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Women's Health
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Bare Minimum

NAKED workout In bare-bones spirit, we’ll get straight to the point: “There’s a misconception that body-weight exercises are less effective for building strength than loaded ones, so they’re often thought of as ‘the beginner’s routine,’ ” says certified strength and conditioning specialist Mike Robertson, founder of Robertson Training Systems in Indianapolis. And now, the drumroll… “I’ve destroyed super-fit clients using nothing but their own weight as resistance.” As deceptively tough as body-weight moves can be, they offer a unique perk. “By eliminating the extra stress of weights, your brai
Men's Health
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Food & Wine

Burn 40 Pounds of Fat

Posting photos of your healthy meals on Instagram can encourage weight loss by generating support for your efforts, research shows. It worked for Tory Miller (below). The Setback I work 15 to 17 hours a day, six days a week. After eating poorly all week, I would run to Culver’s or eat pizza on Sunday as a “treat.” My doctors weren’t happy. My health was getting worse. The Wake-up call Six months after I’d bought fitted snap-button chef jackets for my new restaurant, I sat down for a meeting and three of the buttons popped open. I was almost 40 with two sons. I realized I needed to start thinki
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Alcohol=Muscle Loss?

Sarcopenia is the loss of muscle tissue that occurs as a natural part of the aging process. But how fast and how much muscle is lost may increase as a result of alcohol consumption, according to a new study conducted at Korea University College of Medicine in Seoul. Typical muscle loss occurs at an average rate of 6 percent per decade in postmenopausal women, but drinking alcohol accelerated sarcopenia in women who were moderate to heavy drinkers. The researchers concluded that the study findings strengthen the recommendation that postmenopausal women should limit their alcohol intake to impro