defect Defect Defect Defect Defect Defect Defect Defect Defect Defect Defect

In message management, the search screen is still validating off partial member code even when the member code checkbox is not checked Lock wait timeout exceeded during MessageMover.listMessages Add date and time to Greenbar report When clicking on the filling florist portion of an order in Message Management, the sender's information is defaulted when the message is viewed Missing filling florist info in SAK on outbound order Do not restrict Main shop codes from becoming branches if the main shop code does not have any active branches In "QSTAT" change VOI to RJO No Member Note is being created for GOTO members that have gone offline. EROS should drop TCP connection if BUFKALIVE is not echoed back Lock wait timeout exceeded leaves Order in an inconsistent state Auto-Confirmation of Cancel gets INTERNALERROR in race with Filler receiving Order In Call Forwarding, clicking Busy/No Answer increases the call count associated with the shop by two instead of one Delete Member operation will offline the Member and should not Dead code related to Call Forwarding in Edmin OrderMessage Data Truncation: recipient_address CAN received at same time as REJ results in bad call and dead worker EROS Legacy worker dies when parsing bad console sequence number Lock wait timeout caused two orders to give out multiple order

29060 29217 29227 29257 29259 29423 29463 29468 29606 29609 29647 29648 29649 29653

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FOR .04Sender Sending an ANS [1]Direct3 . Release Date: Regression Testing: 01/4/2012 ± 01/13/2012 Live Ordering: 01/17/2012 ± 1//18/2012 Live: 01/19/2012 4.02Receiving Orders [1]Direct3 .04Filler Sending an ANS [1]Direct1 .03Sender Sending an ASK [1]Direct1 . y y y Functional Testing Environment: EROS QA1 Regression Test Environment: EROS QA2 ± post promotion of funtionals MD client endpoint / legacy dial up endpoints.05Sending an ASK Page 2 of 3 .1 Automated Message Tests [1]Direct1 .FOR .REC .02Receiving Orders [1]Direct1 .Branch Sending .FOR .07Send a CON [1]Direct4 .01Sending Single [1]Direct5 . Regression Execution Testing case definition is located in Quality Center for manual execution in the following folder: EROS > 1.Branch Sending .FOR . 5.sequence numbers 29762 29766 29776 Defect Defect Enhancement Invalid XML character in Message preventing publishing of MessageReceived event Edmin Sus/Res validation writing error to the server logs Atlas Apollo Member Events Routes 2.4 3.Branch Sending .01Sending Orders [1]Direct1 .01Sending Orders [1]Direct4 .Branch Sending .01Sending [1]Direct3 .ADJ .Branch Sending .04Receiving Incoming FOR Message [1]Direct4 .06Cancel an Order [1]Direct3 .FOR .01Sending Orders [1]Direct3 .SUS . Document Path This document is saved to TFS/QA/Test Plans Product Releases > 1.Branch Sending .4 > 1.01Sending [1]Direct3 . The following tests are defined Below and the tests address all messages being sent and received 5.04Filler Sending an ANS Delivery Confirmation [1]Direct1 .03Forwarding Orders [1]Direct4 .04Receiving Forwarded Orders [1]Direct4 . Environment Setup (1/22/2011) The below items outline the necessary setup prior to beginning the regression execution.4.03Sending an ASK [1]Direct3 .06Reject an Order [1]Direct3 .FOR .02Receiving Orders [1]Direct4 .11> Message Regression.03Filler Sending an ASK [1]Direct1 .

Branch Receiving .2 DLL Regression 6.Branch Receiving .1 Billing data to JDE 6. This is existing Apollo functionality.GEN .02Receiving 5.GEN .05Receiving an ANS [1]Direct5 .Branch Receiving .1.Branch Receiving . Based on these recommendations.1 Billing related Scenarios 6.etc) and the Edmin interface that has b 5. Items out of Scope Based on development recommendations.04Sending an ANS Delivery Confirmation [1]Direct5 . the below functionality should not be impacted by release related changes.FOR .2. However.1. any related branches and the main are suspended as well.04Sending an ANS [1]Direct5 . Areas of Concern: y The dotcom team has a tight schedule for testing availability events. Also. when a branch store is suspended. there is no guarantee that it will be fixed before the deadline.1. 6. but should be noted.01Sending Orders [1]Direct5 .1 Classics Regression 5.03Sending an ASK [1]Direct5 .1 EROS Billing 6. when a main store is suspended.2. End to end testing will be performed as soon as possible and the scenarios that have the highest potential for defects will be tested first. y Page 3 of 3 .Branch Receiving . In Apollo.[1]Direct4 .2 Billing Feed 7.FOR .08Reject an Order [1]Direct4 .1.06Sending an ANS [1]Direct4 . Advantage.1.08Cancel an Order [1]Direct4 .01Sending [1]Direct5 .02Receiving Orders [1]Direct5 . it suspends all the branch stores associated with it.Branch Receiving .09Send a DEN [1]Direct5 . if something serious is detected late in testing.FOR . m3K. QA will not perform a full regression test and the below mentioned functionality.FOR .2 Manual Regression revolves around platforms that cannot be automated (m2k.

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