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Opinion: Name The Much-criticized Federal Program That Has Saved The U.S. $2.3 Trillion. Hint: It Starts With Affordable
Despite constant criticism and occasional sabotage, the Affordable Care Act has successfully expanded health insurance coverage and helped control runaway health care costs.
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Opinion: Canada’s Legalization Of Marijuana Offers A Blueprint For The U.S.
If Canada's rollout of its #Cannabis Act continues to unfold smoothly, U.S. lawmakers looking to legalize #marijuana at the federal level will have a credible model to emulate.
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Digital Health Just Had A Record Year. But Is A Day Of Reckoning Ahead?
Investors and analysts are asking a critical question: Is digital health care becoming a bubble that will soon burst?
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Will Trump’s New Free Speech Order Affect Research Funding?
“A solution in search of a problem": Research advocates question whether Trump’s free speech order will impact funding for biomedical research.
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House Democrats Request Purdue Opioid Documents, Focusing On The Role Of The Sacklers
The House Oversight Committee is asking Purdue Pharma for documents that could shine a light on the billionaire family that owns the company and its alleged role in the opioid…
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A Monkey Born From Frozen Testicular Tissue Offers Fertility Hope To Pediatric Cancer Survivors
The birth of Grady the monkey from frozen testicular tissue offers fertility hope to pediatric #cancer survivors.
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Biogen Halts Studies Of Closely Watched Alzheimer’s Drug, A Blow To Hopes For New Treatment
Alzheimer’s disease has beaten back another effort to tame it. Biogen and its Japanese pharma partner Eisai said Thursday that they were halting two Phase 3 clinical trials of aducanumab, a drug that was designed to slow the worsening of Alzheimer’s
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Opinion: Noncommunicable Diseases Among Women: A ‘Slow Motion Disaster’
"Women are not dying of diseases we can't treat. They are dying because societies have yet to make the decision that their lives are worth saving." Our societies need to…
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Alzheimer’s And Amyloid: ‘It’s Time To Do Something Else’
Despite the failure of yet another experimental Alzheimer’s drug, diehard supporters of the amyloid hypothesis insist the idea is still sound.
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Listen: Another Big Alzheimer’s Failure, Postpartum Progress, And Long Island Shores
Should #Alzheimers researchers just give up on amyloid plaques? What will a new drug mean for new moms with #depression? All that and more on the latest episode of our…
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Some ADHD Medicines May Increase Psychosis More Than Others, ‘Real-world’ Data Show
Young adults treated for ADHD may be at a higher risk of having a psychotic event if they are given medicines such as Adderall and Vyvanse, a study found.
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Opinion: Biosimilar Approval And Adoption In The U.S. Needs To Be Expedited
Creating a robust market for biosimilars in the U.S. will require expanding educational programs for doctors and patients and encouraging good-faith efforts to efficiently and fairly resolve patent disputes.
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What Was It Like When Mumps Was Rampant? Ask Greg
Poor Greg. It was 1957 and Greg Cox, 7 years old, was at home in Altamont, Ill., a compress wrapped from chin to hairline. He was gazing wistfully out the window of the family’s kitchen door at his younger brother, Doug, bundled up outdoors and ready
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Their Tissue Turns To Bone. Their Joints Freeze In Place. And, Finally, Their Hopes For Treatment May Be Realized
For decades, it was a medical curiosity. Now, thanks to a patient group, some dedicated researchers, and some scientific serendipity, the future of this disease could be unprecedentedly bright.
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FDA Approves First New Drug Developed For Women With Postpartum Depression
The FDA approved Sage Therapeutics' brexanolone, the first drug specifically targeted to treat postpartum depression.
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World Health Organization Advisers Call For Registry Of Studies On Human Genome Editing
A World Health Organization advisory committee will ask the United Nations agency to establish a global registry of all research on editing human DNA.
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Amid Opioid Allegations, Plan For Major Sackler Family Gift To London National Portrait Gallery Is Dropped
London's National Portrait Gallery has dropped a major grant from the Sacklers, the family that owns the maker of prescription painkiller OxyContin, amid allegations against them.
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Biotech’s Brash Entrepreneur Finally Finds Drug-development Success With Overactive Bladders
Biotech's brash entrepreneur finally finds drug-development success with a drug for overactive bladder.
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Opinion: Medical Schools Must Prepare Students To Work In A World Altered By Climate Change
Medical students can't afford the luxury of choosing to be interested in #climatechange. It should be an essential part of any 21st-century #medicalschool curriculum.
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Opinion: Drug Shortages Jeopardize The Lives Of Children With Cancer
This doesn't make sense: We often have shortages of older drugs that can cure cancer for dollars a dose while newer ones costing hundreds of thousands of dollars that prolong…
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The Astounding 19-year Journey To A Sea Change For Heart Patients
When she was 9, in 1949, Brunhilde “Brunie” Seffens contracted scarlet fever. In postwar Germany, where she lived, antibiotics were not broadly used. Doctors told her she would probably develop heart problems when she was older. Seffens grew up to be
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When Medicines Are Unaffordable, Here’s How Patients Cut Costs
One in five U.S. adults prescribed medicines say they've asked their doctor for a cheaper option, according to a new CDC report.
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Opinion: Liquid Biopsy Research Should Include The Perspectives Of Patients Like Me
I'm a rational, level-headed patient advocate. But I lost it when facing a biopsy for my own #cancer diagnosis. A #liquidbiopsy would have helped.
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An AIDS Therapy Involving Parasite Injections Was Discredited. China Is Reviving It — For Cancer
Injections of malaria parasites, a discredited AIDS treatment once promoted by the father of the Heimlich maneuver, is being tested in China as a cancer immunotherapy.
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A Fertility App Bills Itself As Contraception, Raising Questions About Marketing And Efficacy
A fertility tracking app, Dot, is billing itself as contraception — and touting the results of a new efficacy study. But there’s also significant debate over how to measure the…
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Opinion: The Policy Initiatives Scott Gottlieb Championed At The FDA Will Remain After He Departs
The FDA will carry on the policies that Scott Gottlieb worked on and promoted after he steps down as commissioner, says a former agency associate commissioner and longtime FDA watcher.
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Amarin’s Vascepa Prevents Second And Third Heart Attacks In Analysis, Fueling Debate
A fish-oil-derived drug sold by Amarin Pharmaceuticals helped prevent not only initial cardiovascular events but also second and third heart attacks, according to a new analysis. #ACC19
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Opinion: Landmark Ruling Sets Precedent For Parity Coverage Of Mental Health And Addiction Treatment
The Wit v. United Behavioral Health case sends insurers a clear message that there will be major consequences if they discriminate against individuals with mental health and substance use disorders.
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Next For Apple Watch: A ‘Pragmatic’ Clinical Trial With J&J To Track Heart Health
On the heels of a big atrial fibrillation study, what's next for #AppleWatch? A 'pragmatic' clinical trial with Johnson & Johnson to track heart health.
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Giant Study Shows Apple Watch Can Spot Heart Rhythm Changes — But It’s Far From ‘Medical-grade Technology’
At #ACC19, a giant study testing how well the #Apple Watch detects heart-rhythm changes gives a glimpse of how consumer devices might change medicine — but little more.
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