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Spending: Apple Revolutionizing Finances
With Apple on the verge of launching an Apple-branded card and adding new features to the Wallet app to improve financial management and spending, we take a closer look at Apple Pay, its impact on the wider financial sector, and explore why Apple’s f
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Turn on the Xbox, fire up the Playstation and get ready for the green flag to drop. After long embracing esports as a way to grow motorsports and engage young fans, NASCAR is taking the experience to another level. It joined 704 Games and the Race Te
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Google Paid Former Exec $35 Million After Harassment Claim
Google paid former search executive Amit Singhal $35 million in an exit package when he was reportedly forced to resign after a sexual assault investigation, according to court documents released this week. Details of the exit package were revealed a
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Gene-edited Food Quietly Arrives In Restaurant Cooking Oil
Somewhere in the Midwest, a restaurant is frying foods with oil made from gene-edited soybeans. That’s according to the company making the oil, which says it’s the first commercial use of a gene-edited food in the U.S. Calyxt said it can’t reveal its
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Emoji Gods Approve Skin-tone Options For Couples Of Color
In 1664, Maryland passed the first British colonial law banning marriage between whites and slaves. An 1883 U.S. Supreme Court ruling that state prohibitions on interracial marriage don’t violate the Fourteenth Amendment held for more than 80 years.
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Facebook’s Messaging Ambitions Amount To Much More Than Chat
Facebook, already the leader in enabling you to share photos, videos and links, now wants to be a force in messaging, commerce, payments and just about everything else you do online. The company’s ambitions harken to how WeChat has become the centerp
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It’s been a decade since the world boasted its first YouTuber to gain one million subscribers. By contrast, by the end of 2018, there were more than 4,600 channels with more than two million subscribers each . These still rather select individuals ar
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Spotify Files Antitrust Complaint To EU Against Apple
Swedish music site Spotify has complained to European Union regulators about Apple for allegedly abusing its dominant position in music streaming and stifling competition. Spotify founder Daniel Ek said that the company has filed a formal antitrust c
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Verizon Says 5g Network Will Cost Extra $10 A Month
A handful of Verizon customers could soon have faster wireless service — but they’ll have to pay $10 a month more. Verizon says it’ll flip the switch next month on a much-hyped, next-generation “5G” phone network. Service will start in parts of Chica
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Head Of Un Women: Technology Revolution Must Benefit Women
The head of the U.N. women’s agency is calling for the revolution in technology to be used to benefit the world’s poor, and especially women, who will not achieve gender equality without “the giant leap that 21st century innovations can bring.” Phumz
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At Age 30, World Wide Web Is ‘Not The Web We Wanted’
At the ripe old age of 30 and with half the globe using it, the World Wide Web is facing growing pains with issues like hate speech, privacy concerns and state-sponsored hacking, its creator says, trumpeting a call to make it better for humanity. Tim
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Courtrooms To Canola Fields: Huawei-us Tensions Span Globe
Chinese tech giant Huawei’s tensions with Washington, which says the telecom equipment maker is a security risk, stretch across four continents from courtrooms to corporate boardrooms to Canadian canola fields. In the latest twist, Huawei Technologie
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Modern Policing: Algorithm Helps NYPD Spot Crime Patterns
When a syringe-wielding drill thief tried sticking up a Home Depot near Yankee Stadium, police figured out quickly that it wasn’t a one-off. A man had also used a syringe a few weeks earlier while stealing a drill at another Home Depot 7 miles (11 ki
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Venezuelans Turn Highway Off Ramp Into Cellphone Hotspot
A highway shoulder in Venezuela’s capital has turned into one of the city’s most sought-after destinations. It’s one of the few places residents could find the slightest cellphone signal strong enough to reach loved ones around the world during the c
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What Facebook’s ‘Privacy Vision’ Really Means
Mark Zuckerberg’s abrupt last week declaration of a new ”privacy vision ”for social networking was for many people a sort of Rorschach test. Looked at one way, the manifesto read as an apology of sorts for Facebook’s history of privacy transgressions
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Arizona’s Biggest Electric Utility Is Going Big On Batteries
Arizona’s biggest electric utility is going big on batteries. Arizona Public Service Co. plans to spend hundreds of millions of dollars to add large, building-size batteries to the power grid, aiming to use their capacity to store surplus power avail
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Movies & TV Shows
In order to save Atlantis from the evil, power-mad King Orm, Aquaman – Orm’s half-human, half Atlantean brother – must fulfill his destiny as protector of the deep. With Orm’s army ready to conquer both the oceanic and surface worlds, Aquaman and roy
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2018 was a busy year for the alternative rockers from Oxford, England. Their latest hard-working, melodious endeavors will be released in two parts this year, with Part 2 due for release in September. As always, Foals have contrasted melancholic lyri
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Oscar Isaac Shows Off His Spanish In ‘Triple Frontier’
Oscar Isaac says he’s pleased to be making more use of his Spanish in his newest film, ”Triple Frontier.” The Guatemalan-American star of “Star Wars” and “Ex Machina” plays a former special forces operative leading a dangerous heist in South America
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Wonder Woman To The Rescue: Gal Gadot Takes On Netanyahu
Wonder Woman star Gal Gadot has come to the rescue of a fellow Israeli celebrity in a spat with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Gadot, who typically shies away from politics, is rallying behind Rotem Sela, one of Israel’s top models and TV hosts,
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Puerto Rico Looks To Rebuild With AI, ‘Internet Of Things’
Puerto Rico’s governor said Monday that he hopes a new technology center can help the U.S. territory incorporate artificial intelligence and internet -connected devices as it rebuilds from Hurricane Maria. Gov. Ricardo Rossello said the lab located i
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Vulnerable To Attack: Businesses Should Boost Cyber Defenses
When cyberthieves attacked Empire Industries’ computer network, technology manager Rich Shemanskis could see files in the process of being infected by malicious software. “We were looking at the network, and I noticed it, and another guy noticed it.
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Movies & TV Shows
Taking the legendary web-slinger into a whole new animated territory, we see not one, but seven main protagonists take to the skies in this visually incredible adventure, combating five villains. Add a soundtrack splendid with hip-hop and several not
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Three years on from the seminal A Seat at the Table, Solange has transformed into something of an enigma in the music industry. Her performances in arts and culture establishments are reflected in this album, which explores the artist, the industry,
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‘Captain Marvel’ Gets An Average Introduction
If there is one thing that’s true of most of the movies in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, it’s that they have life and spirit to spare. It’s a kind of an intoxicating joy that dares even the most comic book-apathetic to get onboard and delight in the
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After Years Of Promise, Battery Cars About To Go Mainstream
For years, there have been lots of electric cars proudly rolled out at auto shows but few on the streets or at dealers. That could be about to change. The electric cars under the lights at the Geneva International Motor Show promise to be the leading
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‘Brilliant’ Man Who Was An Inventor Of The Calculator Dies
Jerry Merryman, one of the inventors of the handheld electronic calculator who is described by those who knew him as not only brilliant but also kind with a good sense of humor, has died. He was 86. Merryman died Feb. 27 at a Dallas hospital from com
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High Heat Warnings Go Out Too Late In Some Of Us, Study Says
A new study finds even moderate heat sends Northerners to the hospital, suggesting that government warnings of dangerously high temperatures are coming too late in some parts of the U.S. The research shows an uptick in hospital admissions for heat pr
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