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The Guardian
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How we made Salt-N-Pepa's Push It

We weren’t the first female rappers – Angie Stone’s group, the Sequence, came before us – but we were the first to go platinum around the world. Pep and I were in college together. We were big time screw-ups. We never went to class. We’d just hang around in the lunch room playing cards, and we formed this amazing friendship. Because we were polar opposites, we fascinated each other. We formed the group when we were part-time telephone operators along with my boyfriend, Hurby “Luv Bug” Azor. At first we called ourselves Supernature, but when we sang, “We go together like salt and pepper”, the n
A Plus
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Pop Culture

WTF Is A Sound Bath, And Should You Try It?

WTF Is It And Should You Try It? is an original A Plus Lifestyle series: Every now and then, we take a closer look at the lifestyle trends taking over our news feeds and find out whether they're worth the hype. No one would describe me as New Age-y. Sure, I care about wellness, dabble in yoga, and sometimes brighten up my organic cold brew with non-dairy alternatives. But I don't opt for alternative medicine, or have a crystals collection, or even know what a chakra actually is. However, I am stressed out, open-minded, and down to try anything twice. So, when I first heard about sound baths, I
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Pop Culture

J Balvin Talks 'Mi Gente' And Spanish-Language Pop's Summer Of Mega Success

For the second time in one summer, a Spanish-language pop song is skyrocketing to worldwide popularity in jaw-dropping numbers. "Mi Gente" ("My People") by Colombian-born J Balvin and featuring French artist Willy William, has fans once again ignoring language barriers and going for the grooves. While the remixed "Despacito" features Spanglish, "Mi Gente" is in full-on español, which is making the music industry pay even closer attention. So, what's going on here? First of all, let's examine the music. Both songs are fueled by reggaeton, a genre birthed in Puerto Rico and Panama. Along with ba
Born to Run
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The Boss is back…

Bruce Springsteen’s much-anticipated memoir is especially intimate in his self-narrated audiobook. Written with his characteristic lyricism and honesty, it’s a memoir as much about an American rock star as about America itself.