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Out Of The Shadows
Lith printing is a fascinating and compelling darkroom process using high-contrast developers with suitable photographic papers, producing a range of colours, contrasts and textures. While the technique has been around since (at least) the late 1960s
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FILM STARS Just like a Leica
The Leica: has any other make of camera been so often replicated, copied and faked? How, why and when did it happen? Was it even legal? How do you differentiate between a replica, a copy and a fake? And if you find one today, is it still usable? So m
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News Round-up
British bag maker Billingham has updated its range of padded AVEA pockets for accessories such as lenses, filters and even small cameras. They can be attached to a belt or another Billingham bag. The AVEA 7 (£60) and 8 (£62) come in waterproof canvas
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Lith Printing Mike’s Top Tips
1 It's essential for the paper to slide smoothly into the developer, as partial immersion will result in uneven development. Lift the front of the tray at an angle of 30°, place the edge of the paper at the far end. Lower the tray and quickly coat th
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Exhibition Focuses On Rare Skin Condition
A NEW photography exhibition called ‘HOW DO YOU C M E N OW?' is challenging conventional notions of what makes a ‘beautiful' photographic subject by featuring people with a rare and untreatable skin condition called congenital melanocytic naevi (CMN)
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Join the Club
Originally formed by four local enthusiasts, the club held its first meetings ‘behind the stage' at the Moulsham community centre. The main founder, George Saunders, considered the other local clubs at that time to be too formal. For the past 35 year
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3LT Zelda
There’s a strap connector on the horizontal aspect of the bracket. Areas have been cutaway to ensure the screen can be pulled out easily. The Zelda L-bracket is available in metallic slate grey or copper colour finishes. A tapped 1/4in thread in the
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Face Lift
Using your own lighting for outdoor portraits gives you the freedom to light your subject from any direction you choose. Suddenly you’re not bound by the direction and quality of the natural light, but instead have the option either to augment it wit
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Best Buys
• £149 • THIS stylish, slender shoulder bag is designed to hold a mirrorless camera or small DSLR with three to four lenses, along with a 13in laptop. It's beautifully designed with lots of thoughtful touches, including numerous interna
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Arctic New Frontier
Back in 2009 the Fondation Carmignac established the Carmignac Photojournalism Award, an accolade that funds the production of an investigative photo reportage project. The winners in the award's ninth year were Yuri Kozyrev and Kadir van Lohuizen, w
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Ensign Ful-Vue
The British firm Houghton-Butcher made a large number of cameras. Many were super-simple, ultra-cheap snapshot models for the mass market, though the firm also made the highly regarded Selfix series of medium-format folding cameras. The Ful-Vue is a
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Also Out Now
By Alys Tomlinson, GOST Books, £35, 98 pages, hardback, ISBN 978-1910401279 FAITH was never a core part of Alys Tomlinson's life, but after five years photographing Catholic pilgrimage sites in Ireland, Poland and France, she noticed a strength in t
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Outdoor Portrait Lighting With Leds
With outdoor LED lighting you can light the face from any angle you choose. If in doubt, place it slightly to one side, above the face angled downwards, then ask the subject to angle his/her face towards the light. Here, you can see the light on the
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Final Analysis
Aubrey Beardsley (1872-1898) was one of the greatest illustrators of all time. Google his work if you are not familiar with it, though you will almost certainly recognise his ‘Salomé and The Peacock Dress’. One of a determinedly decadent late-Victori
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Viewpoint Tracy Calder
There is a poster above my desk that reads ‘comparison is the thief of joy' I look at this quote, attributed to Theodore Roosevelt, regularly, and I try my best to heed its warning. But recently I've been wondering if there are benefits to comparing
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Why It Works
ONE OF the things I like to do when the sun is strong is position the subject with the sunlight coming from behind, so that it lifts the edge of their figure and separates them from the scene behind. However, this inevitably leaves the face and front
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Canon EOS RP
When Canon announced its full-frame mirrorless system last September, it received something of a mixed reaction. The EOS R body was packed full of new ideas, but in its bid to break away from traditional DSLR design and rethink how cameras should wor
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I was interested to see the review of the Nikon D3500 in AP (9 February) but the standfirst and the first photograph jarred. The standfirst says ‘Audley Jarvis investigates whether it's a good beginners' buy for those thinking about pursuing photogra
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Reader Portfolio
1 Shot on the northeast coast of Norfolk, this image was created on a very cold winter morning. Ruth particularly liked the way the sea rolled over the stones and broke against the beach, as well as the wonderful light. Nikon D800e, 24-70mm, 2.5sec a
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EF Lens Compatibility
Probably the EOS RP's biggest draw is its compatibility with almost any EF or EF-S lens using the supplied mount adapter, which means that SLR users can use it with their existing lens sets. While it's naturally best suited to full-frame optics, APS-
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Your Biggest Questions Answered
Q I am still confused by the ‘right’ shutter speeds to choose when shooting handheld. Michelle Cowbourne A As a guiding principle, shutter speed should match or exceed the equivalent focal length of your lens. So, if you're shooting at 50mm on f
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Lab Results
Our cameras and lenses are tested using the industry-standard Image Engineering IQ-Analyser software. Visit for more details Canon has used the same sensor as that in the EOS 6D Mark II, and not surprisingly we see very simi
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Undercover Of The Night
Every music-loving photography enthusiast thinks they’d like to be a gig or concert photographer. What’s not to like about combining your passions and taking some (hopefully) memorable shots of your favourite performer? The reality can be somewhat di
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With the EOS RP, Canon has revealed its vision for how entry-level full-frame mirrorless should look. It's got a lot right too, with a body design that handles much better than its odd-looking profile might suggest. The JPEG output is excellent, givi
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