The Atlantic19 min read
Jason Rezaian Hopes His Iranian Captors Read Prisoner
The Washington Post correspondent jailed for 544 days describes in his new memoir a world that’s more complicated than good versus evil.
The Atlantic6 min read
Tom Steyer Wants the 2020 Democrats Supporting Impeachment
The billionaire founder of Need to Impeach is planning to turn his 7 million supporters loose on all of the presidential candidates. Their campaigns aren’t pleased.
The Atlantic4 min read
Who Really Gets Hurt by Violent Fantasies?
Have you ever thought about killing someone? Not plotted it out, necessarily, but fantasized about offing a bully or boss or boyfriend in a desperate search for catharsis? I wouldn’t encourage you to spend too much time dwelling on all the rejections
The Atlantic6 min read
Kamala Harris's Campaign Strategy: Don't Pick a Lane
The 2020 candidate is pitching herself as the one who can actually put together a winning coalition of voters, a goal Democrats have obsessed over since their shocker loss in 2016.
The Atlantic8 min read
The Doctors Who Invented a New Way to Help People Die
The two lethal medications used by terminal patients who wish to end their own life recently became unavailable or prohibitively expensive.
The Atlantic5 min read
How Plastic Cleanup Threatens the Ocean’s Living Islands
Home to vibrantly colored, tiny creatures, the ecosystems floating on the ocean’s surface remain all but unknown.
The Atlantic4 min read
Social-Media Outrage Is Collapsing Our Worlds
The internet once made it easier to slip from one domain to another. Is there a way to preserve that vital freedom?
The Atlantic6 min read
Breaking Down the 2019 Oscar Nominations
Roma and The Favourite tied for the most nods in a year when a clear Best Picture front-runner never quite emerged.
The Atlantic8 min read
America’s Teachers Are Furious
In Los Angeles, more than 30,000 teachers remain on strike; it took union and city officials more than a week to eke out a tentative agreement that, they announced Tuesday morning, will likely bring them back to their classrooms this week. Last Frida
The Atlantic3 min read
The Atlantic Politics & Policy Daily: In the Cross-Harris
California Senator Kamala Harris is positioning herself as the 2020 Democratic presidential candidate who can put together the winning coalition.
The Atlantic2 min read
The Atlantic Daily: When America’s Teachers Get Mad
At least 409,000 educators have gone on strike over the past year. Plus putting millions behind a push for 2020 Democrats to support impeachment, 2019 Oscar nominations, and more
The Atlantic9 min read
Stop Trusting Viral Videos
A controversial video of Catholic students clashing with American Indians appeared to tell a simple truth. A second video called that story into question. But neither shows what truly happened.
The Atlantic2 min read
The Atlantic Daily: Do Not Hold Video Truths to Be Self-Evident
Viral footage of Catholic students clashing with American Indians appeared at first to tell a simple truth. Plus MLK’s speech on the “three major evils,” Trump Tower Moscow confusion, and more
The Atlantic4 min read
What to Expect at This Year’s Sundance Film Festival
Independent cinema’s biggest event starts this week in Utah, kicking off the 2019 movie season.
The Atlantic6 min read
What the Camp Fire Revealed
Two months after disaster struck, the recovery in Paradise, California, is harder for some than for others.
The Atlantic5 min read
Dear Therapist: Why Won’t My Boyfriend Propose to Me?
We’ve been dating for a while and have talked about marriage, but I’m worried that he’s still scared of commitment.
The Atlantic8 min read
Pollution in India Could Reshape Monsoons
Local emissions over the subcontinent make summer storms more erratic, and may have global consequences.
The Atlantic6 min read
On Happiness Road Is a Playful Yet Profound Coming-of-Age Story
The animated Taiwanese film, which is up for an Oscar nomination, is a poignant portrayal of how fantasy and memory shape identity.
The Atlantic5 min read
Ex-envoy to the Anti-ISIS Coalition Says Trump Has ‘No Plan’ for What’s Next in Syria
Brett McGurk faulted the president for completely reversing Syria policy after one telephone conversation with Turkey’s president.
The Atlantic6 min read
Trump and Cohen May Have Discussed the Moscow Project. ‘So What?’
Rudy Giuliani, on the Sunday shows, says the president never told Michael Cohen to lie about pursuing Trump Tower Moscow during the 2016 campaign.
The Atlantic4 min read
I Failed the Covington Catholic Test
Like many people who spend too much time on Twitter, I watched with indignation Saturday morning as stories began appearing about a confrontation near the Lincoln Memorial between students from Covington Catholic High School and American Indians from
The Atlantic4 min read
Atlantic Readers Respond to Martin Luther King Jr.’s ‘Letter From Birmingham Jail’
In the August 1963 issue, The Atlantic published King’s famous letter under the title “The Negro Is Your Brother.” Readers’ responses were largely positive.
The Atlantic5 min read
The Consequences of Martin Luther King Jr.’s Canonization
The civil-rights leader is now celebrated as a modern founding father, a celebration that gives those who oppose his policy agenda a claim to his legacy.
The Atlantic7 min read
Elizabeth Warren’s Early Stroke of Genius
The senator from Massachusetts announced she was running for president on New Year’s Eve—and then had the field largely to herself.
The Atlantic5 min read
Why There Are No Nuclear Airplanes
Strategists considered sacrificing older pilots to patrol the skies in flying reactors. An Object Lesson.
The Atlantic4 min read
Letters: The Article ‘Sending Chills Through the Interpreter Community’
Last week, The Washington Post reported that President Donald Trump has gone to extreme lengths to conceal the details of his conversations with Russian President Vladimir Putin. On at least one occasion, the Post reported, Trump took possession of t
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The Lackluster Return of Saturday Night Live Had One Real Standout Moment
A delightful “Weekend Update” appearance from John Mulaney and Pete Davidson gave a jolt of energy to an otherwise uninspired episode.
The Atlantic2 min read
There’s Snow on TV, so Trump’s Tweeting About Climate Change
It’s something of an annual tradition for the president. On Sunday morning, as the eastern half of the country endured driving snow and frigid winter winds, Donald Trump asked on Twitter how climate change could be real if it was so cold outside. “Be
The Atlantic5 min read
The Yellow Vests Are Going to Change France. We Just Don’t Know How.
By inaugurating a national “grand debate,” can Macron harness the concerns of citizens without undermining his government’s own mandate?
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