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Bulletproof Your Back
THE BAD NEWS about lowerback pain and stiffness: It will probably worsen as you get older. If you don’t fix things early, what starts as a little lumbar soreness when you’re getting out of a chair can devolve into crippling pain in your later years.
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I’m Interested In Working CBD Into Our Sex Life—yea Or Nay?
—JUSTIN, Denver, CO That’s a big yea from me. CBD (that’s cannabidiol, the nonpsychoactive component of cannabis and hemp) is being experimented with as a way to help reduce anxiety, increase sensation, improve desire, and alleviate pain. (Keep in mi
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Fascia the Truth!
FOR YEARS, scientists researching pain, movement, and recovery had no interest in the weblike tissue known as fascia, which coats your muscles, nerves, and organs. But things have changed. Researchers—and savvy trainers—now view fascia as your secret
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“The Ultimate” Grass Fed Whey Protein Shake
Being a trainer, bodybuilder, and nutrition expert means that companies frequently send me their products and ask for my stamp of approval. Most of the time I dive into research, test the product out, and send the company honest feedback. Sometimes,
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Strength Is For Moving Big Things
“SUMOS ARE much more athletic and fit than people expect. We often carry a lot of fat, but it’s on top of a very solid, muscular structure. It’s just a different body style. We need strength, speed, balance, and flexibility. Because in my sport I’m t
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Six Problems, One Fix
Blame your desk job: That stabbing pain at your temples is often related to cranky neck fascia. When your head and shoulders shift forward instead of staying aligned with your spine, the muscles (and the fascia around them) at the base of your head t
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Oral An Examination
IT’S A WEIRD TIME for sex. Multiple studies say whole generations are having less of it. Or, apparently, everyone’s having it but you! Or everyone’s just watching so much porn on their phones that no one even cares about having partnered sex anymore.
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Living Longer
THE MAN LIVES for exercise. “I’ve always been active and involved in sports,” says John Nagy, a chirpy 101-year-old. “And I love the social part of training.” Nagy is in a crew of about 30 mature swolesters, all over 70, who train daily at the Physic
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Thump-Thump. Thump … Thump. (Thump.)
THE HUMAN HEART beats like a metronome, right? All evenly spaced thumps and regular rhythms? Wrong. When you’re at your healthiest, your heart is actually more like your six-Scotches-deep uncle whaling on the family drum set: The…beats…are spaced… …
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Not Your Father’s Dad
MY WIFE, AMANDA, and I have a three-year-old daughter named Mercy Rose. The most important thing I’ve learned so far is this: You have to grow up as much as your kids do. See, I knew how to be like the men who orbited me in Alabama in the ’70s, when
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What Is The Minimum Effective Dose Of Weightlifting?
The Department of Health and Human Services now suggests adults do two sessions per week of muscle-strengthening activities that involve all major muscle groups. “If your goal is the absolute least amount of work possible,” says Alwyn Cosgrove, C.S.C
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Save Your Breath
BREATHING IS ALL the rage these days. Every week, it seems, a new study touts the benefits of a simple inhale and exhale. Do it right—slowly and mindfully—and it can be good for your nerves, your blood pressure, your memory. In other words, breathing
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My First Mental Health Day
FULL DISCLOSURE: My approach to work was forged in the Hobbesian, hierarchical world of television news in the 1990s and 2000s. While my workplace—ABC News—has become immeasurably more humane in recent years, I nonetheless retain an unfortunate amoun
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Breaking A Bronco
“I GREW UP on a ranch in central Nebraska. Certain times, like in the spring and fall, you’re never done working. You might get one hour of sleep. You get up early, get your day started, and you go to work. Moving big feed bags, fencing, all that. Li
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Reddit As Relief
KEEGAN BURSAW’S son was born “out of nowhere” at 26 weeks and five days. Then came three and a half months in the neonatal intensive-care unit. Doctors told Bursaw he had to be strong for his wife and son, but the too-new father wasn’t sure how to do
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Showing What You’re Made Of
NICOLAI MYERS, a national strongman champion, wasn’t sure whether the kid’s shaky, 99-pound body could handle the 30-pound medicine ball. But he asked him to try to lift it anyway. The kid, Miles Taylor, a 24-year-old photographer from Carroll County
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What’s Your Danger IQ?
A Bears B Dogs C Alligators D Bees D: On average, 34 Americans die each year from canine bites—that’s 3,000 percent more than those who die in alligator attacks. However, that’s nothing compared with hornets, wasps, and bees, which account for almost
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Create A Healthier Future
NAME: TIM WILLIAMSON AGE: 34 LOCATION: TOM’S RIVER, NJ OCCUPATION: SOFTWARE ENTREPRENEUR, FORMER MARINE TREATMENT FOR: PTSD I got out of the Marines in 2006. The first symptom I could recognize was having a nightmare where I’m in the middle of a fire
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Fighting Cancer
FIVE DAYS AFTER a golf-ball-sized cancerous tumor was removed from the inner workings of Rhett Bowlden’s ass, the man got that ass back into the gym. “Just for some fan-bike work,” says the 39-year-old, who was diagnosed with stage III colon cancer i
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Your Golden Gut
BETWEEN THE BILLION-DOLLAR probiotic-supplement push, probiotic additives in food (probiotic chips!), and recent studies linking gut health to everything from mental well-being to cancer, the gut—those 25 feet of intestines sitting inside your core—s
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How To Find A Therapist
IT STARTS WHERE everything starts: a Google search. Which leads to a Psychology Today directory. And from there you write down a few names. Some people located near your office. A couple maybe near home. Things cascade. It’s like the If You Give a Mo
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Saving The Day
“MY FRIEND BJ and I leave this lounge in Nashville around 2:50 a.m. We’re hungry, so we go to a Waffle House. We sit at the counter, and there are people over my right and left shoulders in booths. We can see the cook in the back. He’s washing dishes
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Wait: What If I Have Food Allergies?
A little more than half of the adults in a large recent study who thought they had a food allergy (19 percent of those examined) actually did. If you do, you’re likely aware of it: A food-allergy reaction typically happens within two hours, often in
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The Treatment Glossary
“I would encourage people to seek out practitioners of cognitive behavioral therapy,” says Lazarus. Focusing on corrective thoughts and actions, behavioral therapy aims to provide everyday strategies for the stresses and anxieties of the here and now
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Finding Balance
“I PLAYED high school football and ran track. I’ve always been athletic. But my first Bikram yoga class was just so physically exhausting. I had to sit during a few postures. I loved the challenge. I came right back the next day and have kept coming
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Belly Off!: A Techie’s Body Reboot
AGE: 40 LOCATION: Graham, North Carolina OCCUPATION: Investor (former executive VP at Dell) BEFORE WEIGHT: 417 AFTER WEIGHT: 207 My legs started to buckle, and my joints started to creak. I was sleeping just two to three hours at night. My blood pres
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The Cars Of Your Life
YOU’LL OWN six cars in your lifetime, according to the best research we can find on the subject. Seems low, but that’s the average. My six-car journey probably started out like yours did. With a gloriously dinky piece of shit. It was a used black 198
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The Meds Taxonomy
Anxiety is a disorder, but it can also be a symptom of another disorder, like depression, that could be treated with a nonaddictive medicine, says Dr. Hellerstein. And conditions such as panic disorders may be masked while taking certain antianxiety
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