Bloomberg Businessweek 01/30/17
Trump’s Uncertainty Principle
During Barack Obama’s two terms in the White House, business executives complained that uncertainty about government policy was messing up their decision-making. “Operating a business under conditions of excessive uncertainty is like playing a game w
“Economic Openness Serves Everyone Better”
This is a testing time. Almost a decade on, the world is still reeling from the fallout of the global financial crisis. China faces its fair share of challenges, but we choose to confront them head on. Above all, we remain convinced that economic o
The Great Cities Of Britain Can’t Breathe
The worst air pollution is generally found in Beijing, Delhi, and other metropolises of the developing world, where headlong growth stirs up construction dust and energy providers still burn a lot of coal. But the air in London is dangerously pollute
Tom Price’s Delayed Ethical Epiphany
Representative Tom Price, Donald Trump’s nominee for secretary of health and human services, seems to understand the need to separate public service from private gain. To avoid conflicts of interest, Price has said he will divest from several dozen c
Ups Ajit Pai, a longtime Washington lawyer, was promoted from FCC commissioner to chairman. In December, Pai promised to “fire up the weed whacker” to cut telecom regulations. Target introduced a sweeping policy requiring suppliers to list chemical
Nato Makes It Rain
Defense contractors exult as Trump tells NATO members not to rely on the U.S. | “If you’re a participant, you should be a contributor”
Putin Isn’t So Sure Trump’s A Pal
The Russians now see the president as unpredictable | “There is a sensible shift of expectations in the Kremlin”
Drilling Is Back. What About The Workers?
As it recovers, the oil industry replaces many with machines | For field hands, “now your main tool is a laptop”
The Chinese Rediscover Luxury
The dampening effect of the bribery crackdown is lifting | “People still come to buy,” but they want “more affordable items”
Spread Your Wings And Fly, Penguin
Germany’s Bertelsmann is poised to invest more in publishing as Pearson bows out | “The book market is in much better shape than people predicted five years ago”
Peddling Weed Like It’s Coca-Cola
A new breed of pot seller takes a page from mainstream marketing | “It’s the new cocktail; it’s the new ladies’ night out”
Is China’s Trumpchi Coming To America?
Guangzhou Auto is angling to sell its mainland-made cars in the U.S. | “Chinese brands are fast closing the quality gap”
After Prince’s Death, His Subjects Get To Rule
The lack of a will means his executors can’t follow his wishes | The artist’s “intent is irrelevant because he never wrote it down”
Repeal And _______
The GOP grapples with how to craft a better version of Obamacare | “Now Republicans own the difficulty of improving the health sector”
The Incredible Shrinking State
Trump wants to downplay global warming. Louisiana won’t let him | “We’re not just giving up because they say we have to”
Trump Threatens To Undo Nafta’s Auto Alley
The trade agreement has been particularly good for carmakers | The U.S. has “to play whack-amole with every low-cost country”
Snapchat Can’t Keep It Private
The company’s culture of secrecy is at odds with its IPO plans | “Investors learned their lesson with Twitter”
Apple Tries The Full-Court Press
Its lawsuit against Qualcomm is a bid for better licensing deals | “They’ve got to get their margins higher”
A Real Mr. Fusion Feeds On Used Clothing
A Tokyo company aims to make fabric recycling common practice | “Nobody is doing it, because it’s so difficult”
Ibm’s Big Jobs Dodge
Its pledge to hire Americans contrasts with massive offshoring | “They have my exact job … for other people to get hired into”
Innovation | Li-Fi
Nick Leiber Wi-Fi networks dependent on radio waves are growing more congested all the time—and can’t be used everywhere—so various researchers and companies are betting light waves from LED lamps and overheads can also stream data and connect peopl
Student Loans
A loan servicer is accused of giving rushed and costly advice | “Navient chose to shortcut its obligations”
Trading Wall Street For Jacksonville
Financial companies “nearshore” jobs to less expensive U.S. cities | “Indian food at 11:30 at night does not exist”
China’s Bond Market Has A Forgery Problem
A pair of scandals shakes mainland traders’ confidence | “We will see more and more naked swimmers”
Time To Debate Arctic Drilling Again
A push to tap the wildlife refuge may work this time | “There are a lot of other, cheaper areas that are currently open”
Man Of The (Very Rich) People
Wilbur Ross is the face of Donald Trump’s experiment in government by—and possibly for—the plutocracy
How Uber And Airbnb Fought City Halls, Won Over The Citizenry, Outlasted Rivals, And Figured Out The Sharing Economy
In January 2009 the three founders of a little-known website called decided at the last minute to attend the inauguration of Barack Obama. Brian Chesky, Joe Gebbia, and Nathan Blecharczyk were all in their mid-20s and had no ti
Game On!
On a large, reclaimed-metal conference table in the lofty, brightly painted Seattle offices of Wonder Forge—among roaming dogs, treadmill desks, a surfboard, and Snoopy and Darth Vader figurines—the company’s latest board game is ready for play. Flig
If You Build It, Will They Come?
Chris McNamara, an experienced rock climber and BASE jumper, was dangling from a cliff near the city of South Lake Tahoe in March 2016 when he had a vision: “It was snowy and super beautiful, and I realized this place ought to be a world capital of o
See The Light
How are they different from a traditional sauna? Proponents say the lower temperatures of infrared saunas let you stay in them longer to reap greater benefits—from weight loss to increased circulation to “cellular detox.” “There are two components t
The Comeback Kid
Sheelah Kolhatkar’s Black Edge dissects the government’s failed case against hedge fund giant Steve Cohen.
Lisa Turner
Interview by Jason Chen What’s your job? I’m in and out of my store creating new spaces. I take meetings with clients and try to keep their dogs off me while I’m at their houses. It’s glamorous and unglamorous. How would you describe your style?