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OnePlus 6: The Android Rebel Phone Grows Up
With a new design and gorgeous screen, the OnePlus 6 is nearly impossible to pick out of a lineup among other 2018 premium phones. This superficial comparison doesn’t quite hold up when you really study the phone, but one thing is certain: OnePlus ha
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LibreOffice 6: The Open-source Favorite Gets An Update
The free and open source suite LibreOffice is loved by many for its excellent compatibility with Microsoft Office formats including the newer DOCX, PPT, and PPTX files. LibreOffice 6, its first major update in a couple years, continues that tradition
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MSI GS65 Stealth Thin 8RE: Stylish Enough For Work And Powerful Enough For Play
If you’ve been looking for a gaming laptop to trick your corporate IT department into funding your PC gaming—MSI’s GS65 Stealth Thin 8RE may be just what you’ve been looking for. On the outside is sedate black aluminum with bronze edges. On the insid
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HP Spectre X360 15: With Kaby Lake-G, This Laptop Can Do Almost Anything
HP’s Spectre x360 15 changes everything. Specifically, the version that wields Intel’s Kaby Lake G CPU, fortified with Radeon RX Vega discrete graphics, upends the stereotype that 360-degree convertible laptops can’t deliver top performance. And we’v
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The Asus Project Precog Is A Pioneering Dual-display Laptop, Due In 2019
Project Precog is a concept PC formed of two shimmering sheets of glass. Asus showed it to us on June 5 at Computex in Taipei, and it’s an intriguing vision of future PCs. And it’s a vision that appears to have legs: Marcel Campos, senior director of
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How To Use, Modify, And Create Templates In Word
In Microsoft Word, templates are predesigned documents that you or someone else (such as Microsoft) creates to use as a pattern for a project. The template could be for a business card, brochure, resume, presentation—the list goes on. Regardless of t
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That Russia Router Malware Threat Might Be Worse Than Feared: What You Need To Know
Your gateway to the internet may be the portal that foreign hackers are using to snatch your data. The FBI recently issued a security notice warning that all home and small office routers be rebooted after Cisco’s Talos group discovered sophisticated
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Intel Explains How 1-watt Panels Will Add Hours To Your Laptop’s Battery Life
Nearly lost in the flood of Intel announcements (see page 11) at Computex—Intel’s 28-core chip, the 8086K Anniversary Edition, and more—was something a bit more fundamental: the development of 1-watt display panels, which will have a profound impact
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The New Gmail Steals Some Great Ideas And Invents Some Fresh Ones
In April, Google launched its first major Gmail redesign since 2013, and in a sense it was an acknowledgment of all the ways Google had fallen behind. With 1.4 billion users logging into Gmail at least once per month, the service has become resistant
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HP’s Self-cooling Mindframe Headset Leads A New Pack Of High-end Gaming Accessories
HP’s Mindframe headset will feature active cooling to keep your ears from sweating through gaming sessions. Repeat: This new HP headphone has active cooling. For your ears. The Mindframe is just the most innovative of a host of gaming accessories HP
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Intel Crushes Computex With A 28-core Chip, A 5GHz 8086K, Two New Architectures, And More
Intel’s demonstration of a massive, 28-core PC chip capped off a busy Computex keynote on June 5 in Taipei, complete with a special record-breaking Anniversary Edition 8086K processor, the formal announcements of the Whiskey Lake and Amber Lake proce
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Facebook’s Terragraph Hopes To Replace Fiber Broadband Beginning With 2019 Trials
Facebook’s plan to connect neighborhoods and businesses wirelessly, known as Terragraph, will begin field trials in 2019 using 60GHz technology from Qualcomm, the two companies said recently. Facebook began talking about Terragraph in 2016, part of a
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How To Upgrade Your Laptop’s RAM
Does your laptop’s performance have you down? Don’t simply accept it as a way of life. It’s quite possible that by upgrading your laptop’s RAM you can give your portable PC a boost. (For another great upgrade, see our article on how to add an SSD to
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Microsoft May Release A Tiny $400 Surface Tablet To Challenge The IPad
Another contender might be ready to tee off on Apple’s $329 iPad, and no, we’re not talking about Chromebook tablets again. Microsoft plans to release a $400 Surface tablet, Bloomberg reports, possibly as early as this fall. The cheapest Surface Pro
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VPNhub Premium: Pornhub’s New VPN Service Needs To Work Out The Kinks
If ever there was a company meant to produce a virtual private network (VPN) service as a natural outgrowth of its business it’s Pornhub. That’s why it surprised no one, but possibly intrigued everyone, when the famous site introduced VPNhub in late
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AMD Tops Intel With Its 32-core Threadripper 2, Which Will Ship This Year
AMD just did Intel one better at Computex. On the Tuesday of the show, Intel wowed the Taipei crowds with a 28-core Core chip (see page 11), which the company promised by the end of the year. One day after, on Wednesday, AMD announced Threadripper 2—
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5 Android Messages Features You Should Start Using
The Google Android Messages app is one of the finest ways to send and receive text messages. It’s even ready for the future with RCS standard support and ample features. You might not even realize all the neat things you can do with Android Messages,
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Intel And Micron Announce QLC Dies, Which Means SSDs Are About To Get A Lot Bigger
SSDs are about to get a whole lot bigger and a whole lot cheaper. Intel and Micron recently announced the delivery of the industry’s first Quad-Level Cell NAND dies, which will offer a third more space than previous technology. QLC technology stores
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NZXT H500i: A $100 Case Loaded With Premium Features
NZXT’s highly regarded H700i and H400i cases shook up the status quo when they debuted in late 2017 by blending the crisp, unpretentious look of the company’s popular S340 and S340 Elite with an integrated Smart Device that taps the company’s CAM sof
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Nvidia CEO: No Next-gen GeForce GPUs For A ‘Long Time,’ But G-Sync BFGDs Coming Soon
The gamers hoping, wishing, and praying for a new generation of GeForce cards to arrive at Computex got some bad news from the company’s CEO during a press briefing at the trade show: The hardware won’t show up for a “long time.” When reporters asked
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Windows 10 April 2018 Update: Small Fixes Now Hint At Better Things For Later
Microsoft’s Windows 10 April 2018 Update barely received a formal title, which understandably makes you wonder how much importance the company ascribed to it. But as our review shows, what Microsoft internally referred to as the “Redstone 4” release
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Stream PC Games On Twitch
Not so long ago there was pretty much one way to interact with a video game: You sat down and played it. Maybe you watched an older friend or sibling play while pointing out all their mistakes, but gaming was never what you’d call a “spectator sport.
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Google Assistant Works With Over 5,000 Smart Devices, But Alexa Is Far In The Lead With More Than 12,000
The smart home assistant battle has shifted. No longer is it about how well your speaker can understand what you’re saying, it’s about how many devices can understand what it’s telling them to do. And Google Assistant just made a big leap in that dep
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Nvidia Kills Controversial GeForce Partner Program Due To ‘Conjecture And Mistruths’
After weeks of rumors and a counterattack by AMD’s Radeon, Nvidia is ending its mysterious, controversial GeForce Partner Program. “A lot has been said recently about our GeForce Partner Program,” Nvidia’s John Teeple wrote. “The rumors, conjecture a
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Valve’s Steam Link App Will Let You Stream PC Games To Android And IOS Devices
Valve’s in-home streaming tech is proving to be its most forward-thinking development. First it helped kill off the company’s own short-lived Steam Machines, with the $50 Steam Link perfectly capable of putting PC gaming in your living room without t
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LG’s G7 Is Boring Because All Android Phones Are Boring Now—and It’s Apple’s Fault
In case you missed it, LG recently introduced its latest flagship phone, the G7 ThinQ, which is packed with all of the things premium smartphones need in 2018: good looks, lots of screen, a Snapdragon 845 processor, Android Oreo, AI, wireless chargin
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What Still Isn’t Clear About The Future Of Windows After Build 2018
We leave Microsoft’s Build developer conference with more questions than answers about the state of Windows, and that’s not a good thing. We wrote rather optimistically about a March reorganization that erased Windows from the roles of senior managem
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Everything Revealed At Google I/O 2018: Android P Beta, Huge Maps Overhaul, Google Assistant Gets Personal
Google always pulls out the stops for the keynote at its annual I/O developer conference, and this year was no exception. Google I/O 2018 lacked the flashy flagship hardware that defined previous keynotes—nary a new Chromebook, Pixel, or Google Home
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Windows 10 April 2018 Update: The Best Hidden Features
Microsoft’s latest Windows 10 upgrade, known as the April 2018 Update, improves Windows in numerous ways. But Microsoft has also added innumerable under-the-hood adjustments. That’s why this roundup exists: to underscore smaller additions you might m
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How To Use Fonts In Word, Excel, PowerPoint, And More
We have access to more fonts today than ever before, and so many are free! Fonts, like graphics, can make or break a presentation (such as a PowerPoint slideshow); sell a book, magazine, or newspaper (or leave it on the shelf); and make an advertisem
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