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How Unions Help Moms Take Maternity Leave
Besides fighting for workers’ benefits, unions can influence whether workers take advantage of the ones already available to them, a new study shows.
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The Atlantic Politics & Policy Daily: Rhetoric and Responsibility
Written by Elaine Godfrey (@elainejgodfrey), Madeleine Carlisle (@maddiecarlisle2), and Olivia Paschal (@oliviacpaschal) Robert Bowers, the man facing 29 criminal charges over the murder of 11 people in Saturday’s attack at a Pittsburgh synagogue, ap
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Dear Therapist: I Don’t Want My Nightmare Brother at Thanksgiving
Editor’s Note: Every Monday, Lori Gottlieb answers questions from readers about their problems, big and small. Have a question? Email her at Dear Therapist, I have struggled to get along with my brother for the past 1
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Trump Needs to Demilitarize His Rhetoric
Anti-Semitism in the U.S. is nothing new. Still, it’s shocking to hear coded language—whatever the intention—come from the top.
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Beto O’Rourke’s Huge Facebook Bet
The candidate has outspent Ted Cruz by roughly $5 million—and every other candidate in the midterms by at least $3 million.
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The Fight for Corals Loses Its Great Champion
Ruth Gates dedicated her life to saving the world’s reefs, and training the next generation of reef scientists.
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Can Brazil’s Democracy Withstand Jair Bolsonaro?
The far-right former military officer will be Brazil’s next president, but the country’s legislature and courts may yet restrain him.
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The 2018 World Series Was Good for the Red Sox—And Bad for Baseball
Playoff baseball turns bloody socks into priceless memorabilia, and 12-year-old suburbanites into folk heroes. It is maddening, unpredictable, and altogether emotionally draining. It is also, as the World Series–winning Red Sox illustrate, a dreadful
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The Dilemma of Anti-Semitic Speech Online
Tech companies are struggling to face a culture their platforms helped create, as trolls post racist, vile content in a way that camouflages dangerous people.
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A Slow, Somber End to the Merkel Era
At a press conference following her party’s disappointing showing in state elections in Bavaria and Hesse, Merkel announced what Germans long expected—that her centrist reign will come to an end.
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The Fetishization of Mr. Rogers’s ‘Look for the Helpers’
Turning the reassuring line for children into a meme for adults should make everyone uncomfortable.
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Young People Might Actually Turn Out for the Midterms
As politics becomes more personal for young Americans, new data suggest they could vote next week in numbers not seen in more than 30 years.
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Trump Is the Glue That Binds the Far Right
An analysis of 30,000 Twitter accounts provides a map of online extremists—and reveals that support for Trump is what holds them together.
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How Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Thinks About Female Power
The dark new Netflix series presents a surprisingly complex vision of what women could do with supernatural abilities.
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The Campaign Deval Patrick Is Searching For
The former Massachusetts governor hopes the 2020 presidential race comes down to character—the candidates’ and the country’s.
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Animals Are Riding an Escalator to Extinction
In 1985, John Fitzpatrick hiked up a ridge called Cerro de Pantiacolla, in the Peruvian Andes, in search of birds. On an eight-kilometer uphill walk, he and his team meticulously documented all the birds that lived on the mountainside. They found doz
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My Grandfather Was Welcomed to Pittsburgh by the Group the Gunman Hated
On their second attempt to leave Europe, in 1921, my grandfather and his family spent three days in an outdoor potato cellar. The potatoes don’t seem to have been much help; my grandfather would later recall that they subsisted, for those three days,
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Why Trump Is Blaming the Media Down the Homestretch
The president’s decision to go on the offensive at a moment of fear and division could be cold political calculus—or it could reflect his press-obsessed worldview.
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Trump Shut Programs to Counter Violent Extremism
The administration has hobbled the infrastructure designed to prevent atrocities like Pittsburgh.
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Twitter Should Kill the Retweet
On Monday, Twitter was briefly ablaze after CEO Jack Dorsey reportedly suggested to the Telegraph that the company might eliminate its heart-shaped like button. The company quickly clarified, tweeting that as part of a “commitment to healthy conversa
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How to Write Consent in Romance Novels
The genre has historically offered up plotlines that range from uncomfortable moments of pursuit to nos that imply yes. One author discusses her decision to go about it differently.
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America’s Weaponized Attorneys General
Both parties have taken the gloves off in the midterm elections as they fight for advantage in more than 30 attorneys-general races across the country.   
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An American President Bends to the Demands of Terror
After the attack in Pittsburgh, Trump again expressed his inclination to meet violence with the machinery of a police state.
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Everything You Wear Is Athleisure
Yoga pants, tennis shoes, and the 100-year history of how sports changed the way Americans dress
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Letters: Poetry Was Never Endangered
With the rise of “Insta-poets,” Faith Hill and Karen Yuan wrote recently, today’s poets are no longer just writers—they’re entrepreneurs. As a small-press poetry publisher, I don’t think Instagram has “saved” poetry. I think it is changing one facet
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Why HIAS Became a Target of Hate
The aid agency has transformed itself over the past decade from a group that aids refugees because they are Jewish to a group of Jews that aids refugees.
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The Atlantic Daily: An American Massacre
A gunman killed 11 people at a synagogue in Pittsburgh on Saturday. In the aftermath, a prayer for the victims, a look at America’s environments of hate, calls to action, and more
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‘This President’s Modus Operandi Is to Divide Us’
Commentators from the left and the right say the president needs to be more careful and less caustic in what he says.
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Trump’s Caravan Hysteria Led to This
The president and his supporters insisted that several thousand Honduran migrants were a looming menace—and the Pittsburgh gunman took that seriously.
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A Broken Jewish Community
Squirrel Hill, the Pittsburgh neighborhood where 11 Jews were shot and killed on Saturday, is in mourning.
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