New York Magazine 02/05/17
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1 “If the campaign estranged Kushner from the privileged world he once inhabited, the election represented a conclusive break,” wrote Andrew Rice in his profile of Donald Trump’s son-in-law turned shadow campaign manager, Jared Kushner (“The Young Tr
The Circus Comes To America
Covering Washington’s big power shifts, then and now.
The National Interest: Jonathan Chait
The Republicans Own Obamacare Now And the question becomes: How many people will they let suffer?
34 Minutes With … Jeff Zucker
The CNN chief on covering Donald Trump—past, present, and future.
The Culture Business: Mark Harris
Hollywood’s Protests Are Getting to Trump When the Oval Office covets the VIP room.
America Is Still The Future
A love letter to my new country.
Russia: Life After Trust
Once you lose faith in one institution, you start to lose faith in them all. Lessons from Putin’s Moscow.
Long On Trump
Wall Streeters like Anthony Scaramucci BET HEAVY ON The Would-be President back when that seemed like a pretty dumb investment. BONUS TIME!
Government By Gazillionaires
In his bid to build a staff of “the greatest people, the most incredible people,” Trump has nominated, in the main, plutocrats and those who hold their interests closest to heart.
1 The Myth Of Dressing Your Age
I’m not giving up my leather pants.
2 Everybody Needs A Boy Toy
I’M 56. I have never wanted to be married, I’ve never wanted children, and I’m not interested in a conventional relationship. I believe everyone should be free to design the relationship model that works for them. And for me that’s dating younger men
3 Don’t Tell Me I Look Good
DON’T BOTHER TELLING me how good I look, because I know what you really mean. For my age, you mean. Face it: To tell a woman over 50 that she “looks good” is condescending, like telling a 4-year-old that she’s “so big” or a dog that he’s “so smart.”
4 Fast-Forward To Middle Age
Nothing like a baby to make you feel old.
The Look Book
OLIVER BROOKS Former Hillary Clinton Campaign Fellow in Wyoming
Second Home
When a couple returned to a Park Slope duplex they’d vacated ten years ago, they gave it a whole new look.
Dk Kitchen
Dan Kluger steps out of Jean-Georges’s shadow at Loring Place.
Wet Hot American Sandwich
The century-old French dip is all the rage.
Some other super-soggy hot-beef-sandwich styles and where to find them.
Impossible Dream
Brit Marling’s ethereal series The OA is the year’s first sleeper hit. Which is funny, given that a few years ago, it likely never would have gotten made.
Life On Mars
A poignant art exhibit suggests a modest proposal for Syrian refugees—relocating to outer space.
Tragedy Foretold
Oscar winner Asghar Farhadi mines a bygone American classic to tell a compelling story about Iran—and America—today.
The Anticipation Index
What we’re excited about right now.
Archie and Betty and Veronica and Zombies
How a 76-year-old gang of teenagers wound up fighting the undead, meeting the Ramones, and starring in a sex-infused murder-mystery show on the CW.
The Cheat Code
Experiments undertaken to enhance your cultural experience.
Billy Eichner Has A Few Questions
ARMED WITH NOTHING more than a microphone and inexhaustible chutzpah, Billy Eichner has made his candid-interview show Billy on the Street surprisingly compelling. Eichner accosts random passersby with rapid-fire questions (“Santa’s Reindeer or Sex A
What Happened To Paul Auster?
A decade ago, he was a Nobel contender.
Trapped In History
James Baldwin’s words are freshly resonant in I Am Not Your Negro.
How Art Can Fight Trump
Richard Prince may have just taught us.