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Bonds With Teachers Boost Interest In Math Class
Having a healthy bond with a teacher might have academic perks, according to new research. A new study finds that when a teacher believes they have a positive association with a student, that student may be more likely to agree that they have a posit
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Machine Learning Flags Patients At Risk Of TB Comeback
New diagnostic tools such as machine learning and precision medicine could help identify tuberculosis patients with the highest risk of reactivation of the disease, report researchers. The researchers are showing that identifying multiple biomarkers
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‘Reverse Trick’ For LEDs Could Keep Future Computers Cool
In a finding that runs counter to a common assumption in physics, researchers ran a light emitting diode (LED) with electrodes reversed in order to cool another device mere nanometers away. The approach could lead to new solid-state cooling technolog
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Watch ‘Flares’ Repair Leak In Protective Cell Barrier
Using a new live-imaging technique, researchers directly detected short-lived leaks in tissues that protect us from bacteria, viruses, and other disease-causing invaders. Epithelial tissues are sheets of cells that coat our organs, creating wall-like
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‘Master Control’ Puts Brakes On Deadly Food Allergy Reactions
A master control mechanism on mast cells, a type of immune cell, can prevent the immune system from overreacting in times of stress, which could limit or even stop severe allergic reactions to food, researchers report. In cases of severe, even deadly
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Service Dogs Give Handlers An Emotional Boost
Service dogs can have measurable positive effects on the health and well-being of people with physical disabilities, a new study shows. “We found that compared to individuals on the wait list, those who had a service dog had significantly better psyc
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Fewer Suicidal Teens Die Young After Caring ‘Circle’
Building a circle of trusted adults around a suicidal teen may have long-term effects that reduce their risk of dying young, a new study suggests. Researchers from the University of Michigan tracked deaths among hundreds of young adults who spent tim
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Sign-language Translator Is As Portable As Chapstick
A new sign language translator technology is non-invasive and as portable as a tube of Chapstick, researchers report. “We are providing a ubiquitous solution to sign language translation,” says Mi Zhang, assistant professor of electrical and computer
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Spending Outpaces Population In Shrinking Counties
Growing United States counties are increasing their total spending, but so are shrinking counties, research finds. For the new study, researchers used US Census of Governments data to examine municipal spending aggregated to the county level nationwi
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Many Hospitals Send Patients Home With High-risk Antibiotics
Even as hospitals try to cut back on prescribing fluoroquinolones—powerful but risky antibiotics—many patients still head home with prescriptions for those same drugs, a new study shows. In fact, the hospitals that say they are trying to reduce the u
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Fluorescent Tags Light Up When Proteins Misfold
A new method uses fluorescence to detect potentially disease-causing forms of proteins as they unravel due to stress or mutations. Researchers reengineered a fluorescent compound and developed a method to simultaneously light up two different protein
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Common Weed Killer Ups Risk Of Some Cancers By 40%
Exposure to glyphosate—the world’s most widely used, broad-spectrum herbicide and the primary ingredient in the weed killer Roundup—increases the risk of some cancers by more than 40 percent, according to new research. Various reviews and internation
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What Are The Laws Around Vaccines And Kids’ Rights?
The measles outbreak in the US continues to grow, with more than 100 cases reported across the country—most involving young children who have not received immunizations. Here, Michael Wald, a professor at the Stanford University Law School and an exp
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Farewell: Opportunity Ends 15-year Mission To Mars
The Mars rover Opportunity finally ended its mission on February 13—three weeks after its 15th anniversary and long past its 90-day warranty. Over the course of its scientific mission, Opportunity returned hundreds of thousands of images and reshaped
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Will Going Gluten-free Cause Weight Loss?
Although people have been eating wheat for thousands of years, one third of US adults now shun foods containing wheat in an effort to avoid gluten. “…blaming gluten for weight gain draws a flawed conclusion.” But what is gluten? And is it worthy of t
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Falling In Love Boosts Women’s Immune Genes
Falling in love may boost genes in women’s immune systems related to fighting infection, according to new research. “What we found was that women who fell in love had increased activity of genes involved in antiviral defenses, compared to when they b
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These Penguin Parents Are Weirdly Fair
Magellanic penguins feed their brood in a surprising way: Each chick gets an equal portion, regardless of age or size. The finding is different from other parents across the animal kingdom, including other penguin species, that often allocate resourc
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Newlywed Brains Suggest Altruism Is Hard-wired
Thinking of the well-being of our romantic partners before our own may be hard-wired in our brains, according to new research. Such altruism has perplexed and intrigued scientists for centuries. The new study explores how an individual’s genetics and
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Handy Graphene Foam Combos Keep Surfaces Ice-free
By infusing laser-induced graphene, a flaky foam of the atom-thick carbon, with plastic, rubber, cement, wax, or other materials, researchers have created composites with lots of possible uses. The composites could be useful for wearable electronics,
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Cannabis May Increase Depression Risk Among Teens
A new meta-analysis links adolescent cannabis use to an increased risk of depression and suicidal behavior in young adulthood. The conclusions, published in JAMA Psychiatry, come from a systematic review and meta-analysis of international studies com
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Nontoxic Flame Retardant Offers Better Protection
A new kind of flame-retardant coating that uses renewable, nontoxic materials readily found in nature could offer more effective fire protection for furniture, textiles, and insulation, researchers say. “These coatings offer the opportunity to reduce
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Rain Makes Methane From Thawing Bogs Go ‘Bonkers’
Researchers have uncovered a new reason for increased methane emissions from a thawing permafrost bog in Alaska: early spring rainfall. Arctic permafrost is thawing as the Earth warms due to climate change. In some cases, scientists predict that this
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Self-driving Cars Learn To Predict What Pedestrians Will Do
Researchers are zeroing in on humans’ gait, body symmetry, and foot placement to teach self-driving cars how to recognize and predict pedestrian movements with greater precision. Data vehicles collect through cameras, LiDAR, and GPS allow the researc
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Outcomes Of Facial Trauma Lawsuits Vary By Region
Outcomes in facial trauma lawsuits generally favor physicians, with nearly three-fourths of cases being dismissed before trial, research finds. Southern courts favor physicians in malpractice lawsuits over facial trauma treatment, while courts in the
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Juul Sparks Nicotine ‘Arms Race’
E-cigarette company Juul has sparked a “nicotine arms race,” tobacco marketing expert Robert Jackler argues. When Juul first put its e-cigarettes on the market, it brought a new level of nicotine to the industry. At the time, most brands contained e-
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More Crime On The Route To School Ups Absentee Risk
The more crime that occurs along a student’s way to school, the higher the likelihood that student will be absent, researchers report. By modeling the most efficient routes to school for Baltimore students, researchers found those who commute through
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Machine Learning Unlocks Plant Gene ‘Treasure Chest’
Combining plant biology and machine learning let researchers sort through tens of thousands of genes to determine which make specialized metabolites. Researchers have combined plant biology and machine learning to sort through tens of thousands of ge
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3 Ways Climate Change Can Foster Violence
New research identifies three ways climate change will increase the likelihood of violence. Images of extensive flooding or fire-ravaged communities help us see how climate change is accelerating the severity of natural disasters. The devastation is
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Can This Common Diabetes Drug Treat Heart Failure?
Metformin, a drug commonly used to treat type 2 diabetes, might offer a way to treat a type of heart failure predicted to affect more than 8 percent of people age 65 or older by 2020, according to a new study. The findings show that metformin relaxes
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Musical Surprises Light Up The Brain’s Reward Center
Surprises in music activate the reward center of our brains, and help us learn about the music as we listen, research finds. Researchers put 20 volunteers through a musical reward learning task. Each participant chose a color, then a direction. Each
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