Fast Company5 min read
16. For Helping Us Believe Our Eyes
Early one morning in April 2017, a series of horrific photos and videos began hitting Facebook and YouTube showing civilians in a rebel-held area of northern Syria writhing on the ground and gasping for oxygen as deadly sarin-based gas—which witnesse
Fast Company1 min read
27. For Turning Carbon Emissions Into Power
Last spring, a steel mill in a city east of Beijing began transforming carbon emissions into fuel, thanks to a first-of-its-kind bioreactor filled with microbes that eat waste gases and produce ethanol—as many as 16 million gallons a year at the mill
Fast Company3 min readTech
01.–02. For Pioneering Transactional Super Apps
In the first half of 2018, Meituan Dianping—a Chinese tech platform that expedites the booking and delivery of services such as food, hotel stays, and movie tickets— facilitated 27.7 billion transactions (worth $33.8 billion) for more than 350 millio
Fast Company5 min readTech
In The Grasp Of Big Tech
Fast Company2 min read
15. For Bringing AI To Market
Chinese commerce giant Alibaba’s Hema Xiansheng stores are the showpiece of what it calls “New Retail,” the seamless blending of the digital and physical experience. “Consumers don’t think about the world online versus offline,” says Alibaba Group pr
Fast Company1 min readPsychology
45. For Rewarding Talented Educators
Founded more than a decade ago by public school teacher Paul Edelman, New York City–based Teachers Pay Teachers (TpT) enables educators to sell peer-rated lesson plans to one another. In January 2018, TpT expanded its reach with TpT for Schools, whic
Fast Company2 min readFood & Wine
50. For Cooking Up Delicious Social Spaces
When Robert Thompson opened the first Punch Bowl Social—an “eatertainment” concept that combines games and food—in his hometown of Denver, in 2012, he had one thing in mind: to encourage real, human interaction among millennials, inspired by the Vict
Fast Company2 min read
40. For Scoring In The Clutch
Pro sports teams can now create merchandise that responds to fan demand near instantaneously, thanks to online retailer Fanatics. The company offers a new low-bandwidth shopping site that works in stadiums with poor cell service, and a platform for p
Fast Company1 min read
38. For Rebuilding The Library
One of the first things you notice in the new Calgary Central Library, which opened in November, is what isn’t there: a reference desk. Instead, librarians roam the soaring, four-story building, approaching patrons the way salespeople greet customers
Fast Company3 min read
39. For Scaling Higher Education For Africa’s Rising Generation
With 50% of its population under the age of 19, Africa will be home to the world’s largest workforce by 2035: a billion-plus people who will transform the continent. Statistics like these inspired Ghanaian entrepreneur Fred Swaniker, who opened the A
Fast Company3 min read
30.–32. For Taking Medicine To New Frontiers
FOUNDATION MEDICINE For matching cancer patients to breakthrough treatments The promise of precision medicine is becoming a reality in cancer treatment, where patients now routinely have tumors genomically tested before deciding on how to respond.
Fast Company12 min readFashion & Beauty
05. For Fixing Retail One Data Point At A Time
While working on a PhD in astrophysics, Chris Moody used supercomputers to simulate how galaxies crash into each other. For his first nonacademic job, he joined Square as a data scientist in 2013. About a year later, he started talking with some data
Fast Company2 min read
How To Manage Morries
All those myths about people born on Tuesday? Yeah, they’re pretty much true. So here’s how to handle this growing population.
Fast Company1 min read
23. For Knowing How To Chill
You’ve probably eaten something today that was shipped by Lineage Logistics. About 90% of the food Americans consume requires refrigeration at some point during transport, and Lineage provides that service for some 3,000 customers, including food gia
Fast Company2 min read
46. For Making The Ordinary Extraordinary
If the idea of a smart coffee cup sounds silly to you, you probably haven’t tried the Ember Ceramic Mug. Envisioned by the San Francisco design studio Ammunition, it has a built-in heater to keep coffee warm for hours, but otherwise looks and feels l
Fast Company3 min read
19. For Picking Up The Pace
Last year, Domino’s tallied more than 60% of its U.S. sales via digital orders, achieved its 30th straight quarter of same-store sales growth, and saw its stock rise 22% in a tumultuous market. These milestones were driven by the company’s efforts to
Fast Company1 min read
21. For Finding Harmony Amid Disruption
There’s a good chance that your favorite bop from 2018 came from a Universal Music Group artist: Drake’s Scorpion was the top album of the year on Apple Music, Ariana Grande was Spotify’s most-streamed female artist, and Taylor Swift’s Reputation ran
Fast Company1 min read
33. For Mobilizing Against Toxins
Direct-to-consumer skincare and cosmetic brand Beauty-counter refuses to use more than 1,500 legal but questionable chemicals in its products, but for founder and CEO Gregg Renfrew, there’s another number that’s even more important: 40,000. That’s ho
Fast Company1 min readFashion & Beauty
41. For Designing A Less Wasteful Fashion Industry
An estimated 15% of all clothes and shoes churned out daily in the $3 trillion global fashion industry go unsold and are dumped in landfills or—worse—incinerated. “Fashion is driven by guess-work months before something is sold in a store,” says Hal
Fast Company1 min read
37. For Feeding The Hypebeasts
For his first game as an L.A. Laker last October, Kyle Kuzma entered the Staples Center in a pair of vintage 2003 Nike Zoom Flights. It was partially to honor teammate LeBron James, who had worn the style for his NBA debut, but also to build awarenes
Fast Company1 min read
44. For Forging An Indie Film Community
The movie Eighth Grade, YouTube star Bo Burnham’s directorial debut about middle-school Sturm und Drang in the age of social media, was a hit among critics at the 2018 Sundance Film Festival. But it became a commercial success a few months later than
Fast Company1 min read
11. For Incubating Cult Brands In-house
One room is full of sequins and kids’ clothes. Another has lamps and tables, and yet another houses beakers of various dishwashing detergents. This is Target’s Minneapolis-based design lab, where Julie Guggemos, the company’s senior VP of product des
Fast Company2 min read
06. For Flaunting Its Roots
With 91 restaurants in eight states and a network of 150 farmers across the country, Sweetgreen has created a fast-casual, farm-to-table empire that’s poised to expand by (at least) another 15 outposts this year. Here’s how the company has embraced i
Fast Company1 min read
03. For Giving Every Fan A Courtside Seat
In an age of distraction, the NBA holds people’s attention. Last year, the league broke attendance records for the fourth straight season; its streaming service grew subscribers by 63%; and total revenue increased 25%. One reason: the year-old NBA 2K
Fast Company2 min read
Finding The Spark
Is innovation dead? From some angles, it might look that way. Many of the companies we expect to churn out breakthrough technologies are instead, and rightly, focused on rebuilding trust with their employees, customers, and local communities. Facebo
Fast Company9 min read
Just Doing It
Wieden+Kennedy leverages its independence to make advertising that transcends branding and drives the pop-culture conversation.
Fast Company2 min read
Leaders In Motion
Since its inception in 1995, Fast Company has sought to portray business and businesspeople in surprising ways. Our focus on innovation—as opposed to mere scale or power—allows us to look beyond CEOs to highlight a diverse set of visionaries, such as
Fast Company3 min read
West World
Next month, a daring, $20 billion development officially opens in a previously inhospitable and uninhabitable area on Manhattan’s Far West Side. Spearheaded by real estate firm Related Companies (and partly paid for by the city), the 28-acre Hudson Y
Fast Company6 min readTech
The Slow Death Of Open Offices
Fast Company2 min read
Butterfly Effect
Until recently, if you needed an ultrasound scan, it meant a trip to a hospital or a specialist’s office with an expensive, stand-alone machine. That’s changing, thanks to a new device called the Butterfly iQ—a $2,000 smartphone-connected imager that
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