Arunprabhakar Deepthi Dhanasheela Durai Gopinath

Objective of the field visit  To understand the lifestyle of the people in rural areas  To know about how the FMCG players enter into the rural markets  To know about the fake products in the markets .

Palayam.About Kokilapuram  Kokilapuram is a village near by Chinnamanur. Higher Secondary Schools in Ravanpatti. 5 Kms away from the village Transport system – Share Autos . Daily Wages Primary school. Theni     District Occupations – Agriculture. Theni & Kambam Hospital – in palayam.

Lifestyle of the people  Importance to education. Grinder & Refrigerator . hygiene  Brand awareness  Own house and good infrastructure  TV’s. cleanliness.

Products  Toiletries  Bathing Soap  Washing Soap  Washing Powder  Shampoo  Cosmetics  Paste .

 Cooking Products  Masala  Salt  Oil  Milk  Tea & Coffee powder  Gas Cylinders .

Procter & Gamble have made their products available in the retail outlets. ITC have good market share in these markets .Distribution  Major FMCG companies like HUL.  Companies like Cavinkare. But still local products and fake products still available in the markets which are threat to the top MNC’s.

Miranda  Daily Milk .Sprite  Good Luck .Dairy Milk .Fake Products But normally we find out many fake products with similar name to branded products.  Polpenlibe – Alpenlibe  Special .Good Night coils  Marantha . Eg.

Radio . Veerapandi river.. etc via Kokilapuram  The Advertisements and the Product Dealers plays a vital role in the introduction of New product varieties  The people are having a good knowledge about the daily happenings through the means of T. which is mainly due to the influence who go to many tourist places such as Suruli falls.V.Overall Learnings  The people have a good lifestyle. Newspaper. Kerala.

Contd…. mainly for NREGA  Most of the women too work in various forms such as in 100 day work. in constructions.  The people there are very friendly and they are very happy to share their thoughts  Their hospitality was too good and in some places it was very touchable . having cattle/poultry/cows in their houses.  Many women are in SHGs  Most of the People have bank accounts. have petty shops. agricultural works.

The dealers mostly collect the money only after the sales of the products. t-shirts. banners given by the dealers to promote the sales . especially the FMCG companies enter     into the rural market through the dealer force The dealers will go the kirana/petty shops of the rural areas and give the products for sales.Entry of the companies  The companies. This is especially for the new products Advertisement play a vital role in rural marketing Also there are free gifts.

Problems  The people there shared many of their problems with us. Also the workers will sell the quality goods in black and because of that they didn’t get many goods .  We don’t have a hospital even for a first aid  We don’t have a school for our children  The Public Distribution Centre is too bad. The centre will be opened for once or twice a week.

The pigs destroy the banyan plantains. food crops. etc.Contd…. There are no preventive steps taken by the authorities in controlling that.  The pigs create a big mess in the farms & fields. It creates a big loss to the farmers .

It was a good experience .Interesting Things  Our team watched a Fight between Cocks in a house. The family always participate in the cock fight that takes place in the surrounding places.

The special thing in this is.  We came to know about a Lawyer’s family. under the rule of Britishers . Mr. Kandhasamy Devar (late) was worked as a lawyer in 1942.  We gone around the farms and saw many different varieties of birds  We saw many fake products which imitate the branded products.Contd….


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