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With our analysis we conclude that Faber-Castell is a power brand
but there are still few areas where it can improve upon such as:
• Focus more on differentiating factors and right now
Aspiring Power Faber-Castell is competing more on relevance
(Differentiation & Relevance)

Brands Brands • Focus on few esteem parameters like
recommendations etc. where it scored low compared
D D R E K to other factors
• As knowledge is little higher then esteem which can
Brand Strength

New Fading go against Faber-Castell because consumer claims to
Brands K
know all about the company, which can lead to
D R E problems while dealing with negativities.
Eroding • It scores low on size factor which is a strong
D R E K Brands differentiating factor
• As it is a power brand it should try venturing into
Brand Stature different categories to keep its existing customers
(Esteem & Knowledge) engaging and to acquire more customers
“Busy Binaifer should be our potential TG” • Though its highly engaging yet able to differentiate
with competitors marginally.