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UC Irvine Opens Its Cinderella Bid With Upset Over Kansas State In NCAA Tournament
SAN JOSE, Calif. - When the game was there to be won, with everyone watching and more than a few wondering, UC Irvine did the darnedest of things for a 13th seed. The Anteaters flexed, proudly and playfully posing, not unlike their junior shooting gu
Los Angeles Times3 min read
Anteaters Aim To 'Shock The World'
SAN JOSE, Calif. - She became the beloved face of the NCAA tournament last spring, an event played by the most athletic of college kids represented delightfully by a 98-year-old, wheelchair-bound chaplain. Sister Jean emerged as a national sensation
Los Angeles Times2 min read
Roseanne Barr Says Former Costar Sara Gilbert Destroyed Her Life
Roseanne Barr apparently does not like Sara Gilbert anymore. Not one bit. Not since Gilbert, her former costar, tweeted that the "Roseanne" star's Ambien-fueled comments about Valerie Jarrett were "abhorrent and do not reflect the beliefs of our cast
Los Angeles Times6 min readSociety
The Biggest Moments In The Russia Investigation: A Timeline
WASHINGTON - The Russia investigation has provided a barrage of headlines, court cases, tweets and speculation since before the last presidential election. Despite the clamor, several key events stand out. Here are the milestones that have shaped the
Los Angeles Times3 min read
It Was No Surprise Southern California Native Clay Matthews Ended Up With Rams
LOS ANGELES - The Rams did not exist as a Southern California franchise when Clay Matthews began his NFL career in 2009. But the former Agoura High and USC standout, and many Green Bay Packers teammates and friends, took note when the Rams returned t
Los Angeles Times5 min read
The Legal Way The Rich Get Their Kids Into Elite Colleges: Huge Donations For Years
LOS ANGELES - For the children of the well-off and well-educated, cultivating the hallmarks of an outstanding college application starts early. Those whose parents attended a prestigious university are born far more likely to get into that institutio
Los Angeles Times1 min readPolitics
California Wildfire Victims Had Personal Data Compromised By FEMA
LOS ANGELES - Millions of disaster victims - including thousands of those hit by California wildfires - had personally identifiable information compromised when they applied for housing relief with the Federal Emergency Management Agency, authorities
Los Angeles Times3 min read
Kings Save Best For Last In Victory Over Sharks
LOS ANGELES - Boy, that escalated quickly. The Los Angeles Kings were on their way to a loss in their season finale against the San Jose Sharks until they conjured up some magic with the help of Dustin Brown and Anze Kopitar, in their 79th and 70th c
Los Angeles Times7 min read
USC Job Will Challenge A Leader Known For Caution
LOS ANGELES - As chancellor of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Carol L. Folt ordered the removal of a pedestal that once held Silent Sam, a bronze Confederate monument on campus that had been toppled by protesters. It was praised by
Los Angeles Times4 min readPolitics
Robin Abcarian: Moo! Nunes Is Feeling Cowed
I get it, Devin Nunes. Your feelings are hurt. You don't like being called names, or being told that you belong in prison. But when a person has a public profile - even a teensy one like mine - attacks will follow. Vilification comes with the territo
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Cardi B Moves To Trademark 'Okurrr'
"Okurrr," Cardi B's signature trill, is indeed being trademarked by the rapper. The newly minted Grammy winner filed the application with the United States Patent and Trademark Office earlier this month to reserve the catchphrase for use on "paper go
Los Angeles Times2 min readScience
Editorial: A Federal Judge Just Helped Slow Trump's 'Drill Everywhere' Oil Policy
A federal judge this week ordered the Trump administration to redo environmental reviews of oil and gas leases on several hundred thousand acres of federal lands in Wyoming that were approved by the Obama administration in 2015-16, agreeing with envi
Los Angeles Times2 min readPolitics
Commentary: Trump Overpromises And Fails To Deliver Yet Again — This Time On Campus Free Speech
Earlier this month, President Donald Trump told the Conservative Political Action Conference that he would sign an executive order "requiring colleges and universities to support free speech if they want federal research dollars." Even if you worry a
Los Angeles Times2 min readSociety
Felicity Huffman And Lori Loughlin Face Court Amid Settlement Pressure In Admissions Scandal
The next move in the college admissions scandal will unfold in a Boston federal courtroom April 3, when Felicity Huffman, Lori Loughlin and other defendants are set to appear in court. Federal prosecutors announced that the actresses as well as Lough
Los Angeles Times3 min readPolitics
Commentary: Trump Smears Democrats, Again, As The 'Anti-Jewish' Party
Republicans had a field day criticizing Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-Minn.) when her remarks crossed the line between legitimately criticizing Israel and engaging in anti-Semitic tropes. But will they say anything about President Donald Trump crossing the line
Los Angeles Times4 min read
Review: 'Hotel Mumbai' Re-creates A Terrorist Attack With Frightening Echoes Of Today
The most chilling thing about the events depicted in "Hotel Mumbai" is not that they actually happened, not even that they could happen again, but that they are happening even as we speak. A somber, unsettling drama about the 2008 attack on India's l
Los Angeles Times2 min readPolitics
Trump's Tweet Lifting Just-announced North Korea Sanctions Spawns Confusion
WASHINGTON - President Donald Trump overruled his administration's new round of sanctions aimed at forcing North Korea to end its nuclear program, surprising his staff and confusing the public with a tweet Friday afternoon. "It was announced today by
Los Angeles Times5 min read
Review: 'Sunset' Is László Nemes' Boldly Unnerving Follow-up To 'Son Of Saul'
Where does an artist go after Auschwitz? Laszlo Nemes, the director of the implacably sinister Hungarian drama "Sunset," has had to grapple with the question as few others have. He won an Oscar and nearly every international film prize under the sun
Los Angeles Times5 min read
Hot Property: Dennis Quaid Breaks Tie To Pacific Palisades Home
LOS ANGELES - It's a wrap in the Pacific Palisades, where Dennis Quaid has sold his home for $5.9 million. That's down about $600,000 from what the actor originally sought last summer. Built in 1929, the home has stayed in touch with its architectura
Los Angeles Times4 min read
Dockworkers Battle Plan To Bring Driverless Trucks To The Port Of Los Angeles
LOS ANGELES - A fierce struggle over automation has erupted at the Port of Los Angeles, as local union officials representing some 12,000 dockworkers demand that one of the world's largest shipping firms abandon a plan to introduce driverless electri
Los Angeles Times3 min readPolitics
Trump's Next Federal Reserve Nominee: Campaign Advisor And Fed Critic Stephen Moore
WASHINGTON - President Trump said Friday that he planned to nominate Stephen Moore, a conservative economist and commentator who served as a Trump campaign advisor, to a seat on the Federal Reserve board. Moore, who has been a prominent critic of the
Los Angeles Times3 min read
New Mississippi Law Bans Most Abortions
ATLANTA - Mississippi on Thursday became the latest state to sign into law a ban on most abortions once a fetal heartbeat can be detected, usually about six weeks into pregnancy, despite criticism from opponents who called the move cruel. Republican
Los Angeles Times4 min read
Review: 'Dragged Across Concrete,' With Mel Gibson, Is Both Moody Cop Thriller And Glib Provocation
You might not guess from the title, but "Dragged Across Concrete" is, on one level, the tale of two long-suffering families, both in dire need of salvation, or at least a big payday. Mel Gibson is Brett Ridgeman, a grizzled police detective facing a
Los Angeles Times3 min readSociety
Notorious Hollywood Fixer Anthony Pellicano Released From Prison On 75th Birthday
LOS ANGELES - It was one of the biggest scandals ever to hit Hollywood: a private investigator using wiretaps to secretly gather the secrets of celebrities and entertainment titans. The case of Anthony Pellicano, "private eye to the stars," captivate
Los Angeles Times6 min read
Calif. Gov. Newsom Could Go Step Further In Opposing The Death Penalty
SACRAMENTO, Calif. - A week after issuing an executive order imposing a blanket moratorium on the execution of California death row inmates, Gov. Gavin Newsom said he is considering a plan to prohibit any new death sentences in local criminal cases.
Los Angeles Times2 min readSociety
Angry At Gym Staff, Man Drives Car Through Front Window, Almost Striking Employee, Police Say
LOS ANGELES - A motivational message on the gym's wall reads: "Set some goals. Then demolish them." A 32-year-old Whittier, Calif., man apparently took that message to heart after the gym canceled his membership for "inappropriate behavior," and he r
Los Angeles Times3 min readPolitics
Commentary: Is Yale Law really No. 1? Yes and no
The news held no surprises. When U.S. News & World Report released its much-anticipated annual rankings of graduate and professional schools last week, Yale once again ranked No. 1 among law schools, a spot it has held since 1987, when the news magaz
Los Angeles Times2 min readPolitics
Prosecutors: Calif. Man Defrauded Donors With Fake Sanders, O'Rourke Websites
LOS ANGELES - An 80-year-old California man was charged this week with wire fraud and aggravated identity theft after federal prosecutors say he set up fake political action committees and pocketed more than $250,000 in contributions that donors thou
Los Angeles Times4 min read
Review: 'An Elephant Sitting Still,' Hu Bo's First And Last Feature, Is A Haunting Dispatch From Northern China
"Another lousy day begins," a man growls near the start of "An Elephant Sitting Still," and he doesn't know how right he is. This extraordinary, overpoweringly bleak movie, a first feature from the Chinese writer-director Hu Bo, plays out over a sing
Los Angeles Times4 min readTech
Consumer Confidential: Boeing Charged Extra For Safety Features. The 737 Max Crashes Show Why That's A Bad Idea
The passenger jets that crashed in Ethiopia and Indonesia, killing hundreds, reportedly lacked special safety features in their cockpits - features that Boeing charged extra for. Meanwhile, buyers of new cars have to decide how much extra they want t
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