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‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ The Current Business Scenario being addressed by AaramShop. The Retail Eco-system addressed by AaramShop The process of engagement. The free services that the brands can leverage. The paid services offered to brands.

The presence of private labels in the LFRs is a potential long term problem for brands that work hard at creating consumer desire and category interest. which while a step ahead of massmedia. however FMCG brands are yet to see serious & quantifiable returns coming out of their new media strategies (unlike other verticals like durables. still does not result in actual transactions. however. services or technology). ‡ ‡ ‡ .The business scenario ‡ New media offers engagement opportunities like never before. only to loose out in the last mile. The brands are eager to engage with the traditional trade as the margins and reach is better. the new media related opportunities with the traditional trade have been not existent so far. Most of the new media usage / initiatives by FMCG brands is confined to drive awareness of the brand.

.Is a hybrid retail platform for FMCG / CPG brands that engages with the busy urban consumer in a manner to induce purchase by leveraging on the strengths of traditional independent retailers.

The eco-system that AaramShop addresses: The Brand Owner The Traditional Retailer The Busy Urban Family .

The Busy Urban Family .

well-qualified. They are extensively dependent on the domestic help to ensure household chorus are addressed. Focus is on achieving a better & higher quality of life style. Travel time to and from work is extensive and tiring yet unavoidable. Economic needs and qualifications mean that both parents (and kids) lead a hectic & stressful lifestyle. working in jobs which require them to dedicate time and effort. (DIFM mindset) . The family sizes are small (nuclear) and is limited to couples and their kids.The sub-forty families. both at and away from work.

They have transacted on the web. They are excessive users of all things on the web and their acceptability to web is a nonissue. They are users of smart phones and their phones need to meet their lifestyle. Usage of web is extensive at work and at home. ensures that they have ample excess not only to computers but to high speed connectivity. . They are starting to enjoy the power of mobile apps. but is still a significant area of concern and avoidable.Their work environment.

The lifestyle requirements mean that modern trade is where the indulgent shopping is done. the regular / daily top up purchases are still done at the neighborhood store. Significant part of the neighborhood purchase is done on the phone and is delivered or is picked up by the domestic help. The reason for modern trade preference is on account of a better shopping experience and a wider range of choice. Shopping of FMCG is looked at as an unavoidable must do (increasingly also at the modern trade) . However.

The Traditional Retailer. .

He is owner of one of the 12 million traditional retailers in India. He owns the shop and caters to the immediate catchment area. (density of 11 per 1000 households) He has been in this family business for a long time (in cases over generations). his personal (or family member s) presence in the shop is mandatory to be successful in business. The shop is the core business and takes up all his time. . While he has assistants for various functions.

however.He caters to the catchment area and competes with multiple shops in the area.per transaction. which has stayed the same over the last few years. his relationship with the residents was very strong. Home delivery is a critical aspect of his business and can contribute to as much as 40 50% of the business. rather than going up. Almost all of the business is repeat and his one on one relationships with customers is key. The customers average spend is Rs 200/. Some years back. . the newer generation is not very responsive.

30% of the business is where he extends monthly credit. the average margin which is available to him is sub 7%. however.95% of the shop s revenue comes from packaged consumer goods (FMCG). . Revenue from other misc income like branded racks etc is about 3% at best. The shop sells at MRP or lower. The biggest loss of business is on account of major purchases being done at the modern trade.

 The busy urban consumer.  The traditional retailer. concerns & opportunities of all the three target segments. .  The brand owner.Aaram Shop addresses the business & lifestyle challenges.

Shops & places order on preferred AS The order is forwarded to the AS The consumer Products are listed and displayed.How does AaramShop work? Fulfillment & POD Logs in. . Consumer & Marketing Intelligence is shared. The independent traditional retailers. The FMCG brand owner Products are placed as per existing norms of the company.

Premium services. All listing of SKUs of the brand is free. marketing & intelligence) would be made available at a cost. Registration and listing of the shortlisted retailer is free of cost. . All services are available to the retailer free. log-ins and usage of all services available on the site are 100% free and will stay free for ever.AaramShop s engagement with the eco-system The busy urban consumer The Traditional Retailer The FMCG brand owner The registration. when introduced would come at a fee. however. all value added services ( preferred listing.

.Free services on AaramShop for brands Please refer to the comprehensive document on the free services offered to brands on AaramShop attached.

Some of the paid services for brands on AaramShop (yet to be introduced except Value@Home Vouchers) .

‡ Ability to customize marketing initiatives basis insights from various analytics . ‡ the power of real-time market analytics and complete control on the strategy. ‡ Option to influence customers path to purchase. ‡ Availability of brands online and hence can morph AaramShop platform with any existing marketing campaign.What is in it for the brands? ‡ A transaction ready social shopping infrastructure which ensures a possible shift from I like to click to bag . ‡ Listing of all national & regional FMCG brands .absolutely free.

AaramShop will not be available for brands of the following nature: ‡ It should not be a private label ‡ It shouldn't be an imported niche brand not qualifying the above parameters AaramShop also does not list commodities. .Key qualifiers for the brand to be listed in the platform? ‡ Brands with national presence ‡ Or a significant regional presence ‡ Should have requisite government approvals (Weights and Measures Specs) ‡ Brands that advertise ‡ It should have a MRP ‡ Should be present at the independent neighborhood retail outlets.

11. 3. By reviewing data-points related to consumer preference and behavior online vis-à-vis the brand and its category. By offering incentives via badges and offers on the frequent purchase. By ADVERTISING! . By optimizing the product in the consumers path to purchase. 4. 8.How can a brand leverage AaramShop platform for itself? 1. By promoting sales promotions and other offers online and with an integrated offline strategy. 10. 9. By enabling prominence of the brand within the category to ensure a higher throughput. By finding a way on the quick order list. 5. By enabling its customers to make a more informed choice. 6. By extending their offline promotions and other marketing initiatives on the platform. for example vouchers. 2. and of sharing their views within their network. By appearing in the featured product category. 12. 7. By targeting AaramShop databases based on consumer behavior. By understanding reviews by customers and enabling the same by way of enhanced social media integration.

aaramshop. .com Also join us on N-114. Please contact AaramShop or your marketing or media agency. Connaught Place. Also subscribe to updates relating to professional use of AaramShop PRO and register on the Brand Engagement Center for self administration. Level 2. Please visit and experience the AaramShop platform on www.For more information on AaramShop. New Delhi 110001 India.

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