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Men Of The Cloth
The town of Biella in northern Italy is famous for playing host to many of the finest cloth makers in the world. For Piacenza, this is doubly true: their history is inextricably woven into the fabric of the town itself. Although the company usually q
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For One Brief Shining Moment
by stuart husband Not long ago, I was in Dallas on business. I made the requisite pilgrimage to Dealey Plaza and viewed the world’s most infamous grassy knoll, but I also discovered one of the more striking monuments among the thousands to John F. Ke
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The L.u.c Milestones
Let’s take a moment to look back at the staggering 22 years of Chopard L.U.C’s groundbreaking innovation: The calibre 1.96 is unveiled. The 1860 watch, a sublime 36.5mm timepiece with a massive gold dial produced by Metalem, wins Timezone and Montres
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To The Manner ’bourne
by jessica beresford photography marco marroni Although they share a commonality in being well dressed, Palmer Mutandwa and Marvin Holder, the duo behind the Australiabased tailoring service Button Brothers, have different points of reference. “My st
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When To Provoke Is To Live
by stuart husband In a recent interview, Jane Birkin described her first date with Serge Gainsbourg. They met on the set of the 1969 movie Slogan; he was 40, she was 22. “He barely spoke to me and I thought him terribly arrogant and unkind,” she reca
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Tag Heuer X The Rake And Revolution Carrera Chronograph ‘Blue Dreamer’
by wei koh “Ciao, come stai? Tutto bene. Fammi un Martini secco, per favore! Grazie!” If you’re bellowing this through a loudspeaker to the staff at the Capri Palace as they watch in slack-jawed awe as you — still resplendent in your silk shantung di
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Two Souls, One Valstar
by benedict browne The term ‘heritage’ is employed by, and on behalf of, luxury houses fairly liberally these days. It’s understandable. Not only does it encourage trust in a brand, but we all admire objects that have authenticity and have stood the
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A former staffer at both U.K. Esquire and GQ Australia, Nick was Editorin- Chief of The Rake for three years before leaving the role to pursue a number of creative projects in the summer of 2014. His work has appeared in the FT’s How To Spend It, The
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The Edifier Tom Stubbs
by nick scott It’s hard to think who else could pull off the devilish insouciance — the same effortless, imperious poise — of a three-pieced Withnail, ensconced in an armchair and holding a quadruple dram, but clutching an undersized coffee vessel in
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The Shearers Terry Haste
by nick foulkes It is hard to be impartial when writing about friends; in fact, I find it hard to be impartial on pretty much anything, so I have largely given up trying. But just because I am not impartial does not necessarily mean that Terry Haste
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The Legend That Will Never Die
by kwasi kwarteng November 30, 1895 was a hot day in Cuba. Arroyo Blanco, a small village in south central Cuba, was the scene of fighting between Spanish troops and rebel Cuban forces. It was Winston Churchill’s 21st birthday, and a birthday present
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by wei koh photography james munro fashion direction ben st. george “It is the unstable nature of denim — the fact that it fades, shows signs of age and wear, tells the story of your interaction with it, and becomes a physical repository of your memo
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Pole Star
by togo as told to nick scott O.K., so maybe margarita hour in some subterranean Midtown hell-hole — seats held together by duct tape, muted Yankees game on a vintage valve T.V. in the corner, the sound of pinball flippers and bells mingling with som
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Lotion Killer Scene
by nick scott This page has, over the years, hosted fervid toasts to syphilitic sex pests, vainglorious turtle killers, bank-robbing plastic Buddhists, and, most recently, a psychotic baby whose confinement to fictional realms is all that’s preservin
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Method In The Madness
by eléonor picciotto Even though it is not on street level, and not, therefore, easily accessible to passers-by, Mad Lords has become in less than five years one of the most coveted places in Paris to go and chill, fulfilling exactly the desire of Se
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The Summer Of ’68
by stuart husband In its valedictory round-up of 1968’s most notable people, the magazine Newsweek singled out the year’s headliners: Che Guevara, Christiaan Barnard and Gigi Rizzi. Gigi who? It was a name to conjure with — indeed, it sounded like an
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Pieces Of Our Mind
by charlie thomas January is one of the biggest months on the luxury calendar. In four weeks it hosts numerous fashion shows across London, Milan, Paris and New York, but, for watch aficionados, the only event worth paying attention to is the Salon I
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Fit For A King
Turnbull & Asser have consistently been purveyors of elegance and dynamism. The journey they have made over the past five years has riffed on the idea that style, suiting, sartorialism needn’t be boring and uninventive despite so many brands seemingl
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Mr Porter Style Council Rake Commends: New York
by johannes huebl I love New York for many reasons. Of course, for her endless activity in every cultural form, and for her around-the-clock accessibility and unmatched diversity. But mostly it is the people’s energy that makes the city unique. There
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by wei koh photography sidney teo I have always cherished masters of self-invention, from David Bowie to Archie Leach. But what do Ziggy Stardust and the irrepressibly suave Cary Grant have in common with the watch brand Bell & Ross? They never let h
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True Britt
by david smiedt There are worse ways to go than being fucked to death by Britt Ekland. On your wedding night. This was almost the fate of the British comic genius Peter Sellers, one third of The Goon Show and creator of Inspector — sorry, Chief Inspe
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Desert Song: Palm Springs
by matt hranek & benedict browne It has been a while since my last visit to Palm Springs, California. In the late 1990s a group of friends would travel to this idyllic desert community from Los Angeles for the holidays. It is about 110 miles from Hol
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Total Immersion
by nick scott In his twilight years, a second world war hero who once walked nine miles to safety with severe bullet wounds to his intestines and lungs — a man who took part in a string of Reapergoading missions as a weapons trainer and saboteur, par
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In From The Cold
by charlie thomas In the universe that occupies the collective mind of The Rake, every waking day presents an opportunity to showcase one’s latest fashions, and to display to the outside world what a cultivated individual one is — it’s one of many re
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Bordeaux: A New Golden Age
*Products available at by matt hranek and benedict browne Bordeaux is the sixth largest city in France, located on the Garonne river on the Atlantic coast. It is also the wine industry’s capital of France, and its region is home to famous
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The Game Changers Jeremy Langmead & Toby Bateman
by wei koh When Toby Bateman, the Managing Director of Mr Porter, and Jeremy Langmead, its Content Director, appear at any stand of any luxury trade show, or visit the most liveried, chandeliered premises of the world’s halcyon brands, there is a mom
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The Leaders Anda Rowland, Carolyn Springett, Emma Willis, Daisy Knatchbull & Audie Charles
by tom chamberlin special thanks to mark’s club It shouldn’t be a big deal that tailoring has a cadre of brilliant women running it. Perhaps it is the path we must take to get where we need to go: applaud those who have had less of a voice until it b
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‘People Are So Quick To Shoot You Down For Trying To Help’
by benedict browne photography pip fashion direction jo grzeszczuk Carving out a career in the film industry is no easy feat, and when taking into account the amount of work Douglas Booth does on the side, the ground he is covering is remarkable. Boo
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Perfectly Cast: Drake’s For The Rake Corduroy Suit And Accessories
by wei koh photography james munro fashion direction ben st. george The problem with translating The Great Gatsby from print to screen is that they always get the casting wrong. You don’t select a genetically overindulged golden god-Adonis like Rober
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The Bronx Knockout
by david smiedt We open on a wide interior shot of the Hoops nightclub in the Bronx on a Saturday night in 1978. Perhaps the smash hit of the day, Le Freak, is playing. The camera pans to a young actor with a big future and swagger to match at the ba
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