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Can California Stop Trumpism at its Borders?
California is preparing to lead the national revolt against the new president.
The Truth Behind the Last Battle of Vietnam
Disturbing new details reveal what the U.S. government has kept hidden for decades.
Putin, Russia and the Return of Cold War Liberals
Accusations that Russia assisted Trump’s presidential campaign have liberals turning back into hawks.
When ‘Locker Room Talk’ Leads to Suspensions
Elite colleges including Harvard and Columbia are suspending athletes due to lewd private messages.
Shifting Sands: How Long Can Oman Be an Oasis of Peace?
The country’s leader, Sultan Qaboos bin Said, has ruled for 46 years but reportedly has terminal cancer.
How a U.S. Consultancy Helped Oust Gambia’s Dictator
After 22 years, Gambia finally has a new leader. Why were so many voters thanking a couple of guys in D.C.?
Tooth, Heal Thyself
Researchers stimulated the regrowth of teeth in mice.
Beware Brain Boosters
Loosely regulated dietary supplements of the sort Pena-Reames took have found a rich vein of acceptance among middle-age and older Americans increasingly worried about losing their mental acuity.
HBO Goes Inside Slenderman, the Murderous Internet Meme
A new HBO documentary tells the horror story of a childhood friendship gone awry, and an obsession with a meme that ended in attempted murder.
Trump Says a Lot, but Not With Words
The president-elect is a fascinating study in the power of nonverbal forms of communication.
Acid Is the New Xanax
Writer Ayelet Waldman was on the verge of suicide until she self-medicated with LSD.