Sources- Hindustan times , 28th Nov,2013

“Organizing a group of people to achieve a common goal.DEFINE THE LEADER At an individual level a leader is a person who helps people to grow understand new rules and adopt to perform in a new environment. .

E. Help people realize their potential. “ If you can dream it. you can achieve it”.  .  Build a trust among people .   Lead by example .THREE IMPORTANT TRAITS OF A LEADER  A leader should build :Confidence in the team.g.: Inspirational word given by Dhirubhai Ambani.

.  In other words how can a manger become a leader.  Yes. . .  A leader must have conviction about the vision and ensure the team follow.CONT. especially on leadership. Everyone can become a leader. . Good guidance and training are the key ingredients for a good leader.  Manager become a leader where the roles his team members better than him.  Can leadership be learnt .

ROLE OF A PROFESSIONAL LEADER IN A COMPANY A professional leader in a promoter driven. the performance of the team with clear direction to achieve that ambition.  Company is the most important assets to achieve the promoters ambition with expectable results .  Leads .

 .  Be fair and be passionate about your people company and your customer.  Focus on your strength and blunt your weaknesses.LEADERSHIP MANTRA Be transparent.  Lead by example and be a team player .  Inclusive.

28th Nov .Bhartiya mahila bank – ( India’s first women bank ) Sources--.2013 .Hindustan Times.

the bank will allow Deposits and lending the Money only for women.  Bank exclusively for women.  Bhartiya Mahila Bank is the first Indian financial services banking company for the women based in New Delhi.  PM Manmohan Singh managed the system on 12th November. .CONT. . India. . .

 To give a slight conversion on loan rates to women.  To promote entrepreneurship[ skills among the women.  To promote asset ownership.OBJECTIVES  To help in economic activity by providing financial existence to women. .

1.       .000 cr. Providing Health Insurance: To boost savings among women the BMB is set to after free health insurance. Insurance will cover only ailments.ADDED VALUE    Capital: The bank initial capital consists of Rs.1 lakhs to start their venture. Giving small retail loans which is less than Rs. Less than 30% of the country women have bank accounts. This free insurance cover the women who currently do not have a Bank A/C. plans to have 25 branches by the end of March 2014 and 500 by the end of 2017. The govt.

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