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Meltdown at Chernobyl
In April 1986, reactor No. 4 of the Chernobyl Atomic Energy Station exploded in Ukraine, setting off the world’s worst nuclear disaster. Dozens died in the immediate aftermath, and thousands more eventually got sick with cancer. On First Person this
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Putin Wants a Kazakh Retirement
Russia and Kazakhstan have plenty in common. Why not the transition plans for their longtime presidents?
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The Senate is Hollowing Out the United States’ Diplomatic Corps
To protect U.S. national security, the United States needs to rethink the way the government approves diplomats.
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Dennis Ross: Trump’s Golan Giveaway ‘Makes It Harder’ to Achieve Peace
With a single tweet on Thursday, U.S. President Donald Trump reversed a decadeslong U.S. policy on a fraught issue in the Middle East, announcing he would recognize Israel’s sovereignty over the strategically important Golan Heights on the Israel-Syr
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Trump Offers Clumsy Olive Branch to North Korea
U.S. President Donald Trump surprised his own administration on Friday by offering a blunt olive branch to North Korean leader Kim Jong Un on Twitter, reversing a proposed sanctions package only a day after his national security advisor had touted ot
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Abiy Ahmed Should Be a Natural Friend for Donald Trump
One of the defining stories of the past few years has been the rise of a wave of far-right demagogues and aspiring strongmen around the world. But something very different is unfolding in Ethiopia: perhaps the greatest exception anywhere to the curre
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Trump’s Space Force Gets the Final Frontier All Wrong
A new space race may be on, but the United States should opt for peaceful exploration rather than military presence.
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White Supremacism Isn’t Insanity
If you want to stop terrorists like New Zealand’s mosque shooter, the first step is to try to understand what they’re saying.
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K-Pop’s Sexual Assault Scandal Is the Tip of the Iceberg
K-pop is a multibillion-dollar industry—and one that has long grappled with how it treats its women, from charges of domestic assault to backlash against female stars who dared to read a feminist novel. Right now it’s caught up in a sweeping scandal
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International Relations Theory Doesn’t Understand Culture
The main schools of thought still cling to an outdated understanding of how civilizations work.
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Poor Nation, Rich Army
This Republic Day, Pakistan should consider why it remains underdeveloped as its military booms.
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Can the Czech Republic Tear Down Europe’s Rainbow Curtain?
When Veronika Sediva, a 32-year-old consultant, visited the passport office in Prague two years ago to pick up documents for her partner and their son, she was turned away. “It’s heartbreaking to be told your family is not real,” Sediva said. “That y
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Masood Azhar Is China’s Favorite Terrorist
On March 13, China placed a “technical hold” on a resolution calling on the United Nations Security Council to designate Masood Azhar, the leader of the Pakistani militant group Jaish-e-Mohammed (JeM), as a terrorist. Beijing’s intervention effective
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How Rich Chinese Parents Get Their Kids Into U.S. Colleges
$90,000 can still buy you a lot in China, whether it’s paying 25 minimum wage workers for a year or four nights of ultraluxury accommodation at Beijing’s Bulgari Hotel (with some change left over). If you know where to look, it can also help buy your
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Trump Wants NATO’s Eyes on China
The Trump administration says countering Beijing’s cyber and commercial power should be a priority for the alliance.
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Uncle Joe Is Ready to Run the World
Joe Biden is the only candidate for the White House with a foreign-policy philosophy that’s proven to work.
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Iraq Prepares to Evict U.S. Troops
Pro-Iran factions are pushing for the move just as the Islamic State is starting to hit back.
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Ukraine’s Poroshenko Paradox
Ukraine has changed more, and for the better, in the last five years under President Petro Poroshenko than in the preceding 25. By any logic, he should be a shoo-in in the upcoming presidential elections on March 31. Instead, about half of Ukrainians
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America’s Corruption Is a National Security Threat
Donald Trump is one symptom of a wider problem that’s making the United States weaker on the international stage.
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For Africa, Chinese-Built Internet Is Better Than No Internet at All
The Chinese telecommunications company Huawei has made huge inroads in Africa in recent years even as the United States urges its allies around the world to avoid working with the firm over cybersecurity concerns. Huawei has built about 70 percent of
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Nazarbayev Is Giving Up Presidency, Not Power, in Kazakhstan
ASTANA, Kazakhstan—Nursultan Nazarbayev, Kazakhstan’s first and only president, resigned on Tuesday, ending his nearly 30-year reign and setting the stage for an opaque succession process in the oil-rich Central Asian country of 18 million people. In
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Why Brexit Is Europe’s Finest Hour
It used to be that Feb. 21, 1947, was the date some historians marked as the end of Britain’s long run as a great power. That was the day London cabled Washington that it could no longer afford to shore up Greece against Soviet influence—and said it
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Neo-Nazis Bet Big on Bitcoin (And Lost)
How the far-right's failed cryptocurrency gamble became a bad joke for the Christchurch killer.
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China’s Economic Black Box
The accuracy of China’s official growth statistics is once again in question. Last week, at the annual “two sessions” conference, Premier Li Keqiang announced that China would reduce its 2019 target for GDP growth to between 6 and 6.5 percent—previou
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Syria’s Civil War Is Now 3 Civil Wars
The fight to depose Assad is over. The battle over his regime’s boundaries has no end in sight.
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Security Brief: Boeing 737 Safety Systems Under Scrutiny; Terror in Christchurch
The 737 Max. An eye-opening report by the Seattle Times describes how the Federal Aviation Administration outsourced key components of its safety analysis of Boeing’s 737 Max jet to the airplane manufacturer. That safety analysis understated the risk
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The State of War
The world is more peaceful than ever, except when it comes to state violence against citizens.
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The Geography of Gulenism in Turkey
In Turkey, hundreds of trials of security personnel and civilians accused of participating in the failed 2016 coup against Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan are coming to a close. The Turkish government, which survived the coup largely unscathed
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Modi’s Bullet Train Dreams Are Hitting Rural Roadblocks
DAHANU, INDIA —One morning in May, Rajiv Gouda woke to find a large white circle stamped on the lane behind his home, in the village of Vanai on India’s west coast. It was a sign of impending change. A few weeks earlier, officials had told him that h
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Christchurch Has Seen Trauma Before—Just Not Like This
The quiet New Zealand city has endured natural disaster. But until March 15, it had never faced an unnatural one.
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