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Introduce Peanut Products As Early As 4 Months To Prevent Allergies, Report Says
Pediatricians now recommend introducing peanut-based foods to infants before their first birthday to prevent peanut allergies, according to a report from the American Academy of Pediatrics. "The big news is to introduce peanuts early," said Dr. Frank
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Mary Schmich: Sorry, Boss, But Sometimes That 'Personal' Task Really Must Be Done At 'Work.' Here's Why
On any given day while you're trying to do your work - I'm referring to the activity officially designated as "work" - there's a good chance you're trying to do something that the world would call "personal." The so-called personal things require tim
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A Year Ago, They Were March Madness Darlings. Now, Some Of Loyola's Final Four Stars Are Scattered Around The World.
A year ago, they were Cinderellas. As players on Loyola's endearing underdog Final Four team, Donte Ingram, Aundre Jackson and Ben Richardson became March sensations with game-winning shots and improbable victories. Now they are learning about the ma
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Jason Heyward Is Prepared For The Uncertainty Of The 2019 Season
Jason Heyward's Cubs career has had glimpses of promise only to be tempered by injuries or regression. So as the right fielder enters his 10th major-league season, he's simply preparing to put his best foot forward amid plenty of uncertainty. "I do f
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R. Kelly Back In Court Friday On Sex Abuse Charges, Could Learn Fate Of Bid To Travel Overseas
CHICAGO - Embattled R&B star R. Kelly, facing sex abuse charges, is expected back in Cook County court Friday, when a judge may consider his request to fly by private jet to Dubai next month to perform at several concerts. Kelly cannot find work anyw
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Motormouth: Offer Of Extra Auto Work Might Help Dealer 'Find' Replacement Airbags
Q: I read the column in which a reader who owns a 2007 Ford Fusion in need of $1,100 in suspension repairs was asking whether to do the work if the car's airbags had not been replaced. I own a 2008 Acura RL, which was included in the airbag recalls.
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'It's A Struggle To Pay The Bills': Illinois Independent Pharmacies Say They're Being Squeezed By Middlemen
The pharmacy's workers cleared the shelves. A maintenance crew took down the signs. And then they shut the pharmacy's doors for the final time in July. Dave Falk said he was forced to close his Sav-Mor Pharmacy in rural Mount Pulaski, Ill., after the
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Brother In Jussie Smollett Case Wins Golden Gloves Semifinal Bout
CHICAGO - One of two Chicago brothers at the center of the high-profile alleged hate crime hoax involving "Empire" star Jussie Smollett is competing in an annual boxing tournament in suburban Chicago. Abimbola "Abel" Osundairo participated in and won
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'Ain't Too Proud' On Broadway: Great Songs But This 'Life And Times Of The Temptations' Tells Us Little
"Ain't Too Proud," the frustrating biographical Broadway musical about Motown's hit-machine The Temptations, takes its title from a 1966 record, "Ain't Too Proud to Beg." But it could just as well mean "ain't too proud to change the line-up." Between
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Judge Throws Out Illinois Village's Assault Weapons Ban
CHICAGO - A Lake County Circuit Court judge ruled Friday that the village of Deerfield, Ill., overstepped its authority last year when it enacted a ban on assault weapons five years after the state legislature declared such regulations the exclusive
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Michael Jordan Blows Away LeBron James In GOAT Survey
Michael Jordan versus LeBron James - how long has this "greatest of all time" debate been raging? Well, based on a recent survey by Business Insider, we've all been wasting our time. In the eyes of most fans, Jordan is the GOAT and it's not even clos
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Jimmy Greenfield: Blackhawks Are Down But Aren't Out With Huge Weekend Games Ahead
Declaring the Blackhawks' playoff hopes done this season is a popular pastime these days. You've done it and I've done it, and who can blame us? It was supposed to be a fait accompli that the postseason was out of the question in December when the Ha
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Eric Zorn: No, A Pregnant Teen Who Wants An Abortion Should Not Be Forced To Tell Her Parents
Ideally, a pregnant minor should tell her parents if she's seeking an abortion. Ideally she should also tell her parents if she plans to continue the pregnancy and if she plans to give up the baby for adoption. And, also ideally, all minors should te
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Teddy Greenstein: Are We OK With Tom Izzo Pointing And Yelling At Aaron Henry?
You go to McDonald's, you might end up feeling like you have a hockey puck in your stomach. You go to Alinea, you might want to sell off that extra set of golf clubs. We know what we sign up for. Recruits who agree to play for Michigan State coach To
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Alarms Sound After 6 Suicides By Chicago Cops Over 8 Months: 'It's Definitely Worrying And Demands Attention'
CHICAGO - A dozen or so police officers gather once every month in the basement of an office building and talk - about handling holidays with families, about nightmares so bad they are reluctant to share a bed at night. Most of the officers were invo
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Paul Sullivan: White Sox Place A 6 Year, $43 Million Bet On Eloy Jimenez
If you checked the White Sox's Twitter page Wednesday afternoon for the big Eloy Jimenez news out of Arizona, you might have seen a photo of a plate of sweet potato fries smothered in Hershey's syrup and Nutella. No, that wasn't it, although nothing
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Phil Rosenthal: Start Baseball Season On 1st Day Of Spring? OK, But Don't Stop There. How's February Sound?
Congratulations to MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred, who has succeeded in his goal to speed up baseball beyond anyone's wildest expectations. It's not that the Mariners and A's opened the season Wednesday night yet wrapped up a little after breakfast Wed
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Kris Dunn Gets Some Swagger Back In Bulls' OT Win Over Wizards
CHICAGO - With Otto Porter Jr. sidelined by a right shoulder injury and Zach LaVine a late scratch with a right thigh bruise, the Bulls started their 21st lineup Wednesday against the Wizards. The new-look lineup, which featured Antonio Blakeney's fi
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'Us' Review: Jordan Peele Directs Lupita Nyong'o In An Unnerving Game Of Doubles
Jordan Peele's "Us" begins so spectacularly well, and sustains its game of doubles so cleverly for most of its two hours, it's an unusual sort of letdown when the story doesn't quite hang together and "deliver" the way Peele managed with his 2017 deb
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More And More College Basketball Players Wearing Short Shorts
At his first practice as a Michigan freshman, Jordan Poole panicked when coach John Beilein shook his head and told Poole his basketball shorts were too short and he had to stop rolling down the waistband. "I was like, 'Yo, let me talk to Bob (Bland,
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Editorial: Affirming Jason Van Dyke's Sentence For Murder
On the January day when he sentenced Jason Van Dyke for fatally shooting Laquan McDonald, Cook County Judge Vincent Gaughan told trial participants and spectators that 100 percent of them would be unhappy with his ruling. Gaughan was acknowledging th
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Hollywood May Say It's All For Diversity, But TV Writers Tell A Different Story
In film, the director holds the creative top spot. But in television, that position is almost always held by a writer, aka the showrunner. A quick primer on how it works: Showrunners are the key decision-makers on a series, from casting to determinin
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'The Aftermath' Review: A Foreign Affair, Right Under Keira Knightley's Roof
Winter, late 1945. Near the banks of the Elbe River, not far from ravaged, bombed-out Hamburg, a grieving Englishwoman and her German host, whose wife died in the war, stroll through a snow-blanketed forest that looks enchanted - fastidiously gorgeou
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'The Hummingbird Project' Review: Salma Hayek, Meet The Cable Guys
On screen, nothing dates faster than recent history. "The Hummingbird Project," a fictional yarn set in 2011 and 2012, concerns a pair of Wall Street traders who implement a plan to lay underground fiber optic cable halfway across America, thereby ga
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In Latest Corn Syrup War Salvo, Miller Lite Invades Bud Light's World In Ads Set For March Madness
Miller Lite is invading Bud Light's "Dilly Dilly" medieval kingdom with two attack ads set to air during March Madness broadcasts. The latest salvo in the escalating Corn Syrup War is a mock behind-the scenes look at the Bud Light Super Bowl ads, whe
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'Woman At War' Review: When A Choir Director Sings A Song Of Radical Activism
The wry, environmentally friendly Icelandic eco-activist fairy tale "Woman at War" features the actress Halldora Geirharðsdottir in a dual role. This must be the week! Lupita Nyong'o is about to blow everybody's minds as the dazzling double act at th
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'It's Special': Patrick Kane Is Happy With A 100-point Season But Return To The Playoffs Is What He Really Wants
Patrick Kane notices the little things, especially when he's doing really big things. Moments after Kane's assist against the Canucks earlier this week gave him his 100th point of the season, Alex DeBrincat skated over, picked up the puck and deliver
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Editorial: Suicide And The Strains Of Chicago Policing
The federal consent decree, which governs Chicago police efforts to reform and improve, contains a chapter titled "Officer Wellness and Support." It's located fairly deep in the document, behind higher-profile policing issues such as "Use of Force,"
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Bud Light Knew Its Corn Syrup Ads Would Confuse Consumers, MillerCoors Alleges In Lawsuit
MillerCoors sued Anheuser-Busch, maker of Bud Light, over the advertising campaign it launched during last month's Super Bowl, taking the so-called Corn Syrup War to court. The Chicago-based beer maker alleges the commercials deceive consumers over M
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New Report Reveals 'Horrifying Scale' Of Child Sex Abuse, Naming Nearly 400 Accused Catholic Clergy In Illinois
CHICAGO - Attorneys who represent victims of sexual abuse by priests have released what they say is the most comprehensive list yet of Catholic clergy with ties to Illinois who have been accused of misconduct against children. The list includes about
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