NPR2 min read
Ph.D. Student Breaks Down Electron Physics Into A Swinging Musical
John Bohannon, founder of Science magazine's "Dance Your Ph.D." contest, presents the 2018 winner, Pramodh Senarath Yapa. He won over judges with his choreographic rendition of some chaotic electrons.
NPR4 min readPolitics
U.S. Masses Aid Along Venezuelan Border As Some Humanitarian Groups Warn Of Risks
Some aid workers are being denounced as opposition activists and there are fears that all aid could be blocked. The situation could soon resemble a "medieval siege," warns an analyst in Caracas.
NPR3 min read
'Eugene V. Debs' Resurrects A Stubborn Question: Why Is Labor History So Boring?
Turn-of-the-last-century labor leader Eugene V. Debs lead an interesting life — but this graphic biography misses plenty of opportunities to render the most interesting parts of it on the page.
NPR3 min read
Vatican Defrocks Former Cardinal McCarrick, Finds Him Guilty Of Sex Abuse
Theodore McCarrick rose to power as a cardinal and archbishop of Washington, D.C. He became the most senior Catholic Church official in modern times to lose clerical status.
NPR2 min readPolitics
Munich Security Conference Reveals A Growing Rift Between U.S. And Its Allies
German Chancellor Angela Merkel received a standing ovation for a speech that critiqued U.S. foreign policy. Meanwhile, U.S. Vice President Mike Pence defended U.S. global leadership.
NPR2 min read
Actor Bruno Ganz, By Turns An Angel And A Tyrant, Dies At 77
Ganz portrayed more than 100 film roles starting when he was 19. His most notable were as an angel in Wings of Desire and Adolf Hitler in Downfall.
NPR2 min readSociety
Illinois Gunman Opened Fire When He Learned He'd Lose His Job, Police Say
Shooter Gary Montez Martin, 45, wasn't legally allowed to own a gun, police say. But he never complied with a demand to relinquish his firearms.
NPR4 min readPolitics
Virginia Democrats Now Look To Women of Color For Leadership
The recent controversies embroiling some of Virginia's top Democratic officials have the party reconsidering their leadership.
NPR5 min readTech
As More Electric Cars Arrive, What's The Future For Gas-Powered Engines?
The vast majority of American cars run on gasoline. But analysts say that's poised to change as electric vehicles take over the market — albeit not as quickly as environmental activists might like.
NPR3 min readPolitics
Trump's National Emergency Sets Up Legal Fight Over Spending Authority
Does Trump have the constitutional power to ignore a congressional vote that did not provide him all the money he wanted for a Southern border wall? That issue could be decided by the Supreme Court.
NPR3 min read
Denver Teacher Strike Ends; Chicago Designer Revamps School Uniforms
Also in this week's education roundup, a new study suggest that a high-crime neighborhood can have an effect on student attendance.
NPR3 min read
Real Life Provides The Origin Story In 'Comics Will Break Your Heart'
Faith Erin Hick's sweet new YA novel is reminiscent of the real-life conflict between Batman co-creators Bob Kane and Bill Finger — and asks what happens when the next generation meets up.
NPR4 min read
Sky Islands And Starry-Eyed Frogs: Breathtaking Photos Of Remote Ecosystems
Prasenjeet Yadav wants his photos to make people care about the environment — whether it's grasslands vanishing in southwest India or windmills taking over a lizard's habitat.
NPR3 min readSociety
Venezuela's Health Crisis Spills Over To Neighboring Countries
Refugees are fleeing to try and get health care. And disease outbreaks across Latin America are being linked back to Venezuela.
NPR2 min read
Colin Kaepernick Reaches Deal With The NFL To Settle Collusion Allegations
An attorney for the former San Francisco 49ers quarterback tweeted that after discussions, the "parties have decided to resolve their pending grievances." The terms are not public.
NPR4 min read
Americans Who Were Detained After Speaking Spanish In Montana Sue U.S. Border Agency
"I saw that you guys are speaking Spanish, which is very unheard of up here," an agent told two women in a convenience store. The two friends were born in California and Texas.
NPR1 min read
Meet The Expert: Esther Perel
Couples therapist Esther Perel leads host Ophira Eisenberg and musician Jonathan Coulton in a guessing game of relationship statistics.
NPR7 min read
Behind The Border 'Crisis': More Migrant Families Risk Dangerous Remote Crossings
Large groups of migrants are crossing isolated parts of the Southwest border. Border Patrol agents call it a crisis, and advocates say immigration officials underestimate the migrants' desperation.
NPR3 min readPolitics
This City Told Amazon And Google: No Incentives For You
Amazon canceled plans for a New York City HQ after meeting stiff opposition over big tax breaks and other incentives. A California mayor refused to offer similar incentives but landed Google anyway.
NPR2 min read
Federal Judge Imposes Gag Order In Roger Stone Case
Judge Amy Berman Jackson said that lawyers and others in the case must refrain from statements that risk creating "material prejudice" but neither they nor Stone must keep completely silent.
NPR3 min read
Michael Ian Black Is Back, All Right!
Comedian and author Michael Ian Black reflects on starting the very first "Twitter war," redefining masculinity, and his podcast inspired by the Thomas Hardy novel, Jude The Obscure.
NPR3 min read
And Now A Return To Our Regularly Scheduled Programming
When a U.S. president schedules a Rose Garden announcement to talk about declaring a national emergency, it's a pretty safe bet that NPR will carry it live. That was the case this morning, when NPR started airing "special coverage" of President Trum
NPR4 min readPolitics
Trump Wants To Use Iraqi Base To Watch Iran. Now Iraqi Parties Want U.S. Forces Out
Parliamentary groups are pushing for a vote on the U.S. military presence in Iraq after President Trump said its Ain al-Asad base would serve as an Iran watch post.
NPR3 min readPolitics
U.S. Agency Tightens Immigration Rules To Spotlight Child Marriage
The U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services released new rules for officers to identify visa petitions in which spouses are minors. No minimum age requirement for such requests currently exists.
NPR3 min read
'Do Not Travel To Haiti,' U.S. Tells Citizens, Citing Violent Unrest
The advisory comes after anti-corruption protests exploded over allegations about billions of dollars in development money. Haiti's President Jovenel Moise is refusing to resign.
NPR2 min readPolitics
Senate Panel Launches Bipartisan Probe Into Think Tank Linked To Butina, Torshin
Leaders of the Senate Finance Committee sent letters to the Center for Public Interest, the Federal Reserve and the Treasury Department asking for information about meetings with Russians in 2015.
NPR1 min read
Alt.Latino: The Many Shades of Latinx Culture
Through four wide-ranging conversations — with a punk singer, a reporter, a group of Latin American expats and singer Rita Moreno — Alt.Latino took a wide-lens survey of the cultural landscape.
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